Midsummer Night's Dream Modern Scene Performance Rubric

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                                   Midsummer Night’s Dream Modern Scene Rubric
                                       4                               3                                2                            1-0                      Points
                         Plot           Major plot elements            Most major plot elements        Many of the major plot      Most plot elements
                                         remain intact.                  are present.                     elements are missing.        are missing.
                                        Modern language                Modern language accurately      Modern language is          Modern language
                                         accurately reflects             reflects a majority of the       inaccurately reflects        does not reflect the
                                         interactions throughout         interactions in the scene.       many interactions.           scene.
                                         the scene.                     Language is clear, but plot     Language is often           Language and plot
                                        Language is clear and           is occasionally difficult to     unclear and plot is          are difficult to
                                         plot is easy to understand.     follow.                          difficult to follow.         understand.
                         Theme          Modern details                 A few modern details stray      Many modern details         Modern details do
Script and Performance

                                         communicate the themes.         from the themes.                 stray from the themes.       not reflect the
                                        Modern version                 Original themes are not                                       themes.
                                         maintains original              always clear.
                         Setting        Modern setting is              Modern setting fits the         Modern setting is often     Modern setting is
                                         appropriate for events in       events in the scene a             disconnected from the       disconnected from
                                         the scene.                      majority of the time.             original scene and          the original scene
                                        Modern setting sets the        Modern setting is not             themes.                     and themes.
                                         stage for the themes.           entirely relatable to themes.
                         Characters     Characterization is            Characterization occasional  Characterization               Characters have no
                                         consistent between              strays from the original text.    frequently strays from      connection to
                                         modern and original text.                                         the original text.          original text.
                         Performance    Consistently speaks loud       Usually speaks loud enough  Speaks too soft or loud         Does not
                                         enough for audience to          for audience to hear.            to hear.                     participate in
                                         hear.                          Most words are pronounced  Many words pronounced             performance
                                        Words are pronounced            correctly and intelligibly       incorrectly, too fast or
                                         correctly and intelligibly.    Usually reads with               too slowly.
                                        Consistently reads with         appropriate expression.         Reads with little or no
                                         appropriate expression.                                          expression
                                   Midsummer Night’s Dream Modern Scene Rubric

                        Justification    Demonstrates strong          Demonstrates basic            Demonstrates little         Does not
                        of Choices        understanding of themes       understanding of themes.       understanding of             demonstrate
                                          in Midsummer Night’s         Demonstrates partial           themes.                      understanding of
                                          Dream.                        understanding of modern       Demonstrates little          themes.
                                         Demonstrates clear            relevance of themes.           understanding of            Does not
Written Justification

                                          understanding of modern      Demonstrates some              relevance of themes.         demonstrate
                                          relevance of themes.          understanding of original     Demonstrates limited         understanding of
                                         Demonstrates                  text.                          understanding of             relevance of
                                          understanding of original                                    original text.               themes.
                                          text.                                                                                    Does not
                                                                                                                                    understanding of
                                                                                                                                    original text.
                        Reflection       Demonstrates an ability      Demonstrates an ability to    Reflects on own work        Does not reflect on
                                          to reflect on own work.       reflect on own work.           and improvement on           own work.
                                         Begins to demonstrate                                        occasion.
                                          good meta-cognition.
                        Conventions      Writing is error free.       Grammar and punctuation        There are a number of      Nearly every
                                                                        errors are few. The reader is   distracting grammar and     sentence contains
                                                                        not distracted by the errors.   punctuation errors that     errors.
                                                                                                        may confuse the reader.
                                                                                                               Performance____/20=_______% (Summative)

                                                                                                                Justification____/12= _______%(Summative)

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