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									                                         Across Five Aprils primary source maps

                                                             Christene Catlin

                                                  Heyworth Junior and Senior High School

                                                              Summer 2005

Sneden, Robert K. “Charleston Harbor S.C.,
Bombardment of Fort Sumter.”
Library of Congress, Geography and Map Division

Students will be able to locate specific battle sites related to the story Across Five Aprils
by Irene Hunt using primary source documents.
                    Overview/State Standards/Resources/Procedures/Evaluation

Overview                                                                        Back to Navigation Bar
Objectives                                   The students will:
                                              Utilize the Library of Congress web site to navigate
                                                various civil war maps in the Illinois region.
                                              Continue evaluating maps and documenting the
                                                information about the primary source maps.

Recommended time frame                       5-35 minute class periods
Grade level                                  8th
Curriculum fit                               Social Science
Resources                                     Battle chart
                                              Map worksheet
                                              Image table

Illinois State Learning Standards                                               Back to Navigation Bar
                                             Social Science:
                                             Goal 16: Understand events, trends, individuals and
                                             movements shaping the history of Illinois, the United
                                             States and other nations. (I can use historical sources to
                                             describe individuals, groups of people and other factors that
                                             have shaped the history of Illinois, the United States and other
                                              16.A. Apply the skills of historical analysis and
                                                 interpretation. (I can use the skills of analysis and
                                                 interpretation to explain how the past has affected the

                                                             An Adventure of the American Mind
                                                                          Illinois State University
                          Across Five Aprils primary source maps       2

             Language Arts:
             GOAL 2: Read and understand literature representative of
             various societies, eras and ideas.( I can read and understand
             literature that comes from different times, places and
              2.B. Read and interpret a variety of literary works.
             (I can read and respond to stories from several points of view,
             compare and contrast common themes found in literature of
             various times and societies, and discuss how characters deal
             with conflict, solve problems and relate to real-life situations.)

Procedures                                   Back to Navigation Bar
                Students will fill out a battles chart keeping track of the
                 battles mentioned sequentially in the book.
                Students will discuss which battles pertain to the Illinois
                 region as a class and discuss the importance of those
                Students will brainstorm for ideas on why the battles were
                 located at those areas. (ex river’s, RR, roads, towns)
                Students will search the Library of Congress for maps
                 around the Illinois region mentioned in Across Five Aprils
                Students will evaluate the maps while answering the
                 questions for their map worksheet.

Evaluation                                    Back to Navigation Bar
                The students will create a circle map showing the
                 Creighton’s family at the center of the discovery of the
                 civil war battles. The circle map should show all details
                 from the map worksheet according to the battles.
                This will be graded by the following Rubric

                           An Adventure of the American Mind
                                        Illinois State University

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