CSA AT YMCA by ProQuest


Boxes cost between $20 and $30 and can be ordered online (at grindstonefarm. com) or through [Juanita Welnicki]. The majority of people who order at the YMCA choose the healthy box option. Customers also have the option of ordering through Grindstone's CSA program, CSA-CNY, which allows them to pay in advance for a certain number of weeks of produce from Grindstone, which delivers the foods to "pods," such as the Y location. CSA-CNY has other pods throughout the city in areas where several customers live, and customers can request that a pod be placed in their neighborhood for the following season. Customers can also have their shares delivered directly to their homes.Some of Welnicki's visitors have limited knowledge of what fruits and vegetables exist. To help with produce recognition, Welnicki has compiled a binder filled with photos and facts of every item Grindstone has sent. "I had a couple of people say they'd heard of asparagus but they'd never seen it," says Welnicki.

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