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									                              ROSE HILL DRIVE

                           Jake Sproul - Vox/Bass
                          Daniel Sproul - Guitars/Vox
                           Nathan Barnes -- Drums

Rose Hill Drive grew up worshipping guitar-shredding groups like The Who
and Van Halen. They never imagined the band they formed in high school
would open up for both groups before even releasing an album.

In 2003, guitarist Daniel Sproul, his bassist brother Jacob and drummer friend
Nathan Barnes began practicing in the basement of the house on Rose Hill
Drive in Boulder, CO, that the Sproul brothers grew up in. The house had
been taken over by the boys and their friends, the band was loud, and it was
not long before the neighbors took up a petition to kick them out of the

The band headed out on the road, where they quickly built an underground
fan base with thrilling live shows, lyrics that connect and a completely earnest
approach. This organic and grass roots process has let the fans and then the
music business come to them. It's very important to the band that it happened
in that order - music first, business later.

Early on the band attracted major label interest, but the band was reluctant to
go that route. "I just thought we weren't ripe for the picking," says Jake. The
band went into the studio to record an album they planned to sell to the major
labels, but when the recording was finished they found that the finished
product just didn't reflect their true identities.

Choosing to sign with Megaforce Records, the band went back into the studio
in January 2006 to record their self-titled debut album -- written by all three
band members, produced by Rose Hill Drive and Nick DiDia and recorded at
Southern Tracks in Atlanta, Georgia. The album was released in August 2006.

After generating great reviews and building an even bigger fan base around
the world, 2007 proved to be a major step forward for Rose Hill Drive. They
were honored to play with some of their biggest idols. The boys did a string of
dates opening for The Who in 2007 and they were even joined on stage in
Chicago by none other than Pete Townshend, who jammed on The Who
classic "Young Man Blues" and Rose Hill Drive's very own "Raise Your
Hands." Rolling Stonenamed them one of the "Top 10 Artists to Watch" in

After months of relentless touring, hard work and travel around the Universe,
Rose Hill Drive returned home to Boulder, CO to write and record their second
album, Moon is the new Earth . The new album represents the intense "live"
feeling of their show and showcases some the band's finest songwriting. 12
songs run the gamut of emotions from the head-spinning "Sneak Out" to the
muscle-bound "Trans Am" to the tongue-in-cheek "Do You Wanna Get High?"
It's an album that is shaped by an organic nature and is a clear record of their
maturity, life experiences and musical explorations. Moon is the new Earth
unveils the sound that is Rose Hill Drive.

  " Recorded in our hometown in our favorite studio with our favorite people,
this music bears our most authentic signature of anything we have created so
far. To have made an album like this with my brother and my best friend has
been a dream come true," says Jake.

  "To me, this album is who we are creatively as a group. With a little help
from our friends, we wrote, produced, recorded, and mixed it ourselves.
 These songs are mementos of our memories experiencing life as musical
gypsies, and were born on the road in sweat and blood and the search for a
deeper love while constantly moving. They give me that one of a kind feeling
of keeping it together."

Rose Hill Drive's raw, emotive rock has earned the group high praises from
both critics and fellow musicians alike. The band have done dates with Wilco,
The Black Crowes, Queens Of The Stone Age, Van Halen, Aerosmith and
The Who; and also performed at Bonnaroo, Red Rocks, Bumbershoot, Austin
City Limits, Azkena Festival, Hyde Park Calling and the Warped Tour.


"The songwriting is fierce and sharp." -- David Fricke of Rolling Stone

"This band deserves every bit of hyperbole that's been spewed its way." -

"If this doesn't make you want to pick up a Les Paul, you have no soul." --

"Youth be damned, these three guys are already composing some impressive
music. Earning praise from rock luminaries such as Pete Townshend, Rose
Hill Drive have a promising future ahead of them." -- Relix

"Rose Hill Drive left my jaw on the skeezy floor of Emo's front room." -- Raoul
Hernandez of Austin Chronicle

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