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									Next Generation Native Apps
Track: Advanced AppExchange Developer

Eric Bezar
VP Platform Product Management
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 Platform overview
 What is a native app?
 What's new in Winter '07
 Example app

 Customer Use of Has Evolved

    CRM                Customized
 Applications         and Integrated             Platform            Ecosystem              Directory

                        ERP      Legacy

• Sales               • Meta Customizations   Customers building   Partners building      Directory of
• Marketing           • Rich Web Services     new On-Demand        integrated solutions   On-Demand
• Service & Support     Integrations          apps                                        Business Apps

Platform for the Business Web
     Create &       Run        Deliver       Integrate     Deliver
     Publish                   Globally                  Everywhere

                  Secure &   Think Global,                 Mobile
  ISV Standards                              Mash-Ups
                  Scalable    Act Local

Our Guiding Principle

     Make simple things simple.

  Make complex things possible.

Enablement Across All Audiences

  Business          Power         Administrator /              Script               Professional
    User             User         Business Analyst           Developer               Developer
  Browser user      Excel user       Excel power user       Basic DB knowledge       SQL expertise
                                                          Light VBA or Javascript     Java / .NET

     Personalize apps

                 Configure apps

                                 Customize apps

                                                        Develop apps

  • Declarative                                                               • Procedural Code
  • Point and click                                                           • Multiple languages
  • Meta Data Based                                                           • Developer target

 Platform overview
 What is a native app?
 What's new in Winter '07
 Example app
 Q&A

Application Patterns

           Native                     Composite                           Client

     User Interface                  User Interface
       Metadata, Layouts           S-Controls, Buttons & Links

         App Logic                       App Logic                   Client Specific
  Workflow, Formulas, Validation   Code + scripts (Java, etc)       .NET forms, J2ME,
                                                                      Blackberry, etc

             Data                            Data
        Custom Objects              Web services, local DBs

    Examples: data apps,           Examples: email services,      Examples: mobile apps,
  Bug tracking, asset tracking,    data enrichment, mapping,     desktop/Office integration,
    Expense management                     order entry                ERP integration

           Configure                          Code                         Code

      Simplicity + Speed                                             Control + Flexibility

Native Apps

                                                  Point-and-Click Model Delivers:
                                                   Data model customizations
                                                      • Add tables
                                                      • Add fields
                                                      • Create relationships
                                                   User interface customizations
                                                      • Diverse page layouts to support
  Customize with                                        multiple business processes
  Clicks not Code
                                                   Workflow & business logic
                                                       Validation rules
   function getPhoneFields(objDesc) {
           var fieldmap = objDesc.fieldMap;            Approval processes
           var ret = "";
   for (key in fieldmap) {
                                                   Custom applications
   if (dltypeof(fieldmap[key]) == "Field") {
   if (fieldmap[key].type == "phone") {
   ret += ", " + fieldmap[key].name;

                                               All Customizations Are Upgraded
                                               With Zero Customer Effort

When to go Composite?
   Integrations,                          Custom Interface
      Mash-Ups                              Development

Flexibility: Build, Buy, Mash-Up


   function getPhoneFields(objDesc) {
           var fieldmap = objDesc.fieldMap;
           var ret = "";
   for (key in fieldmap) {

   if (dltypeof(fieldmap[key]) == "Field") {
   if (fieldmap[key].type == "phone") {
   ret += ", " + fieldmap[key].name;

 Build with Clicks                              Over 300 Applications          Compose Mash-ups
     not Code                                              • Create • Browse    from Components
                                                           • Share • Install

 Platform overview
 What is a native app?
 What's new in Winter '07
 Example app
 Q&A

In Winter '07, AppExchange matures from a
simple Data Centric platform to a powerful
Process Centric platform. Now business
analysts can automate entire business
processes without coding.

Winter '07 makes powerful things simple.

From Data Centric to Process Centric

                CSS/PRM                                               Paypal

                                                               Benefits Enrollment
                                        HR                                             Payroll (ADP)
Enterprise                                                       Expense Mgmt
                Intranet               CRM                                           Financials (Oracle)
                                                                   Help desk
                                      Analytics                                        Supply Chain

Department   Project Portal      Product Management
                                                                  Bug tracking
             MS Sharepoint       Project Management
                                                               ProServ Automation

                                                                 Press Release
Group          File Share            MS Access
                                    Lotus Notes

               Content                 Data                        Process             Transaction

                       Current                    Winter '07

What's New in Winter '07: Native Apps

    Workflow & approvals
                                 Security & compliance

         Application logic

                             Data model customization

   UI customization

Workflow: Not Just Notifications Any More

   Field Update Action
    Trigger State Changes &

   Outbound Message Action
    Integrate across multiple
    systems with real-time

   Up to 300 Workflow Rules per

   Advanced filters and More

Approval Processes

 Simple or multi-step
  approval processes

                                 For more information:
 Specify actions at each step
                                 Advanced Enterprise Admin Track
  of process                     Tips & Techniques for Building Advanced
                                 Workflow – 3:45 PM today

 Flexible options for
  approval request routing

 Delegated approvals

App Logic: Data Validation

   Prevent invalid data from
    being saved

   Make fields conditionally

   Prevent duplicate values

   Enforce your business
    rules via UI and API

App Logic: Formula Enhancements

 Set default field values

  New Functions

 Bigger Formulas

 Reference Record Type,
  User, Role, and Profile

 Store formula results in
  other fields

Data Model Customizations
 Sharing on Custom Objects

 Field History Tracking on
  Custom Objects

 Queues on Custom Objects

 Self Relationships on
  Custom Objects

 User Hierarchy fields for
  approval routing

 Restricted edit option on
  User custom fields

UI Customization

 Rename Standard Fields

 Related List Hover Links

 Collapsible Sidebar

 Customize Sidebar
  Components on Every Page

 Flexible Custom Tab Colors
  & Icons

Automate Manual Business Processes

  Which users have    Which business processes
  been left out?      are still manual?

  Human Resources     Vacation Requests

                      Expense Reports
  Finance             Procurement

                      Project Management
  Operations          Event Managment
                      Professional Services Management

                      IT Asset Tracking
  IT                  Bug Tracking
                      Change Requests

Meet Compliance Requirements
 Implement process controls
    Approvals
    Record locking
    Sharing rules
 Audit changes
    History tracking
    Configuration audit trail
 Report and archive
    Create custom reports
    Export data for archival

 Platform overview
 What is a native app?
 What's new in Winter '07
 Example app
 Q&A

Demo: PTO Request App
 Department: Enterprise Wide
 Key Requirements
    Enforce business policies
    Implement process controls
    Meet compliance requirements
    Integrate with Payroll system
 Key Benefits
    Eliminate error-prone manual processes
    Reduce financial impact of inaccurate PTO

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