Letters to my sister/Elaine's response by ProQuest


We can learn more from Scripture about the way to deal with homosexuals if we are willing to look. When we try to come up with a biblical approach to homosexuality, we usually tend to focus on a selection of verses, for example from Leviticus and Romans, and we overlook the gospels entirely. I know there are no references to homosexuality in the gospels, but [Jesus] did say and do many things that we can apply to our approach to that problem: Jesus tells us how we are to interpret the "accidents" of a fallen world, and he showed us how to treat the people we label as "sinners."Consider Jesus' reply to the Pharisees who asked, "Who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?" Jesus said 'No one sinned" When things go wrong in the world, it is not always someone's fault.Read as well how Jesus rebuked the disciples for wanting to call down fire on the villagers who rejected Jesus' presence. Do we also deserve Jesus' rebuke for going to extremes in wanting to root out "sinners" from the Earth? It is almost as if we are trying to do a better job at dealing with sin than we think God is doing.

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