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In December of 1999, the Parks Department completed redevelopment of the park. The
project included a 9,000-sq. ft.permanent ice rink within a large plaza, complete with new
landscaping and site furnishings. Additionally, a 3,600-sq. ft. building was constructed
that houses concessions, restrooms and storage space. This $2.4 million project was a
collaborative effort between Milwaukee County and the private sector.

During the rinks off-season, tables and chairs are placed on it to create an outdoor patio.
The new facility has been enthusiastically supported by the many park patrons who come
to skate, eat or just relax in this busy area located in the heart of the city.

The genesis of this park occurred in 1966 when the site was acquired from the City of
Milwaukee Redevelopment Authority. In 1967 a consultant, HNTB, was hired to prepare
plans for its development and construction of the 1.2 -acre park commenced in 1969. The
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) provided financial
assistance for the project, which was completed in 1970.

However, the history of a Red Arrow Park dates back to 1916 when Milwaukee County
acquired a 3.5- acre site between N. 10th and N. 11th Streets south of Wisconsin Ave. The
original Red Arrow Park, which had been a very popular downtown recreation area, was
lost due to freeway construction.

The name was initially chosen to honor those who served with the 32nd Red Arrow
Division during WW I but now recognizes all members of the Division who served
during any conflict.

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