Cover Specification NIG Part 2_3_ and ADI Check Test Cover by wuyunyi


									Cover Specification
NIG Part 2,3, and ADI Check Test Cover
POLICYHOLDER -           (A Member of the Waveney Temporary Driving Instructor Scheme)

VEHICLE -      (owned by the Policyholder or in his/her custody or control for the purpose
of the DSA Part 2, DSA Part 3 or ADI Check Test)

INSURER - National Insurance & Guarantee Corporation Ltd, Crown House, 145 City
Road, London, EC1V 1LP

COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE COVER subject to a £150 excess in respect of all
claims other than windscreen/window breakage or repair

Any driver aged 21+ (including an examiner appointed by the DSA), for social, domestic,
pleasure, tuition and in connection with your DSA Part 2,

DSA Part 3 or ADI Check Test

Full windscreen, rear and side windows cover subject to a £50 excess. NO EXCESS
APPLIES if a windscreen, rear or side window is repaired

New-for-old cover if your car is within one year of registration as new in your name, and is
stolen and not recovered, or is damaged and the repair cost exceeds 60% of the
manufacturers list value

Personal effects cover - £150 following an accident, fire, theft or attempted theft

Permanently fitted audio/visual/telecommunication/navigation equipment - £500

Personal accident cover - £5,000 following your death, loss of sight or loss of limb

Public liability - £20 million cover for third party property damage and/or third party injuries

Legal costs - £5000 cover to provide representation anyone insured under the policy
following a claim - subject to insurers discretion

UNLIMITED USE of a replacement car - delivered to you either on the same day or within
24 hours (Monday to Friday) following a non-fault accident and up to 30 DAYS use of a
replacement car - delivered you either on the same day or within 24 hours (Monday to
Friday) following a fault accident, fire, theft, attempted theft, malicious damage or
vandalism loss

MSL Total Claims Management - fully manages your claim and REMOVES YOUR
EXCESS if you have a non-fault accident and one of MSL’s approved repairers carries out
the work - PLEASE TELEPHONE 0808 1444909 IF YOU HAVE A CLAIM

MSL legal expenses - £100,000 cover to pursue a claim against a third party for uninsured
losses sustained following a non-fault accident - such as your policy excess, loss of
earnings, injuries, damaged clothing, sundry expenses etc - please see attached

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