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									                                  Computing in the Modern World
                                  Course Syllabus F2010-SP2011

            Instructor’s Name: Ms. Williams                           Email:

            Phone: 770-819-2521 x240                      Blog:

            Room No: 214

Computing in the Modern World is a foundations course for a variety of Computer Science Program
Pathways. The goal of this course is to provide all students with an introduction to the principles of
computer science and its place in the modern world. This course should also help students to use
computers effectively in their lives, thus providing a foundation for successfully integrating their own
interests and careers with the resources of a technological society.


                 I            Careers, Ethics, and History of Computing

                 II               Hardware and Software Components

                III                          Networking Basics

                IV                   Web Design/Internet Essentials

                 V                             Problem Solving

                VI                               Programming

                VII                         Limits to Computing

               VIII                             Data Structures

Each day, students should bring a 3 Pronged Folder or binder with Pockets and Notebook paper.
Writing utensils are also required for tests, quizzes and taking notes. #2 pencils are specifically
required for taking 6-week common assessments.
Students are expected to complete all assignments as assigned. Grades will be recorded using the
following distribution:


30% Test/Projects                              A       =         100-90
25% Employability/Class work                   B       =         89-80
10% Quizzes                                    C       =         79-74
10% Reading/Writing                            D       =         70-73
 5% Midterm Exam                               F       =         69 and below
10% Final Exam (Objective)
10% Final Exam (Performance)
100% Total Grade

You will be allowed to make up your missed work in accordance with school policy. If your absence is
unexcused, you may NOT make up missed work. It is your responsibility to make up any work
missed. You have the number of consecutive school days you were absent + one (1) day (but no
more than 6 days total) to make up missed work. For absences longer than five (5) consecutive days,
the Administration will decide the time to be allowed for make-up work.

I post assignments on a daily basis. It is YOUR responsibility to view assignment posted on the day
that you missed, complete the assignment and submit according to the school policy in the handbook.
Remember that EVERY day we learn something new, and it is important for you to learn each
concept in order to be successful in the next step.

Every assignment is expected to be turned in on its due date and in the appropriate class period.
However, any assignment you turn in late will have points deducted based on the table below:

     1 day late            2 days late             3 days late            4+days late

      -10 pts.               -20 pts.               -30 pts.              Zero for that
   1.     Students are expected to be on time to class. In assigned seat when the bell rings. Running
          into the classroom as the bell is ringing is a tardy and student will be required to get a tardy
          pass from administrator. Students are allowed 3 accumulative tardies and on the 4 th tardy
          will receive discipline.
   2.     Assignments are posted daily on the network. Check on a daily basis. If you are absent,
          check posting for the day(s) missed. Daily attendance is extremely important for a
          successful semester. Students should attend classes regularly to stay in accordance with
          the Cobb County School District attendance policy. It is the student’s responsibility to
          make-up work upon return from an excused absence.
   3.     Hall passes are limited. Take care of personal needs before class. Time between classes
          is allotted for bathroom breaks. Do not put on make-up, comb/brush hair etc. in the
          classroom. You will not be able to leave class. Strictly Enforced!
   4.     Absolutely NO food or liquid drinks in the classroom. Water is a liquid and therefore is NOT
          permitted. Discard upon entering the classroom.
   5.     Be prepared for class. Each day student is responsible for bringing proper writing utensils:
          a pencil, pen (blue or black ink) and a folder or binder with pockets and notebook paper to
          class. We do take notes in this CLASS! Complete all assignments fully and submit on time.
   6.     Respect yourself, the teacher, your classmates and all equipment.
   7.     Computers are used for instruction purposes ONLY. Students are not allowed to play
          computer games, watch videos, download programs or use the Internet without the
          permission of the teacher. Proper disciplinary procedures will be taken for inappropriate
          searches on the Internet.
   8.     Academic dishonesty or cheating will result in a zero and referral to administrator. Be
          honest. Do your own work.
   9.     Use of electronic devices in the classroom of any kind is prohibited (unless given
          permission from teacher for class purposes only) will automatically warrant a disciplinary
          referral to administrator. Refer to student handbook.
   10.    Students are to remain in their assigned seat at all times. There will be no gathering at the
          door before the bell rings. You are to work up to the sound of the bell.

In the event a student chooses to not adhere to the procedures/expectations, the following
consequences will be given.

1st Consequence – Verbal Warning
2nd Consequence – Parental Contact/Time-out
3rd Consequence – Detention is scheduled. If the student misses a day of detention, I will reschedule
for a second time. If the student does not serve his/her detention, he/she will receive Violation 4.
4th Consequence – Discipline Referral to Administrator

If necessary, students will be removed from class and placed in a designated, supervised area.
Students will be required to complete any assignment(s) missed while out of class. Students sent to
time-out will also receive 2nd, 3rd or 4th consequence depending on the number of occurrences.
In order for students to be successful, they must be present in class. In an effort to ensure success of
all students, passes will not be written for students to leave class. Students will be required to remain
in class unless called by administration or guidance.

Restroom passes will not be given, time between classes is allotted for students to use
restroom, get water, go to locker, etc.

Use of electronic devices is a violation of Cobb County Public Schools policy. If seen, students will
receive a discipline referral.

   Students must leave their workstations in an orderly manner. This grade will be included in the
    daily assignments category as well as class participation.
   To comply with Cobb County School Improvement Goals and GHSGT Standards, students will
    also be required to practice writing techniques (compose journals on a daily basis), reading
    comprehension, and Language Arts competencies throughout the semester.
Williams – CMW Syllabus

Parent/Guardian: It is very important that we have an open door to communicate throughout the
semester to aid in the success of your student. It is essential to provide a classroom environment
that is conducive to learning. I have outlined classroom procedures and expectations in an effort to
create a safe and positive learning environment for each student. After reviewing the course syllabus,
please complete the information below verifying that you have read and fully understand procedures
and expectations for Ms. Williams’ Computing in the Modern World Class as outlined in the course

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me using the information on page 1 of
the course syllabus.

Course: Computing in the Modern World

Class Period: 1st 2nd     3rd   4th White or Blue

     Student Name:                                  Student Signature:

     Parent/Guardian Signature:                     Date:

     Work Phone:                                    Home Phone:

     Parent Cell Phone:

     Parent E-mail (please print if available):

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