ECJ by SXJ22l


•   Overview
•   Suggested Plan
•   Access and setup
•   Tutorials and examples
•   Eclipse
•   FYI
• Java based
• Very powerful
  – LaTeX option for fancy trees
• Some reading and experimentation is
              Suggested Plan
• Download
• Decide on a development environment
   – Eclipse
   – Text editor
   – Your favorite IDE
• Introduction
   – Read ECJ Homepage
   – Briefly read parameter files
   – Look at Tutorial 1 at least
• Tutorial 4 and examples
   – Closely follow 4
   – Perform some examples
• Create your own simple example
• Begin work on your final project
        Access and setup
• Download from
• Get the documentation from
• Delete the package “teambots” unless
  you want to do more research about it
     Tutorials and examples
• You should read through Tutorial 1 and
  Tutorial 4 at least.
• You must not skip Tutorial 4
  – Read slowly as this is the very core of
    understanding the classes used to represent the
    individuals you will evolve
• There are over 20 different GP examples
  – Artificial ant, Boolean multiplexer, lawn-
    mowers, even-odd parity, etc.
• Understand the details of the simple
  examples before you move on
• Just a suggestion – don’t use this
  unless you feel like you want to invest
  the time in getting a very nice IDE
• Download from
• Import from file system, make sure
  you filter just the *.java
• ECJ does not class-distinguish between
  functions and terminals . Rather, terminals
  are just 0-arity functions.
• Parameter files can seem very complicated
  – they are really just an inheritance model
  implemented across a set of text files – but
  this can be confusing when you first look
  through it. Read through the “about
  parameter files” and trace through the ones
  used for a simple example.

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