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									Oncology Nursing Society
Breast Care (BRC) Special Interest Group Meeting
Approved Minutes

Date:          May 5, 2006
Place:         Boston, Massachusetts, Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, Room 207
Time:          4:15pm- 5:30pm (ET)
Recorder:      Elaine Sein

ATTENDEES: (List of attendees attached)

   I.       Welcome/Introduction
             Attendees were welcomed and introduction of SIG leadership present: Darcy
              Burbage, Carole Martz and Elaine Sein
             Breast Care SIG has 435 members
             35 SIG members exchanged business cards as a way of networking
   II.      Coordinator Report
             Motion made to approve minutes from April 28, 2005 meeting by Darcy Burbage
              and motion seconded by Carole Martz
             There were 31 presentations and or posters related to breast cancer at Congress.
              SIG members who presented at Congress were recognized.
             2005-2006 accomplishments to date:
                    i. Development of patient education workgroup
                   ii. Mentoring program
                  iii. SIG sponsored Congress and IOL presentations
                 iv. Virtual website providing discussion forums, educational resources for
                       patients and nurses
                   v. Continued work with ONCC to discuss certification for breast care nurses
   III.     Work Group Reports
             Breast Care Certification Work Group: Continues to collaborate with ONCC on
              level of interest and process for possible certification. Action plan is to recruit
              workgroup committee members from various levels of practice and multiple areas
              of the country to glean a broader perspective of interest and commitment to
              certification. ONS plans on sending formal interest survey nationally.
             Patient Education Work Group: Work group is putting together a handbook for
              patients newly diagnosed with breast cancer. Content is being discussed. Future
              plans are to publish resource manual.
             Newsletter: Request made for articles of any length to be included in newsletters.
              Meg Levinson is stepping down as co-editor at end of 2006. Actively recruiting for
              open position for co-editor.
             Virtual web site: Includes educational resources-books, brochures and web sites
              broken down by category: early detection, and treatment, psychosocial, rehab,
              survivorship and advocacy as well as continuing education conferences. Breast
              Cancer Fact Sheet, past and current newsletters are also posted. Very active
              discussion group as another resource to members. Will add abstracts accepted
              and presented by SIG members. Recruiting for website co-administrator.
IV.   New Business
       Strategic plan reviewed with potential addition to Strategic Goal II –Develop
        opportunities to expand the knowledge base of nurses working with persons with
        breast health concerns and breast cancer by coordinating a support system for
        nurses working as Navigators and/or Coordinators to guide best practice
        standards development and individualized patient care issues through education,
        mentoring and networking.
       IOL abstract accepted for All Day Institute 2006- “Breast Health: It’s Everybody’s
       Congress 2007 abstract suggestions include prevention, survivorship issues;
        navigator role in breast care and community outreach. Possible collaboration with
        Survivorship SIG and Prevention/Early Detection SIG for Congress submissions
       Nominations for ONS Breast Education Award: Forward suggestions to Darcy
        Burbage by August 1, 2006.
       Open leadership positions within BRC SIG are for newsletter co-editor and website
        co-administrator. Contact Darcy Burbage or Carol Martz if interested.
V.    Guest Speakers
       Molly Loney, BRC SIG member and Representative of Nominating Committee
        presented review of ONS succession planning format and how nominating
        committee can assist SIG. Suggestion made for live forums for discussion of
        topics by candidates either at IOL or Congress.
       Dr Ernie Bodai of the Kaiser Breast Center in California updated SIG on research
        dollars obtained from breast cancer stamp- 800 million sold to date. First
        international stamp will be introduced in Hungary in October 2006 and over 100
        countries will have stamp by next year. Third world countries will use money for
        screening, education and outreach since they do not yet have infrastructure for
VI.   Announcements
       Debbie Waugh, Chapter President from Central Massachusetts and the Fallon
        Clinic, Worcester, MA shared educational pamphlet for male breast cancer
        patients that she developed. This will be added to educational resources on web
       Elaine Sein shared SAVE THE DATE information for a September 14 & 15, 2006
        breast conference being sponsored by Fox Chase Cancer Center and the Breast
        Care Coordinators of the Fox Chase Network focusing on breast program
        development and novel patient care management strategies.Attendees List for
        BRC SIG Meeting
SIG Members
  Eileen Brennan-O’Neill eoneill@nshs.edu
  Jennifer Bryan Jennifer.byran@uch.edu
  Darcy Burbage dlburbage@verizon.net
  Suzanne Campbell abuelasu@aol.com
  Kristen Cavanaugh cavanauk@mskcc.org
  Jillyn Davis jillynd@yahoo.com
  Michelle Farnon mafarnon@lancastergeneral.org
* Deborah Hamolsky debby.hamolsky@ucsfmedctr.org
  Judi Hirshfield Bartek judibartek@rcn.com
  Nora Katurakes nkaturakes@christianacare.org
  Suzanne Lemler sulemler@iupui.edu
  Carole Martz cmartz@enh.org
  Annette Schork aschork@umich.edu
  Elaine Sein Elaine.sein@fccc.edu
  Tracey Tatum tracey.tatum@hcahealthcare.com
  Deli Waugh debra.Waugh@fallon-clinic.com
  Carolyn Weaver Carolyn.weaver@fccc.edu
  Marty Weinar mweinar@che-east.org

Not SIG Members
 Nancy Baccaro baccaro@uchc.edu
 Arlene Berman arleneb@mail.nih.gov
 Marcia Bliss mbliss2@cox.net
 Evelyn Carter evelyn.carter@usoncology.com
 Gay Cirignani gcirigna@uic.edu
 Nancy Dimino nanttcb5@optonline.net
 Michelle Farnan mafarnan@lancastergeneral.org
 Regina Heroux regina.heroux@rexhealth.com
 Karen Kazin kkazin@usasurg.org
 Patti Kealiher patricia.kealiher@usoncology.com
 Annie Lattanzio anlattan@lancastergeneral.org
 Maureen Major majorm@mskcc.org
 Claire Meci cmeci@nshs.edu
 Giselle Moore-Higgs mooregj@shands.ufl.edu

Not ONS Member
 Patricia Shutt

* Interested in being in a work group

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