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									                                          Mickey Modern

Once upon a time.... I was a singer/writer/producer who became a Manager/Publisher. Consequently, I have been
in the music business a fair while and have had my share of world wide success. My past and present include:

Companies; A&M Records: Arista Records: Fontana: EMI: President Records: PYE Records: M&L Records:

Artists; Nik Kershaw: Imogen Heap: Nine Below Zero: Turboweekend: Drella: Ian Dury: Dum Dums: Steve Harley:
Smile Like Fools: The Truth: The Questions: Supertramp: The Krew: Cheryl Baker: Tony Moore/Cutting Crew: Bros
(three months of toys r us):The Secret: Jive Bunny: Shrink: Ether: Nancy Noise: Katrina & The Waves: The
Feeling:(as Horn.)

Writers: Ville & Matt Leppanen, Micky Lister: Gary Miller: Barry Andrews: Guy Sigsworth: Paul Barry: Steve Balsamo:
& Producers; The Seed Bombers:

Mickey Modern 2006

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