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									Main Stories                                         2 September 2011

   Thaçi: International arrest warrants for north’s criminals (Koha Ditore)
   Killers of KP officer and border attackers identified(Koha Ditore)
   EU: The stamp reads only “Kosovo Customs” (Koha Ditore)
   Mustafa requests not to speak with Stefanovic (dailies)
   Spindelegger against border changes (Express)
   Reshuffling shakes seats of Beqaj, Hoxhaj and Buja (Koha Ditore)

Kosovo Media Highlights
Thaçi: International arrest warrants for north’s criminals (Koha Ditore)
Koha Ditore reports Prime Minister Hashim Thaçi said he received information that
confirms Belgrade’s implication in the attack against Kosovo police, the attack on the
Jarinje border crossing, and the expression of general violence in the north. After
Thursday’s Government meeting he told journalists that Belgrade should be held
responsible for keeping the events in the north and for its support of parallel structures
in four northern cities. He went on to call the representatives of these municipalities
and their institutions criminal and announced international arrest warrants against
them. “They will have to face international arrest warrants and when they do even
Belgrade will not be able to shelter them when they leave or escape from Kosovo. For
now some of them escaped, but Belgrade is internationally obliged to arrest them- the
people who caused violence in the Republic of Kosovo”, said Thaçi. “Under European
criteria Belgrade has to implement the conditions for rule of law set in Copenhagen.”

Killers of KP officer and border attackers identified (Koha Ditore)
Koha Ditore published pictures of those suspected to be behind the burning of the
border point in Jarinje on 27 July. To accompany the photos the newspaper reports
that EULEX suspects this group of men and another to be behind the latest crimes in
the north: the killing of police officer Enver Zymeri inVraga and the burning of the
border point in Jarinje. Both suspect groups involve local Serbs connected to
organized crime and smuggling. The first group of suspects for the killing of
policeman Enver Zymeri, are: Duran Jovanovic, Milovan Vlarkovic, Radovan Radic
and Slobodan Vucinic. Many of them were targeted by EULEX in Wednesday’s
operation. The other group, not yet targeted by EULEX, is suspected to be behind the
burning of the border point in Jarinje. This group includes: Miljojko Radisavljevic
known as Babudovac, Mirko Velimirovic known as Pajo, Srdjan Vucinic known as
Labud and Stefan Vucinic. Koha Ditore sources reconfirmed that the main suspect
behind both crimes is Zvonko Veselinovic, a businessman and UDB official in the
north. An arrest warrant against Veselinovic has existed since was 8 August. He was
not the target of the operation of Wednesday, sources of the newspaper say. They
added that the weapons confiscated by EULEX were just two hunting rifles.

EU: The stamp reads only “Kosovo Customs” (Koha Ditore)
Koha Ditore reports the EU will present a customs stamp proposal at the next round of
the discussions between Belgrade and Pristina. The stamp will read: “Kosovo
Customs,” and will not have an emblem, flag or code of arms according to reliable
diplomatic sources within EU. The EU expects that this compromise will be accepted
since both parties can interpret “Kosovo Customs” as they like. For Belgrade this
would be “the customs of the southern province of Kosovo,” while for the Albanians,
this would be “the customs of the independent state of Kosovo,” reports this daily.

Mustafa requests not to discuss with Stefanovic (dailies)
Koha Ditore reports that the leader of the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) Isa
Mustafa stated that it would be a mistake if Kosovo Government accepts to sit again at
the table with Borislav Stefanovic. “We should choose with whom to discuss, because
it is absurd for a Kosovo representative to discuss with the man who cooperates and
organizes criminal structures in the north of Kosovo, supports blockade of the roads
and states that that territory is Serbia’s territory. We should save our dignity in this
case,” said Mustafa. According to him the Assembly should reconsider the position if
the discussions with Belgrade should continue or not, after the recent developments in
the north.

Spindelegger against border changes (Express)
Based on Austria’s Foreign Ministry press release, Express reports that the Foreign
Minister Michael Spindelegger sent a message to Belgrade to clarify its relations with
Kosovo because Serbia’s candidature for the European Union depends on it. Austrian
Vice-chancellor made this statement during a meeting with his Hungarian counterpart,
Janos Martony and the chief of Italian diplomacy, Franco Frattini. Spindelegger
excluded any possibility of the division of the north and its unification with Serbia.
“Kosovo’s independence and its territorial integrity to us is irreversible, and our
Serbian friends know this very well,” he said

Reshuffling shakes the seats of Beqaj, Hoxhaj and Buja (Koha Ditore)
Koha Ditore reports that Prime Minister Hashim Thaçi is expected to reformat the
Government during the month of September. The Minister of Economic Development
Besim Beqaj and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Enver Hoxhaj, according to sources,
are expected to be affected. The reason for their removal, according to them, is their
conflict with Behgjet Pacolli. The case with Ramë Buja is different. Since the
beginning of the mandate Thaçi promised to Pacolli the Ministry of Education, but
now he wants the Ministry of Economic Development.

Kosovo Press Headlines

Koha Ditore

Front page
 Reshuffling shakes Beqaj’s, Hoxhaj’s and Buja’s seats
 “International arrest warrants for north’s criminals”
 EU: The stamp reads only “Kosovo Customs”
 To EULEX prosecutors, SHIK is a criminal organization

Other headlines
 Killers of the police officer and borders attackers identified (3)
 Mustafa requests not to discuss with Stefanovic (3)
 Hoça e Madhe as the third authority (4)
 Romania exhibits restraint regarding Kosovo (5)
 Pristina municipality and Islamic Community, without an agreement on
   location for mosque (6)
 Ramic’s complication regarding scarves (6)
 Germany afraid from Arid Uka’s inspirators (5)
 James Berisha detained in Eritrea (7)
 Return of Serbian products to the Kosovo market will be difficult (8)
 PDK deputy leader profited around half million euros from PTK (9)
 LDK and AKR request a special law on “Trepça” (9)


Front page
 Thaçi and Feith attack Prizren
 Mustafa: Stefanovic should be ignored
 Huruglica denies charges
 Rahovec aggravates

Other headlines
 Burning of the generation of freedom (2)
 Tahiri tightens (2)
 Obama congratulates Jahjaga for Bajram (2)
 Law on war values should accelerate (2)
 President Topi visits Serbia (2)
 Tensions at Haradinaj’s trial (4)
   KFOR and EULEX raid the north (4)
   Vetëvendosje: Assembly buried democracy (5)
   Plans of PTK and KEK fail (6)
   5200 euros for the wardrobe of the Prime Ministry (7)

Kosova Sot

Front page
 The new law recovers “Trepça”
 Actions against parallel structures goes on
 Mustafa says ironically: If they have money, let them buy Grand Hotel
 Serbia will accept “Kosovo Customs” stamps

Other headlines
 Thaçi reminds deputies of Vienna (2)
 Vetëvendosje alarms the erosion of democracy (2)
 Tadic’s scenarios for Kosovo (3)
 Obama to Jahjaga: Congratulations for Bajram (4)
 Greek Foreign Minister to visit Kosovo in September (4)
 Mustafa considers dialogue with Stefanovic absurd (4)
 Shala: Pacolli lobbies for personal interest (4)
 Berisha detained in Eritrea (4)
 Law on conflict of interest strengthens (5)
 KFOR arrests two Serbs in the north of Kosovo (8)

Epoka e Re

Front page
 The hit continues
 Hoxhaj: We will prepare the UN Membership strategy
 Thaçi: We will destroy all criminal groups
 The dialogue restarts, Kosovo with enforced position
 Reciprocity strengthened economy of Kosovo

Other headlines
 Five names being searched to be arrested (3)
 Mustafa and Stefanovic cannot talk (5)
 Obama congratulates Jahjaga on the festivity of Bajram (5)
 James Berisha is detained in Eritrea (5)
 Konjufca says that in the Assembly has been buried democracy (5)
 Serbs are integrating (6)

Front page
 Signs of radicalization
 Critical point
 Unbroken monopoly
 Mission continues

Other headlines
 Christina Schwarz Schilling: Talk clearly with Serbia (3)
 Ahtisaari plan 90 percent fulfilled(4)
 Romania holds old stance (5)
 Hoxhaj expects recognition from India (5)
 Against change of borders (6)
 Kostunica: We don’t need EU (6)
 Greek mission (6)
 James Berisha, in jail in Eritrea (7)

Bota Sot

Front page
 Are they active also today in Kosovo 200 Serb spies
 Thaçi: We are in conflict with criminal structures, not with citizens of the
 Absurdity of the time: Pristina without the law, Serb village, Hoca e Madhe
   with law!
 Konjufca: the law for missing is with a political message

Other headlines
 Deputy Prime Minister Edita Tahiri travels to Brussels (2)
 President Obama congratulates President Jahjaga for the festivity of Bajram
 James Berisha is in Eritrea (4)
 Haradinaj trial continues (6)
 Talk clearing with Serbia (10)
 KFOR and EULEX raid the north of Kosovo (11)

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