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Headmaster’s Corner
                                                                       L                        ane                Vol. 5, No. 1 Fall 2006

                                                “Cincinnatus: An American Hero”

                                            ny doubts about            financial gain, he “resigned after holding the office for fifteen
                                            the influence of           days, having originally accepted it for a period of six months.”
                                            classical learning on      This man was the best kind of dictator. Having served only as
                                   the Founding generation are         long as was needed, he returned to his farm.
                                   easily dispelled by a quick         Clearly the most crucial lesson taught by livy is that a truly
                                   study of their heroes. George       great man serves his country without seeking to satisfy personal
                                   Washington had little formal        ambitions. He does not use the state’s power of coercion for
Headmaster Dr. Kenneth Calvert     education but was, through          personal gain or vengeance upon his enemies. The great citizen
                                private studies, knowledgeable of      does not view himself as indispensable to his country. Rather,
both biblical and classical history. Washington was well aware         his first duties are to his family and property. all of these ideals
of the virtues found in the lives of Greek and Roman heroes;           are rooted in the life of a hard-working agrarian and the essential
in particular, the lives of those heroes who had established and       virtues of a republic. That livy wrote of Cincinnatus during the
defended the Roman Republic. While understanding well its              reign of augustus, the first emperor of Rome, gives the story an
weaknesses, Washington and his peers often viewed that republic        even greater impact. These were lessons not lost on Washington
as a model of their own ideals. our Founding Fathers included in       and his generation.
the new federal government the tribunician power of the veto for
                                                                       as a Virginian, Washington honored his colony as well as his King
the presidency as well as a senate as the leading legislative body
                                                                       through both military service during the French and Indian Wars
in the federal government. More important, however, were the
                                                                       and political service in the Virginia House of Burgesses. But it
virtues of the Roman Republic, such as courage, discipline and
                                                                       was his beloved Mount Vernon that consistently held his greatest
loyalty, to which Washington consistently aspired.
                                                                       interest. like Cincinnatus – and other great Romans – he set
Cincinnatus, a farmer and senator (c. 5th century B.C.), held a        his mind to the working of his land and to the improvement of
prominent place among these heroes. likely a legendary figure,         agrarian knowledge. When he left the agrarian life to serve the
the historian livy (59 B.C. – a.D. 17) tells us that Cincinnatus       colonies as Commander

                                                                                                            F eatures
was elected by the Senate of Rome to serve as dictator (an office      of the Revolutionary
filled in times of great danger) so that Rome’s armies as well as      forces, his leadership
the city might be saved from destruction. Cincinnatus was elected      was clearly rooted in
because he was known to be a man of great virtue. livy writes,         the ideals set forth by       Faculty Highlights
 “Now I would solicit the particular attention of those numerous       livy in his description
                                                                                                     Morehead Scholarship News
 people who imagine that money is everything in the world, and         of Cincinnatus.
 that rank and ability are inseparable from wealth: let them           Washington’s refusal          Student’s Winning Artwork
 observe that Cincinnatus . . . was at that moment working a           of dictatorial powers to      Military Historian Visits
 little three-acre farm.”                                              demand more troops
                                                                       and greater resources         Success Spurs Enrollment
This farmer-senator then marched before the citizens of Rome
who “were by no means so pleased to see the new Dictator, as           from the colonies was         Published Poets
they thought his power excessive and dreaded the way in which he       sometimes seen as             Coach Spotlight
was likely to use it.” Yet their fear was unfounded as Cincinnatus     weak and ineffectual.
honored the trust that Rome had placed in him. Rather than             at the end of the war,        Winning Tradition Continues
using the office of dictator to settle personal feuds or for greater   however, Washington           Fall Field Trips and Events
                                                                       continued on next page
                Faculty Highlights
                                                                       Headmaster’s Corner continued
                                                                       was honored by the vast majority of colonials for his patient
                                                                       leadership, his lack of self-interest and his limited use of power.
                                     Dr. Helen Lasseter, Upper
                                                                       By imitating his Roman hero, Washington had gained the respect
                                     School English teacher
                                                                       of the new nation and much of the world. King George III is said
                                     and latin I instructor,
                                                                       to have responded to Washington’s disinterest in power by saying
                                     was raised in Indiana and
                                                                       that, “If this is true then he is the greatest man in the world.”
                                     comes to the academy
                                     having completed her              In 1789, Washington again left his plantation to serve two terms
                                     doctoral degree at Baylor         as President of the american republic. In that office, he was faced
                                     University in Texas.              with the difficulties of an acidic press, critics and opponents both
                                                                       within and outside of his administration, foreign troubles in
                                                                       France and England as well as the gargantuan task of shaping a
                                                                       new government. as president, Washington refused to be made a
                                                                       monarch or to assert authority beyond that which was allowed by
                                 Mr. Christopher Heckel,               the Constitution. In the execution of this office, he was successful
                                 Up p e r S c h o o l b i o l o g y,   in setting the course of the Presidency by maintaining a stoic
                                 chemistry and math teacher,           patience and by limiting his hold on the office to two terms.
                                 is a native of Hillsdale County       In 1792, he returned again to his plantation to spend his final
                                 and returns to Michigan from          years as a citizen farmer.
                                 his studies at the University of      Many other instances of Roman heroes informing the life of
                                 Pittsburgh.                           Washington or the actions of his peers might be cited. That these
                                                                       ancients were of great importance is clear. Because of their great
                                                                       sacrifice, Patrick Henry later made a plea on behalf of the men
                                                                       who had fought for america as,
                                                                        “sons of Cincinnatus, (who) without splendid magnificence
                             Awards & Recognitions                      or parade, going, with the genius of their just progenitor,
                                                                        Cincinnatus, to the plough; men who served their country
                                                                        without ruining it, men who had served it to the destruction
                           Miss Gail Nelson, music teacher,             of their private patrimony, their country owing them amazing
                           was awarded the Sigma alpha Iota             amounts, for the payment of which no adequate provision
                           scholarship in music education in            was then made.”
                           July. This is a national award that has
                                                                       after the war a number of Colonial officers, led by Henry Knox,
                           only one recipient each year.
                                                                       formed the Society of the Cincinnati. They were a society of
                                                                       men who modeled self-sacrifice. The american Founders did
                                                                       not admire Julius Caesar, Pompey or augustus. Their heroes
                                                                       were not those ancient Romans who had produced tyranny and
                                                                       a monarchy out of the collapse of the Roman Republic. The
                                   D r. D a n H a w l e y ,            american Revolution was not meant to overthrow the rule of law.
                                   science/math/physics                It was not meant to introduce a new tyranny. Washington and
                                   teacher and avid bicyclist,         his peers sought to instill in the minds and hearts of the nation
                                   participated in an early            those virtues that would produce the best sort of citizenship; the
                                   September bike ride with            kind of citizenship for which the Constitution was created. The
                                   Greg leMond, three-                 concern of men like Washington was to seek out the best ways to
                                   time Tour de France                 encourage the private, honest pursuit of piety, virtue, and wealth
                                   champion, Hillsdale                 and to discourage the human tendency toward arrogance, power
                                   College President Dr.               and tyranny. These virtues are too often ignored in the education
                                   larry arnn and others.              of our youth. Such heroes as Cincinnatus and Washington are
Mr. leMond was visiting Hillsdale College to present the first         too often ignored in the training of our citizens.
annual leMond–Wright award for athletic and academic
                                                                           Student’s Winning Artwork
                    A Morehead Foundation

                      Nominating School                                                               ighth grader Katelyn
                                                                                                      Wollet won second place
                                                                                                      in a national contest

                                                                                              to design a cover for the 2006
           illsdale academy is now a nominating school for
           the John Morehead Foundation, which each year                                      lands’ End Kids holiday catalog.
           awards University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill                                 Katelyn’s cover design was one of
scholarships to a select group of high school seniors for the                                 4,900 entries that lands’ End, an
Honors program. Secondary schools outside North Carolina                                      online/mail order clothing and
are eligible to nominate high school students for the scholarship                             home products retailer, received
only by invitation from the Morehead Foundation. Eligible                                     for this year’s contest.
schools each nominate one student per year.                         Katelyn won $500 for her design (featured below). In addition,
“The Morehead Scholar program reflects some of the same             lands’ End will donate $500 to a local Big Brothers/Big
qualities for which the academy strives: moral character,           Sisters program on her behalf.
academic excellence and leadership. Hillsdale academy
is now one of only three schools in the state of Michigan           “I used the medium of painted tissue paper because it looks
awarded this status,” said Dr. Ken Calvert, Hillsdale academy       three-dimensional when it is copied and printed,” Kate
headmaster.                                                         explained. “Because there are several holidays celebrated
                                                                    in our country, I did not want to go with a traditional
“Some of the best independent schools in the country are
Morehead-nominating schools,” Dr. Calvert continued. “our           Christmas theme, but I knew that lands’ End would want
curriculum, staff and the accomplishments of our students           their customers to think about shopping! I love bright green
all play a role in this honor. I am particularly pleased that a     VW Bugs so I decided to stack all the gifts on the car.
conservative school such as ours has been chosen.”                  “I was at a basketball game when lands’ End called
Students selected to be Morehead scholars receive a four-year       and left me a message,” she continued. “I was shocked
undergraduate scholarship to the University of North Carolina       and very excited to learn that I had won second place.”
at Chapel Hill, including tuition, books, room and board,           The contest finalists were selected by lands’ End staff, and
a laptop computer, and a stipend for spending money each
                                                                    the president of lands’ End chose the winning entries. a
                                                                    company spokesperson, Michelle Casper, said the holiday
The Morehead Scholarship program was established in 1951.           kids catalog will be distributed
according to the Morehead Foundation’s Web site, a candidate        nationwide starting october
must show evidence of outstanding achievement in the
                                                                    28. Katelyn’s design and the
following four criteria to be eligible for the program:
                                                                    third-place winner’s design
  -leadership                                                       will be featured inside the
  -Scholarship                                                      catalog. an online art gallery
  -Moral Force of Character                                         showing all of the entries also
  -Physical Vigor                                                   will be launched october 28 in
                                                                    connection with the company’s
The Web site states that other qualities sought by Morehead
selection committees include initiative, creativity, perseverance Web site.
and empathy for others. Financial need is not considered in         “The students and staff of
making nominations or selections; the scholarship is conferred      Hillsdale academy have always known about Katelyn’s
solely on merit.                                                    artistic abilities,” said Mr. Matthew “Woody” Woudenberg,
The scholarship application rules state that only students          academy art teacher. “Now families around the country will
attending school in North Carolina, Great Britain or Canada         see her talents as well. We’re extremely proud of Katelyn’s
may apply directly if not nominated by their secondary schools.     achievement.”
all others must be nominated by a participating eligible school,
the office of Undergraduate admissions, or a nominating
                                 Noted Military                          not, competing economies will pull ahead of the U.S.
                                                                         Hanson’s visit came during the same week that Professor Michael
                                 Historian Visits                        Hurst of St. John’s College, oxford University, spoke on current
                                                                         events as well as historical and literary topics to various Upper
                         Victor Davis Hanson, advisor to President       School classes. Hurst, a visiting professor at Hillsdale College,
                         George Bush and Vice President Dick             has frequently appeared at the academy and enjoys speaking
                         Cheney, a nationally syndicated columnist,      with students in the lower and Upper Schools.
                         senior fellow at the Hoover Institution,        Hanson and Hurst both stressed the importance of understanding
                         Stanford University, and professor emeritus     the current struggle against Islamic fascism as a fight to preserve
                         at California State University, Fresno,         our liberties under the rule of constitutional law. Hanson stated
                         addressed academy Upper School students         that, “I’d rather have to deal with the moral issues that are a
    on September 21 during his month-long stay as a visiting fellow      result of a free society than live under the restrictions of Sharia
    at Hillsdale College.                                                law.” Similarly, Hurst spoke of the need to defend Western
    Hanson addressed the students on a wide range of current events      ideals against tyranny. Both men encouraged the academy
    at an assembly in the library. Using anecdotes and examples          Upper School to prepare well for the future through hard work
    to illustrate his points, he was relaxed and informative in a        and diligent study.
    question-and-answer format.
    Hanson offered his expertise on topics as varied as the United
    Nations, Iran and the Middle East, the U.S. image abroad, and
    his views of President Bush and the current administration in
    a forthright and thoughtful manner.
    In answer to a student’s question on what america faces in the
    future, Hanson noted that globalization is resulting in greater
    competition between the U.S. and countries like India and
    China. Hanson told the students, “You need to create capital
    and expertise . . . improve and pass on better than what you’ve
    received.” Young americans who have an attitude of entitlement
    will be unable to meet that goal, he warned.
    “Your generation is going to have to know math, science,
    literature, history” and other subjects, Hanson said, because if

                                Academy’s Success Spurs Enrollment Growth

        s Hillsdale academy’s reputation for excellence in education                      Enrollment facts and figures
        has spread throughout Michigan and the U.S., the school        Total Enrollment for 2002-2003 school year:
        has experienced enrollment growth, particularly in the                 99 lower School
Upper School. This year, the academy welcomed new families from                30 Upper School
Hillsdale, Jackson, Branch and lenawee Counties in Michigan, as
                                                                       Total Enrollment for 2006-2007 school year:
well as from California, Illinois and Washington State. overall,
                                                                               113 lower School
nine new families have moved to the area over the past three years
                                                                               62 Upper School
from out of state.
                                                                       Total School Capacity:
one “waiting list” family has moved from arizona in anticipation
                                                                               110 lower School
of an opening next year in the seventh grade. Yet another family
                                                                               80 Upper School
commutes daily from Indiana.
                                                                       2006-2007 Enrollment by area:
“We have been pleased with the growth in our enrollment. We are
                                                                              75% (131) Hillsdale County
nearly at capacity and have a large waiting list,” said Dr. Kenneth
                                                                              5% (8) Branch County
Calvert, academy headmaster. “as always, one of the school’s
                                                                              5% (9) lenawee County
biggest assets is the involvement of the parents, both those from
                                                                              15% (26) Jackson County
our Hillsdale base and the families who commute or who have
                                                                              7% (14) Have moved from other states
moved here from out of state for the academy’s proven classical
                                                                              and live in Hillsdale County
     Students Become Published Poets                                                 Coach Spotlight

      everal fourth and fifth graders who submitted poems last
      year for a poetry contest run by the Anthology of Poetry by
      Young Americans saw their work accepted and published in                                           Mr. Max Miller
the book this year. Charyl Sanford encouraged her then third- and                                        Boys Basketball
fourth-grade students to write poems for the contest, and five of
the poems submitted were chosen for publication.

The young poets are fourth-grade students Soraya Colyer-                                                       a x Mi l l e r i s
Mohamadi, Jacob Vaillancourt, and Kristin Vann, and fifth                                                      starting his
graders allexys oakley and laura Steckbeck. The five families                                                  fourth year
purchased a copy of the publication and presented the book to                                      as coach of the Hillsdale
the academy for its library collection.                                                            academy boys’ junior
a sample of the poems are below.                                                                   varsity and varsity basketball
                                                                                                   teams. Before coming to the
                        by Jacob Vaillancourt
                                                                                                   academy, he had retired
                                                                    from a 30-year career teaching math at the high school
Freedom in the morning, freedom in the night                        level and coaching basketball teams at a number of schools
Freedom in the air oh, what a delight                               in Michigan (with a three-year stint in South Dakota).
Do you like freedom, I sure do
                                                                    Coach Miller says his priorities for the teams are “Winning
I like freedom and so do you!
                                                                    – and having fun. I tell my teams to play hard and play
                                                                    together,” he says.
                                                                    a Michigan native and Hillsdale College graduate, Miller
                    The Beach in the Sky                            comes from an education family – his father was a teacher
                         by Laura Steckbeck                         and a basketball coach, and his wife and daughter are
                                                                    teachers, too. a seasoned pro, Coach Miller has coached
The clouds are the sand and the blue is the water.                  more than 700 varsity basketball games and hundreds of
It is a beach in the sky.                                           junior varsity games. He and his wife live in Concord,
Where the angels go to vacation                                     Michigan.
and God, with a watchful eye,
watches over the angels to make sure they’re not doing              He decided to apply for the academy basketball coaching
wrong, but right,                                                   position because he realized how much he missed
yes, that is the beach in the sky.                                  coaching.
                                                                    Miller said Hillsdale academy is different from the public
                                                                    schools where he has worked. “I love it here,” he stated.
                                                                    “The neat part is the parents’ support, which is great. I also
                     The Funny Flower                               like coaching at a smaller school like Hillsdale academy.
                      by Kristin Elizabeth Vann                     Here we don’t have to cut kids from the team – everyone
The flower in my yard has a lot of power,                           is needed.”
and I feed it with flour.                                           Coach Miller is looking forward to upcoming area
My flower is behind some trees, where                               tournaments, including the Colt Classic, which the
my dog chases bumblebees.                                           academy hosts in early December.
My flower talks to me,                                              “Bringing Max on board as our boys’ basketball coach has
about him talking to he.                                            been a perfect fit for both of us,” said academy assistant
My flower is weird                                                  Headmaster and athletic Director Mike Roberts.
because he says funny words like “heird.”                           “Max is so well-liked by the athletes, and he’s really
one day my flower said, “Is it almost May?”                         become part of the academy family,” he said.
but I did not answer.
He said, “I see Prancer.”
That day I said, “You’re my Mayflower.”
                                                Winning Tradition Continues

                                             he 2005-06 school year was historic for the academy’s athletic program, as the school’s teams
                                             won conference, district, regional and state titles. The tradition of success is continuing
                                             during this year’s fall sports season.

                                                  The academy girls’ basketball team won
                                                  the Mid-South Conference for the third
                                                  time in four years, finishing with a perfect
                                                  conference record of 10-0. The girls’ team
                                                  finished their regular season with a 19-3
                                                  record, winning their second straight
                                                  district championship by defeating rival
                                                  Camden-Frontier 56-40, and went on to
                                                  defeat Detroit Charlotte Forten academy
                                                  54-43 in the regional tournament to
                                                  advance to the regional final.

                                                                                                                  Caitlin Hubbard
             Callie Watkins

The boys’ and girls’ cross-country teams also had competitive
seasons. The girls’ team has been ranked as high as third
in the state for Division 4 and the boys have achieved
honorable mention status, a first for any boys’ sport at
Hillsdale academy.
Ethan Smith competed in the Division 4 cross-country state
championship races in early November, finishing 115th
with a time of 18:06. The lady Colts placed 18th as a team
in their Division 4 race. Patsy Craig, Natalie Ewers, Mary
Somerville, Tera Woods, and Elizabeth Brady placed in the
championship race. Gwen Buchhop and anna Woods also
ran for the Colts. Earlier in the season, the girls finished 2nd
in their MESa Regional to qualify for the state meet for the
second year in row.
The cross-country teams scored big in mid-october at the
2006 Southern Central athletic association league meet,
held at owen Park in Hillsdale. Hillsdale academy won                                            Cross-Country SCAA Champs
both the boys’ and girls’ races, earning them the overall
season championships for the SCaa. This was the second
championship in a row for the girls’ program and the first
title for the boys.
                                  The Hillsdale academy soccer team (with
                                  players from both Hillsdale academy and Will Carleton
                                  academy, an academy model charter school also located
                                  in Hillsdale) made great strides this season. led
                                  by senior co-captains Thomas Harner and
                                  lucas Westblade, the Colts fought their way
                                  to a hard-earned 6-8 won-lost record, playing
                                  competitively in every game. This year’s
                                  highlight was a 3-1 victory over Hillsdale
                                  High School, when the Colts defeated their
                                  cross-town rival for the first time.
                                  Individually, each player made outstanding
                                  contributions. Patrick Sullivan led the team
                                  with 13 goals, while Harner provided a team-
                                  leading 12 assists. Ethan Smith, Brock Burger,
  Elliott Braman                  Kevin Potts, Natalie Ewers, Josh Snell and
                                  upstart goalie Zach leFere all provided great
                                  performances, while Elliott Braman excelled
                                  in his role as “super sub.”
                                  The rapid development of our freshmen
                                  players bodes well for the future. The Colts
                                  are already looking forward to next season.

                                                                                            Kyra Moss

               Eric Lisznyai

The academy golf team’s fall season included a couple of wins and several
losses in six matches, according to Coach Charles Blood, and culminated in a
trip to a Class D district match in Marshall, Michigan. The team, consisting
of eighth graders Eric lisznyai and Peter Sullivan, freshmen anthony alvarez
and Matt Waller and junior Brian Thomas, “shows promise for next season,”
according to Blood. “They are a young team, but they’re eager to compete                  Brian Thomas
and improve,” he stated.
A        cademy            L
        Vol. 5, No. 1 Fall 2006
                                                                                                            NoN PRoFIT oRG
                                                                                                              US PoSTaGE
                                                                                                              TolEDo, oH
                                                                                                             PERMIT No. 242

    administrative offices are open
Monday - Friday; 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. EST
            (517) 439-8644

             Hillsdale Academy
   one academy lane ♦ Hillsdale, MI 49242
   Phone: 517-439-8644 ♦ Fax: 517-607-2794

               Students Enjoy
         Fall Field Trips and Events                                             2006-07 School Year
                                                                    Wednesday, January 3   Classes Resume

      cademy students enjoyed a number of extracurricular
      activities during the fall, including:                        Thursday, January 25   Noon Dismissal/Mid-Term/
                                                                                           Parent-Teacher Conferences
 • Mrs. Sanford’s third- and fourth-grade class went to see         Friday, January 26     No School—Mid-Term Break
   the play, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, at Jackson’s
   Potter Center.                                                   Monday, February 19    No School—Winter Break
 • The third and fourth grades also visited the Dasch family        Tuesday, March 13      Spring Trimester Begins
   farm and the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn.
                                                                    Friday, March 16       Noon Dismissal—
 • Darrin Rockcole, lansing’s Channel 10 weatherman,                                       Spring Break
   brought his mobile weather lab and made a presentation
   to Mrs. Sanford’s class and Mrs. Somerville’s fifth and sixth    Monday, March 26       Classes Resume
   graders, who were completing a science unit on weather.
                                                                    Friday, april 6        Good Friday—No School
 • Mrs. Harner’s first- and second-grade classes also visited the
   Dasch farm to observe the workings of a beehive, as part of      Friday, april 27       Noon Dismissal/Mid-Term/
   their science unit on honeybees.                                                        limited Parent-Teacher
 • The fifth and sixth grades visited a pond at the Vann family’s                          Conferences
   Jackson home to explore pond life with area naturalist Paul      Thursday, May 24       Senior Class Night
 • a fire safety assembly featuring local safety expert “Fireman    Monday, May 28         No School—Memorial Day
   Phil” was held for lower School classes.                         Wednesday, May 30      Moving-Up Ceremony
 • Mrs. Steiner’s kindergarten class, which has been studying
   Michigan history, will attend a play at the Tibbets Theater in   Friday, June 1         Noon Dismissal—last Day
   Coldwater in December. The play, called Legends, is in three
                                                                    Sunday, June 3         Graduation
   parts, including the legend of the Sleeping Bear Dunes.

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