Hitler's demands and European Appeasement

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					 Hitler’s Demands and
European Appeasement
      By:Koby V
      What is Appeasement?
• Appeasement is accepting demands in
  order to avoid conflict
• It’s a policy of giving concessions in
  exchange for peace
How did appeasement start?
• Appeasement started in Europe
• At the Munich Conference on
  September29,1938 when Britain and
  France agreed to Hitler’s demands
   How did giving into Hitler’s
    demands effected other
• There was much controversy about giving into
  Hitler’s demands many people were worried
  seeing what will happen in the future
• Countries all over the world were in panic
• Britain after started to rearm its army as fast
  as they can after the Munich Conference
Why did they give into Hitler’s
• The countries at the Munich Conference
  thought Hitler didn’t demand a lot of things
• They thought giving into Hitler’s demands
  would quench his thirst to conquer other
• The people at the conference thought they had
  avoided war by giving into the demands
Why did the Europeans allow
appeasement to happen?
• They allowed it to happen because they
  weren’t ready for war and they thought
  they could avoid war
• Britain’s army wasn’t ready for war
• Chamberlain said “a peace with honor…
  peace in our time”
• Chamberlain also started to rearm his
    Who where the countries
   responsible for giving into
       Hitler’s demands?
• The two main countries responsible for
  giving into Hitler’s demands were Britain
  and France
What were Hitler’s demands?
• Hitler’s demands were he wanted to
  Sudetenland from Czechoslovakia
• The German word “Lebensraum” means
  living space Hitler wanted all of Europe
  for himself
• He wanted the Germans to be the
  superior race
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