Community Mapping Orgs by no8EI2


									   Port Colborne/Wainfleet Youth Services Landscape
   Sector 3: Education and Literacy
   Sector Codes
    1 - sports/recreation/leisure
    2 - early years services
    3 - education & literacy
    4 - addiction & mental health services
    5 - social support services
    6 - emergency and crisis services
    7 - healthcare/treatment services
    8 - health promotion/illness & injury prevention
    9 - faith-based

   *not formally interviewed
     Name of                 Core Purpose                           Core Youth Programs/Services                               Parenting          Top              Most Beneficial
   Organization                                                                                                                Programs/       Resources           Contribution to
                                                                                                                                                                   Youth Services
                                                                                                                                Services                             Landscape
Adolescent's Family     A not-for-profit organization      In-Home Care - train and supervise caregivers in             See core            Growing Readers -   n/a
Support Services of     dedicated to fostering the              their own homes who will love and care for the child     programs/services   A manual to
Niagara *               independence of young                   of a student while in school                                                 encourage early
                        families pursuing an                   Centre Based Child Care - provide quality licensed                           literacy in young
                        education through the                   child care (ages 6 weeks to 6 years) in St.                                  families
                        provision of quality child care         Catharines, Niagara Falls and Welland
                        and other necessary
                                                               Support Services - offer one-on-one emotional
                                                                support and guidance, parenting and life skill
                                                                training, goal setting, budgeting, guidance and crisis
                                                               Resource Teacher - AFSSN has a qualified resource
                                                                teacher on staff. The resource teacher provides
                                                                support to staff and parents to enrich daily learning
                                                                for children with special needs and to enhance
                                                                normal child development for ALL of the children.
                                                               Outreach Program -This program is an alternative
                                                                program offering personalized academic and
                                                                parenting support in a clubhouse atmosphere. As
                                                                part of the Outreach Program, AFSSN also supports
                                                                expectant students at the end of their pregnancies.
Conseil Scolaire St.    French elementary school          n/a                                                            n/a                 n/a                 n/a
Joseph *
Contact Niagara for    Exists to make a positive      Intake - CONTACT NIAGARA Resource                                n/a                      Common Tool for     Single point of entry
Children's and         difference to individuals,        Coordinators will help determine if you could benefit                                   Intake; Most in     for services
Developmental          families and the Niagara          from resources offered by one of Our Service                                            Need Process;
Services               community by providing            Partners. The Resource Coordinator will guide you                                       Case
                       coordinated information,          through an Intake Process that will identify and                                        Resolution/Compl
                       community planning and            document the information that is required for support                                   ex Needs process;
                       access to MCSS funded             to begin.                                                                               Referral services
                       services and supports.         Community Service Plan - These plans result in
                                                         recommendations for improvement, based on
                                                         identified trends, pressures and service gaps.
                                                         Completed Community Service Plans can be found
                                                         in the Publications section of our Web Site.
                                                      Case Resolution - CONTACT NIAGARA facilitates a
                                                         community process whereby individuals with
                                                         particularly complex and urgent needs are able to
                                                         access essential resources.
                                                      Residential Placement Advisory Committee (RPAC) -
                                                         CONTACT NIAGARA Resource Coordinators
                                                         facilitate a review for all children living in a residential
                                                         setting of more than ten beds. This program uses
                                                         volunteers. Information on volunteering for this
                                                         program is available on our website.
                                                      Extrajudicial Measures Program (EJM) - The EMJ is
                                                         a response to the federal governments Youth Justice
                                                         Renewal Strategy which focuses on preventing and
                                                         addressing the root causes of crime, supporting our
                                                         youth and encouraging community efforts to reduce
                                                         crime. CONTACT NIAGARA, in partnership with the
                                                         Niagara Regional Police Service, facilitates the
                                                         intake process to allow Youth to access programs
                                                         available to them.
DeWitt Carter Public   The school’s purpose is to    A variety of programs are present at Dewitt school                 The school is going to   n/a                 Preparing the kids to
School                 achieve success with the      including, the After School Initiative, the breakfast              begin being involved                         be good citizens of
                       DSBN in preparing children    program, intramural teams, the Lego robotics club,                 in parenting                                 the community and
                       to be good citizens.          varsity sports teams, nutrition classes, and a music               programs. At this time                       preparing them to
                                                     competition. Also, the school is involved with the big             the school is sending                        contribute positively
                                                     brothers/big sisters program.                                      a parent to be trained                       to society.
                                                                                                                        at the Active
                                                                                                                        Parenting Now
                                                                                                                        program, which is
                                                                                                                        being put on by
                                                                                                                        Healthy Lifestyles
Fort Erie Native       To enhance all aspects of     Programs include: Native court-work, Health Outreach,              Yes, no details          n/a                 n/a
Friendship Centre *    Native life while extending   Life Long Care, Addictions, Healthy Babies, Family                 available
                       friendship to the community   Support, Prenatal worker, Healing and Wellness and
                       promoting cultural,           Youth programs. All of the above listed programs
                       recreational, social and      provide support, information and referrals. Children's
                       educational activities,       (Parental) services available; Aboriginal Head Start,
                       serving the Native            Wakanioten (Under the Rainbow) Child Care Services

                        Community and the
                        Community collectively.
Intergenerational       Intergenerational Program         Intergenerational Program with Steele St. school; Grade      no                          May use materials   Provide a unique
Program - Northland     between local students and        6 students visit once a month, have a theme, such as                                     from other          opportunity to bridge
Pointe                  facility residents of Northland   Remembrance Day, Christmas, etc. Has a school-                                           organizations for   the gap between
                        Pointe (one of Regional           based education component, as well - Whole school                                        monthly themes -    generations and to
                        Municipality of Niagara’s         participates in the “Walk for Memories” fundraiser for                                   varies              provide education to
                        eight long-term care              Northland Pointe                                                                                             our young people on
                        facilities; Northland Pointe                                                                                                                   older adults.
                        has five Resident Home
                        Areas. Each area supports
                        thirty residents for a total of
                        150 residents in the facility.)
Lakeshore Catholic      “Think clearly, feel deeply,      The school has a student council, which organizes social     School newsletter,          School handbook,    Providing quality
High School             act wisely” Provide catholic      activities such as school semi formals, the prom, and        Parent teacher              use resources       Catholic education –
                        secondary school education;       banquets. The school also has a student counseling           interviews, some            from other groups   grads are prepared
                        strive to build a community       service.                                                     parent presentations                            Co-curricular
                        where everyone reaches out        Sports and clubs include football, hockey, rugby, soccer,    offered (generally low                          programs (sports
                        to one another                    art, chess, skiing, drama, yearbook, public speaking,        turnout)                                        and other) – high
                                                          OSAID, anti-bullying, environmental, self defence,                                                           achieving both
                                                          concert band, culinary, and many more.                                                                       locally and
                                                          Apprenticeships/co-ops offered; P3 – extra help; Gator
                                                          Walk – fundraiser; School trips- locally, nationally, and
Learning Disabilities   Provides support programs          FAMILY SUPPORT- Provides children and teens                PARENT SUPPORT -            Use resources       Wide range of
Association of          and information on learning           with peer support through volunteers who have            Helps parent to gain a      developed by the    programming for
Niagara Region          disabilities including                successfully completed the training session. Children    better understanding        other 20 chapters   children and teens –
                        Attention Deficit Disorder            ages 5-12 years are paired with a Brock University       of their child's learning   of the Ontario      incorporate skill
                        (ADD/ADHD) and Tourette               student volunteer to assist children through the three   needs. Provides             Learning            building, parent
                        Syndrome.                             sectors of the program on a one-to-one basis. (2–10      strategies, current         Disabilities Assc   support, etc
                                                              week sessions per year).                                 resource materials,
                                                           CHILDREN/TEEN TUTORIAL - Volunteers work in                guest speakers,
                                                              the area of each child’s greatest academic need.         advocacy skills. Open
                                                              Input from the parents and teachers of each child are    discussion, around
                                                              considered in establishing direction in this area.       topics that parents
                                                                                                                       choose (ie parenting
                                                           CHILDREN/TEEN SOCIAL SKILLS - These sessions
                                                                                                                       skills, behaviour
                                                              incorporate all the learning styles, visual, auditory
                                                              and hands on. The goal is to develop socially
                                                              acceptable behaviour such as appropriate interaction
                                                                                                                       medications, coping
                                                              and behaviours with adults, making friends, giving
                                                                                                                       strategies both at
                                                              and receiving compliments, reading body language,
                                                                                                                       home and school
                                                              problem solving, organizing and sequencing of
                                                              thoughts etc.
                                                           CHILDREN'S CREATIVITY - Activity designed to
                                                              develop fine motor skills, visual perception, problem
                                                              solving, hand-eye coordination, sustain attention,
                                                              organizational skills, listening skills and verbal

                                                     RESOURCE FACILITATION - One-to-One
                                                          consultations to help direct, listen, and explain
                                                          education assessments. Also assists with information
                                                          from the resource library and assists with obtaining
                                                          professional contacts who know and understand
                                                          about learning disabilities. Helps families to
                                                          understand what their rights are in regards to their
                                                          child's education. Promotes Self Advocacy. Provides
                                                          information sheets that are easy to understand.
                                                          Provides information sessions and workshops.
                                                         LENDING LIBRARY - Specialty books are available
                                                          to members of LDAO without charge. Attention
                                                          Deficit Disorder, Dyslexia, Learning Disabilities,
                                                          Teaching/Learning Strategies, Parenting, Tourette
                                                         CHILDREN'S KEYBOARDING - Children ages 8+ -
                                                          offered Wednesdays and Saturdays in keyboarding
                                                          at the Learning Centre.
                                                         SUMMER DISCOVERIES CAMP(NEW) - A two
                                                          week day camp for children 5 to 14 years of age
                                                          designed to foster literacy. Children participate in a
                                                          variety of learning activities that include: Essential
                                                          Skills Computer Program™, Reading Plus™,
                                                          Keyboarding, Arts and Crafts, Yoga and Social Skills
                                                          March Break Day Camp: A variety of computer
                                                          technologies combined with social skills, drama, arts
                                                          and crafts, and kobudo instruction.
                                                          Fun with Fundamentals: For children aged 3-6 years.
                                                          To provide children an opportunity to develop bacic
                                                          literacy, numeracy, and social skills as they transition
                                                          into junior and senior kindergarten. To begin January
                                                          Also offers Reading Rocks! in partnership with Brock
                                                          University - 18 hours of literacy assistance over a
                                                          nine week period.
McKay Elementary    Public elementary school in     n/a                                                              n/a   n/a                n/a
School *            Port Colborne; offers
                    extended French Grades 5-8
Niagara Region      Mission is to deliver safety     Grade 1&2: Offer education about police using Elmer            no    Smoke simulation   The most beneficial
Children’s Safety   education to children in              safety rules. Emphasis on police offers being your               Photocopying for   contribution is it
Village             grade 1-6 in police, fire and         friend. Also educates about stop lights                          all programs       being the only one of
                    EMS.                                 Grade 3&4: Educate about bicycle safety using                    Jeeps and bikes    its kind which has all
                                                          actual bikes. Learn about fire escape plans and                                     three uniform
                                                          smoke alarms.                                                                       programs in one
                                                         Grade 5&6: Learn about bullying and internet safety.
                                                          Also educated about fire escape plans and
                                                         All grades learn about 911
Niagara Region          School Health nurses work        School communities choose from a 'Menu of Service'            An Attention Deficit     A wide variety of    supportive school
Public Health: School   with elementary schools and      which includes resources, consultation services, and          Hyperactivity Disorder   information               communities,
Health Programs,        community agencies to            curriculum supports for staff, students and parents.          (ADHD) parent            pamphlets on              teaching staff
Elementary              promote optimal health           Health promotion programs primarily address the issues        support group is         topics related to         and principals
                        among the youth of Niagara.      of: healthy eating, physical activity, tobacco and            available.               health and               Port Colborne
                                                         substance use prevention, injury prevention and               Parenting                wellness (alcohol         Healthy
                                                         personal safety, healthy growth and development and           Presentations/Worksh     and drugs,                Lifestyles does
                                                         parenting issues.                                             ops upon request         bullying, healthy         great
                                                                                                                                                eating, physical          programming in
                                                         P.A.L.S. is a playground leadership program adapted                                    activity, etc) –          the schools
                                                         from Peel Health that encourages all children to                                       some developed            regarding health
                                                         participate in activities regardless of their gender, size,                            in-house, some
                                                                                                                                                                         many elementary
                                                         or ability.                                                                            used from outside
                                                                                                                                                                          and secondary
                                                                                                                                                                          students with
                                                         The objectives of the program are to:
                                                                                                                                                                          great ideas and
                                                                Increase physical activity
                                                                                                                                                                          energy for the
                                                                Provide a leadership opportunity for students
                                                                Decrease conflict and reduce the incidence of
                                                                 playground bullying

                                                         The schools in Port Colborne/Wainfleet that are currently
                                                         running the PALS program are:
                                                         St. John Bosco
                                                         DeWitt Carter
                                                         St. Patrick’s
                                                         St. Elizabeth’s
                                                         W. E. Brown
Niagara Region          School Health nurses work        School communities choose from a 'Menu of Service'            An Attention Deficit     Parenting           Advocacy, sexual
Public Health: School   with secondary schools and       which includes resources, consultation services, and          Hyperactivity Disorder   Resource Guide,     health info in schools
Health Programs,        community agencies to            curriculum supports for staff, students and parents.          (ADHD) parent            STI pamphlets,      and on health bus
Secondary               promote optimal health           Health promotion programs primarily address the issues        support group is         cannabis
                        among the youth of Niagara.      of: healthy eating, physical activity, tobacco and            available.               pamphlets,
                                                         substance use prevention, injury prevention and               Parenting                drinking goggles,
                                                         personal safety, healthy growth and development,              Presentations/Worksh     display boards
                                                         mental wellness, healthy sexuality, and parenting             ops upon request

                                                         Eat Smart cafeteria program, Grade 9 Heart Health
NPCC, Niagara           A non-profit charitable           Infant and Preschool Services                               Yes, many family         n/a                 n/a
Peninsula Children's    organization. Our main            School Aged Services and Clinics                            components
                        purpose is to provide
Centre *                                                  Speech Services Niagara
                        programs and services to
                        enable children and youth         NPCC School Authority
                        with physical or                  Physiotherapy, which focuses on the gross motor
                        communicative challenges to         and functional mobility (the getting around) of the
                        maximize their                      child
                        independence in their             Occupational therapy, which assists children in
                        activities of daily living and      maximizing independence in daily activities

                       to have the highest quality of       (dressing, grooming, attending school or pre-school,
                       life possible. The Centre            eating, bathing)
                       serves the entire Region of         Speech and language services, which helps children
                       Niagara.                             with speech, language, voice, swallowing and
                                                            feeding difficulties
                                                           Augmentative and Alternative Communication, which
                                                            provides custom designed systems for those children
                                                            whose written and/or spoken communication ability
                                                            would not otherwise fill their need on a daily basis
                                                           Family Services (Social Work), which provides
                                                            support to families from when they are first aware
                                                            their child has a disability, and through the process of
                                                            assessment, treatment, follow-up. Social Workers
                                                            also support families in obtaining and coordinating
                                                            the various services their child will require.

NPCC, Niagara          School Aged Services and         School Aged Services and Clinics                               n/a                     n/a   n/a
Peninsula Children's   Clinics                           Specialized classrooms for children with a physical
Centre: School                                             and/or communicative disorder
Programs/Services *                                      Multidisciplinary services to children registered with
                                                           the NPCC School as well as outpatients with new or
                                                           changing conditions
                                                         Specialized medical clinics such as Orthopedic ,
                                                           Developmental Pediatrics and Pediatric Clinic
                                                         Augmentative Communication Services
                                                         Specialized services such as seating clinic, casting
                                                           and splinting, gait analysis
                                                         Pool programs
                                                         School Health Support Services through CCAC
Oakwood Elementary     Purpose is to provide            Oakwood has an extensive intramural sports system              There is a school       n/a   The fact that we
School                 education and literacy skills    ranging from soccer to 3-pitch softball. Also Oakwood          advisory council              provide all of the
                       to Port Colborne children.       has team sports that represent the school which                (parent council) that         education and
                                                        compete against other local schools.                           meets once per                literacy needs to Port
                                                                                                                       month. A few parents          Colborne children, is
                                                        Oakwood has met with the Niagara Nutrition partners            are also attending a          beneficial for the
                                                        about the implementation of a possible breakfast               parenting workshop            future of our
                                                        program. However this program is not up and running            being put on by               community.
                                                        yet within the school. They are trying to initiate the         Healthy Lifestyles
                                                        breakfast program.                                             called the Active
                                                                                                                       Parenting Now
Port Colborne Folk     Active throughout the year       Sponsor of Port Colborne Canada Day festivities and            n/a                     n/a   n/a
Arts Club *            promoting the value of           other cultural events throughout the year.
                       Canadian citizenship and
                       celebrating Port Colborne's
                       multi-cultural heritage.
Port Colborne High     Educates PC                      Over 50 teams or clubs for students to                         n/a                     n/a   n/a

School *                 adolescents in science,         participate in. Sports teams include
                         math, English,                  badminton, baseball, football, hockey, track
                         technology, history,            and field. Clubs include the school band,
                         geography, phys Ed,             travel club, French/history clubs, dance etc.
                         business, arts and              The school also has a student council, and
                         French.                         guidance services are offered to the students.

Port Colborne            To collect artifacts that       Junior Kindergarten-Gr6 programs, school tour of               no                       Elementary         Tons of history on
Historical and Marine    people donate, to preserve,     heritage village, serve Port Colborne, only $2 per                                      curriculum,        property, truly unique
Museum                   educate and interpret.          student.                                                                                Museum Carriage    pieces, great price.
Port Colborne Judo       Member of Judo Ontario          Classes Mondays and Wednesdays                                 n/a                      n/a                n/a
Club *                                                   7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
                                                         Dues: $20 per month or
                                                         $60 for 4 months

                                                         Members must pay an annual membership fee to Judo

Port Colborne Public     Dedicated to provide the        Public library services offering lending of books,             Parents’ collection      Pamphlets           Life long,
Library                  highest level of library        magazines, newspapers, videos, DVDs and CDs. Also              available at the         Website               personally
                         services, materials, and        offers: genealogical records, interlibrary loans,              library.                                       directed learning.
                         facilities possible with the    programming, an Art Gallery, shut-in service, internet                                                      Secure,
                         resources available to meet     access, sign and auditorium rental.                            Other                                          accessible and
                         the informational,                                                                             groups/organization/s                          welcoming.
                         educational, and recreational   Runs all year                                                  ervices can hold
                                                                                                                                                                     People of all
                         needs of all citizens of PC.                                                                   seminars at the
                                                                                                                                                                       ages may use
                                                         Yoga classes, knitting classes, internet access, summer        library.
                                                                                                                                                                       the facility.
                                                         reading club, summer and March break activities.
                                                                                                                                                                     It is a community
                                                         Some programs with a fee.                                                                                     space.
                                                                                                                                                                     Free service.
St. Elizabeth School     Catholic elementary school      St. Elizabeth School offers their students a variety of        The school has a         n/a                Prepares children to
                         education                       sports programs that helps keep them active. The school        parent council, which                       become contributing
                                                         has both intramural sports and school teams. The school        meets once per month                        members of society.
                                                         also has a milk program, which provides milk to                to discuss issues
                                                         students.                                                      regarding their school
                                                                                                                        and their students.
St. John Bosco           We, the teachers and             an after school homework club on Tuesdays,                   parent lending library   Parent lending     Educating children in
Elementary School        parents, support each other           Wednesdays, and Thursdays for its students.              with lots of parent      library includes   partnership with the
                         to work in partnership with          a variety of sports teams for their students; these      resources on             resources on       church. St. John
                         the church, home, and                 teams play against other schools.                        parenting, and           homework, child    Bosco tries to get
                         community to provide proper                                                                    education.               development,       students involved in
                                                              intramural sports for all students, which usually take
                         education.                                                                                                              learning, and      community events as
                                                               place over the lunch hour.
                                                                                                                                                 parenting.         much as possible,
                                                                                                                                                                    such as the
                                                                                                                                                                    Christmas parade.
St. Patrick's School *   Catholic elementary school      n/a                                                            n/a                      n/a                n/a
                         in Port Colborne
St. Therese            Catholic elementary school         a number of extra curricular sports teams for their          a parent council        n/a                  St. Therese tries to
Elementary School      education                             students, which compete against other schools.                 and also hosts                            make their students
                                                            intramural sports, which take place during the lunch           special educating                         very aware of the
                                                             period.                                                        evenings for                              fact that it is
                                                                                                                                                                      important to help
                                                            A breakfast program exists at the school and takes             parents.
                                                             place every morning.                                          uses the 40                               less fortunate people
                                                                                                                                                                      in need. St. Therese
                                                            all types of clubs within the school such as chess             developmental
                                                                                                                                                                      also tries to engage
                                                             clubs, video clubs, and many more.                             assets.
                                                                                                                                                                      the children in
                                                                                                                           literacy evenings
                                                                                                                                                                      recognizing that
                                                                                                                            for their parents.
                                                                                                                                                                      everyone is created
                                                                                                                                                                      equally by God and
                                                                                                                                                                      treating others with
                                                                                                                                                                      respect is vital. St.
                                                                                                                                                                      Therese is very
                                                                                                                                                                      involved with the
                                                                                                                                                                      especially with
                                                                                                                                                                      people in need. The
                                                                                                                                                                      school has also done
                                                                                                                                                                      fundraising for less
                                                                                                                                                                      fortunate people in
                                                                                                                                                                      other countries.
Steele Street Public   Purpose is to educate             a variety of junior and intermediate sports                   no                        n/a                  Steele Street
School                 our youths, giving them           teams that compete against other schools.                                                                    School is a true
                       literacy skills, preparing        Teams include basketball, track & field and                                                                  community
                       them for the future;              many more. The school also has plenty of                                                                     school, open to
                       Public elementary                 intramural teams. The YMCA also comes to                                                                     everyone in the
                       school                            the school on Wednesdays to run activities in                                                                community.
                                                         the gym.                                                                                                     Students at this
                                                                                                                                                                      school contribute
                                                                                                                                                                      to the community
                                                                                                                                                                      in a variety of

Wainfleet Township     Public library providing a full   Story Hour/Crafts                                             Family events, such       Nintendo Wii         Guarantee free and
Public Library         range of library collections       Stories, songs, activities and crafts for children of all   as video game             Books, DVD’s         equitable access to
                       and services including: print,       ages.                                                      contests, family read     CD’s for borrowing   all kids
                       non-print and electronic                                                                        togethers
                       resources; Internet access;       Preschool Story Time                                          Fishing Pole and
                       reference and interlibrary         An interactive six week program of stories, songs,          Equipment Rental -
                       loan services; computer              activities and crafts for children ages 3 to 5 years       This is a unique
                       training; meeting room               and their parents or caregivers.                           program that allows
                       facilities; equipment rentals;                                                                  children (and parents)
                       adult, young adult and            Summer Reading Program                                        to borrow fishing
                       children's programs.                                                                            poles and tackle.
                                                          The TD Summer Reading Program can help keep
                                                           your children busy and happy during the summer
                       The goal of children's
                         programming at the                  while encouraging them to enjoy reading. Designed
                         Wainfleet Township Public           for children 12 and under, the Club is designed to be
                         Library is to provide children      stimulating, motivating and fun. There's something
                         with a positive library             for everyone: stories, nursery rhymes, songs,
                         experience in which to              quizzes, celebrations, treasure hunts, crafts and
                         develop and nurture a life-         contests.
                         long love of reading and
                         learning.                        January/March School Break & P.A. Day Programs
                                                           During the January and March school breaks and on
                                                             P.A. days the library offers programs to keep your
                                                             children busy. Includes book release parties, movies,
                                                             crafts, and video games
Welland Heritage         Newcomer/immigrant               Areas served: Dunnville, Niagara Falls, Pelham, Port         n/a   n/a   n/a
Council and              programming and services         Colborne, Wainfleet, Welland
Multicultural Centre *
                                                          Newcomer Information Centre (NIC) – Information and
                                                          referral to community and government programs and
                                                          services that help meet newcomer settlement needs;
                                                          employment related resources including access to
                                                          professions and trades; group sessions on settlement-
                                                          related topics; information on credential assessment;
                                                          housing and shelter information, health services, legal
                                                          issues and human rights; access to fax, photocopier,
                                                          computers and internet; professional, multilingual staff
                                                          available. The centre also houses an emergency shelter
                                                          for refuges as they enter Canada. Child minding is
                                                          provided for qualified students.

                                                          Community Access Program: CAP allows smaller
                                                          communities to access free internet and computer
                                                          education in their local area. The 10 station computer lab
                                                          is free to all who ask and is for individuals 15 years of
                                                          age and over.

                                                          CAIPS: Canadian Access for International Professions
                                                          and Skilled Trades aids clients in job search,
                                                          mentorships and workshops.

                                                          Enhanced Language Training (ELT) for Internationally
                                                          trained professionals – specific language training,
                                                          individual counseling and action plan development,
                                                          mentoring, networking, resume and interview

                                                          English as a Second Language (ESL) classes –
                                                          citizenship classes.

                                                          HOST – matches newcomers with Canadian volunteer
                                                          hosts who offer orientation to their local area and moral
                                                          support in their transition to Canada

William E. Brown       Purpose is to provide          Offer intramural sports during the day for grades one    The school has a         n/a   Educating the
Public School          education to local youth -        to eight.                                              school advisory                children and caring
                       elementary public                Varsity sports teams are offered which compete         council (Parent                for the youths of the
                       school in Wainfleet               against other schools.                                 Council) which gets            Port Colborne/
                                                                                                                parents involved with          Wainfleet
                                                                                                                school activities such         community.
                                                                                                                as fundraising.
Winger Public School   Achieving Success together    Offers both intramural and school team sports for their    There are no             n/a   We are a great
                       with the School Board. –      students. Intramural sports include students from          parenting programs at          community school,
                       elementary public school in   kindergarten to grade eight. School team sports that       this time and no               which is well
                       Wainfleet                     compete against other schools include volleyball, cross-   parent council.                respected by the
                                                     country, basketball and many more.                                                        citizens of Port
                                                                                                                                               Colborne. The
                                                     Offers after school tutoring programs twice per week.                                     school and its
                                                     There is a literacy group and a numeracy group. The                                       students are
                                                     literacy group is usually geared towards boys in grades                                   involved in the
                                                     two and three. While the numeracy group is usually                                        community.
                                                     geared towards girls in grades four, five, and six.


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