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                   Minutes of the Meeting held on 21 May 2007
      Prior to the meeting, the Clerk pointed out that the Register of Interests is open
      to public scrutiny and is available at all Corporation Board meetings for
      Members to see. The Clerk went on to remind Members to declare any
      personal or financial obligation, allegiance or loyalty which would in any way
      affect decisions in relation to the subjects under discussion.

      The Chairman welcomed P. Townsley to his first meeting of the Corporation
      Board since taking up his position as Director of Technology & Skills.

1630 Present
      N. Dransfield, R. Bennett, J. Fenwick, G. Kelsey, M. Keyworth, D. Lea,
      K. Moloney, R. Morley, D. Simons, J. Simons, A. Smith, A. Tuscher,

      In Attendance
      J. Charles, K. Clarke, J. Keilthy, K. Sargent, P. Townsley, R. Wheat
      E. Hill and L. Sharp (Governor Training only)

      Members were informed of A. Lyman’s resignation from the Corporation
      Board. The Search Committee had contacted the Local Authority to request a

1631 Apologies
      T. Lloyd, A. Medley, R. Price, S. Shah

1632 Governor Training - Examinations

      E. Hill, Examinations Officer, gave an overview of the Examinations Process
      and following the presentation answered Members’ questions.

                                               E. Hill and L. Sharp left at this point

1633 Minutes

      The minutes of the meetings held on 19 March 2007 and 26 April 2007 were
      approved as a true record and signed by the Chairman

1634 Matters Arising from Minutes / Action Points
Date    Item Outcome                                                                       Action
19.3.07 1619 The Principal confirmed that a meeting has been held with J. Lyon,
             Area Director for Humberside LSC, regarding provision at John
             Leggott College. J. Lyon will now broker a meeting between the two
             colleges to discuss the issues further.
              Members expressed their concern that public money was being used to
              fund duplicate provision, particularly when it was considered to sit
              more properly with North Lindsey provision. The Principal will report          RB
              progress at the next meeting.
       1628 A revised management structure will be considered for approval as a
            reserved item later in the meeting.
                                                D. Lea arrived at this point

1635   Information and Learning Technology (ILT) Policy

       R. Wheat presented the ILT Policy for approval. The Policy has been
       considered by various groups within the College.

       Following consideration, the ILT Policy was approved

       RESOLUTION 1635: that the ILT Policy be approved.

1636   Risk Management Policy

       The Principal presented the Risk Management Policy which had been
       reformatted in line with the College house format. The content of the policy
       remained as it was when approved previously in 2002.

       M. Keyworth said that there had been some discussion regarding the wording
       of the policy at the recent Audit Committee meeting. It had been suggested at
       that meeting that the responsibility for Health and Safety should be made
       clear. The Principal said that the Head of Central Services, D. Simons, had
       responsibility for the Health and Safety section of the Risk Management
       schedule as this was within his role as Head of Central Services. It was agreed
       that this will be clarified on the first page of the policy.

       With this amendment, the policy was approved.

       RESOLUTION 1636: that the Risk Management Policy be approved.

1637   Engagement Letters – Baker Tilly

       R. Wheat explained that Baker Tilly had been appointed by the College as
       auditors for financial statements and regularity. The firm have recently
       changed their trading style to limited liability partnerships and therefore had
       issued new engagement letters for signature. The wording in the engagement
       letters did not differ from the originals, although it was interesting to note that
       Baker Tilly had recognised that the engagement is between the audit form,
       North Lindsey College and the LSC. It was confirmed that the engagement
       letters were for the original time-scale, ie three years in total. A similar
       engagement letter had been produced for the tax and advisory services
       provided by Baker Tilly.
       After consideration, the Chairman was authorised to sign the engagement
       letters on behalf of the Corporation Board.

       RESOLUTION 1637: that the engagement letters between Baker Tilly UK
       Audit LLP and North Lindsey College and the LSC AND Baker Tilly Tax and
       Advisory Services LLP and North Lindsey College be signed on behalf of the
       Corporation Board.

1638   T S & S Global Building

       The Principal presented outline costs of the proposed purchase and
       refurbishment of the TS & S Global Building. A. Grindlay, Capital
       Programme Manager, LSC, has received all the relevant information,
       including a commercial valuation and confirmation of the Corporation Board
       meeting held on 26 April 2007 at which the proposed purchase was discussed.
       The response from the Property team at the LSC is that in principle they are in
       agreement with a bid being made for the property and that 10% capital funding
       may be made available. A. Grindlay had added that the previously proposed
       feasibility study for the campus should still go ahead, but that did not preclude
       the purchase of the TS & S Global building. The valuation from Paul Fox
       Commercial was £1.3m; the asking price from TS & S Global was £1.4m.
       The estate agents had stated that there had been interest from other parties.

       Members agreed that a bid should be put forward to purchase the building in
       order to upgrade the campus and infrastructure. The figures put forward for
       demolition of the Beacon Centre and Plumbing workshop and for preparation
       and refurbishment of the Global Building were estimates based on costs
       provided by demolition contractors and from similar work done in the recent
       past. There will also be legal fees involved, ie stamp duty, conveyancing and
       running costs etc.

       After discussion, it was agreed that The Principal should put forward a bid of
       £1.25m for the property with authority to go up to £1.4m if necessary to secure
       the building. Members authorised the Chair and Vice Chair to advise the
       Principal if the asking price of £1.4m was reached without agreement.
       RESOLUTION 1638: that the Principal should bid for the purchase of the TS
       & S Global building on behalf of the Corporation Board up to the asking price
       of £1.4m. Any further negations will be after discussion with the Chair and
       Vice Chair.

1639   Catering Contract

       The Principal said that following consideration of tender applications for the
       catering contract which was due for renewal this year, a panel made up of A.
       Smith, A. Tuscher, R. Bennett, R. Wheat, J. Keilthy, D. Simons and the
       catering consultant R. Farmer presided over the process.
       Three companies presented their plans to the panel, Sodexo, Aramark and
       Scolarest. A second meeting was held with the favoured provider, Aramark,
       when detailed plans and associated development/capital costs were discussed.
       A design had been produced for the refectory that fully embraced the
       College’s brief and it was believed by the panel that Aramark would provide a
       new-look refectory, increased quality assurance, a nil-cost operational budget,
       a shared profit scheme and no increases in costs to learners/customers.
       Additionally, the plans included healthy options across vending and a better
       quality of service to HE learners. The capital costs of refurbishment and
       development of the refectory were outlined as:
       £100,000 (inclusive of VAT) from the College
       £68,000 loan from Aramark to be repaid over 3 years
       £6,000 additional costs for furniture.
       The total cost to the College would be £174,000.

       Members were informed that the panel had been extremely impressed with
       Aramark and believed they would make a difference to the quality and
       performance of catering services at North Lindsey College. In answer to a
       question D. Simons said that Aramark is a national company. He had visited
       one of the colleges currently using the company for catering, ie New College
       Durham, and had been very impressed. A number of sites had been visited
       covering provision from all the tendering companies; an objective scoring
       system was used during all the site visits and Aramark had scored extremely
       well in this section of the process. In response to questions, it was confirmed
       that it was planned to improve the HE catering provision. The tender covered
       all areas on the campus including hospitality, the Childrens Centre and all
       outlets. The loan will be repaid over the life of the contract by deductions
       from the turnover.

       The panel recommended that Aramark be appointed as caterers to the College
       for a 3 year term commencing 1 August 2007 to 31 July 2010 with an
       additional 1 + 1 year extension thereafter subject to performance and Board
       approval. This was agreed.

       RESOLUTION 1639: that Aramark be appointed as caterers to the College
       for a 3 year term commencing 1 August 2007 to 31 July 2010 with an
       additional 1 + 1 year extension thereafter subject to performance and Board

1640   Tuition Fees 2007/08

       R. Wheat presented details of proposed tuition fees for 2007/08. This issue
       had been discussed by the Finance and General Purposes Committee at their
       meeting on 1 May. The proposed fee for FE learners was 37.5% of the LSC
       base rate, with the exception of some NVQ and National Certificate courses
       where management discretion would apply.
       It was noted that although the LSC had recommended the rate previously, the
       College had to date charged lower fees due to the perceived market and the
       low-pay environment. However, it was anticipated that in the near future, the
       LSC would expect colleges to charge 50% of the base rate and therefore it was
       considered politic to meet the expected rate of 37.5% this year. This was in
       line with the fees charged by the local authority for Adult Education, and
       discussions were also held with John Leggott College.

       The fee for overseas learners on FE programmes would be 100% of the LSC
       base rate including weighting plus £100 admin. The fee for training supplied
       to learners from other managing agents was proposed at £5.75 per hour.

       With reference to HE, the proposed schedule was:

       Full time undergraduate (HND, BA (Hons), FdA, FdSc £1,225
       Overseas (fte) with 50% up front and 50% paid in February £4,950
       Part Time undergraduate:
        BA (Hons) £95 per 12 point unit, £190 per 24 point unit
        Foundation degrees (standard 3 year) £590 per year
        FdA Counselling £690 per year
        Fd Pre 16 Learning & Teaching Support £690 per year
        Fd Automotive Technologies £690 per year or £180 per 20 credit module
        Foundation Degree (long programme) to be confirmed
        Fast Track 96 CATS Programmes of Study (BA, FD options) £760 per year
        HNC Engineering £570 per year

       After consideration, the proposed fee schedule was agreed.

       RESOLUTION 1640: that the tuition fee schedule for 2007/08 as detailed be
1641   Disclosure Code of Practice

       J. Keilthy presented a revised Disclosure Code of Practice which had been
       amended in line with recommendations received following audits by the CRB
       and by the IAS, East Coast Audit Consortium. Overall, it was noted that the
       auditors had been satisfied with the arrangements for CRB checks and had
       requested slight alterations to be shown in the code of practice.
       After consideration, the Disclosure Code of Practice was approved.
       RESOLUTION 1641: that the Disclosure Code of Practice be approved.
1642   Principals Expenses
       R. Wheat said that the authorisation of the Principal’s expenses had been noted
       by the PFA auditors. It was recommended that the Principal’s expenses
       should be authorised by the Chairman, rather than by the Director of Finance
       as current practice. This was approved.
       RESOLUTION 1642: that the Principal’s expenses will be authorised by the
1643   Governance

       The minutes of the following Committees were received and noted:
       Finance & General Purposes                               12.3.07
       Search                                                    5.4.07
       Standards                                                26.2.07
       Academic Board                                            28.2.07
       Kingsway Consulting Ltd                                  15.3.07

1644   Declassifying Confidential Items
       The confidential minutes taken at the following meetings were considered in
       regard to recommending to the Board that the minutes be released into the
       public domain unless there are still grounds for confidentiality.
       Employment and Remuneration 11.12.06
       Corporation Board Item 1488, 22.5.06 and Item 1567 11.12.06

       It was agreed that because the subject matter of the Employment and
       Remuneration Committee and the Corporation Board held on 11.12.06 related
       to an individual, the minutes should remain confidential.

       Minute 1488 from the Corporation Board meeting held on 22.5.06 was in
       relation to the Management Restructure which was now general knowledge
       and therefore should be released into the public domain.

       RESOLUTION 1644: that the minutes of the Employment and Remuneration
       Committee 11.12.06 and minute 1567 from the Corporation Board minutes
       11.12.06 remain confidential; that minute 1488 from the Corporation Board
       minutes 22.5.06 be released into the public domain.                               Clerk

1645   Income and Expenditure Accounts

       Members received the Income and Expenditure Accounts to 31 March 2007,
       previously considered in detail by the Finance and General Purposes

       R. Wheat reported that at the end of March, the College was showing
       £105,000 ahead of income and £128,000 ahead of expenditure budgets,
       resulting in £233,000 better than budget altogether. The positive variances
       included HE tuition fees which was expected to increase by the end of the
       year. The Train to Gain income was an adverse variance basically because the
       contract with the East Midlands was late in starting and the number of ‘starts’
       allowed by the end of July had been limited to 500. This will impact on the
       bottom line by around £300,000.
       There was, however, a positive variance to be noted for the nursery of £79,000
       because of extra contracts undertaken with the local authority and interest
       receivable is currently at £24,000 ahead of budget. So despite the setback
       from Train to Gain, it was expected that with the additional income from other
       headings the trading surplus will reach the estimated £520,000 agreed in

       R. Morley commented that there was a healthy variance from the energy
       budget. R. Wheat explained that the price has come down recently and
       therefore of the £315,000 set in the budget, only £260,000 is likely to be used.
       In addition, because of a change to the funding regime, the £153,000 set aside
       for trainee allowances would not all be spent; it is likely that about £63,000
       will be used.

1646   FE Self Regulation

       Members were informed of the FE Sector Self Regulation Implementation
       Group which has been formed in response to the challenge issued to the sector
       by the Secretary of State at the AoC Annual Conference in November to
       develop a proposition which reflected the maturity of the sector and had its
       support. The Group had requested an expression of support from the
       Governing Body of the desirability of developing such a proposition for self
       regulation. The Principal explained that to qualify for self regulation, a
       college would have to meet certain criteria eg demonstrable financial stability,
       good results from Ofsted, good leadership and management and quality as a
       business. Those colleges which met the criteria would be inspected only once
       every 6 years and levels of intervention in terms of performance reviews from
       the LSC would be reduced. The Annual Assessment Visits from the LSC
       would continue as a check and balance system. More resources could then be
       directed towards colleges which are not doing as well.

       Members were supportive of this approach.

       It was agreed that The Principal should complete the online questionnaire for
       FE Self Regulation on behalf of the Corporation Board to put forward an            RB
       expression of support.

1647   Health and Safety Report

       Members received the Health and Safety Report. It was noted that the number
       of incidents and accidents in the reporting period had reduced, thereby
       maintaining the positive emphasis on safe practices. The two RIDDOR
       incidents had been dealt with. The Health and Safety Committee is working
       well and is currently considering the Smoking agenda. A new Health and
       Safety Manager is due to take up her position in June.

       D. Simons added that there had been an investigation following a report of an
       injury of scalding from water from a cold tap. This was caused by faulty
       valves in the mixer taps which have now been replaced.
       R. Morley said that although the trends in accidents showed a reduction, the
       number of slips, trips and falls had increased. D. Simons said that it was
       intended to focus the development plan for the next year to set local area
       targets for reduction in accidents to further develop the reduction in the last
       few years. The HSE have targeted a number of initiatives in business and
       industry; the area for education is Slips, Trips and Falls. This will be
       highlighted in a number of seminars during the year.

       M. Keyworth added that the accident 1707, which was RIDDOR, had been the
       subject of considerable discussion at the Health and Safety Committee because
       of the serious implications and that litigation could follow. D. Simons said
       that an investigation had been undertaken and remedial action taken
       immediately. The paving slabs in the area were likely to movement because
       of the underground spring in the area. Constant vigilance is required by the
       Premises team to ensure that slabs are replaced or re-laid when necessary. It is
       possible that a claim for compensation following this incident could be
       received. The Principal commented that the lady involved had stated that she
       had been rushing to meet her appointment at the Images salon when the
       accident occurred.

       R. Morley said that the Audit Committee were concerned about the lack of
       cohesiveness regarding risk assessment and lack of ownership in some areas
       and had recommended that a member of the SMT should be on the Health and
       Safety Committee to highlight their responsibility for Health and Safety. He
       emphasised that the Health and Safety Manager could act as an adviser but the
       responsibility remained with senior management and the Corporation Board

       It was agreed that the new Health and Safety Manager would address the next        RB
       Corporation Board meeting to outline Health and Safety issues and refresh
       everyone’s memories regarding the legal responsibility of the Corporation
       Board and the executive.

1648   Monitoring Progress of the Development Plan

       K. Clarke presented learner numbers and funding details showing performance
       against Headline Targets in the Development Plan. The funding profile for
       April was around £188,000 above target although learner numbers were down
       around 1100 on 19+ resulting in around £100,000 below target income. This
       was a slight improvement, however, on previous reports because of some
       enrolments for 19+ gained through Train to Gain contracts. Negotiations are
       ongoing with the LSC regarding a target for 2007/08.

       The overall retention to date for the full college is currently at 92%. The
       retention performance of each curriculum area was shown, colour coded to
       show those with improved figures from 2005/06, below the previous year’s
       figures and those within the warning zone of between 1-5% of the previous
       year’s performance. Those areas coloured red were monitored carefully and
       the reasons for learners withdrawal analysed, although it was acknowledged
       that this was sometimes beyond the control of the College.
       Overall performance on long courses, excluding key skills was shown for 16-
       18 and 19+. The area of concern is Level 3 19+ which is currently below the
       performance of last year.

       The details of numbers, funding and retention is monitored closely at every
       Senior Management Team meeting, and is also discussed by the Standards

1649   Fixed Assets

       R. Wheat presented a report on fixed assets, ie items with a cost of £500 or
       over. During 2006/07 the College acquired assets to the value of £548,000
       including IT, computers and electrical work, extension work to the Personnel
       Office, fixtures and fittings in Transport studies, building works on the
       Maurice Taylor building, vehicles for the Auto Diagnostic Centre and fixture
       and fittings in Images. Assets to the value of £312,000 were disposed of.
       Physical inventory checks on assets take place against the register on a
       rotating basis annually, ie several departments are considered each year.

1650   CPD Record – Senior Postholders

       Members received details of the CPD undertaken by each Senior Management
       Team member.

1651   Train to Gain

       The Principal explained that the College has been invited to tender for the
       Train to Gain provision in a number of areas around England because the work
       had not been picked up in the local region. Some of the invitations would not
       be taken up, ie for North London or the North West, but one area which was of
       interest was the West Midlands. The Principal has spoken to the LSC Director
       in the West Midlands; it appeared that the colleges in the area had not done
       much work under the Train to Gain banner. North Lindsey was well placed to
       provide Train to Gain delivery in the area for level 2 and level 3 programmes,
       worth up to £25m in total. A bid for £1.2m for 1000 level 2 and 50 level 3 had
       been put forward, pending approval of the Corporation Board. If successful,
       an office and manager would be established in the area and assessors
       employed from the local area. The Principal said that the risks, although
       present, were not significant because North Lindsey is a leading provider of
       Train to Gain nationally and the numbers involved were not great.

       After consideration, it was agreed that the bid for the Train to Gain business in
       the West Midlands should have Corporation Board approval.

       RESOLUTION: that approval be given for a bid for the Train to Gain
       business in the West Midlands.
1652   Diary Dates

       The Clerk reminded members of the following dates:

       4 July 2007 – College Tour
       6 July 2007 – Kingsway Consulting Ltd Dinner ‘Celebrating Creativity &
       12 July 2007 – Dinner to show appreciation for retiring Chairman N.

1653   Management Restructure
       Reserved Item – Debate minuted separately

       K. Clarke,, J. Keilthy, K. Sargent, P. Townsley and R. Wheat left at this point.

1654   Date of Next Meeting

       Monday 9 July 2007. To start at 5.30 pm
Date    Item     Action Point                                               Who     When
19.3.07   1619   Principal to report progress regarding duplicate         RB      July 07
                 provision at John Leggott College at the next

21.5.07   1637   Principal to bid for the purchase of the TS & S Global   RB      July 07
                 building on behalf of the Corporation Board up to the
                 asking price of £1.4m. Any further negations will be
                 after discussion with the Chair and Vice Chair.

          1644   The Clerk to arrange for minute 1488 from the            Clerk   July 07
                 Corporation Board minutes 22.5.06 be released into
                 the public domain

          1646   Principal to complete the online questionnaire for FE    RB      July 07
                 Self Regulation on behalf of the Corporation Board to
                 put forward an expression of support.

          1647   Principal to arrange for the new Health and Safety       RB      July 07
                 Manager to address the next Corporation Board
                 meeting to outline Health and Safety issues and
                 refresh everyone’s memories regarding the legal
                 responsibility of the Corporation Board and the

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