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                                          P.O. Box 852, Arnold, Maryland 21012-0852
                                APC@riva.net                                http://arnold.u2i.org
Vol. 4 No. 5                                                                                                       May 2003
                                         The next meeting of APC will be held on
                                                     June 11, 2003
                   7:30 PM in Room 204,YWCA Building, 1517 Ritchie Highway, Arnold, MD

                                   Please note the change in date of this meeting.

                                                                     • Jiffy Lube – The case has been taken out of the
               Minutes of the May 7, 2003 meeting                    courts. Al Johnston of GSPC is continuing to
                                                                     pursue irregularities in the approval process.
   Ann Fligsten called the meeting to order at 7:33 PM.           Delegates to Community Organizations
   Because a quorum was not present, the meeting was
   convened as an Executive Committee meeting.                       • GSPC Highlights
                                                                     Dr. Eric Smith, Superintendent, AA County Public
   OFFICERS' REPORTS                                                 Schools will be the features speaker at the May 13
                                                                     GSPC meeting. The GSPC meets in the large
   Secretary's Report:                                               conference room at the Severna Park Library.
     The following corrections were made to the April
     Newsletter:                                                     • MRA Report
     Page 1, column 1 Treasurer's Report:                            The annual Earth Day Dive took place on April 26,
     Line 2 should read: "expenses for March…"                       leaving from Ferry Point Marina.     Participants
     Page 2, column 1 Broadneck Federation Highlights:               included midshipmen from the Naval Academy, as
     Line 18 should read "residents"                                 well as MRA and NOAA volunteers. Sample
     Page 2, column 2 APC Transportation Forum #2:                   buckets of oyster shell were collected from the
     Line 9 should read "lieu of…"                                   Chest Neck bar, then measured and examined for
     Page 2 column 2 Broadneck Small Area Plan                       live spat, and returned to the reef.
     Guide: Line 2 should read "approach concerning
     the Broadneck…"                                                 Representatives from the Manhattan Beach
                                                                     Community Association attended the April meeting
      The minutes were accepted as corrected.                        to speak about their community's concerns over the
                                                                     proposed Jiffy Lube and the condo-based
   Treasurer's Report – Arnie Dordick submitted the                  development of the Sonneborn property.
     following report: The expenses for April were
     $48.36 for postage and copying. The balance in                  As part of the five-year Magothy River oyster
     the Savings account is $944.09 and in the                       restoration project, the DNR will be sending
     Checking account is $281.81. The report was filed               equipment and materials to construct a new
     for audit.                                                      alternative reef site later this month.

   STANDING AND SPECIAL COMMITTEE REPORTS                            Announcements for the first annual Magothy River
   Zoning Issues                                                     Day have been sent to participants in the joint CBF-
                                                                     MRA oyster gardening project, to be held May 31
      • Broadneck Small Area Plan brochure – Courtney                at the Ulmstead Community Beach.
      Moen and Ann Fligsten will be meeting with Michael
      Fox of P&Z to discuss the brochure.           The              This year's planting date for the joint CBF-MRA
      Broadneck Federation will be consulted on this                 "grasses for the masses" project has been
      project.                                                       scheduled for June 17, again at the Grachur Club.
      • Polm Property – The Board of Appeals hearing on
      the Polm's pool is scheduled for June 3 at 6:30
      PM in room 160 of the Arundel Center, 44 Calvert
      Street. The Polms request for a variance for their             • Broadneck Federation Highlights
      pool was denied. APC opposed the granting of that              David Pressley has been assigned to the position of
                                                                     Eastern District Commander.             Commander
                                                                     Pressley is a resident of Foxmoor, in Arnold.
      variance and will again oppose it at the Board of                                                       th
      Appeals hearing.                                               The Villager Motel was robbed on May 4 .
  Jim Scroll, a member of the County Traffic                for transit, bus shelters, and bike and pedestrian
  Engineering Division was the featured speaker of          trails. NAPTA supports doubling the amount of
  the meeting.       The engineering division is            money from $7 billion to $14 billion. APC is a
  responsible for signs, signals, striping, traffic         member of NAPTA. A vote was taken on joining
  calming, parking issues etc. on county-owned              STTP (Surface Transportation Policy Project). APC
  roads.                                                    will join that organization as well.
                                                            • Because the Maryland state government is
  A representative from the engineering division will       proposing to cut several bus lines and raise fares
  come out to community association meetings to             on regional shuttles, the MARC trains, buses, light
  discuss traffic issues and present options that are       rail and subways, as well as for senior citizens and
  available for slowing down traffic on community           the disabled, The Transit Riders League of Metro
  roads (except on private roads). A handout is             Baltimore is sponsoring a series of local public
  available listing the traffic calming methods             hearings. Two of these will be held in Anne
  available to communities.                                 Arundel County.
                                                                     Wednesday, May 21,
  The state will be working on a process to ease the                 Pascal Senior Center,
  beach traffic problems. One of the options is                      125 Dorsey Rd, Glen Burnie
  closing ramps. Other options were not stated.                      6:30 PM to 7:30 PM

  • Transportation, Bike and Pedestrian Issues                     Thursday, May 22
  A Transportation meeting was held at Bates Middle                Annapolis Library
  School from 4:30 –8:00 PM on April 24 . The                      1410 West Street, Annapolis,
  meeting was co-sponsored by the Annapolis Dept.                  7 PM to 8PM
  of Transportation, (ADOT), AA County (P & Z), and
  the Maryland Dept. of Transportation, (MDOT).             • Because of the June 4 Transportation planning
  4-6 small groups with approximately 8 people per          meeting, the next APC meeting will be held on June
  group met for about an hour each. The format for          11 .
  each group was the same. Three questions were
  asked.                                                    • Sage Mumma will represent APC at the May 29
  Question #1: What do you consider the assets of           Scenic Maryland conference entitled "Keeping
  transportation in the greater Annapolis area? Give        Maryland Beautiful - Tools for Protecting
  both both general and specific examples                   Community Character". The vote to have the
  Question #2: What do you not like about                   conference fee paid by APC was unanimous.
  transportation in the greater Annapolis area? Give
  both both general and specific examples                 Bay -Wise Gardening
  Question #3: What do you envision for the greater        Guest Speakers: Master Gardeners Diane Scherer
  Annapolis area in 10 years? Give both both general       and Ann Leipold
  and specific examples
                                                            Ann Leipold is the head of Bay-Wise. The Master
  The responses collected in each group will be             Gardener program started in 1998, which is
  compiled into a report.                                   sponsored by The University of Maryland. To
                                                            become a master gardener one must have 40
                                                            hours of training and 40 hours of volunteer work.
UNFINISHED BUSINESS                                         There are currently 120 members of the group,
                                                            which meets the 2nd Tuesday of the month at
APC Transportation Forum #2                                 Christ Our Anchor Presbyterian Church.
 The 2 APC Transportation Forum will be held in
 the fall of 2003.         Advocates such as the            Homeowners may request that a member from Bay
 Chesapeake Bay Foundation and One Less Car will            Wise come to their home and give tips on having a
 be invited to join us. The forum will start with short     Bay -Wise environmentally friendly yard and have it
 talks and then it will be opened up to the public for      certified as a Bay Wise yard when it meets the
 discussion.                                                requirements. Those who qualify will be given a
                                                            certificate and an attractive sign.
APC's 501(c) (3) status                                     Ann Leipold presented the following 10 money- and
 The IRS has indicated that APC must amend its              timesaving concepts for improving your property.
 corporate charter to remove the many references to           • Fertilize wisely. Slow release or organic fertilizers are
 APC as a 501(c) (4) organization. We will also               the best. Soil test kits are available through the U of
 need to change our bylaws to include a board of              MD.
                                                              • Water efficiently and mow properly. Mow cool season
 directors. Ann Fligsten is monitoring this appli-
                                                              grasses high (2 1/2" to 3 1/2"). Don't mow when grass
 cation process.                                              is wet.
                                                              • Water at the base of plants rather than the leaves.
NEW BUSINESS                                                  • Control storm water run off by: creating terracing,
                                                              swales in low area, buffers running in the yard or
  • The TEA–21 (Transportation Equity Act for the             gardens. Rain barrels can by bought inexpensively
    st                                                        from Arlington Echo, The Key School, or John Flood in
  21 Century) bill is coming up in Congress for
  reauthorization. This bill will authorize more funds        South River.
    • Mulch appropriately. Only 2 or 3 inches of mulch are          River Middle School. E. Joseph Lamp, Ph.D.,
    needed. Don't mound mulch too high around trees, as             and Fran Maurer will be the featured speakers.
    it is harmful. The tree won't get adequate water or
    oxygen and the mulch may cause fungal growth. Keep                                                     th
                                                                   Scenic Maryland Conference, May 29 9:30 AM
    mulch 2" to 3 " from the trunk. Let fallen leaves stay
    under the trees for mulch.                                      at the Patuxent Wildlife Refuge Visitors Center in
    • Create and use compost piles                                  Laurel. Contact Sage Mumma (410-544-1273) or
    • Control yard pests with IPM. Identify good bugs.              Shelley    Mastran,     Conference     coordinator
    Some are ladybugs, ground beetles, parasitic wasp,              (Shellmast@aol.com) for further information.
    and lace wigs.
    • Plant wisely. Use native or low maintenance                  The next meeting of APC will be held on
    plantings.                                                                        th
                                                                    Wednesday, June 11 at 7:30 PM in room 204 of
    • Encourage wild life: by providing such things as
                                                                    the YWCA Building, 1517 Ritchie Highway,
    birdbaths and birdhouses.
    • Protect the waterfront by maintaining vegetation within       Arnold.
    25 feet of the shoreline


                                                                The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM.
                                                                Respectfully submitted,

   APC and the Broadneck Federation are                        Lucy Iliff, Corresponding Secretary and Recording
    presenting a program entitled "Personal and                 Secretary pro tem
    Community Preparedness Training" on May 22
    at 7:30 PM in the Large Group Room of Magothy

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