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     Institution of committees and clubs 2008-09   with effect from 1st April 2008

Overall supervision secondary wing      Mrs. Meenakshi Jain      Vice Principal

Overall supervision Primary wing Mrs. A.Pathak Headmaster/Headmistress

Committees                                           Duties

      i)       Admission and withdrawal: -

     1) Mrs. Meenakshi Jain (Vice-Principal)          -       To checkout the admission
     2) Mrs. A.Pathak (HM) Adm                                schedule time to time as per
                         Incharge Primary                     KVS directions.
                                                          -   To monitor registration and
     3) Mrs. N.Bhardwaj Adm                                   checking of the entries and
                          Incharge                            documents attached with the
                          Secondary                           registration forms.
     4) Mrs. P.Lata Singhania                             -   Grouping of students
     5) Mrs. Rajni                                            according to merit etc.
     6) Mrs. M.Bhasin                                     -   Allotment of admission
     7) Mrs. Sheel Bhanot                                     number and Co-ordination
     8)     Mr. Nachattar Singh                               work with the office and
                                                              class teachers.
                                                          -   Issue of school leaving
                                                          -   Checking of admission
                                                              number with concerned

2.          Examination :-
     1)     Mr. Praveen (Incharge)                        - All examination work
     2)     Mrs. Meenakshi Aggarwal                         pertaining to Vidyalaya.
     3)     Mrs. Jyoti Dewan                              - Planning execution of
     4)     Mrs. Navdeep Saini                              Examination Schedule
     5)     Primary                                         including unit test/
     6)     Mrs. Manorama                                   cumulative tests etc.
     7)     Mrs. Namita                                   - Maintenance of examination
                                                            record and keeping them
           CBSE                                             under safe custody
              1) Mrs. M.Jain (VP)                           confidentially.
              2) Mrs. K. Deol                             - Maintenance of CBSE
              3) Mrs. J. Saini                              result and other board

iii) Time Table
     Mrs. Deol ( Incharge)                                - Preparation of school Time-
     Mrs. Anita Sardana (Arrangements)                      table implementation of
     Mrs Anita kaul                                         changes as per requirement
     Mrs. Harjeet Sarin                                     under Time-table as per
     Mrs. Manjeet Sodhi                                     daily arrangement of
                                                            substitute Trs..
                                                          - To prepare special time-
Note :- The Vice-Principal will supervise the               table as per need and also to
      preparation of Time-tables; the entire                 prepare time-table for
      academic work of the Vidyalaya.   supervisory work to be done by
                                        the headmaster/Vice-
                                        Principal/Principal. The new
                                        time –table will be come into
                                        effect from 1st April-2008

(4)a) CCA and House system
      celebration & Honour bag
Mrs. N.Bhardwaj (Co-ordinator)          Chalk out the Annual
Mrs. Veena Dogra (Asstt.Co-ordinator)   programme to be included in
Mrs. Meenakshi Aggarwal                 school website.
Mrs. L.Bhutia                           Implementation of programme
Mrs. Sukhjeet Kaur (Co-ordinator)       conducting the various
Mrs. R.Bawa          Primary            activities with some
                                        innovations ideas and
                                        monitoring the results of
                                        various competition purchases
                                        and distribution of prizes.
                                        - To celebrate all the
                                           important days.
                                        - To chalk out an annual
                                           program of all the important
                                           days etc and to keep a day
                                           to day track of it.
                                        - To collect all the
                                           information about the
                                           achievements and get the
                                           entries countersign by the
                                           chief co-ordinator on every
                                           last working day and submit
                                           them to the Principal for
                                        - To collect the photographs
                                           of the outstanding students
                                           for record.
                                        - To write periodic report
                                           about the achievement.
                                        - To maintain a file for this
                                        - To write certificates and
                                           honour the achievements
                                           time to time

   4 (b) House Master (Sr.Wing)
                                        - Monitoring the day to day
  Shivaji – Anita Sardana                 house activities and guiding
  Tagore – Mrs. P.Goel                    the house on suitable scale.
  Ashoka – Mrs. Swaranjeet              - To organize the inter school
  Raman - Mrs. Kanchan                    ,inter region and other
  Shivaji(p) - Mrs. Namita                invitation competitions time
  Ashoka(P) - Mrs. Mukta Bhasin           to time.
  Raman(P) – Mrs. Shashi Gupta          - Correspondence with
                                          various agencies pertaining
                                             to CCA programme.

  4 c) Morning Assembly
                                          - To monitor the morning
  Mrs. N.Bhardwaj (Incharge)                assembly programme
  Mrs. Veena Dogra                          through the house masters.
  Mr. Chopra                              - Timely conduct of the
  Mr. Hundal                                assembly with a pre-
  Mrs. Sukhjeet                             planned schedule.
  Mrs. R. Bawa                            - To coordinator prizes
  Mrs. Namita                               distribution and other
  All class teachers                        activities that come up from
  All house masters.                        time to time.
                                          - To organize all the special
                                            programme e.g.VIP’s visit,
                                            celebrations etc.
                                          - To co-ordinate the Master
                                            of the Day activities
                                            involving school band with
                                            suitable commands.
                                          - Any other job pertaining to
                                            morning assembly.
                                          - Playing of marching tunes
                                            etc involving school band
                                            with suitable commands.
                                            Hosting of Flag ceremony

d) P.A System :-

  Mr. Chopra                              - To look after the P.A
  Mrs. N.Bhardwaj                           equipments and its day to
  Mr. Rajinder                              day maintenance separately
                                            in secondary and primary
                                          - To hire P.A system on
                                            special occasions.
                                          - To carry out all the
                                            purchases repair
                                             needed for the purpose.
                                          - To co-ordinate with the
                                            C.C.A committee for
                                            conduct of various
  5) Discipline & Vigilance Comm
  1) Mrs. Meenakshi Jain Vice Principal   Checking of students in the
  2) Mr. Parveen Kumar                    class room corridors etc. during
  3) Mrs. N.Bhardwaj                      assembly time, recess break
  4) Mrs. Anita Kaul                      and after the school hours.
  5) Mrs. Anita Pathak                    - Devising suitable correction
  6) Mr. J.K.Pawar                           measures.
  7) Mr. A.Kapoor                         - Checking of uniform and
  8) Mr. Yogesh                              personal hygiene.
  9)Mrs. Santosh Gupta                    - To handle all the discipline
  10) Mrs.Navdeep Saini                      cases effectively .
  11) Mrs M.Sodhi
12) Mrs. Sukhjeet Kaur                        - Any other job pertaining to
13)Mrs. Shashi Gupta                            discipline.
14) Iqbal Kaur
15) Manorma Zafar
All Class Teachers
Teachers will bring ‘Defaulters into the
notice of Headmistress/Vice Principal)

a ) VVN Committee
Mrs. Anita Sardana (Incharge)                 - To discuss the Annual
Mrs. Jyoti Diwan                                expenditure of VVN
                                              - To conduct periodical
b) Vidyalaya Assets                             meetings of VVN
Mrs. Swaranjeet Kaur (Incharge)                 committees.
Mrs. Jasbir Kaur                              - To operate the VVN.
Mrs. M. Sodhi                                 - To plan the Annual budget .
                                              - To maintain the stock
                                                registers of VVN.

c) Purchase committee:-
                                            To plan for the tentative
Mrs. N.Bhardwaj                              purchase from the VVN.
Mrs. A.Pathak                               To prepare for the required
Concerned stock I/C                          provision to be made in the
VVN Member                                   VVN budget.
Mr. Pundir                                  To settle the accounts as per
                                             purchase procedure .
                                            To monitor and control the
                                            utilization of material
                                             To plan for the purchase
                                             To make purchase as per
                                             requirements after following
                                             purchase procedure

d) Purchase of dusters chalks
brooms and other cleaning
                                              - To plan for the
Mrs. Anita Sardana                              condemnation of the
Mr.Yogesh Kumar                                 stock department wise.
Mrs.V.Dogra                                   - To submit proposal time to
                                                time as
                                                 per KVS rules.
e) Condemnation Committee

__Mrs. M.Jain (V.P)_
__Mrs. Anita Sardana____
  Mrs. Anita Pathak (HM)
 All Stock Holders
7) Maintenance of Vidyalaya building
                                       - To get the record of the
i)     Mrs M. Jain                       Vidyalaya furniture.
ii)    Mrs. Kanchan                    - To get the furniture
iii)   Mrs. N.Saini                      numbered serially.
iv)    Mrs. C. Lekha                   - To plan for annual purchase
v)     Mrs. A Pathak                     and repair.
vi)    Mr. Yogesh                      - To maintain the stock
vii)   Mrs. M. Sodhi                     register of furniture and get
                                         the physical verification
8) Furniture comm.                       done annually.
                                       - To provide all the filaments
PGT Eco                                  and fixtures repaired as and
Mrs. Santosh Gupta Convenor              when required.
Mrs. N.Kapil                           - To look after the operational
Mr. Yogesh                               conditions of the water and
Mrs. A.Pathak (Primary)                  electricity supply lines.
Mrs. Shashi Gupta
Mrs.Jasbir Sidhu

9. Teaching Aid :-                     - To popularize the use of
                                         Teaching Aids.
Mrs. K.Deol Convener                   - To maintain the proper
Mrs. N. Bhardwaj                         record of the T/Aids and
Mrs. N. Kapila                           allow accessibility to the
Mrs. A.Pathak                            teachers.
Mrs.Harjeet Sarin                      - To keep proper record and
                                         operate it through and issue
                                       - To plan for Annual
                                       - To arrange some
                                         demonstration lessons
                                         through the use of Audio –
                                         Visual Aids.

10. Accounting of fees / fines :-
Checking of attendance register :-

1) Vice-Principal I/C checking of      - To supervise the collection
attendance register.                     of fees and fine etc and tally
                                         the collection with fee and
   Mr. Praveen Kumar (Convener)          account register available
   Mrs. Usha Gupta                       with the fee clerk.
   Mrs. Jasbir Saini                   - To assist the office in
   Mrs. A.Pathak (H.M)                   maintaining proper
                                       - To check the pay bill
  11) Computer
                                          - To keep the computer and
     Ms. Mamta                              the accessories in functional
     Mrs.N.Bhardwaj                         order.
     Mrs. Meenakshi (           - To keep the instruments
     Mr.P.Sobti                             under safe custody under
     Mrs. Mukta Bhasin                      lock and key.
     Mrs. J. Uppal                        - To plan for purchase of
     Members                              - To popularize class project
                                            among the students of
      Computer Instructor (Adhoc)           various classes.
                                          - To develop some computer
                                            programmes for the use of
                                            the vidyalaya specially for
                                            the examination and office
                                          - To update website monthly
                                          - project in school

  Primary Resource Room

  Mrs. Jasbir Uppal                       Record Maintenance & up
  Mrs. Mukta Bhasin                       keep of resource room.
  Mrs. Iqbal Kaur

12. First Aid
      Girls      Mrs. P.Goel              - To maintain the first aid box
                 Mrs. Rajni                 with register material.
     Boys        Mr. J.Pawar              - To organize First aid camp
     Primary     Mrs. Manorama              at suitable occasions e.g
                 Mr.P.Sobti                 Annual Day/Sports day.
                 Mrs Iqbal Kaur           - To put the available
                 Mrs.Chitra Lekha           material into day to day as
                                            through some centrally
                                            operated system.
13. Guidance & Counselling
   Students council & welfare committee

  Mrs. Meenakshi Jain (V.Principal)
  Mrs. Meenakshi Agarwal                  - To arrange for talks by
  Mrs. N.Bhardwaj                            experts.
  Mrs. A.Pathak (HM)                      - To organize career
  Mr. Hundal                                 exhibition.
  Mrs.Navdeep Saini                       - To organize seminars for
  Mrs. Meenakshi Gaur                        students.
                                          - Motivational talks
                                          - Organise a Movie show
                                            (Motivational ) like tare
                                              zamin par
14. Publication                                - To plan for the periodical
   Mrs. Meenakshi Jain                           bulletins of the Vidyalaya.
   Mrs. N.Bhardwaj                             - To plan for the Vidyalaya
   Mrs. Anita Sardana                            PATRIKA and co-ordinate
   Mrs. Sureshi Dutta                            its publication work in time.
   Mrs. M. Agarwal                             - To keep records of all the
   Mrs. N.Saraon                                 achievements of the
   Mrs. V.Dogra                                  vidyalaya in various fields .
   Mrs. M.Gaur                                 - To get the School Calendar
                                                 printed and distributed.
                                               - To organise group
                                                 photographs of various
                                                 activities for publication .

  15. Transport and Excursions
  Mr. P.Sobti                                  - To plan excursions for
  Mr. Hundal                                     students .
  Mrs. Santosh Gupta                           - Convener of the committee
  Mr. Yogesh                                     is to plan excursions for the
  Mrs. Meenakshi Agarwal                         staff also in consultation
  Mrs. P.Lata Goel                               with the staff secretaries.
  Mr. Chopra
  Mrs. R.Bawa
  Mrs. Sukhjeet Kaur

16. Faculty Heads
   1) Science             A.Kapoor J.Sidhu     - Maintenance of Faculty
   2) Social Science      Mrs. Deol              register.
   3) Maths               Mr.Praveen           - To discuss various problems
                         ,Inderdeep              faced by the teachers of the
   4) Hindi               Mrs. Anita Sardana     faculty.
                          S.Bhanot             - To carry out month wise
   5) English             N.Bhardwaj,            and term wise breakup of
                         R.Bawa                  the syllabus.
   6) W.E.T               Meenakshi            - To plan for some model
   7) Sports              Mr. Hundal             lesson by the members of
   8) Drawing             Mr. Yogesh             the committee and
   9) Music               Mr. Chopra             arrange other subject
   10) Sanskrit           Mrs. S.Dutta           experts from outside the
                                               - To plan the Computer
                                                 Aided Lessons
17. Scouting and Guiding

   Mr. J.K.Pawar (Incharge)                    - To co-ordinate all the
   Mrs. Jasbir Kaur, TGT Math                    scouting and guiding
   Mr. Navdeep Saini                             activities.
   Ms. Mamta                                   - To participate in various
   Mr. Sobti                                     Scout and Guide camps.
   Mrs. Meenakshi Gaur                         - To plan and co-ordinate all
   Mrs. Sheel Bhanot                             the activities related to scout
   Mrs Namita                                    and guides.
   Mr. Hundal
   Mr. Yogesh
 Mr. V. Chopra
 Mr. Nachattar Singh

 18. Games and Sports

 Mr. Hundal (Incharge)       - To prepare an Annual
 Mr. Praveen Kumar              Programme for sports and
 Mrs.V.Dogra                    games.
 Mrs. N.Kapila               - To plan and organize
 Mrs. N.Saini                  Annual sports day.
 Mrs. Iqbal Kaur             - To train the PRT for
 Mrs. Sukhjeet Kaur            organizing some games for
 Mrs. Inderdeep Kaur           primary students.
 Mrs. C.Lekha                - To prepare school team for
 Mrs. Shashi Gupta             various sports events on
                               cluster level etc
                             - To plan annual purchase for
                               sports and games as per
                               need of the Vidyalaya well
                               in time.
                             - To co-ordinate these
                               activities with other

                             - To keep a systematic record
                               of all these activities.

 19. Decoration :-

    Mr. Yogesh (Convener)    - To plan general face-
                               upliftment of the Vidyalaya
    Member                     e.g . display of painting and
                               some thoughts at suitable
   Mrs. Kanchan                points.
   Mrs. Meenakshi            - To organize decorations at
   Mrs. N. Saini               ceremonial occasion
   Mrs. Meenakshi Gaur       - To carry out some
   Mrs. Daljeet Kaur            innovations for further
   Mrs. C. Lekha                improvements.
   Mrs. Inderdeep Kaur

20. Maintenance of Lawns &

   1.P.Lata Goel             - To organize
   2. Sukjeet Kaur             VANMAHOTSAVE
   3. Mrs.Saraon               WEEK Plan Exhibition ,
   4. Mrs.P.Aneja              flower arrangement
   5. Mrs. Rajni               competition , rangoli etc. on
   6.Namita                    Inter house level.
   7. Mrs.Inderdeep Kaur     - To maintain the school
                               garden and to plan for
                               further extension and
                                               - To add some flowering
                                                 plants in the garden.
                                               - To add some flowers pats of
                                                 floral plants.

     21. Cleanliness and hygiene
                                               - To chalk out appropriate
        Convener                                 programme of cleanliness
                                                 group wise.
       Mrs. M.Jain (Convener)                  - To get the work evaluated
       Associate                                 fortnightly to honour classes
       Mr.Yogesh                                 with running shields.
       Mrs. S.Dutta                            - To consolidate results and
       Mrs.Rajni                                 display the achievements
       Mrs. P.Aneja                              periodically and
       Mrs. A.Pathak                             graphically.
       Mrs. M.Sodhi                            - To carry out some
       Mrs. Daljeet Kaur                         innovations for further
       Mrs. Jasbir Uppal                         improvement of the project.
       Mrs. Iqbal Kaur                         - To write a report on the

     22. Public relations and hospitality

        Mrs. Meenakshi                         - To receive and entertain the
        Mrs. Anita Sardana                       guest on various occasions.
        Mrs. P. Singhania                      - To organize lunch tea and
        Mrs. Daljeet Kaur                        refreshments on the
        Mrs. Sheel Bhanot                        occasion like interview
        Mrs. Inderpreet                          V.M.C meeting etc.
        Mrs. Bawa                              - To extend invitation on fore
        Mr. Babu Ram Gr D                        said occasions and get the
                                                 invitation cards printed and
                                                 posted in time.
                                               - Sending out letters of
                                                 thanks to visitors .V.I.P etc.

23     Press & Media
       Mrs. N.Saraon                            - To send news report to
       Mrs. V.Dogra                               media.
       Mrs. Meenakshi                          - To maintain a record of
       Ms. Mamta                                  press
       Mr. Balbir Gr. D                           reports.
      Secondary Coordinator                    - To send invitation to media
       Mrs. N. Bhardwaj                           and any other
      Primary Coordinator                         correspondence with press.
      Mrs. Sukhjeet Kaur                       - Sending out various
      Mrs Jasbir Uppal                            messages on behalf of

                                            Publicity in News papers / Radio
                                            T.V etc on appropriate occasions.
    Display Boards

    All House Masters                 - To plan for the display near
                                         the library and on
    _______________                      announcement Board
                                      - To arrange for House wise
    _______________                      competition on topic like
                                         CARTOON MAKING
                                         composition of poems
                                         essays, articles and stories
                                      - To evaluate the displays
                                         fortnightly and award
                                        suitable prizes and
                                         certificates to the winners.
                                      - To select and store the best
                                         display for publication and
                                         in the bulletins and
                                         vidyalaya PATRIKAS
                                      - Creative art activities in
                                         classes IX,X,XII etc.
                                      - To organize the competition
                                         according to the direction
                                         given by ministry of
                                         parliament affairs Govt. of

24 Library committee :-               - To chalk out the programme
                                        for maximum utilization of
    Convener                            library facilities.
    Mrs. Anita Kaul                   - To train the students in
    Mrs. M. Jain (Vice Principal)       taking notes from the books
    Mrs. A.Pathak (HM)                  they have read and keep a
    All faculty conveners Primary &     proper record of books read
    Secondary                           by the students .This can be
    Mrs. Daljeet Kaur                   taken as a project in all
                                        classes to improve the
                                        reading habits of the
                                        students 5 to 10 marks can
                                        be for the project as

  25 Staff Clubs :-                   - To arrange staff meeting on
                                        various occasions like
    Convener                            felicitations visit etc.
                                      - To make arrangements for
    Mrs. Sukhjeet Kaur                  staff parties.
    Mrs. Usha Gupta                   - To organize some cultural
    Mrs. Prem Lata Singhania            and sports activities for staff
    Mrs. Sheel Bhanot                   members
    Mrs A.Pathak
   26 Science club/ Exhibition /   - To maintain the science
      Scholarship Exam               corner in the vidyalaya
                                     displaying various activities
      Mr. A.Kapoor                   e.g cutting , fictions/project
      Ms. Kanchan                    etc.
      Mrs. Prem Lata               - To arrange some popular
      Mrs. Rajni                     lectures in science .
      Mrs.P.Aneja                  - to prepare model etc
      All teachers teaching EVS      .Suitable for participation in
                                     Junior science conference as
                                     per KVS directions
                                     selecting of models etc. for
                                     participation in National
                                     Science Exhibition as per
                                     KVS directions.
                                   - To popularize the use of
                                     Audio Visual aids for
                                     science teaching.
                                   - To plan for the project upto
                                     Vth and inventory project in
                                     class XI and XIIth
                                   - To arrange some
                                     demonstration in science.
                                   - any other activity related to
                                     science teaching in the

27. Social science faculty         - To organize the competition
                                      according to the direction
     Mr. K.Deol                       given by ministry of
     Mrs. Swaranjeet Kaur             parliament affairs Govt. of
     PGT Eco                          India.
     Mrs. P.Lata                      To prepare Exhibits for the
     Mrs. N.Kapila                    cluster participation and
     Mrs. M.Gaur                     social science exhibition
     Social Science Exhibition        project.
     All Sub teacher

28. Literary Club                  - To plan for some teaching
   1) Hindi                          learning material that can be
    Mrs.Anita Sardana                used during substitute
   2) English                        periods.
     Mrs. N.Saini                  - To discuss the Term wise
   3) Sanskrit                       projects.
      Mrs.S.Dutta                  - To carry out H.W/C.W
      Teachers teaching class V      supervision work.
                                   - Any other problem faced by
                                     the subject teachers in
                                     teaching work.
   P.T.A / Committee               - To organize all the nature
    Mr. Praveen                      and adventure club
    Mrs. M.Jain                      activities as per schedule to
    Mrs. A.Pathak                    be worked out by the
    All Class Teachers               committee.
                                         - To participate in such
                                           Fresh enrolment of the
                                           learner to be done.
29. Music / Dance

                                      To chalk out an Annual
       Mr. Chopra                      programme
       Mrs. N.Bhardwaj                 on music / Dance.
       Mrs. Anita Pathak (HM)         To train the students for
                                       participation and various
                                       occasions including
                                      To organize music evening and
                                       other music club activities.
                                      To get the school orchestra,
                                      communicating, singing and
                                       group singing in the vidyalaya.
                                       Creative art activities in classes
                                       IX,X,XII,XI etc.
      30. Drawing and painting /
      creative art club

  Mr. Yogesh                               To organize Drawing and
  Mrs.Meenakshi                             painting club activities.
  Mrs.R.Bawa                            To chalk out an Annual
  Mrs. Inderdeep Kaur                    programme.
                                        To prepare students for state
                                         level drawing competition
                                        To display paintings at
                                         appropriate point .
                                        To prepare students for various
                                         competitions held at cluster /
                                         regional national level.
                                         To involve students and other
                                         creative art students as per laid
                                         down syllabus in class IXth
                                         and Xth.


         Mrs. M.Agarwal (Convener)
         Mrs. N.Bhardwaj
         Mrs. Rajni


         P.Goel (Convener)
         P. Singhania
         Mukta Bhasin
         Anita Pathak
Certificate Writing
1. Meenakshi Agarwal
2. S.Dutta
4. L.Bhotia

Photography :-

Mr. Sobti
Mr Yogesh

Canteen / Committee :-

1. Mrs. M. Jain (Vice Prinicpal)    To keep a check on the canteen
2. Mrs. A.Pathak (HM)                contractor.
3. Mrs. Usha Gupta                  To arrange for the logging and
4. Mrs. Inderpreet                   boarding for the participants as
5. Mrs. Shashi Gupta                 and when required.
                                    To maintain all the accounts
                                     pertaining to logging and
                                     boarding .

                                      Note:- All the concerned
                                      Convener/ Incharge and
                                      Associates are requested to
                                      kindly plan their activities well
                                      in advance for execution during
                                      the academic session 2004-05
                                      .They are further requested to
                                      maintain a record of their
                                      activities in the file/note
                                      book/register and submit the
                                      same to the undersigned for
                                      perusal time to time.

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