Elements of Drama Quiz A

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					Elements of Drama Study Guide                                    Name: __________________________________
   1. We discussed three major elements of drama – list them:
       a. ______________________________
       b. ______________________________
       c. ______________________________
   2. What is a monologue?
   3. What is a soliloquy?
   4. Dialogue occurs between _____ or more characters.
   5. The setting pertains to the __________________________ in which events of a literary work take place.
   6. Give an example of a hand prop: ___________________________________
   7. Give an example of a stationary prop: _______________________________
   8. What is dialect? ________________________________________________________________
   9. Give one example of dialect that represents where you are from: __________________________________________
   10. The ____________________ elements of drama pertain to props, lighting, sound, costumes, make-up, and scenery.
   11. What is character blocking? _________________________________________________________________________
   12. A ____________________ is a written version of a play or other dramatic work.
   13. The ____________________ is the storyline that gives the play shape. It includes what the characters think, say, and
   14. In the development of plot, when are suspenseful moments most likely to occur? ____________________________
   15. What are the two types of conflict we discussed? _______________________ and _____________________________
   16. What are stage directions? __________________________________________________________________________
   17. How are stage directions represented in a script? ________________________________________________________
   18. Explain projection as it relates to a dramatic performance & why it is important: _____________________________
   19. What is inflection? ________________________________________________________________________________
   20. ________________ is how fast or slow an actor speaks.
   21. Who typically determines character blocking? _______________________________________.
   22. Explain the concept of empathy: ____________________________________________________________
   23. Explain how body alignment reveals a character’s mood, thoughts, and feelings?
       24.         Backstage


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