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									December, 2011                                                     IEEE P802.15-02/422r0

                                   IEEE P802.15
                          Wireless Personal Area Networks

 Project     IEEE P802.15 Working Group for Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPANs)

 Title       Kauai Meeting Minutes
 Date        [11 November 2002]
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 Re:         802.15.3 ALT PHY Study Group Kauai Meeting Minutes

 Abstract    Minutes of the ALT PHY Study Group in Kauai

 Purpose     Minutes of the ALT PHY Study Group in Kauai

 Notice      This document has been prepared to assist the IEEE P802.15. It is offered as a
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Monday, 11 November 2002
      Session 1
Tuesday, 12 November 2002
      Sessions 2-4
Wednesday, 13 November 2002
      Sessions 5-6
Thursday, 14 November 2002
      Sessions 7-10
Names of People Attending SG3a Sessions

Submission                                   Page 1                      Leonard E. Miller, NIST
December, 2011                                                 IEEE P802.15-02/422r0


Session 1 (Joint session with TG3)

The session was called to order by the TG3 chairman, John Barr, at 3:34 p.m. The TG3 session
agendas were reviewed and approved by general consent, as were minutes of previous meetings
and conference calls.
       SG3a chairman Rick Roberts gave an overview of the session agendas for the SG3a study
group (02/416r6). The draft agendas were approved with updates by general consent.
       The SG3a Monterey meeting minutes (02/347r5) were approved by general consent.
       The SG3a Monterey-to-Kauai conference call minutes were approved by general consent
       The SG3a Channel Model Subcommittee October conference call minutes (02/443r0)
were approved by general consent.
       The session recessed at 4:19 p.m.


Session 2

Session 3

Session 4


Session 5

Session 6


Submission                                Page 2                    Leonard E. Miller, NIST
December, 2011                                                               IEEE P802.15-02/422r0

Session 7

Session 8

Session 9

Session 10


(Until list is complete, those not confirmed are highlighted in green):

Masa Akahane, Sony,                   Steve Crowley, NTT DoCoMo,
Hidenori Aoki, DoCoMo,          
Larry Arnett, Mitsubishi,                   Mary DuVal, Texas Instruments,
Mitch Aramaki, Panasonic,                                    Kai Dombrowski, IHP,                       
Roberto Aiello, General Atomics,             Michael Dydyk, Motorola,
Rick Alfvin, Appairent,            
Jim Allen, Appairent,                    Donald Eastlake, Motorola,
Naiel Askar, General Atomics,       
Art Astrin, Apple,                         Henry Eilts, Texas Instruments,
Jay Bain, Time Domain,               Jason Ellis, General Atomics,
Rashmi Bajaj, France Telecom,                                Duane Escola, Panasonic,                        Jeff Foerster, Intel,
James Baker, Time Domain,                                    Dave Furuno, General Atomics,                            
Jaiganesh Balakrishnan, Texas Inst.,              Pierre Gandolfo, XtremeSpectrum,
Boyd Bangerter, Intel,       
Anuj Batra, Texas Instruments,                  Ian Gifford, Consultant,
Tomer Bentzion, Metalink,              Sorin Goldenberg, Wisair,
Kenneth Boehike, Focus Enchancements,                        Alexei Gorokhou, Philips,                                       Evan Green, Intel
Stan Bottoms, Time Domain,                                   Kerry Greer, SkyCross,                                 Yasuo Harada, Matsushita,
Chuck Brabenac, Intel,              Allen Heberling, XtremeSpectrum
Soo-Young Chang, UC Davis/ U Suwon,                          Bob Heile, Appairent,                                      Bob Huang, Sony,
Aik Chindapol, Siemens,                                      Eran Igler, Alvarion,                            Katsukmi Ishii, JVC,
Sang-In Cho, ETRI,                          Jeyhan Karaoguz, Broadcom,

Submission                                          Page 3                         Leonard E. Miller, NIST
December, 2011                                                                IEEE P802.15-02/422r0

Murat Karsi, Ellipsis Digital Syst.,            Chandos Ripinski,
Masami Katagiri, NEC,                   Benno Ritter, Philips,
Pat Kinney, Kinney Consulting,            Glyn Roberts, ST Microelectronics,
Joy Kelly, Time Domain,         
In Hwan Kim, Samsung,                      Rick Roberts, XtremeSpectrum,
Yongsuk Kim, Samsung,                
Young-Hwan Kim, Samsung,                                      Chris Rogers, Intel,                                  Philippe Rouzet, ST Microelectronics,
Young Keun Kim, Samsung,              
Gunter Kleindl, Siemens,            Antonio Salloum, Philips,
Jan Kruys, Agere,                        
Do-Hoon Kwon, Samsung,                     John Santhoff, Pulse-Link,
Dongjun Lee, Samsung,                                         Hideaki Sato, MMAC,
David Leeper, Intel,                 Steven Schell, Bitzmo,
Susan Lin, General Atomics,                 Erik Schylander, Philips,
Akira Maeki, Hitachi America,                                                           Mike Seals, Intersil,
Steven March, Texas Instruments,                Steve Shellhammer, Symbol,
Mike McInnis, Boeing,                                         Bill Shvodian, XtremeSpectrum,                         
Len Miller, NIST,                       Yomtov Sidi, JGV,
Andreas Molisch, Mitsubishi,                                  Kai Siwiak, Time Domain,                             
Antonio Mondragon, Texas Inst.,              Michael Su, Via Tech,
Tony Morelli, Intersil,                 Larry Taylor, General Atomics,
Oliver Muelhens, Philips,                                                          Lai-King (Anna) Tee, consultant,
Chiu Ngo, Philips,                       Hans Van DerVen, Panasonic,
Hung Nguyen, Blue 7 Communications,                           Ritesh Vishwakarma, Zeevo,                              
Henry Nielsen, ST Microelectronics,                           Brad Wallace, Vixs Systems,                                      Jing Wang, JWA Consulting,
Kei Obara, Siemens,                    
Knut Odman, XtremeSpectrum,                                   Matt Welborn, XtremeSpectrum,                            
Hiroyo Ogawa, CRL,                           Mike Wilhoyte, Texas Inst.,
Dave Patton, HP,                           Stephen Wood, Intel,
Marcus Pendergrass, Time Domain,                              Hirohisa Yamguchi, Texas Instruments,                    
Dan Peters, General Atomics,            Amos Young, AMI Semiconductor,
Anuj Puri, UC Berkeley,           
Venkatesh Raju, Nortel Networks,                              Song LinYoung, Sharp,                                       Jim Zyren, Intersil,
Gregg Rasor, Motorola,
Chakradher Reddy, Cirrus Logic,

Submission                                           Page 4                          Leonard E. Miller, NIST

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