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					                          Brooklyn Masters Swimming
                                            May 2004

Dear Brooklynites,

We have come to the end of the 2003/2004 season and the start of the 2004/2005

P    revious season:
     We had a very successful 2003/2004 season.

At the SAMS Nationals in East London:

       Terry Downes missed the World Record in the 100m
       Freestyle (55-59) by 0.20 sec.
       Terry Downes missed the World Record in the 200m
       Freestyle (55-59) by 1.85 sec.

Kim Foster and Margaret Nell received their 10 year awards.

Terry Downes qualified for SA colours in 5 events and received his SA Colours.
Ray Smith must still participate in one Nationals to receive his.

Maggie van der Walt broke a SA record while Terry Downes broke 5.

Terry Downes was awarded the Best Performance Trophy – Male at the
The following swimmers got medals at Nationals:
              Gold                        Silver                 Bronze
Terry (5)                   Jan (1)                   Jan (2)
Francois (2)                Kim (1)                   Ben (1)
Ray (2)                     Francois (3)              Erna (3)
Huibert (3)                 Lizette (2)
Maggie (2)                  Maggie (2)
Kim (1)                     Huibert (1)
                            Shaun (1)

Our Mens 200+ Medley Relay won a bronze medal and the Mens 120+ team won
gold medals both in the Medley and Freestyle relay.

At the NMS AGM, the following awards were handed out (Brooklyn Swimmers in
Best Male Swimmer: Terry Downes.
Best Female Swimmer: Edith Otterman
Best Northerns Master Swimmer: Erna Hattingh and Owen van Reenen
Most Improved Swimmer: Elsje van den Berg
Fred Kothe Trophy: Abe and Linda Bird

Northern Masters Colours:
Terry Downes
Kim Foster
Erna Hattingh
Huibert Phielix
Ann Hanson
Mel Roodt
Barbara Pearce
Greta Wallace
Wendy Muir
Dinel Barnes
Paul Mulder
Life Long Membership of Tshwane Masters was awarded to:
Erna Hattingh
Huibert Phielix
Agnes Olivier
Astrid Armatas
Greta Wallace
Harry Germishuis
Anton Harrop-Allin

Congratulations to all the above-mentioned swimmers – we are proud of you.

N    ew Season:

For those who were Unable to attend the NMS AGM, please note that at a special
meeting the name of our region has now changed to Tshwane Masters Swimming.

Brooklyn Masters Swimming Committee:
President: Jan Sterk                          0826100202
Vise President: Schalk van Heerden            0827727331
Treasurer: Nigel Smith                        082 461 0302
Secretary: Erna Hattingh                      0824455620
Member: A. Bird                               0824985503
Member: Margaret Nell                         083 308 5131

Club fees:
As the fees for Tshwane Masters, SSA and SAMS have increased we had to
increase our subscription to R190-00 per year. Please note that this includes a T-
shirt for new members and travel insurance to a swimming event (see below). As
the new season starts on the 1 May 2004, we want to ask all our swimmers to pay
their subs before the end of May 2004. Contact any committee member and make
arrangements to get your subs in. Thank you to all our members that already paid
their subs at the AGM.
Once a swimmer has registered with a recognised masters swim club, SSA
Insurance covers him or her.
If a member wishes to claim it must be done within 30 days of the incident via SSA.
In case of a claim, you must contact Annie Schwendenwein, as the representative at
SSA on Fax 011 402 2486 or e-mail explaining the
circumstance. Full information should be provided but the initial notification should
not be delayed for any reason as Santam Limited will not accept and claims
reported later than 30 days after the incident.
SSA will certify whether you are a registered member for the current season and will
forward a Personal Accident Claim form for your completion.
The completed Claim Form is to be returned to SSA contact above for submission to
the Insurance Company.
The Insurance Company will not accept forms directly from individuals. Claim forms
can only be remitted by SSA.
SOUTH AFRICA FUNCTIONS. (i.e. SSA sanctioned competitions and training)

Club gear:
Navy shorts or tracksuit pants with our Brooklyn T-shirt. If you have lost your T-shirt
or feel it is getting too old, or want a second one, you may purchase another one. In
addition to this you can have any navy track suit top and/or navy Drymac and/or
navy sweatshirt. If you want to have our Brooklyn logo embroided on any of these
items just hand these items in at the Inter Regional gala at Hillcrest in November
and we will have them done for you. Plain navy blue towels can also be handed in
and we can have the following embroided on one corner for R20-00 per towel:
Brooklyn Masters Swimming “Your name”. Any plain NEW navy swimming

costume can also be handed in and our whale will be added to your costume at a
cost of R15-00. If you would like to order any item or hand in any item to be
embroided or to have the whale added, please put all monies in a clearly marked
envelope and hand it to any of the committee members. All articles must also be
marked. If there is anyone who wants me to make them a club costume (R50-00 for
men’s and R100-00 for ladies) please let me know as soon as possible.

M      embers:
       We want to wish Terry, Kim, Ray and Shaun all the best for World champs in
Riccione, Italy.
We hope Ben Gerber is feeling much better, and that we will be seeing his (in the
water) soon.

Important dates.
These are the dates we have so far:
Date                     Venue                              SC/LC   Time
21 August 2004            TMS Short Course Gala - SC                TBA
2 October 2004            Coelacanth 1500 - Hillcrest       LC      8:00
20 November 2004          Inter-Regional Gala - Hillcrest   LC      14:00
15 February 2004          TMS champs – long distance        LC      18:00
19 February 2004          TMS champs                        LC      9:00

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