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									I. Организационный момент.

- Good morning my friends!

- Good morning, Good morning, Good morning to you!

- Thank you, sit down please! How are you today?

- We are fine!

- How is your life?

- Wonderful!

- How is your mood?

- Exellent!

- And what about you?

- Thank you very much! I’m fine and I happy to see you!

Alsou Lenarovna is ready to begin the lesson, and what about you?

-Zakirov is on duty today. I’m sure all are ready for the lesson. Today is Friday, the 31st of
October. All are present.

-Thank you very much! Dear friends, our 1st unit was called “Family and Friends! Are we
happy together?”

Today is the last lesson and it’s time to do conclusions. In order to do it we’ll make a model
of a perfect happy man and will write list of advice to him. Look at it and tell me factors
which influence to model’s life. Is it clear? (slide )

II. Фонетическая зарядка.

And now let’s continue and at last finish the game “Continue the poem”. Do you remember
it? You made sentences one by one. Your home task was to finish the poem and to learn it
by heart.

-We learnt it all together may we tell it?

-Yes, of course! You are welcome!
We are the happiest young people of the world!

We have no problems at all!

No problems with friend!
Because our friends support us in all situations!

They will never betray us!

Will never envy our success at school

Our success with girls

With boys!

Nothing can make them feel jealous!

We avoid quarrelling,

Bad influence!

Life is cool with them!

We have ideal parents!

They always ask us about our progresses,

We never quarrel with them!

We appreciate their advice

We can attentively listen to their points of view!

Give our arguments!

And live friendly!

We have wonderful teachers at school!

It doesn’t matter yang they are or old!

We respect them very much!

And we know

They will tell nothing wrong or bad

We never hurt them

And cherish them.

We have a good health

Because we haven’t bad habits

We are ready to say “not”
To smoking, drugs and alcohol

We go in for sport

We like to dance

We think about our future education

About our future generation

We love our parents

And our school

We are funny


Clever and wise

Young people of our school.

III. Речевая зарядка.

-It’s great! You are really very creative! And now look at the next slide and teach our model
to choose friends. Here you can see the proverb. You task is to give Russian or Tatar
equivalents of it, write them under the proverb and explain as you understand it yourself
adding your opinions.

1) I think that not all people you go out with can be called friends

2)I agree with this proverb, because friends must help us in difficult situations.

3) But I think real friend will help in all situations, because some times we need friends in
happiness too.

4) Real friend will support you in any situations.

5) Real friend will keep your secrets.

6) friends will never tell the lie.

7)Sometimes our parents are too busy and only Real friends will listen to our problems and
help us

8) Real friends are rare and you should cherish them.

9) If you happen to find a real friend take care of him never hurt him and try to not to lose
10) friend mustn’t envy your success at school.

It was great! Thank you very much.

- And now remember relations between parents and their children. You’ll work in groups of

IV. Обсуждение в группах. Развитие навыков устной речи.

  1. -Look at the next slide, try to understand and explain the problem between a parent
     and a child, give them your advice if it is necessary.
     I picture (music)
     It happens that people of the elder generation don’t like the music we listen to.
     Teenagers often think that their parents’ music is out of fashion and sounds a little bit
     On the other hand, I don’t mind some of my parents’ likings. We enjoy listening to
     jazz or famous pop- groups of the past like ABBA.
     Children shouldn’t listen to their music very aloud when their parents are at home.

      II picture ( school problems)
      School problems are the main problems in teenager’s life. Their relations with friends
      and with teachers influence to their life.
      Sometimes it happens problems between them. They will influence to their study first
      of all: bad behavior, bad marks, conflicts during the brakes.
      Children should try to understand every paragraph, behave well, to do all home tasks.
      Teachers must be very attentive to teenagers behavior, try to understand them, help
      them with problems, don’t cry because of bad mark, be teenagers’ friend.

      III picture.(pocket money)
      Your parents probably will provide you with home, food and necessary clothes, but
      you will have your own tastes, and your parents won’t pay for them.
      Children must remember that money do not fall from the sky and to think about
      parents’ salary, can they give you money all time you ask or not?
      Parents must pay more attention to their child. To control his free time, to know his
      hobbies, habits, people whom he get along with.

  IV picture. (fashion)

      Sometimes parents don’t like our style of wearing clothes. It seems to them that our
      clothes are too short or too tight, or old.
   They believe that we look too conservative in our new jeans compared with their pierced
                                    bellies and torn jeans.

      Children must wear fashionable but style clothes.
      They mustn’t wear jeans to school, or dress to the disco.
      Parents must teach their children fashion style, and remember their youth, will their
      parent sure with their clothes?
      It was wonderful. What will we advice to model?
      (To live friendly with parents understand and respect them and you’ll never have

  2.-The next task is your home task again. We will speak about bad and good habits. Do
  you remember the cartoon film about 3 sisters. There were three sisters bad habits please
  sing their song…

  Today we have 2 kinds of sisters: a good habit sister and a bad habit sister. Your home task
in groups was to give advice as these sisters to attract young people’s attention, and another
group must agree or disagree with them.

Please begin.

Bad advice:

   1) You must not go to school every day!

   But we must think about our future education!

   2) Eat only tasty and sweet things
      But in some time we’ll have terrible toothache and be very fat.
   3) It’s necessary to sleep atnight, you may play computer games or watch TV the whole
      But people must sleep 8 hours a day and TV and computer hurt our eyes.
   4) Your parents always tell you the lie. Don’t listen to them.
      But we know our parents will never tell us wrong or bad.
   5) You are a grown up teenager. You may smoke a little and use alcohol on holidays.
      But we must think about our health and our future generation.
   6) You mustn’t work at all. Don’t help your parents anybody else. They are elder than
      you. Let them work themselves.
      But our parents took care of us when we were children and now our turn to help them.

      Good advice:
      1) Always be in a good mood.
      2) Be polite and friendly.
      3) Always respect old and little people, it’s necessary for your future
      4) Do your home tasks every day, try to understand every theme.
      5) Go in for sport and dance a lot, don’t lie in the bed.
      6) Don’t envy easy life, it isn’t healthy and right as a rule. Sometimes it’s impossible
      to correct mistakes.

And now, please, show us 2 sisters’ dialogue. Who wins in this war?

      B: I don’t understand these children.
      G: Why? I so happy that they are clever enough not to listen to you!
      B: but I show them the easiest way of living, but they are so stupid. They refused all
      my advice!
      G: your advice was terrible!
      B: why?
      G: if the youth live in this way they’ll hurt their future.
      B: maybe you are right! I must change my lifestyle.

 Please tell the right advice

(Always fallow good sister’s advice)

 V. Развитие навыков аудирования и диалогической речи.

 You know there are many ways of getting entertainment. Today I invite you to a rock
concert. Please look at the next slide. You’ll listen to the dialogue 3 times, and then do the
task below.

VI. Проверка лексических и грамматических навыков.

 1. It’s very important for friends to help each other in different situations. I hope
    when I’m in trouble, my friends will __________ me.
 2. I have several friends and we can talk about everything. But if we don’t agree with
    each other, we can _________ .
 3. Jim has missed several classes at school this month. He goes out with elder boys
    and comes home late. It _______ his parents very much.
 4. I don’t believe Susan can make a good friend. She gets crazy when somebody is
    better than her.

   Say always ________ her classmates when they are successful.

 5. Well, I don’t think it will work, but I __________ your advice and your wish to
 6. I think you’ve been very rude to your neighbors. If you don’t want to hear their
    advice, just ________ it, but don’t be rude to them.

 1. A) will envy B)worries C) support D)ignore
2.   A) supports B)quarrel C)don’t like D)ignores
3.   A) didn’t appreciate B)worries C)feel in love D)respected
4.   A) envies B) quarrel C) supported D)remember
5.   A) doesn’t give B) ignore C) appreciate D)forgets
6.   A) doesn’t like B) supports C) envy D)ignore

VII. Подведение итогов урока.

1. At the end tell me: Family and friend. Are we happy together?
   Your home task is to be ready for the grammar test. And write down all the advice we
   give to model. All were very active very brave and you’ll get good marks. I’ll sing them
   The lesson is over you may go out. Thank you very much!

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