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									NICHIAS Line-up

                                                                            Net sales                             (Billions of yen)
INDUSTRIAL THERMAL                                                               FY’10                           33.2

INSULATION WORK                                                                  FY’09                                    39.8
                                                                                      0         10      20        30          40
Construction Division

Contributing to Comfortable Living and                                      insulation, soundproofing, fireproofing, and recycling. For this,
Working Environments                                                        NICHIAS draws on superior heat insulation and environmentally
                                                                            sound technologies to answer market needs.
Industrial thermal insulation work was originally designed to
                                                                                 In addition to developing highly functional materials that meet
conserve energy and raise heat efficiency. In recent years, how-
                                                                            the needs of today’s markets, NICHIAS is expanding these busi-
ever, the business has been playing an instrumental role in
                                                                            nesses by developing products and construction methods that
conserving resources and helping protect the environment. In
                                                                            lead to reductions in costs, man-hours and environmental load.
addition to technologies used in thermal insulation work to insu-
                                                                            For example, we developed CFC-free, cold insulation materials
late or retain heat, the NICHIAS Group is building soundproofing
                                                                            with the same performance as the previous CFC type. These
systems to improve acoustic containment at factories, helping
                                                                            environmentally friendly products are widely used at LNG stor-
create more comfortable living and working environments.
                                                                            age terminals and other thermal insulation projects. Using high-
                                                                            performance thermal insulation materials with low thermal
Providing Efficient and Comprehensive
                                                                            conductivity and excellent water repelling and vapor permeability
Engineering Services
                                                                            properties, NICHIAS is developing groundbreaking methods for
In addition to construction work around thermal insulation materi-          recovering deteriorated functionality in previously installed ther-
als, which has long been a major business for the NICHIAS                   mal insulation materials. These methods accomplish this without
Group, operations today extend across the range of construction             the use of replacement construction that could generate indus-
work related to heat and acoustics. NICHIAS makes a contribu-               trial waste, thus contributing substantially to resource conserva-
tion in many areas to conserve energy and preserve the environ-             tion and reductions in carbon emissions.
ment. In doing so, the NICHIAS Group plays an instrumental role                  NICHIAS is advancing a business strategy involving raising
in building more comfortable public environments. NICHIAS is                the level of activity in the maintenance field. In addition to the
active primarily in nuclear power, LNG, petrochemicals and refuse           Group’s traditional business domains, NICHIAS is expanding
incinerator projects. The NICHIAS Group provides efficient, com-            business in the area of non-destructive testing for plant equip-
prehensive engineering services spanning development, design,               ment, including preventive corrosion analysis that combines with
construction and maintenance relating to fire resistance, thermal           our existing thermal analysis and soundproofing solutions.

  LNG thermal facilities using NICHIAS’            NICHIAS’ thermal insulation materials in a         NICHIAS’ metallic heat insulation used at
  cryogenic insulation materials                   petroleum plant                                    nuclear power plant facilities

                                                                                                             NICHIAS Annual Report 2010           15

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