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                                                     May 19, 2009

To:   Pacific Masters Swimming, Inc. - Via e-mail:

Re:   Coach of the Year Nomination - Ray Laughlin, San Mateo Master Marlins (SMMM-001)

Dear PMS Coach of the Year Committee:

On behalf of the Swim Committee of the San Mateo Master Marlins, we hereby nominate Ray Laughlin as the PMS
Coach of the Year. Ray became the Head Coach of the Marlins in August 2007. During his tenure, team membership
has increased from 100 members to 120. The reason? His superior coaching talent, likeable personality, and easy-
going demeanor. His workout regimens are both challenging and varied. They are designed to accommodate
swimmers of all ages and levels of ability. Count on Ray to offer advice not only on stroke technique but competitive
racing strategies as well. Ray's sense of humor help to make his workout sessions a real pleasure for our swimmers.
Attached is a letter from one of our members stating why he feels that Ray Laughlin should receive the PMS Coach of
the Year award.

Ray writes an article for our monthly newsletter, Lane Lines. Here is an excerpt from one of his early columns:
 First, you are always welcome at anytime no matter your ability, allowances will be made for all levels. Never feel like
 you are too slow or too fast for a practice. I want you to feel comfortable wherever you are. Personal improvement is
 the only goal you should be concerned with. Second, being late or leaving early is no reason to skip a practice. We
 all have lives and sometimes we have to adjust. A 20-minute practice is better than none. Never feel like you have
 done something to offend me if you have to leave early. Finally, I hope you will all try competition. They are more fun
 than you might think. Hanging out all day with friends and going out after are all part of the excitement.

In 2008, under Ray's expert coaching, the San Mateo Master Marlins were honored with the naming of three Marlins as
Swimmer of the Year in their age groups: Robert Cunningham, Gloria Stupfel, Audrey Etienne. In addition, the
San Mateo Master Marlins, despite being a relatively small team, finished 7 overall at the October 2008 PMS SCM
Championships at Walnut Creek.

Over the 2008 holiday season, Ray orchestrated and donated his time for our "NO EXCUSES" swims, and in the
process, raised over $1,500 for San Mateo's SAMARITAN HOUSE, a local charity that serves the needy in our local
community. Attached is a copy of the Press Release that provides the details of that project.

Every year, under Ray's leadership, the Marlins host the Parkside Aquatic Mile Open Water competition. Again, Ray
Laughlin selflessly donates his time to serve as the Safety Coordinator for this event.
We trust that you will agree that Ray Laughlin should be selected as the PMS Coach of the Year.


Nancy Littlefield
President, San Mateo Master Marlins

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