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									Sawyer Elementary School
4316 Ontario Street
Ames, IA 50014

August 3, 2011

Best Buy
1220 South Duff Ave
Ames, IA 50010

Dear Best Buy,

Kim Siberski, a special needs teacher of Sawyer Elementary School, is seeking donations
intended for the purchase of iPad(s), applications, protection plans/cases, and any necessary
accessories deemed relevant. The purchased item(s) have an anticipated destination of her
special needs classroom, a classroom in-which she has two incoming autistic children. Kim
Siberski has taught several autistic children in the past and knows the issues involved with
autism and their lack of expression of necessary social interaction. Through the use of the
iPad(s) and its applications she expects to ease the development of social skills to promote
independence in the children. The information in this proposal was taken from the Holly Rod
Foundation website. This proposal will include background information on the issue Kim is
facing and how we would like to fix that issue.

According to the Holly Rod Foundation, autism is a neurobiological disorder that is
characterized by a person’s inability to communicate and relate to others. Some symptoms
include the following: rigid routines and repetitive behavior, repeating words, preference for
solitude, and ignoring verbal cues. These symptoms, and others, are the reason why autistic
children are unresponsive to normal teaching methods and require more support from their
teachers than other students.

The current issue is that the school does not have the funding available for the appropriate
resources necessary to teach autistic students effectively. In the past, Kim has just used
conventional teaching methods but she notices that this approach hasn’t worked well with
autistic students. The ideal condition would be to have at least two iPads available in the
classroom, in order to create a new approach, a more progressive approach to teaching and
promoting independence in special needs children. Kim is a credible recipient because she has
28 years of teaching experience and 16 years of teaching specifically tailored to handicap
students. She has also received training on the use of iPad(s) and has the Head of Technology of
the Ames Community School District for additional help with installation of applications and
other various technological needs. Kim intends to put the iPads to good use in the classroom for
all eight to nine students, but especially towards two incoming autistic children, to help them
become more independent by developing necessary social skills.

The objective for these IPads is to expose these special needs children to customized visuals in
order to develop their communication skills. Kim believes the available applications will help
these students to interact with their peers more effectively. The IPads will also be used as a
reward for children with behavior problems. We would like to ask of Best Buy $100 to be put
toward the purchase of applications, protection plans/cases, and any other accessories needed
for the IPads. This $100, along with monetary donations from other companies, will allow Kim
to purchase the appropriate technology needed to help these students learn the skills they are
struggling with. Helping these students at the elementary level is important because it will help
them to excel in school and engage in their communities as adolescents and young adults.

Autistic students learn better by using visual cues. There are applications available that can be
customized by using pictures and vocabulary for each student. They also have trouble
interpreting emotions. By using pictures, symbols, or even voice on the IPads, Kim can help
these students express emotion and help them understand how other people are feeling.
Below is a table of applications that Kim is considering purchasing and how they can help
autistic students develop their communication.

                  Application                                    Functions
ProloQuo2go                                      alternative communication solution for
                                                 people who have difficulty speaking
TalkAssist                                       Individualized picture communication boards
                                                 with natural sounding voice
iComm                                            Picture and voice communication aid for
Look in my Eyes                                  Motivates children to look people in the eyes

We realized that IPads and all the needed accessories are not cheap. That is why we are
reaching out to many other companies to donate $100 as well. Below is a table listing Best Buy
along with the other companies and the donation amount we are asking from each company.

                     COMPANY                                     Donation (ASKING)
Apple store/company                                  $100
Best Buy                                             $100
Hy-Vee                                               $100
Fraternities/Sororities                              $100
Staples                                              $100
Targets-Ames                                         $100
Target-Ankeny                                        $100
Wal-Mart                                             $100
Total                                                $800

Below is a table including all the costs of the IPads and other accessories needed to use the

Item               Descriptions        Cost (per item)      Qty Needed           Total Cost
IPAD                                                        2
                   16GB WiFi only      $499 + tax
                   iPad 2
Cases                                                       2
                   Griffin Survivor    $79.99
Apps                                                        Varies
                   Proloquo2Go         $189.99
                   Assistive Chat      $24.99
                   Everyday Skills     $34.99-$49.99
                   and Living Safely
                   Expressive          $34.99

Best Buy has a good reputation about giving back to their communities and has many programs
that are designated to dispersing grants to local community organizations. Donating this $100
will be beneficial to Best Buy because the people of the Ames community will be appreciative of
your good deeds and will want to thank you by going to you when they have electronic needs.

According to the Center for Disease Control, 1 in every 110 children is born with Autism.
Unfortunately, researchers believe that genetics is the reason why children develop Autism and
currently there is not a cure for the disease. Therefore, the only thing that can be done for
these children is to work with them to improve their social skills. Through the use of these
IPads and available applications, we will be able to further develop their social skills promoting
independence. By donating to the Sawyer Elementary School’s special needs classroom you
can help these students and future students excel in school, engage with others in their
communities and develop leadership skills by using advancements in technology.

Thank you for your time.


Sawyer Elementary School Board

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