Eastern Oregon Head Start by F598STH6


									                       Eastern Oregon Head Start
             Lesson Plan Checklist and Curriculum Guidelines
Scheduling Lesson Plan Activities
             Daily                              Weekly                            Once a Month
Literacy                            Physical Education                       Dental Health
Music/Finger Play                   S.T.E.P. Activity                        Health & Hygiene
Gross Motor                         Math Activity                            Nutrition
Fine Motor                          Science Activity                         Safety (See Safety
Emergent Issues                     Mental Health (Second Step)              Curriculum Guidelines)
Individualization                                                            Fire Drill
Problem Solving
Curriculum Resources
(These resources are available in the center or in the Resource Library in the Administrative Office)
Curriculum Area                        Title                                        Training Support
Basis for Curriculum Planning          Creative Curriculum for Preschool            E&D Manager
Inclusive Environment                  Anti-Bias Curriculum                         E&D Manager
Early Childhood Education              Developmentally Appropriate Practice         E&D Manager
                                       in Early Childhood Programs
Curriculum Planning and                Early Childhood Planning Methods             E&D Manager
Individualization                      and Materials by Evelyn Petersen
Creative Arts                          Art: Creative Curriculum                     E&D Manager
Dental Health                          Bright Smiles, Bright Futures                H&N Manager
Health                                 Heart Treasure Chest                         H&N Manager
Health                                 Hooray for Handwashing                       H&N Manager
Health                                 I Am Amazing                                 H&N Manager
Literacy                               S.T.E.P. Manual                              S&D Supervisor
Literacy                               Literacy: Creative Curriculum                S&D Supervisor
Math                                   Count on Math                                E&D Manager
Math                                   Mathematics Their Way                        E&D Manager
Math/Literacy                          Charts for Children                          E&D Manager
Mental Health/Literacy                 Second Step/Woven Word                       S&D Supervisor
Mental Health                          As I Am                                      H&N Manager
MH/Literacy: Prevention                Building Blocks                              S&D Supervisor
Mental Health: Prevention              Drug Prevention Early Childhood              H&N Manager
Movement                               Wolf Trap Series                             E&D Manager
Nutrition                              Food Groupies                                H&N Manager
Nutrition                              Chef Combo                                   H&N Manager
Nutrition                              Tickle Your Appetite                         H&N Manager
Physical Education                     Fit for Me                                   E&D Manager
Physical Education                     Preschoolers’ Movement                       E&D Manager
Physical Education                     Walk, Wiggle and Wave                        E&D Manager
Safety                                 Talk About Touching                          E&D Manager
Safety                                 Play Safe, Be Safe                           E&D Manager
Safety                                 Safe Kids Curriculum                         E&D Manager
Science                                Science is Simple                            E&D Manager
Science                                GEMS Activity Book                           E&D Manager
Science                                Mudpies to Magnets                           E&D Manager
Science                                Early Science Activities                     E&D Manager

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