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					Reading Lesson Plan
1. Details of this lesson
       Class           F.1
  Lesson duration      80 mins
Previous knowledge     Students have learnt:
                       (1) The structure of the fairy tale which is a type of folktales.
                       (2) How to draw a story map
Learning objectives    By the end of the lesson, students should be able to:
                       (1) identify the differences between the fairy tale and the
                           post modern story
                       (2) draw the story map of the post modern story
  Language focus       Reading
                       (1) the use of structure and language in the fairy tales and
                           post modern stories
                       (2) the techniques of drawing a story map
Teaching materials/    (1) The PowerPoint of the lesson
  resources and        (2) You tube video related to the fairy tale named The Frog
    worksheets             Prince
                       (3) Reading text of the post modern version of The Frog
2. Steps in conducting this lesson
   Time                 Teaching Steps                           Purpose
5 mins       (1) T. tells ss that they are going to      To give ss an idea of what
                 watch a video concerning a fairy         they are going to do in
                 tale named The Frog Prince and           this lesson.
                 asks them to pay attention to the
                 characters and the problems
                shown the story.

             (I) Playing the video
             Pre-reading stage
5mins        (1) T. plays the video and asks ss to       To make ss understand
                write down some notes on the              more about the structure
                worksheets.                               of the fairy tale.

5mins        (2) T. asks ss to finish the questions      To give ss sufficient time
                 in the worksheets after playing          to finish the questions.
                 the video.

5 mins       (3) T. checks the answers with ss.          To let ss check if their
                                                          expectations are
                                                          confirmed or confounded.

             While-reading stage
10 mins      (1) T. gives ss the post modern             To present ss the post
                 version of The Frog Prince and           modern version of The
                 asks each ss to read one line of         Frog Prince and give ss
                 the story.                               chances to practise their
                                                          oral English.

             Post-reading stage
10 mins      (1) T. asks ss questions concerning         To prepare them for the
                the story and the differences             discussion later on.
                between the old version and the
                post modern version.
15 mins   (2) T. asks ss to form a group of four      To give ss further practice
              and draw a story map of the post         on how to draw a story
              modern version of The Frog               map.

10 mins   (3) T. asks each group to present           To give ss chances to
              their ideas.                             further practise their
                                                       presentation skills.

10 mins   (4) T. checks the answers with ss.          To let ss check if their
                                                       expectations are
                                                       confirmed or confounded.
5 mins    (1) T. rounds up the lesson by asking       To prepare them for the
             ss to revise the differences              assignment in the next
             between the fairy tales and the           lesson.
             post modern stories.

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