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									      NORTH DAKOTA

      Local litigation firms       Local litigation stars
      Highly recommended           Wayne Aarestad
                                   Wayne Aarestad Law Firm
      Maring Williams Law Office   Automobile Accident, Nursing Home Negligence,
                                   Personal Injury
      Oppegard Wolf & Quinton
                                   David Bossart
                                   Bossart Law Firm
                                   Automobile Accident, Medical Malpractice, Nursing
      Recommended                  Home Negligence
      Bossart Law Firm             Daniel Dunn
                                   Maring Williams Law Office
      Larson Law Firm
                                   Commercial Litigation, Personal Injury, Products
      Wayne Aarestad Law Firm
                                   Mark Lawson
                                   Larson Law Firm
                                   Automobile Accident, Class Actions, Employment,
                                   Personal Injury

                                   David Maring
                                   Maring Williams Law Office
                                   Commercial Litigation, Personal Injury, Professional

                                   Paul Oppegard
                                   Oppegard Wolf & Quinton
                                   Civil Litigation, Personal Injury

                                   Michael Williams
                                   Maring Williams Law Office
                                   Personal Injury

                                                                                                                    NORTH DAKOTA

North Dakota
The Bakken Shale formation catapulted North Dakota up the list of oil and gas
producers in the United States. Though it was discovered in 1953, it was not until
new rock fracturing technology became available in 2008 that large-scale oil and
gas production began. The formation has caused many firms to shift their
practice to cover the energy industry, though other practice areas, like personal
injury, products liability, structural damage and commercial litigation have also
seen a boost. The state poses unique challenges to plaintiff attorneys, with lower
awards than usual and a statewide self-reliant spirit, which holds people back
from bringing suits.

Highly recommended firms                           investigators and experts to build substantive
                                                   cases for clients. The firm strives to settle
Maring Williams Law Office                         plaintiffs matters whenever possible, but is
The Maring Williams Law Office has two             takes them to trial when necessary. Paul
offices in North Dakota, Bismarck and              Oppegard handles products liability, toxic
Fargo, and four attorneys, with plans to add       tort, civil, and personal injury plaintiffs
two, one in each office, by 2012. A litigation     matters.
firm, Maring Williams primarily handles
personal injury matters, but its litigators are    Recommended firms
also noted for their commercial, insurance,
products liability and professional liability      Bossart Law Firm
work.                                              A one-attorney firm, Bossart Law firm is
   David Maring recently handled a case            based in Fargo and has been in practice for
involving a 55-year-old woman who injured          over 40 years. David Bossart specializes in
in an accident involving a farm vehicle that       personal injury matters, while also handling
failed to yield. At trial, Maring had to prove     medical malpractice, automobile accident,
the relative fault of each driver, eventually      wrongful death, insurance and nursing
reaching a settlement of $441,000. Michael         home negligence cases and is a former
Williams focuses his practice on plaintiffs        president of the North Dakota Trial
personal injury work and matters involving         Lawyers Association.
the rights of disabled people. “Mike Williams
is a person with an extraordinary ability to       Larson Law Firm
get along with people,” says a peer. “He has       Based in Minot, Larson Law Firm handles a
the ability to get cases settled on a very         wide range of personal injury, liability and
effective basis.” Williams recently handled an     malpractice matters throughout North
accident involving a van crossing over the         Dakota and northwestern Minnesota.
center line and striking a motorcycle, killing     Established in 1979, the firm has handled
the driver of the motorcycle and his wife.         hundreds of injury claims. Mark Larson, the
Williams settled the matter for $1.3 million       firm’s lone attorney, is a certified public
prior to trial. Daniel Dunn handles personal       accountant,    increasing    his   financial
injury, business and products liability            understanding of his clients’ needs. He has
matters. Dunn recently settled a wrongful          brought suit against large companies like
death case arising out of a hunting accident       John Deere, Wal-Mart and State Farm
for $233,000.                                      Insurance.

Oppegard Wolf & Quinton                            Wayne Aarestad Law Firm
Oppegard Wolf & Quinton has focused                Another solo practitioner, Wayne Aarestad
primarily on civil litigation since its founding   has been practicing law for over 30 years.
in 1994. Based in Moorhead, Minnesota, the         Aarestad served Judge Advocate Gerneral’s
firm also has an office in Fargo. “They have       office prior to going into private practice. He
a solid litigation practice, particularly the      stresses finding out-of-court solutions when
defense of personal injury; they are good          possible, while being ready to take any
litigators,” says a competitor. The firm’s four    matter to trial, including several personal
lawyers carry a combined 75 years of               injury and negligence matters, as well as auto
experience and use a combination of                accidents, construction accidents and nursing
extensive experience and access to resources,      home negligence.

                                                                THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO AMERICA’S LEADING LITIGATION FIRMS & ATTORNEYS   149

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