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OASIS LegalXML Electronic Court
  Filing Technical Committee

            October 3, 2011

     Long Beach Convention Center
    Court Technology Conference 2011

   ECF TC Morning Meeting
       Welcome and Introductions
       CTC 2011 events
       LegalXML updates
       New use cases (e-SOP and e-discovery)
   Feedback from ECF implementers (open to public)
   ECF TC Afternoon Meeting
       NIEM updates
       Future planning
       TC conference call
 ECF TC Roster
Name                 Organization                                         Role
Michael Alexandrou   Judicial Council of Georgia                          Voting Member
Adam Angione         Courthouse News Service                              Voting Member
Shawn Artrip         Judicial Council of Georgia                          Member
Ron Bowmaster        Utah Administrative Office of the Courts             Voting Member
Peter Brown          Individual                                           Observer
James Cabral         MTG Management Consultants, LLC.                     Chair
James Bryce Clark    OASIS                                                Observer
Thomas Clarke        National Center for State Courts                     Member
Robin Cover          OASIS                                                Observer
Robert DeFilippis    Individual                                           Member
Scott Edson          LA County Information Systems Advisory Body          Member
Chet Ensign          OASIS                                                OASIS Staff Contact
Ali Farahani         LA County Information Systems Advisory Body          Member
Robin Gibson         Missouri Office of State Courts Admin.               Secretary
Diana Graski         National Center for State Courts                     Member
Jim Harris           National Center for State Courts                     Chair
Jason Hill           New York State Office of Court Administration, DoT   Member
George Knecht        Individual                                           Secretary
Alex Kravtsov        Utah Administrative Office of the Courts             Observer
Michael Neuren       Judicial Council of Georgia                          Member
Robert O'Brien       Individual                                           Voting Member
Monica Palmirani     University of Bologna-CIRSFID                        Observer
John Ruegg           LA County Information Systems Advisory Body          Member
Andrea Valle         Adobe Systems                                        Observer
D Welsh              Microsoft                                            Observer
CTC 2011 Events
   “E-filing and Web Services”
       Tuesday, 4PM

   “Paper-on-demand / E-filing Solution
    Sharing Session”
       Wednesday, 7AM
LegalXML Updates
ECF Specification Approval
   ECF 4.01 Core, Web Services SIP and Portable
    Media SIP specifications
       1. 15 day Public Review (current state of all specs)
       2. Committee Specification
       3. Three statements of support from implementers
       4. 60 day Public Review and OASIS Ballot
       6. OASIS Standard
       7. Errata
   Goal: ECF 4.01 Core Specification to OASIS
    Standard ASAP
   ECF 4.01 SIPs will likely stop at Committee
    Specification until more implementations exist
LegalXML Updates
Member Section
   Only 1 active TC (ECF)
   2 new TC proposed (LegalRuleML,
   Merger with e-gov Member Section?
       Discusses governmental/public administration
        requirements for e-business standardization.
       Directs and understands the impact of open standards
        on the public sector.
       Includes representatives from global, regional, national
        and local government agencies
       1 active e-gov TC: Transformational Government TC
            Advancing an overall framework for using IT to improve the
             delivery of public services
LegalXML Updates
New LegalRuleML TC
   Manifesto
   Letters of endorsement
   Relationship to prior LegalXML
       ECF
       e-Contracts
       e-Notary
   Recruiting participation in new TC
LegalXML Updates
Steering Committee
   Members
       Jim Cabral (chair, elected at large)
       Robert O’Brien (ECF representative)
       Monica Palmirani (elected at large)
   Budget
       2011: $27k ($23k available)
       2012: Depends on funding plan
   Agenda for 10/3/11 meeting
       Budget and TC status reports
       Funding requests and proposals for new TCs
       Planning new TCs, 2012 budget and the long-term
        viability of the Member Section
Electronic Service of
Process (e-SOP)
   ECF 4.x supports secondary service
   E-Service Mechanisms
       E-Mail
       Social Media
   New Legislation and Rules
   Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
   Increasingly used as substitute “service of process” on an
    exceptional basis.
   Law enforcement e-subpoenas.
        Collier County, FL.
        Louisville, KY.
   Federal courts.
        Multiple cases of Chinese manufacturers being served by e-mail.
   International.
        Who Is Subcommittee of the Internet Committee of the International
         Trademark Association.
            Recommending e-SOP on a company via e-mail to the

             registered owner of the company’s Internet domain.
        Supreme Court of India.
            Authorized e-SOP by e-mail.
Social Media
   Service of process via Twitter.
       Netherlands.
       England.
   Service of process via Facebook.
       Australia – multiple cases.
       New Zealand.
       Canada.
New Legislation and Rules
   Foreign Manufacturers Legal Accountability Act
    of 2010
       Requires manufacturers to have an “agent” located in
        at least one state where the company does business
        that would accept service of process for any civil and
        regulatory claims.
   Rules for Debt Collection
       Failures and abuses in debt collection process serving
        are driving new legislation and rules
Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
   Widespread e-SOP within the U.S. would likely require an
    amendment to Rule 4 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.
   Rule 4(f)(3) allows for service outside the U.S. and for actions
    pending in the federal courts.
   Draft of The Federal Courts Law Review article, written by
    Ronald J. Hedges, Kenneth N. Rashbaum, and Adam C. Losey.
        “Even if all the arguments against electronic service of process hold
         true, when electronic service of process is used as a secondary or
         tertiary channel of service it is more secure and more reliable than
         the channels currently used. Federal courts already allow service via
         means that are less reliable than normal channels, provided that
         more reliable channels are first exhausted.”
        “Technology has evolved to the point that electronic service is
         superior to many forms of traditional service. Electronic service
         should now be treated as an equal to paper media by the Federal
Electronic Discovery

EDRM XML schema available at
Feedback from Implementers
Courts                         Solution Providers
   Los Angeles County            Intresys
       New use case: Non-        Green Filing
                                  Tybera
   Arizona
                                  URL Integration
   Utah
   US Federal Courts
       US Bankruptcy Courts
        / BAE
NIEM Updates
   National Training Event
   XML Structures Task Force (XSTF)
   Logical Entity eXchange Specification (LEXS)
       New approach to packaging NIEM messages for
        improved interoperability
       3.1 – Publication & Discovery, Search & Retrieval
       4.0 rc– adds Subscribe & Notify and Domain Exchange
   NIEM 2.1
       Minor changes and additions
       Children, Youth and Family Services (CYFS) domain
            Some overlap with ECF Juvenile case extensions
NIEM Updates
NIEM 3.0
   Tentative Publication Date: 2013
   New for NIEM 3.0
       New self-service tools available
       Version Architecture
       Harmonization of 2.1, new content, and
        domain updates
NIEM Updates
NIEM 3.0
New Domain           Potential          Domain Updates        Content Tools          Formats
                     Domains                                                         Available
  Biometrics         Agriculture         CBRN/IT MDA           Domain Update       Change Request
                                        Coordinated Effort        Tools               Template
Cyber Security        Education               CYFS           Code List Generator    UML Profile for
Human Services   Federal Financials &    MMUCC (Crash         Publication Area     NIEM-Conforming
                     Grants Mgt             Data)                                   Schema Import
                      Health IT

                   Management &

Future ECF Core Specifications
New Functionality           Architecture Updates
   Electronic Service of    NIEM 2.1

    Process?                       Reconcile w/ CYFS
   E-Discovery?                    domain?

   Federal Courts?            NIEM 3.0?
   Non-court filings?         LEXS 3.1 / 4.0?
   Others?
AZ TurboCourt Integration

   October 03, 2011
           Messaging Profile
• ECF specification defines 2 SIP:
 - Web Service SIP;
 - Portable Media SIP
• AZ MDEs use MQ based transportation
• Need to have AZ TurboCourt Messaging
• An MDE may need to support multiple
  profiles, e.g.: WebService and Messaging.
                    Messaging Profile
ECF v.4.0 Web Services SIP              AZ TurboCourt Messaging Profile

http transport                          MQ based transport (IBM, Apache)

Messages are wrapped with SOAP          Does not use SOAP envelopes

Uses complete WSDL definitions:         Uses incomplete WSDL definitions:
message, types, portType (interface),   messages; types; portType (interface)
binding, port, service.
       TurboCourt-Message Exchange
                                  XML Schema
Wrapped style:

<xsd:complexType name="GetDocumentRequestType">
   <xsd:extension base="s:ComplexObjectType">
      <xsd:element ref="docquery:DocumentQueryMessage"/>
      TurboCourt-Message Exchange
                                 XML Schema

Imports TurboCourt schema extension:

<xsd:import namespace=""

The extension redefines some elements; introduces new ones; is fairly small
       TurboCourt Schema Extension

<xsd:complexType name="ReviewedDocumentType">
   <xsd:extension base="ecf:ReviewedDocumentType">
      <xsd:element   ref="DocumentTitleText" minOccurs="0"/>
      <xsd:element   ref="DocumentCategoryID" minOccurs="0"/>
      <xsd:element   ref="DocumentCategoryName" minOccurs="0"/>
      <xsd:element   ref="ActivityRequest" minOccurs="0"/>
    <xsd:attribute ref="s:ref"/>
               Debates: Create IEPD?

Option 1: Don’t create IEPD, use the one from the specification.

Option 2: Create one by removing unneeded elements, adding (from
NIEM) the missing ones
      Message Receipt Message needs to be

Large filings tie up resources with synchronous MRM for a
considerable period of time.

Multiple MRMs should be possible to make async updates.
           Make your element or use provided?
A frequent use case of an element having multiple identifications:



Could be instead:

                                   ECF Issues

• Why are you asking for ECF

• What security issues exist
   – External Source
   – Case specific issues

• What technical issues exist
   –   Document specific data
   –   Multi-case filing
   –   Partial approval
   –   Levels of status response
   –   Payment PCI compliance
   –   Refile issues
   –   Time Stamp
                          External filer support

                              Filer Interface

   Attorney                                                         Filer Interface


                                       Filer Interface                   API                                 API
               Law Firm
                                                                                            Court Review

               Law Firm


                 CMS           Middleware

                                                                           State Agemcy                       State Agemcy

                                                                                  CMS                              CMS
Future ECF SIP
   IBM MQ
       In draft
   Updates to Web Service SIP
       New versions of Global Reference
        Architecture (GRA) Web Services SIP?
   Others?
Future Outreach and
   Outreach opportunities
       Recruit NIEM and Global Reference
        Architecture implementers?
   Training initiatives
       Online training in development?
            Needs funding for hosting
       Reference implementation?
            Needs developer and funding
Future of the ECF TC
   Specification approval
        ECF Core Spec. to OASIS Standard
        ECF SIPs to Committee Specification
   Specification maintenance
        Approval of Errata
   Outreach and training
        Online training
        Reference implementation?
   Specification development
        New versions of core?
        New SIPs?
   Testing and conformance
        Conformance testing?
Future of the LegalXML
Member Section
   New TCs?
   Merge with e-gov?
ECF TC Conference Call
   Call-in number: 800-503-2899
   Access code: 3174563#
   Optional Chat/Queue:

   Next conference call:
       November 8, 2011, 11am – noon EST
   Next face-to-face meeting:
       ??

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