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					A publication of the Better Business Bureau serving Nebraska, South Dakota and southwest Iowa.                                          3rd Quarter 2009 | Vol. 11 No. 3

In This Issue:
                          Business Integrity Awarded

2009 Integrity
Pages 4-5

BBB Introduces             Trev Alberts, UNO, Keynote Speaker,          Sarah Smith, KETV-7, President           Roger Larson, Keynote Speaker,      Lauren Silverman, KLKN-8
TrustBrief                 Omaha Event                                  and GM, Awards Presenter,                Lincoln Event                       TV Eyewitness News Co-Anchor,
                                                                        Omaha                                                                        Awards Presenter, Lincoln
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H1N1 Virus — How to
Defend Your Business
                            The Better Business Bureau                        from the metro Lincoln area and                          Latsch’s, Inc., Leadership Resources,
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                        Foundation annually bestows the                       greater Nebraska. The Winners are:                       Nebraska Seamless, Inc., Professional
BBB “Decade”            prestigious Business Integrity Awards                 NATS Detasseling, Inc., Lincoln                          Contracting Services, Inc., Quick
Members Recognized      to those firms in this BBB’s service                  Laminating, Inc., BryanLGH Health                        Connect Computer Services, Quick
Page 3                  area whose business practices and                     System and Capital Humane Society.                       Nick’s Snappy Lube, Russel’s
                        related activities exemplify BBB’s                    Mary Jane Nielsen, BBB Lincoln Board                     Automotive, Sandquist Construction,
Student of Integrity
                        mission and principles which include                  Chair and Lauren Silverman, KLKN-TV                      Speedway Motors, Inc. and Urgent
Award Winners
                        honesty, commitment and trust.                        presented these awards.                                  Care Clinic of Lincoln.
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                             “Winning a BBB Integrity Award                      KETV President and General                                Honorable Mention Awards were
                        is a great honor. The Winners have                    Manager Sarah Smith presented                            given by the Omaha judges to: United
                        clearly demonstrated that they ‘Start                 the awards at the Omaha Event on                         Insurance Agencies, Donna’s Little
                        with Trust.’ This means not only                      September 17th. These awards were                        Darling Childcare, Inc., Merchants
                        telling the truth, but also ‘walking the              open to organizations located in                         Credit Adjusters, Inc., Medical
                        talk,’ acting humbly and having the                   South Dakota, southwest Iowa and                         Solutions, Inc., Better Business
                        courage to do what is right – even                    metro Omaha. The Winners are:                            Equipment, PayPal, Borsheim’s, SAC
                        when it is difficult. They model the                  A Well-Dressed Window, SolutionOne,                      Federal Credit Union, Heartland Family
                        way for all businesses!” stated BBB                   Thermal Services, Inc., Farmers                          Service and National Safety Council,
                        President Jim Hegarty.                                National Company and the Visiting                        Greater Omaha Chapter for having
                            The Winners of the 2009 BBB                       Nurse Association.                                       demonstrated their commitment to
                        Integrity Awards, selected, by                            Lincoln’s Integrity Awards                           ethical business practices. They have
                        independent panels of judges, have                    Committee also chose to recognize                        achieved significant milestones in
                        earned the trust and respect of their                 companies for notable application                        fostering and implementing ethics into
                        customers, employees, vendors and                     entries that demonstrated the                            all aspects of their corporate cultures.
                        community at-large. In addition,                      integration of ethics and integrity into                     Finalist Awards were also granted
                        they have clearly acknowledged                        their business practices. Ambassador                     at the Omaha Event to: The Interior
                        formal ethical practices in their                     of Integrity certificates were given                     Design Firm, The Creative Center,
                        mission statements and have                           to: A+ Media, Capitol Heating & Air                      Elk Ridge Village, Pella Windows &
                        demonstrated them in all aspects of                   Conditioning, Inc., Christian Record                     Doors and CAS, Inc. These company’s
                        their corporate cultures.                             Services for the Blind, General                          applications showed that they
                            At the Integrity Awards Event held                Dynamics Armament and Technical                          recognize the importance of ethical
                        in Lincoln, Nebraska on September                     Products-Lincoln Operations, George                      business practices and understand
                        9th, four organizations received                      Witt Service, Inc., Inland Truck Parts                   that ethics is important for success
                        Integrity Awards. Applicants were                     & Service, Krull Construction, Inc.,                     and profitability.

                             BBB CONTACT INFORMATION

                            Omaha Office:                         Lincoln Office:                        Sioux Falls Office:
                            11811 P Street                        3633 O Street, Suite 1                 300 N Phillips Ave, Suite 202
                            Omaha NE 68137                        Lincoln, Nebraska 68510                Sioux Falls, South Dakota 57104
                            Jim Hegarty, president and CEO
                                                                  Sharon Brodhagen, Lincoln
                                                                  branch manager
                                                                                                         Jim David, operations director
                                                                                                         Public Line – (605) 271-2066
                            Public Line – (402) 391-7612          Public Line – (402) 436-2345           Member Line – (605) 271-2067
                            Member Line – (402) 391-7647          Member Line – (402) 476-8822

                                                                 Toll Free (800) 649-6814
    B     e    t    t    e    r        B     u     s    i     n    e     s    s         B     u    r    e    a     u          B       u   l     l    e     t       i   n

   A Message from Our President
   Jim Hegarty

    Trust Spotlight:
    Your Rating
        BBB recently approved
    a new policy defining how
    BBB Accredited Businesses
    can advertise their rating if
    they wish to do so in transient advertising. The new
    A+ through F letter grade rating system, launched in
    the spring, 2009 is based on verifiable facts that give
                                                                             BBB INTRODUCES “TRUSTBRIEF”
    consumers the details they want.                                      The Better Business Bureau system has created a source of information that you can
                                                                       access at no charge called “TrustBrief.” It brings you business news that really matters. BBB
        I encourage BBB Accredited Businesses to
                                                                       editors handpick key articles from hundreds of publications specifically with small business
    include the BBB Accredited Business logo/seal or a
                                                                       owners, managers, and employees in mind, write a brief summary of each and provide links
    statement of BBB accreditation in conjunction with                 back to the original sources.
    any advertising of your BBB rating. Ratings may not
                                                                           • Stay Informed about the news, people, and policies affecting your small business
    be used in directory publications unless the directory                 • Get Ahead of your competition with best practices on advertising and marketing,
    advertising can be immediately revised if the BBB                        customer satisfaction, social responsibility, and security for your small business
    rating changes. Upon learning of a change in rating,                   • Access the latest news and information from BBB
    businesses must immediately correct any advertising                    In other words, BBB does all the research...and you get the news you need, without the
    that includes the BBB rating.                                      fluff. Sign up for your weekly briefing of business news at
                                                                       You will have, at your fingertips, the top business stories of the week, articles about customer
                                                                       satisfaction, best business practices and many more interesting topics that will benefit you
                                                                       and your organization.

Defend Your Business against
the H1N1 Virus this Winter
    According to a report by the Los         Encourage employees
Angeles Times, the H1N1 virus — the          who are feeling sick to
so-called “Swine Flu” — isn’t any more       stay home.
deadly than a seasonal flu, but it is
                                                 The CDC strongly
transmitted more easily. Employers
                                             recommends that employees
play a vital role in preventing the
                                             who have flu-like symptoms
spread of the H1N1 virus and Better
                                             should stay home until at
Business Bureau offers the following
                                             least 24 hours after they no
advice to bolster the workplace
                                             longer have a fever. This will
against the threat of flu this winter.
                                             reduce the risk of spreading
    According to the Center for
                                             viruses to other employees.
Disease Control, seasonal flu causes
                                                 Employers can encourage                     Prepare a business
200,000 hospitalizations and 36,000
                                             employees to stay home by allowing              continuation plan.
deaths every year on average. The
                                             flexible leave or alternate work schedules
H1N1 flu is having a marked impact                                                              Following a disaster, 25 percent
                                             to facilitate employees taking care of
on the number of reported cases                                                              of all businesses that close never
                                             their own health and that of their families.
this year and the Center for Disease                                                         reopen and that number jumps to
                                             CDC also recommends not requiring a
Control reported in September that                                                           50 percent of businesses that don’t
                                             doctor’s note for employees with flu-like
21 states were reporting widespread                                                          have a continuation of operations
influenza activity—the vast majority                                                         plan, according to the Institute for
of cases are being identified as the         Remind employees of habits                      Business & Home Safety. A business
H1N1 strain.                                 for good hygiene.                               continuation plan would help direct
    Any places, where a lot of people                                                                                                         BBB BULLETIN (USPS 183-500)
                                                                                             employees and management on steps
                                                Good hygiene will greatly help                                                                is published quarterly by:
congregate, such as the workplace,                                                           to take if key leadership becomes sick           Better Business Bureau, Inc.
                                             prevent the spread of germs and
become hot spots for spreading                                                               or if a major catastrophe temporarily            11811 P Street
                                             viruses throughout the office. CDC
the flu virus. Employers can take                                                            prevents business operations.                    Omaha, NE 68137
                                             encourages employers to offer
a few easy steps to significantly                                                            Because large numbers of staff                   Subscription Rate:
                                             education on hand washing and
diminish the risk of spreading the                                                           could contract the flu, employers                $8 per year
                                             covering coughs and sneezes in an
virus around the office which will                                                           should ensure the business can                   Periodical Postage paid at:
                                             easy-to-understand format. Also
help keep employees healthy and the                                                          continue operating by training other             Omaha, NE
                                             consider providing hand sanitizer,
business operating through a tough                                                           employees to step in if key staff                POSTMASTER:
                                             no-touch trash cans, and tissues.                                                                Send address changes to:
flu season.”                                                                                 should become ill.
                                                The CDC also recommends that                                                                  BBB Bulletin
    BBB offers the following advice to
                                             employers encourage staff to get                                                                 11811 P Street
business owners on how to prepare                                                            For more advice on preparing your
                                             vaccinated for both the seasonal flu                                                             Omaha, NE 68137
for the upcoming flu season and a                                                            business for the flu season, visit the
                                             and the H1N1 flu virus.                         CDC’s website,
potential H1N1 flu outbreak:

 PAGE 2       3rd Quarter 2009 | Vol. 11 No. 3                                                                                                   
    B     e     t    t     e     r          B     u     s     i    n      e     s    s          B      u     r     e        a   u         B      u      l     l    e     t        i    n

“Decade Members” Recognized
   Also acknowledged at the Integrity
Award events were BBB Accredited
Businesses that have “Decade”
anniversaries in 2009. Plaques were
presented to the businesses that joined
the BBB in 1999, 1989, 1979, 1969, 1959,
1949 and 1939. There were 183 companies
recognized: 138 ten-year “Bronze”
members, 21 twenty-year “Silver” members,
7 thirty-year “Gold” members, 5 forty-year
“Platinum” members, 7 fifty year “Diamond”
members, 2 sixty-year “Emerald” members
and 3 seventy-year “Ruby” members. Jim
Hegarty said, “I am grateful that this BBB
has so many companies affiliated with
our organization for so many years. Their
decades of support exemplify their ongoing
commitment to our organization and the
BBB’s importance in the marketplace.”               Kaplan University, 70 Year Ruby Member              Boys Town, 70 Year Ruby Member

     Students of Integrity Awarded
         At the Integrity Award Events,            Lincoln Lutheran Middle/High                  2009 Student of Integrity from
     the Scott Mecham BBB Students                 School in Lincoln, Nebraska, and is           South Dakota. Tyler attended
     of Integrity were introduced and              now a freshman at the University              Douglas High School in Box
     presented with framed certificates            of Nebraska in Lincoln where she              Elder, SD and is attending the
     that formally acknowledged their              is pursuing a career in horticulture          South Dakota School of Mines
     awards. This program, sponsored               and plant biology with a focus on             and Technology where he is
     by the BBB Foundation, annually               molecular genetics.                           studying Industrial Engineering.
     gives $2,000 scholarships to                      The Omaha Local Board                     Tyler hopes that someday he
     three students who reside in                  Chairman Doug Hiemstra                        can help develop industries
     the geographic area served by                 presented an award certificate                that can prosper in rural areas
     BBB. These scholarships were                  to the parents of Natalie Gorup               of our country.
     established to honor the memory               who graduated from Duchesne                      More information about
     of Mr. Mecham who served as                   Academy of the Scared Heart                   these students and their
     BBB president from 1991 until                 in Omaha. Natalie is attending                application essays are posted
     January 2006.                                 Creighton University in Omaha                 at
         Marilyn Mecham, the wife of               and hopes to have a career in                 students-of-integrity-2009-
     the late Scott Mecham made the                editing. translating or teaching.             award-winners/.
     presentation to Grace Farley at                   An award certificate was also
     the Lincoln event. Grace attended             sent to Tyler Vogel who is the

     Omaha Winner: pictured from left to right are Mr. and Mrs. Gorup, parents of Natalie Gorup, Doug Hiemstra, BBB Omaha       Lincoln Winner: Grace Farley and Marilyn Mecham
     Board Chair and Jim Hegarty, BBB president

Start With Trust                                                                                                                    3rd Quarter 2009 | Vol. 11 No. 3                  PAGE 3
  B      e    t    t    e    r        B    u    s   i   n   e   s   s   B   u    r     e     a      u     B      u   l   l   e     t     i   n


Meet the 2009 BBB Integrity Award Winners Omaha
  1-5                                                                           6-24
  Employees                                                                     Employees


A Well-Dressed Window                                                       SolutionOne
Kathy Kiefer, President                                                     John Kuchta, Owner

  25-99                                                                         100+
  Employees                                                                     Employees


Thermal Services                                                            Farmers National Co.
Wade Mayfield, President                                                    James Farrell, President/CEO

  Charity                                                                        Thank You for Your                      OMAHA EVENT
  Employees                                                                      Outstanding Support!                    TORCH SPONSOR
                                                                                     The BBB Foundation wishes
                                                                                                                         INTEGRITY SPONSORS
                                                                                 to thank all the organizations

                                                                                 and individuals listed for their        Pinnacle Bank
                                                                                 generous support of the 2009
                                                                                                                         TRUST SPONSORS
                                                                                 BBB Business and Student of             Cox Business Services
                                                                                 Integrity Award programs. By            Creighton University College of
                                                                                 sponsoring these awards and/or           Business
                                                                                                                         Lamar Outdoor Advertising
                                                                                 participating in the events, they
                                                                                                                         Omaha Steaks
                                                                                 have aligned themselves with the        SAC Federal Credit Union
Visiting Nurses Association                                                      BBB and helped promote ethics           United Enterprises Company
James C. Summerfelt, President                                                   and trust in the marketplace.           ETHICS SPONSORS
                                                                                 Their contributions of service,         AAA Nebraska
                                                                                 money and/or products are               Bailey Lauerman
                                                                                                                         BlueCross BlueShield NE
                                                                                 greatly appreciated!
                                                                                                                         Centris Federal Credit Union
                                                                                                                         Embassy Suites Omaha-La Vista
PAGE 4       3rd Quarter 2009 | Vol. 11 No. 3                                                                           
            B     e    t       t   e    r    B    u    s    i   n    e   s      s    B     u    r   e       a    u        B     u     l    l   e        t   i    n

         Meet the 2009 BBB Integrity Award Winners Lincoln
           1-5                                                                                 6-24
           Employees                                                                           Employees

         Nats Detasseling, Inc.
         Dawn Buell, Owner
                                                                                           Lincoln Laminating, Inc.
                                                                                           Adam Albee, Operations Manager

           100+                                                                                Charity
           Employees                                                                           Employees


         BryanLGH Health System                                                            Capital Humane Society
         Kim Russell, President/CEO                                                        Bob Downey, Executive Director

Marriott Worldwide Reservations             PRIDE SPONSORS                          LINCOLN EVENT                                Lincoln Electric System
 Center                                     AA Windows ‘N’ Doors                                                                 Lincoln Financial Management
                                                                                    TORCH SPONSORS
McCarthy’s One Hour Heating &               Advantage Home Improvements, Inc.                                                    NECO Security
                                                                                    A+ Media/A+ Nightlife
 Air Conditioning                           American Payment Systems                                                             T.O. Haas Tire
Midwest Eye Care, PC                        Atchley Ford, Inc.                                                                   NAI FMA Realty
Omaha World-Herald Company                  Charlie Graham Body & Service                                                        Two Men & A Truck
Thrasher Basement Systems, Inc.             Fat Brain Toys                          TRUST SPONSOR                                Union Bank & Trust Company
                                            Goodwill Industries, Inc.               Lamar Outdoor Advertising
VALUES SPONSORS                                                                                                                  PRIDE SPONSORS
American Classifieds/Thrifty Nickel         Heartland Scenic Studio                 ETHICS SPONSORS                              ABC Electric Company, Inc.
Borsheim’s Fine Jewelry Company, Inc.       Integrity Staffing                      Assurity Life Insurance Company              Bob Stephens & Associates, Inc.
Certified Transmission                      Les Hays Graphic Design, Inc.           Bailey Lauerman                              Brester Constuction
Credit Advisors Foundation                  Malibu Sunrooms & Outdoor Living        Black Hills Energy                           Capitol Humane Society
Dave’s Auto Body, Inc.                      Millard Sprinkler                       Nebraska Book Company, Inc.                  Commonwealth Electric Co.
Fuchs Machinery                             Monarch Siding & Windows, Inc.          US Bank                                      DuTeau Chevrolet-Subaru
Lutz & Company                              New Cassel Retirement Center                                                         Legacy Retirement Communities
                                            Omaha Public Power District
                                                                                    VALUES SPONSORS
Nebraska Furniture Mart                                                             Ameritas Life Insurance Corp.                Meginnis Ford Co.
                                            Roto-Rooter Services
PayFlex Systems USA, Inc.                                                           Farmers Mutual Insurance Company             Peoples Choice Federal Credit Union
                                            Suburban Newspapers
Thermal Services, Inc.                                                               of Nebraska                                 Photo Shoppe
                                            Teeter Auto Transport
Two Men and A Truck                                                                 John Henry’s Plumbing, Heating &             U Stop Convenience Shop
Wells Fargo Bank N.A.                                                                Air Conditioning                            Veyance Technologies, Inc.
                                                                                    Li-Cor, Inc.
                                                                                                                     3rd Quarter 2009 | Vol. 11 No. 3           PAGE 5
  B      e    t    t    e    r        B    u    s   i   n     e    s    s       B     u    r    e    a    u         B     u    l    l    e    t    i   n

         Member Benefit Programs for
          BBB Accredited Businesses
                  CREDIT CARD PROCESSING                                        Ethics Program: One Sponsor per Ad
                                                                                You will be featured in twenty-five 30 second (:30) commercials per
  American Payment Systems (APS) — New Program for all BBB Accredited           month that include a short (:10) BBB message along with your company’s
  Businesses                                                                    message. Your business receives:
    This Merchant Processing Program features:                                      • (:20) twenty second message about your company
      • Rates as low as 1.39%                                                       • You may use an existing commercial, picture or graphics or KETV
      • Transaction fee of only 16 cents and a low $4 statement fee                   will produce a new spot at a 50% discount
      • Month to month contract — may cancel any time
                                                                                Torch Program: One Sponsor per Ad
      • NO application fee, NO annual fee and NO monthly fees
                                                                                You will be featured in thirty-five 30 second (:30) commercials per month
      • Lower your net cost or receive $500
                                                                                that include your company’s 25 second message (:25) followed by 5
      • Special rates for large companies and keyed rates available for mail,
                                                                                second (:5) BBB/KETV message. Your business receives:
        phone order and Internet businesses
                                                                                    • A (:25) twenty second message about your company
      • No need to change equipment or point of sale (POS) systems
                                                                                    • You may use an existing commercial, picture or graphics, or KETV
      • Local support — ASP is family owned with over 25 years combined
                                                                                       will produce a new spot at a 50% discount
        history in merchant processing
                                                                                    • KETV will design an animated Internet banner ad that rotates
  Contact Jim or Aaron Barnes at 402-502-9985 or 888-692-5285
                                                                                       throughout that links directly to your website and be
                                                                                       viewed by about 50,000 people per month
                                                                                Contact Katherine Ramirez at 402-978-8943

      BBB ACCREDITED BUSINESS DIRECTORY                                         Journal Broadcast Radio Group (Omaha and Lincoln metro areas) New Program
  The Solution — A Marketplace Guide and Yellow Page Directory of BBB           Option #1 on Z92 — One Sponsor per Ad
  Accredited Businesses in Nebraska, South Dakota and southwest Iowa.                144 radio & streaming ads per month over a 2-3 week period with an
  There are many different advertising opportunities available to all BBB            average savings of 40% (additional fee/month to add button link to
  Accredited Businesses. The printed version is published by our BBB       
  annually in July, and the one on our website is updated daily. Check it out   Option #2 on Star 104.5 — One Sponsor per Ad
  at Contact: Pam Atz at 402-898-8538 or 800-649-6814 #8538                 135 radio & streaming ads per month over a 2-3 week period with an
                                                                                     average savings of 50% (additional fee/month to add button link to

                              PRINT MEDIA                                       Option #3 on CD 105.9 — One Sponsor per Ad
                                                                                     41 radio & streaming ads per month over a 2-3 week period with an
  Omaha World Herald — Companies are listed by Type of Business                      average savings of 50% (additional fee/month to add button link to
  (TOB)categories. These listings run twice a year. There is a special     
  pull-out supplement, for only BBB Accredited Businesses, which comes
                                                                                Option #4 on Big Sports 590 — One Sponsor per Ad
  out in March. This includes helpful tips from BBB. In August, there are
                                                                                     102 radio ads per month over a 2-3 week period with an average
  dedicated BBB pages in the Metro Guide. These publications reach
                                                                                     savings of 50% (streaming is unavailable on this station)
  225,000 households and have a readership of over 400,000.
                                                                                Contact Patti Jaynes at 402-898-5376
  Contact Terri Campbell at 402-444-1422
  Norfolk Daily News — Ads run once a month
  Contact Elaine Thelen at 402- 371-1020
  Kearney Hub — Ads run two times a month                                         Except for the BBB Accredited Business Directory, The Solution
  Contact Darrell Bostick at 308-233-9763                                         that is sold by BBB staff, all co-op advertising programs are
                                                                                  managed and sold by the participating media. BBB Accredited
  Lincoln Journal Star — Ads run once a month
  Contact Beth Corrick at 402- 473-7421                                           Businesses pay for being featured in the ads.

                                                                                  If you are interested in learning more about any of BBB’s member
                                                                                  opportunities listed above, call the contacts indicated or BBB
                         BROADCAST MEDIA                                          Communications Director Margo Riekes at 402-898-8526 or
                                                                                  800-649-6814 #8526.
  KLKN-TV 8 (Lincoln metro area) — Fourteen shared 30 second messages
  a month for every two non-competing Accredited Business sponsors, or
  fourteen exclusive 30 second commercials per month.
  Contact Kay Wunderlich at 402-436-2240
  KETV (Omaha metro area)
  Value Program: One Sponsor per Ad
  You will be featured in twenty 15 second (:15) commercials per month that
  include a short 7 second (:07) BBB message along with information about
  your company. Your business receives:
       • An (:8) eight second message about your company
       • Message includes: audio, video, your logo, phone number, email and
       • No production cost for your company (client provides video or
         graphics). Audio is a voice over by KETV announcer

PAGE 6       3rd Quarter 2009 | Vol. 11 No. 3                                                                                      
        B      e        t   t      e     r            B      u      s        i    n       e       s      s               B    u       r    e      a       u             B       u       l         l     e       t      i     n

      Welcome New BBB Accredited Businesses
        The following companies have joined us during July 1, 2009 – September 30, 2009. BBB Accredited Businesses must meet our high standards.
                      Those listed below have been accepted because they believe in fair play and ethical conduct in the marketplace.

IOWA                                         Elkhorn
                                             Edward Anthony Custom Homes, Inc.
                                                                                              Bradley’s Bodyworks
                                                                                              Brock Law Offices PC, LLO
                                                                                                                                           Building Blocks Daycare, Inc.
                                                                                                                                           Caring for People Services
                                                                                                                                                                                            High Tech Painting & Decorating Co.
Avoca                                        GP Industries                                    Busy Feet                                    Cheaper Moving & Hauling                         Nolte Repair
Denning Construction                         Integrity Custom Construction, Inc.              Center for Spine & Sport Rehab               Cherek’s Home Repair
R & J Tire & Oil                             JTS Midwest                                      Charlene’s Bridal & Event Rentals            Circuitmaster Electric Co.                       Stromsburg
Council Bluffs                                                                                Cheryl Whitten-Steckelberg Attorney          Colleen A. Conoley, PC                           Economy Food Store, Inc.
CB Renovations                               Elm Creek                                          at Law                                     Completely Cat Clinic, PC                        Sutherland
Hildreth Lawn & Landscape                    TNT Dent Co.                                     Classic Wood                                 Control Systems, Inc.                            Copeland Electric, LLC
Red Construction, LLC                        Elmwood                                          Complete Countertops, Inc.                   Donner’s Flooring
Shelby’s Cleaning Service                    4D Decks                                         Computer Aid Plus                            Elite Diving Academy, LLC
                                                                                              Conco Paint                                  Eliza Portrait Design                            Sutton Electric, Inc.
Attic Solutions, LTD
                                             Eustis                                           D.P. Sawyer, Inc.                            Encore Design & Construction, Inc.               Tecumseh
                                             Mark’s Welding & Repair, Inc.                    Dahlheim Irrigation                          eSupply Store                                    Topp’s Mechanical, Inc.
Croatt Heating and Air Conditioning,
                                             Ewing                                            Elite Kitchens & Flooring                    Everlast Exteriors
                                             Ryans Truck & Tractor Repair                     Elite Piping Services, Inc.                  Evolving Solutions, Inc.
 LLC                                                                                                                                                                                        Rogert Ag & Real Estate, Inc.
                                                                                              Energy Siding & Windows                      Excel Grounds, Inc.
Prairie Lanes, LLC                           Fairbury                                         Fas-Break Auto Glass                         Fabian Roofing                                   Thedford
                                             Vaughn Contracting
Neola                                                                                         G.T.E. Industries, Inc.                      Fast Alterations                                 Pearson Livestock Equipment Co.
                                             Vet Med Direct, LLC                              Health Source Chiropractic                   First Financial Group of Omaha, LLC
Walter Transportation
                                             Falls City                                       Hire-A-Maid                                  Florence Footworks, Inc.                         Union
                                                                                                                                                                                            Central States Inspection Services, Inc.
NEBRASKA                                     Parkside Dental Clinic                           Hoy & Associates Construction, Inc.          Four Aces Snacks & Tobacco, Inc.
                                             Ram Exterminators, Inc.                          Hruska Clinic                                Griff’s Delivery & Service                       Valentine
Adams                                                                                         Infinity Excavating, LLC                     Ground Effects Lawn and Landscaping              Tony’s Tire & Auto Repair
Jerry Artz Construction Company              Fremont                                          Innovative Plumbing Systems                  Group One Interiors                              Ward Plumbing & Heating, LLC
                                             AAL-Bee Towing, LLC                              JS Photography, LLC                          Happy Tails Pet Services, Inc.
Alda                                         Fremont Printing Company                                                                                                                       Valparaiso
Tri City Meters, Inc.                                                                         Jurgens Construction                         Harold Diers & Company, Inc.
                                             Martens Insurance & Auctioneering                                                                                                              A Clean Cut Lawn
                                                                                              L & S Siding                                 Health & Energy Company
Alliance                                     Overland Carriers, Inc.
                                             TCF Custom Design Center
                                                                                              Lawnworks                                    Heartland Dent Repair                            Wahoo
Faris Plumbing & Heating                                                                      Lincoln Winnelson Co.                                              Larry D. Swanson, DDS
George Woods Interiors                       Friend                                           Matt’s Sewer and Drain                       Insomniac Design, LLC
                                             Houlden Remodeling                               Micek Exteriors                              It’s Got To Go
Ansley                                                                                                                                                                                      Ekberg Auto Repair
Bailey Crop Service, Inc.                                                                     Midland Suppliers, Inc.                      Jiffy Supply
                                             Genoa                                            Montag Law Office                            La Loma Roofing
                                                                                                                                                                                            Miller Building Supply
Arcadia                                      Connelly’s Floral & Gifts
                                             Galaxy Auto Center, Inc.
                                                                                              Niederhaus Brothers Refuse                   Lakota Lodge                                     West Point
L & L Service Associates                                                                      P & S Custom Siding, Inc.                    Lexi’s Lil Lambs Child Care Center               Prinz Grain & Feed, Inc.
Maschka’s Building Center, LLC               Redwood Motel
                                                                                              Plum Creek Gifts                             Lifetime Financial Group
                                             Gothenburg                                       Quick & New Refinishing, LLC                 Loncke Law Office
Archer                                                                                                                                                                                      Homestead Fence Co.
Mercuryland                                  3-D Development                                  R & M Construction                           Main Concrete & Construction, Inc.
                                             Grand Island                                     Right At Home                                Mid-Continent Properties, Inc.                   York
Arlington                                                                                     ROI Media Management                         Montessori Educational Centers, Inc.             Donna’s Computer Sales & Service
Rich’s Welding, Inc.                         Butler Orthodontics
                                                                                              RR Trucking, Inc.                            Moylan Kropp Retirement Planning, LLC
                                             Cornerstone Masonry, Inc.
Atkinson                                     Grizzly Construction & Design
                                                                                              Rushco Lawn Care                             Nebraska Scientific Co.                          SOUTH DAKOTA
Ernie’s Body Shop                                                                             Russell Remodeling, LLC                      Nielsen, Mayne Architecture, Inc.
                                             GT Fire & Security                                                                                                                             Aberdeen
Kratz Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.                                                        Sandman Construction                         Nolan’s Lawn Care, Inc.
                                             Love Signs of Grand Island, LLC                                                                                                                Inman Irrigation
                                                                                              Season’s Choice Shooting Range               Paint Busters
Aurora                                       Quality Cut Shrub & Lawn Care, Inc.                                                                                                            Schwan Financial Group, LLC
                                                                                              Steffen Construction Specialists, Inc.       People Search Media
Abbott Aviation, LLC                         Rich & Sons Camper Sales
                                                                                              Summit Care & Wellness                       Perfection Home Cleaning                         Black Hawk
Aurora Veterinary Clinic                     Roe Buick Pontiac, Inc.
                                                                                              Superior Contracting and Restoration, Inc.   Premier Plastics, Inc.                           Speed’s Performance Plus
Todd’s Body & Glass                          Simmons Electric, Inc.
                                                                                              Tanning Zone                                 Psalms 127:3 Child Care Ministries
                                             The Boat House                                                                                                                                 Bryant
Ayr                                                                                           The Shop, Inc.                               Q.A. Technologies,Inc.
                                             Wolf’s Drywall, Inc.                                                                                                                           Bryant State Bank
TLC Property Maintenance                                                                      Ural Contracting                             Quality Pain Therapies, Inc.
                                             Gretna                                           VanEngen Chiropractic Clinic, PC             R.J. Delivery, Inc.                              Chamberlain
Bayard                                       Senegal Specialty Contracting, LLC               Wayne Bohlmeyer Floors, Inc.                 REA Contracting, LLC                             Larson Brothers Roofing
Jon’s Body Shop                              Spectrum Medical Equipment                       Willnerd & Associates, LLC                   Refrigeration Consultants, Inc.
Beatrice                                                                                      Wilson Appraisal Co.                         Savvy Digital Resources Co.                      Custer
                                             Hastings                                                                                      Scrap Central, Inc.                              Century 21 Statewide Real Estate
Fritzen Trucking, Inc.                       Bill’s Carpet Service                            Loup City                                    Steve Koson Painting, Inc                         Services
Nebraska Crop Insurance Agency, Inc.         Cooperative Producers, Inc.                      Loup City Auto Parts, Inc.
Option Real Estate                                                                                                                         T.G. Healthcare, LLC                             Deadwood
                                             Crosier Park Pharmacy
Two Guys Painting Company -South             J & M Steel, Inc.
                                                                                              Lyons                                        Tab Construction                                 Deadwood Gulch Gaming Resort
Warner Distributing                                                                           Vetick Construction                          Terminal Dispatch Services, Inc.
                                             Lavaley Chiropractic, PC                                                                                                                       Edgemont
                                                                                                                                           The Big O’s Remodeling Company
Bellevue                                     Schulz Chiropractic & Acupunture, LLC            McCook                                       The Grove Salon                                  Tread Wright Tires
Absolute Nails, LLC                          Tri-City Auto Transport                          BJ’s Home Satellite
                                                                                                                                           The Window Man                                   Flandreau
Allstate Insurance Company-Sean                                                               McCooknet Internet Services
                                             Hershey                                          Lifetime Eyecare, PC
                                                                                                                                           Thomsen Dental Group, PC                         Portrait Memories
  Dryden                                     H & H Seamless Gutters, LLC                                                                   Tile Dynamics, Inc.
Certification Services, Inc.                                                                  Nebraska Bull Service, LLC                                                                    Harrisburg
                                                                                                                                           Total Rehab
Doggy Doo Detectives                         Hickman                                          Tri-State Livestock
                                                                                                                                           Unlimited Enterprises, Inc.                      Reding Bookkeeping
Information System Services of               Prestige Painting                                                                                                                              S & R Concrete
                                                                                              Monroe                                       Utilities Federal Credit Union
  Nebraska                                   Holdrege                                         Otto Clock Repair                            Variety Printing, Inc.
Kennedy Dental Associates, P.C.
                                             Pristavec Monument Sales & Service                                                            Veterinary Eye Specialists of Nebraska, PC       Dale’s Machines, Inc.
Zone MassageWorks                                                                             Mullen
                                             Hooper                                           Double R Guest Ranch, LLC                    Vic’s Corn Popper
Benkelman                                                                                                                                  Wells Hearing Aid Center, Inc.                   Hill City
                                             Egbers Flighting Co.                                                                                                                           Betty’s
Tri-State Truck & Trailer Repair                                                              Murray                                       West Center Automotive
                                             Howells                                          J-D’s Construction, Inc.                     Windshields, Inc.                                Black Hills Mini Thunder
Bennet                                       Central Plains Milling, LLC                                                                                                                    Hot Springs
Finch on the Run                                                                              Nebraska City                                Ord
                                             Humboldt                                         Kreifels Plumbing & Fiberglass               Wadas,Inc.                                       Central Body Shop & Glass
Vasa Construction
                                             Phillips Plumbing & Hardware                     Steve Walters & Son                                                                           Lake City
Bennington                                                                                    Tree City Tees                               Osmond
                                             Humphrey                                                                                      DD Steel                                         Roy Lake Resort & Lodge
Bellaire Nursery, Inc.                                                                        Wehling Insurance Agency, Inc.
Tim Melia Plumbing, Inc.                     D - K Performance & Repair                                                                                                                     Lennox
                                             Eisenmenger Farms, Inc.                          Newcastle                                    Palmyra
                                                                                                                                           Schroder Enterprises                             Kohler Concrete
Blair                                                                                         Dybdal Charolais
A & S Construction, Inc.                     Kearney                                                                                                                                        Rapid City
                                             Accent Cabinetry, Inc.                           Newman Grove                                 Papillion
Jensen Lawn Solutions, Inc.                                                                                                                Versa-Crete                                      C & K Janitorial Enterprizes
                                             Bamford, Inc.                                    Anderson Insurance Agency, Inc.                                                               Green’s Moving & Storage, Inc.
Bridgeport                                   Boden Quality Painting, Inc.                                                                  Pawnee City                                      Simpson’s Printing
Whitlock Roofing                             Central Fire & Safety, Inc.
                                                                                              Swanson Hunting Acres, Inc.                  Little Brown Jug
Broken Bow                                   Cook Construction                                                                                                                              Sioux Falls
                                             Country Adventures                               Norfolk                                      Phillips                                         A to Z World Languages, Inc.
Arrow Aviation                                                                                                                             TC Machine & Repair
                                             Country Inn & Suites-Kearney                     B & H Backhoe Service, Inc.                                                                   American Lawn Services
Jones Brothers Custom Cabinets,
                                             Derr Construction                                Ken’s Trailer Sales & Repair                 Pickrell                                         Ballroom at the Bridges
 Furniture & Construction
                                             Kearney Realty, LLC                              Neligh Chiropractic & Acupuncture, LLC       AJ Repair & Welding                              BNI-ESD, Inc.
Kids Kloset
                                             Mid Nebraska Mobility, Inc.                      Oral Surgery Center, P.C.                    Pickrell Repair                                  Cheap Cars
Varney Health Mart
                                             Mid-Nebraska Fire Extinguisher, LLC                                                                                                            Energy Management & Consulting
Cedar Bluffs                                 Mike’s Handyman Services
                                                                                              North Platte                                 Plattsmouth                                       Services, LLC
A Plus Tree Service, Inc.                                                                     Happy Heart Specialty Foods, LLC             Null & Sons Construction, Inc.                   Hair Unlimited
                                             Pat’s Plumbing Service
                                                                                              JAB’s Embroidery                                                                              James Hofer Roofing
Chadron                                      Rheome Tree
                                                                                              Larry’s Glass
                                             Versatile Roofing, LLC                                                                        Lee’s Lawn Maintenance                           Juranek Construction, Inc.
Eagle Rest RV Park                                                                            Pathology Services, PC
                                             White & Associates, Inc.                                                                                                                       Landscape Sprinkler Co.
Eileen Olson Accounting                                                                       Piper Dental Clinic, PC                      Red Cloud                                        Leave With a Smile Cleaning
Randy Bauer Insurance Agency                 Kimball                                                                                       Kucera Construction
                                                                                              Oakland                                                                                       Mr. Sandless of Sioux Falls
West 2nd Appliance                           Greg’s Speed Shop
                                                                                              Andersen Wood Floors, Inc.                   Saint Edward                                     North Cliff Automotive Service Center
Chappell                                     Kimball Auto Parts                                                                                                                             On the Job Employment Service
                                                                                                                                           Choat Trucking
Reichman Construction                        Prestige Manufacturing, Inc.                     Ogallala                                                                                      Retirement Resources Group, LLC
                                             La Vista                                         Arnold Pool Company                          Saint Paul                                       She’s Shapin’ Up
Columbus                                                                                      Michael J. Knott DDS, PC                     Smith’s Welding Shop, Inc.                       Sioux Valley Services
Coufal Brothers Construction                 Phoenix Pools & Waterfalls, Inc.
                                                                                              Mirror Construction                                                                           Soundz
Twin Rivers Welding & Mechanical             Laurel                                                                                        Scottsbluff
                                                                                              Omaha                                        Art’s Repair Service                             StoryTelling America
 Contractors                                 Big Red Inn & Suites
                                                                                              1 Roof Pro                                   CenCon, LLC                                      The Flower Shop
Cozad                                        Lexington                                        A & M Appraisals, Inc.                       Frame Masters, LLP                               The Printing Center, Inc.
Doggie Styles                                Mystic Books                                     AA Builders                                  Monument Chiropractic                            Sisseton
Crete                                        Reynolds-Love Funeral Home                       Advanced Painting Contractors, LLC           Schnell’s TV Repair                              Sisseton Realty
M & K Auto Sales                                                                              Air Pro Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.
                                             Lincoln                                          Alcove Contracting Services, Inc.
                                                                                                                                           Scribner                                         Sturgis
Ronald J. Podwinski, CPA                     A W Body Shop & Auto Sales                                                                    II B Fit Fitness, LLC
                                                                                              AMO Roofing                                                                                   The Roo Ranch, Inc.
Dakota City                                  A & B Plumbing, Inc.
                                             AFL Fences
                                                                                              Art Chelle Enterprises                       Seward                                           Tea
DNS Landscaping, Inc.                                                                         Automatic Rain Sprinkler Systems, Inc.       Edward Jones Investment
                                             All Needs Computer & Mailing Service, Inc.                                                                                                     Sioux Falls Wedding Officiants
David City                                                                                    Becker Chiropractic                                                                           Sundance Builders
                                             All Seasons Insulation, Inc.
                                                                                              Bemis Paper Packaging
Heartland Communications, LLC                Aqua Duck                                                                                     Bower Construction
                                                                                              Benson Animal Clinic                                                                          Watertown
Deshler                                      Armbrust Excavating, Inc.                                                                     Dude’s Steak House                               The Tree Farm
                                                                                              BG Peterson Company
Loupin Roofing, Inc.                         Bishop Brothers Roofing
                                                                                              Bill Morford Masonry
                                             BNL Plumbing, Inc.
                                                                                              Briggs Inc. of Omaha

Start With Trust                                                                                                                                               3rd Quarter 2009 | Vol. 11 No. 3                            PAGE 7
     B     e    t    t    e    r         B     u       s   i      n    e     s    s        B     u     r    e       a     u         B     u    l    l    e    t    i     n

                                BBB Activity Reports                                                                      Does BBB
                                                                                                                          Have the Correct
                                July 1, 2009 — September 30, 2009

                                                                                                                          Information on
Top 10 Local Inquiries                                         9. Hotels/Motels = 23
   1. Roofing-Contractors = 5,051                              9. Hotel/Motel Consultants = 23
  2. Contractors-General/Remodeling = 4,955                    10. Real Estate/Property Management = 22
  3. Insurance = 4,386
  4. Banks = 3,044
  5. Heating/Air Conditioning-Contractors = 2,832
                                                           Total Number of Complaints Opened = 2,775
                                                           Total Number of Complaints Closed = 2,641
                                                                                                                          your Company?
                                                           Total Dollar Amount Involved = $50,074.56                          • Have you moved?
  6. Home Builders = 2,671
  7. Concrete-Contractors = 2,289                                                                                             • Do you have a new phone number?
  8. Auto Dealers-New/Used Cars = 2,010                        Comparative Stats from BBB Member Pages                        • Have you added a location?
  9. Auto Dealers-Used Car = 1,,985                            on the Website Before and After Initiation of
                                                                                                                              • Do you have a website?
 10. Windows-Sales/Installation/Service = 1,972                Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
                                                                                                                              • Do we have your correct email
Total Number of Inquiries/Contacts = 183,768                   Total Reliability Reports before SEO-January,
Company Reliability Reports From:                              2009 = 23,989
   Automated Voice Response System = 305                       Total Reliability Reports after SEO-September,
                                                                                                                              • Do we have the correct contact
   BBB Staff = 4,967                                           2009 = 51,897                                                    information?
   Web = 178,496                                               223.5% increase
                                                                                                                             You may check your company’s public report
Top 14 Local Complaints                                        Accredited Business Reports before                         and information at Let us know if we should
  1. Advertising-Direct Mail = 206                             SEO-January, 2009=413 average/day                          update something by contacting Accredited Business
  2. Credit Cards & Plans = 183
                                                               Accredited Business reports after                          Relations Coordinator Suzanne Hazuka at 402-898-
  3. Financial Services = 63
                                                               SEO-September, 2009=1,149 average/day                      8531, 800-649-6814 #8531 or email her at shazuka@
  4. Banks = 57
                                                               278% increase                                     We need the correct email
  5. Auto Dealers-New/Used Cars = 44
  6. Collection Agencies = 37                                  BBB Member Rosters requested before                        address of the person at your company who should
  6. Internet Shopping Services = 37                           SEO-January, 2009=1,800                                    receive BBB communications, as we have been
  7. Roofing-Contractors = 29                                  BBB Member Rosters requested after
  7. Auto Dealers-Used Cars = 29                                                                                          sending media releases and BBB news regularly to
                                                               SEO-September, 2009=15,666
  8. Insurance = 26                                                                                                       our Accredited Businesses via the Internet.
                                                               880% increase
  8. Cellular/Wireless Phones-Services/Supplies = 26

                                                               In our work at BBB, we often find ourselves in           Lincoln Branch Manager Sharon Brodhagen
                                                               the midst of troublesome situations involving            received this note from Grace Farley:
                                                               businesses and consumers. However, we also
                                                               receive some very encouraging, unsolicited               Thank you so much for attending my Senior
                                                               messages from BBB Accredited Businesses and              Honors Night. I was extremely honored by
                                                               the people this organization has served.                 your attendance. I am very grateful for having
                                                                                                                        received the BBB Scott Mecham Student of
                                                                                                                        Integrity Scholarship!
                                                               A grateful consumer wrote to Dispute
                                                               Coordinator Carolyn Sheets, Omaha office:
                                                                                                                        BBB President received this note from

                                                               We are so grateful to you for having solved              UNO College of Communication, Fine Arts
                                                               this case. We are sending your BBB a donation            and Media:
                                                               because of you. Please show this letter to them.
                                                                                                                        Thank you so much for sharing your vast
                                                               Again, thank you so very much. When you are
                                                                                                                        experience and time with our students during
                                                               on a fixed income, you have to be careful. I have
                                                                                                                        our Ethics Advocacy event. We appreciated
                                                               dealt with another BBB before and they did not
                                                                                                                        hearing your insight and we were very impressed
                                                               seem concerned at all.
                                                                                                                        with your preparation on the case study.

                                                               A consumer from Oakdale, PA wrote to 1st                 We look forward to future collaborative
                                                               Responder Nancy Malone, Lincoln office:                  events that showcase the importance of
                                                               You folks at the BBB are great! This never would         ethics and personal integrity in and out of
                                                               have been resolved if it weren’t for you! Thanks         the workplace.
                                                               for all your help!

                                                               A new Accredited Business sent this
                                                               message to BBB Communications Director
                                                               Margo Riekes:
                                                               I am so excited to be accredited by the BBB,
                                                               and I would also like to thank you for the
                                                               emails on the scams that BBB is working on. My
                                                               husband is currently unemployed, and he has
                                                               run across a lot of scams online, just looking for
                                                               a job! I am glad someone is looking out for us!
                                                               I appreciate all the information that everyone I
                                                               have been in touch with has given me.

                                                                                                             Start With Trust
  PAGE 8       3rd Quarter 2009 | Vol. 11 No. 3                                                                                                     

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