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					Midterm Review – Modern History 112 – Nov. 09
Medieval Times, Renaissance & The Enlightenment, French Revolution & Napoleon

Part I – Identify and Give Significance (Who, What, When, Where, Why)
liberalism                            Feudalism          nationalism
conservatism                          Satire
humanism                              absolutism
The Enlightenment                     feudalism

Part II – Multiple Choice – all units. This week in class I will be handing out “practice tests” -
multiple choice sheets to use as study guides.

Part III – Short Answer Questions (taken from this list below)
   1. What is humanism? Why is it important to the development of the Renaissance?
   2. Be able to fill in the feudal system pyramid.
   3. “L’etat c’est moi.” Who said this? What does it mean? How does it connect to
   4. How is feudalism reflected in the Great Chain of Being?
   5. Why is the Church the only road to salvation for people during the Middle Ages?
   6. What is meant by the Age of Enlightenment? How is Enlightenment thought different
         from the Renaissance?
   7. Summarize 5 reasons the Renaissance was able to take hold in Europe.
   8. Who were the two power players during Medieval Times? Why were they so powerful?
   9. What did the philosophes dedicate themselves to?
   10. Where did France’s financial problems stem from in the decades prior to the French
   11. What are the three types of nationalism? Define and explain the difference between
   12. Napoleon turned France into a totalitarian state. Explain and discuss in a paragraph why
         it is ironic that the end result of the French Revolution was a dictatorship.
   13. Explain what is meant by the phrase: “Napoleon inadvertently laid the foundations for
         19th Century spread of nationalism.”
   14. Read scenarios and determine what type of nationalism is being described.
Part VI – Essay Question (25 marks) – You may bring with you 1 recipe card of information to
use with your essay question only !

Throughout this course, we have studied how new ideas influence the thoughts and actions of
people. People began questioning the world around them, questioning the power player of the
church and the monarchy, leading to wholesale changes and the start of the French Revolution.
Starting with Medieval Times, explain how new ideas (created by intellectuals, philosophers,
scientists, political leaders) changed how people viewed the world and their place in it.

How did ideas cause the French Revolution? Discuss, with specific examples, how changing
ideas from the medieval period to the Enlightenment (mid 1780s) caused the overthrow of
the French monarchy.

Outline – Midterm Essay Question #1

I      Introduction

II     Medieval Times
             A)     Medieval Worldview – who are the power players? – church, monarchy.
             B)     Great Chain of Being – reinforced feudalism
             C)     Feudal system – keeps people in their place
             D)     People didn’t question authority – accepted their place in the social
                    order as determined by God. People didn’t question the “natural
                    order” of events

III    Renaissance & The Enlightenment
              A)    Why did the Renaissance start?
              B)    2 ways Renaissance was a rebirth – revitalization, rediscovery of Greek
                    and Roman sources.
              C)    Humanism arrives. Human knowledge no longer viewed as suspect or
                    unreliable – or as a potential trick of the devil.
              D)    Rise of Reason challenges the knowledge of the Bible – intellectuals
                    start questioning everything!

       Enlightenment = Renaissance + scientific method.
              E)    Views of political thinkers – summarized – natural laws, human rights,
                    democracy, equal rights. Rousseau, Voltaire, Montesquieu, etc..
                    Questioned the absolutist government, monarchy.
                 F)   Greek & Roman sources were now valid.
                 G)   Unlocking the secrets of the universe using human reason. They were
                      going to fix all the problems of society. Particularly interesting: What is
                      the best form of government?

IV     French Revolution
              A)    Revolution broke out - result of these new strains of thought
              B)    How did ideas shape what the revolution – revolutionaries instituted
                    democracy, executed the King, Dismantled the Catholic Church.
              C)    Ideas demonstrated in the Declaration of Rights of Man,
              D)    Nationalism emerges

V - Conclusion

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