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									                          To Kill A Mockingbird
                          Independent Reading
                              Project One
Your folder should contain the following assignments (in this order):

   1. Explain the background of and qualifications for the Pulitzer Prize for
      Literature. Then give the year Harper Lee won this award.

   2. Identify and list some biographical information about Charles Lamb.

   3. These novels are listed in the beginning of To Kill A Mockingbird. Write
      down the author and some information about each:

      The Rover Boys
      Tom Swift

   4. Who was John Dewey? For what was he known? What is the Dewey
      Decimal System? Who was responsible for it? Briefly tell how it works and
      name one person who might use it in their job?

   5. What is kudzu? Where does it grow, and from where does it come?

   6. Briefly list information about the following flora from TKAM (kind, color,
      bloom, etc.):

      Live Oak Tree                              Collards

      Magnolia Tree                              Mimosa Tree

      Azalea                                     Johnson Grass

      Geranium                                   Chinaberry Tree

      Camellias                                  Holly

   7. Find Ten (10) examples of metaphors in Chapters 1-10. Write the
      metaphor (quote) from the book and page number. In your explanation,
      write the two things which are compared.

   8. Find five (5) examples of humor in Chapters 1-10. Write the section of the
      text (quote) and page number. In your explanation, describe the
   signification of the humor projected by the innocence of a young child or
   the gossip of a small town, etc.

9. Construct a family tree based on information in Chapter 9. Use as many
   relatives from the Finch family as possible. There should be a visual
   representation of the Finch Family.

10. Choose a main character and create a collage to represent that character.
    The Collage should be the size of an 8/11 sheet of paper. Use pictures
    from the internet and also pictures from magazines. Find one newspaper
    article that is about prejudice and use that as the center of your collage.
    Make sure the name of the character is part of your collage. Use the
    collage as the front page of your folder.

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