How to Give a Formal PowerPoint Presentation by xiaopangnv


									Bio 204L                                                                       Fall 2011

                           Plant Formal Presentation (P2-25 pts.)
                                Due Week 7 (Oct 3-7, 2011)

By following the suggestions below, you help ensure that your group will give a successful
PowerPoint presentation. Please make sure to take note of both the specific assignment
guidelines and the formatting recommendations.

204L – Specific Assignment Guidelines
This PowerPoint presentation is going to convey your results and conclusions of your
independent investigation to your TA and fellow classmates. Make sure that you carefully review
the assignment guidelines below, or else you will be in jeopardy of losing points.

      Presentations will be given in class during week 7 (Oct 3-7, 2011).
      The formal presentation is worth 25 points.
      Each group will have 20 minutes to present. You will lose points if your presentation
       goes over 20 minutes, or is shorter than 15 minutes, so plan accordingly and PRACTICE!
      Each group member must speak for approximately 5-6 minutes (based on if you have 3 to
       4 people in your group).
      The presentation must be EMAILED to your TA at least 24 hours before your lab begins.
       Check below for your lab period and the corresponding time your presentation will be
              Wednesday      Section 3               Email on Oct 4th by 8:00am
                             Section 4               Email on Oct 4th by 11:30am
                             Section 5               Email on Oct 4th by 3:30pm
                             Section 6               Email on Oct 4th by 7:00pm
              Thursday       Section 7               Email on Oct 5th by 8:00am
                             Section 8               Email on Oct 5th by 11:30am
                             Section 9               Email on Oct 5th by 3:30pm
                             Section 10              Email on Oct 5th by 7:00pm
              Friday         Section 11              Email on Oct 6th by 8:00am
                             Section 12              Email on Oct 6th by 11:30am

      It is very important that you follow this schedule, so that your TA has time to download
       the presentation on the main computer and it is ready to go when you come to class (also
       so that he/she has time to contact you if problems arise). We will NOT allow you to save
       the presentation to a floppy disc, CD, or memory stick, and then try and open it right
       before presenting. Issues always arise when this happens, and with approximately 6
       groups presenting, there is no time to waste. (The computers in the classroom are not
       even capable of reading floppy discs and CDs.)

Bio 204L                                                                        Fall 2011

      The presentation must be submitted as ONE file. Do not email multiple sections to your
       TA for him/her to compile. If each person in your group works on one section, it is still
       up to the group to put together the entire presentation.
      Make sure you include the following sections in your presentation:
                  o Introduction – including hypothesis/hypotheses, prediction(s), and
                    background information
                  o Materials and Methods – a brief, but clear overview. DO NOT include set
                    up details for the Qubit system – this will cause you to lose points. Focus
                    on the treatment details and what your group is measuring.
                  o Results – only present the outcome; leave interpretation to the discussion
                  o Discussion – interpretation of results
                  o Conclusion – problems encountered; things you learned/possible
                    improvements; where to go next/future experiments based on the results

              Formal PowerPoint Presentation Guidelines are found in Appendix F of the
               Biology 204 Lab Manual, pg 195.
              For additional help with Formal Presentations, refer to A Short Guide to Writing
               about Biology, 6th Edition, Pechenik (packaged with the Pearson Textbook) pg
              You will be graded on:
                  o Overall Format (1 pt.)
                  o Delivery and Clarity of Voice (2 pts.)
                  o Total Time Presenting (2 pts.)
                  o Clearly Stated Hypothesis (3 pts.)
                  o General Set-up of Project Background (3 pts.)
                  o Clear and Concise Materials and Methods (2 pts.)
                  o Figures Clearly Depict Data (2 pts.)
                  o Figures Labeled and Captioned (1 pt.)
                  o Verbal Explanation of Results (2 pts.)
                  o Interpret/Compare with other Research (3 pts.)
                  o Discussion of Broader Significance (2 pts.)
                  o Conclusions/Addressed Hypothesis (2 pts.)


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