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We are a leading law firm with a national reputation in the field of
clinical negligence claims. The leading Independent legal guides,
the Legal 500 and Chambers, rate us as Number One in the North
West and contain glowing praise of our team which they refer to as:
“a personal injury powerhouse”; “one of the strongest personal injury
practices nationwide” and “with clients unanimous in their praise for
the group’s unsurpassed skills and client service ethic”.

Clinical negligence and medical law are highly specialised areas. We
have offices in Manchester and London and we handle all aspects
of clinical negligence work, providing help to people all over the
country. Investigating a clinical negligence claim can feel like a
daunting prospect because you are up against the medical profession.
We are foremost experts in our field with the skill and experience to
help you secure the justice you deserve.
We have expertise in the full range of clinical and
medical negligence claims and no claim is too unusual.
Some examples of the types of cases we are involved in
are set out below:

•	    Birth	injury
•	    Pregnancy	and	maternal	injury
•	    Adult	and	child	brain	injury
•	    Brain	tumours
•	    Spinal	injury
•	    Cancer	diagnosis	and	treatment
•	    Surgical	injury	
•	    Cosmetic	surgery	
•	    GP	misdiagnosis	or	failure	to	refer
•	    Accident	and	emergency	
•	    Eye	treatment
•	    Dental	treatment
•	    Complimentary	medicine	eg	osteopathy
•	    Sports	injury	
•	    Inquests	and	claims	following	death
•	    Medical	Law/best	interests
•	    Access	to	Treatment
•	    Cases	under	the	Human	Rights	Act
•	    Inquiries

We have a large dedicated team, every one of whom specialises in clinical negligence
claims. To investigate your claim, we will obtain copies of the medical records and
obtain independent expert evidence. To succeed in a clinical negligence claim, an
independent expert must be able to say that the treatment provided was so poor
that no reasonable doctor would have treated a patient in that way. We must also
prove	that	the	negligent	treatment	caused	or	contributed	to	a	significant	injury.		

We also help families who are seeking access to medical treatment, such as drugs to
treat cancer; and we advise in cases which involve disputes about best interests and
the	withdrawal	of	life	support.	We	also	bring	cases	under	the	Human	Rights	Act	and	
have taken cases to the Court of Appeal, the Supreme Court and the European Court
of	Justice.	We	strive	to	help	our	clients	achieve	justice	and	we	are	not	afraid	to	push	
legal boundaries.

The time limit for bringing a clinical negligence claim is 3 years from the date of
the	negligence	or	your	date	of	knowledge	that	you	have	suffered	a	significant	injury	
due to the negligence. For example, if there has been a misdiagnosis of cancer, then
your date of knowledge would run from the date when you were given the correct
diagnosis.		The	time	limit	for	bringing	a	claim	under	the	Human	Rights	Act	is	1	year.		

The time limits mean that any Court proceedings have to be commenced within
that	period.		However,	even	if	your	case	is	outside	the	legal	time	limit,	the	Court	can	
exercise its discretion in certain cases and allow you to bring a claim.
If you need advice or you are unsure whether you have a claim, then it is important
that you consult specialist solicitors such as our clinical negligence team. If you have
a	query,	please	call	free	us	on	0800	0382	382	or	ring	0161	909	1067	or	you	can	email	
directly	our	New	Enquiry	solicitor,	Jane	Whitaker,	at	jane.whitaker@pannone.co.uk;	
visit	our	website	at	www.pannone.com	or	our	blog	at	www.pannone.com/blogs/

We	have	the	skill	and	expertise	to	answer	any	queries	or	concerns	you	may	have	and	
we are here to help you.

123	Deansgate
M3	2BU

Freephone:0800	0382	382	
Tel:	0161	909	1067
Fax:	0161	909	4351
Email:	jane.whitaker@pannone.co.uk
USEFUL	ADDRESSES                      National Patient Safety Agency
                                      4	–	8	Maple	Street
                                      London,	W1T	5HD
Care Quality Commission               Tel	:	020	7927	9500
CQC National Correspondence           www.npsa.nhs.uk
Citygate, Gallowgate
Newcastle	Upon	Tyne,	NE1	4PA          Optical Consumer Complaints Service
Tel	:	03000	616161                    PO	Box	219	
www.cqc.org.uk                        Petersfield,	GU32	9BY
                                      Tel	:	0844	800	5071
Commission for Patient and Public     www.opticalcomplaints.co.uk
Involvement	in	Health
National Centre                       The	General	Dental	Council
7th	Floor,120	Edmund	Street           37	Wimpole	Street
Birmingham,	B3	2ES                    London,	W1G	8DQ
Tel:	0121	222	4500                    Tel	:	0207	887	3800
Communications@cppih.nhs.uk           Email	:	complaints@gdc-uk.org
Information Commissioner              The General Pharmaceutical Council
Wycliffe	House                        129	Lambeth	Road
Water Lane                            London,	SE1	7BT
Wilmslow,	SK9	5AF                     Tel	:	020	3365	3400
Tel	:	0303	123	1113                   Email	:	info@pharmacyregulation.org
                                      Nursing	and	Midwifery	Council
General	Medical	Council               23	Portland	Place
Regent’s	Place                        London, W1B 1PZ
350	Euston	Road                       Tel:	0207	637	7181
London, NW1 3JN                       Email	:	advice@nmc-uk.org	
Tel	:	0845	357	3456	/	0845	357	8001
Email	:	gmc@gmc-uk.org                General Chiropractic Clinic
                                      44	Wicklow	Street
Health	Service	Ombudsman              London,	WC1X	9HL
Millbank	Tower                        Tel	:	0207	713	5155
Millbank                              www.gcc-uk.org
London,	SW1P	4QP
Tel	:	0345	015	4033                   The General Osteopathic Council
www.ombudsman.org.uk                  Osteopathy	House
                                      176	Tower	Bridge	Road
ICAS                                  London, SE1 3LU
Carers Federation                     Tel	:	0207	357	6655
1 Beech Avenue                        Email	:	info@osteopathy.org.uk
Sherwood	Rise
Nottingham,	NG7	7LJ                   Action	Against	Medical	Accidents
Tel:	0300	456	8347                    44	High	Street
www.carersfederation.co.uk            Croydon,	CR0	1YB
                                      Tel	:	0845	123	2352
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Disability	Rights	and	Public	Law
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Pannone	LLP	is	a	limited	liability	partnership	registered	in	England	and	Wales	with	number	OC317202.	
Regulated	by	the	Solicitors	Regulation	Authority.	Authorised	and	regulated	by	the	Financial	Services	
Authority. A list of members is available for inspection at the registered office together with a list of those
non-members who are referred to as partners. We use the word “partner” to refer to a member of the LLP,
or	an	employee	or	consultant	with	equivalent	standing	and	qualifications.

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