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					                December 2006 ABDX Journal
                                    Vol 2. Issue 8

Editors Corner:
―It‘s the most wonderful time of the year.‖

This is the time of year that we all celebrate holy days, Christmas, Hannukah, or
the Winter Solstice or just are thankful to have a few days off with family and
friends. Some will exchange gifts and have a big Christmas dinner with a turkey or
ham and others will have Chinese food or a big pizza and those who celebrate St.
Nicholas, they will all have a large fish, the Scandinavians all will have lutefisk.
Don‘t ask, its kinda like fish jello covered in butter.

I hope you all had a very great time this holiday and got that dx tool you have
dreamed of all year.

Only submissions from ABDX members will be accepted unless the editor decides
the information is so important that it should be added. This will probably be very
rare, Should you receive this and you are not a member, go to this URL and tell us
a little about you and we will consider you for membership.

This is the site to join ABDX.

The ABDX website URL is:

There are currently 142 members of ABDX. We added ten members this month.
Conditions are improving and towards Christmas/Hannukah we had very auroral
conditions which pleased the northern DXers to no end and left the Southern ones
with a bag of coal and even more SS Mexican and Cuban stations than usual. We
are interested in any DRM or IBOC/HD loggings from those of you who received
an HD radio from Santa. We do have our first HD logs and a HD radio review!

The ABDX CME Journal is available to all at no cost. Please pass it around to your
DXing friends and also post it on other lists as well.
You can get your copy of the journal at

Here is the announcement for January‘s CME:

ABDX is announcing the January CME.

We present the 1400 - 1700 kHz MW segment for those MW BCB DX

For the many HF DXers, accomplished and neophytes, the Pan-American SW
segment to make it easy for those trying out HF DX for the first time and give a
chance for those who want to try for some of those flea powered South Americans.
This segment is to receive every signal you can on any meter band from North or
South America and American protectorates and islands in the Pacific.
As always we are open for the FM and TV logs, LF logs and your favorite internet
radio feeds, just send in what it is and the URL for addition into the Journal. Let us
know about tests that are upcoming.
We are certainly open for logs on any new gear or rigs you may have received over
the holiday. Give us a review for inclusion in the Journal.
This CME starts 1 Jan. 0000 and ends 31 Jan 2359. Report LOCAL TIME for LW,
MW, FM and TV, UTC for HF broadcast [SW].

You may use any format to compile your logs that You wish.

Lets get to the logs…

Kevin Redding, Phil Rafuse and Mike Richard, the ABDX crew.

The Broadcast Band [MW]
Paul LaFrienere – Grand Marais, MN
ICOM R-75 – Quantum Phaser, Welbrook Loop/Ratzlaff Whip

1570 WFLR NY Dundee. 12/11 0758 CST. Broke through the noise with local ads & TOH
I.D. at 0800. NEW. Did not expect to hear anything new during the terrible conditions of the
past couple of weeks.

1330 WSPQ NY Springville. 12/14 1615 CST. Local ads. Ad for "Springville
Law Center in Springville, NY." Into talk program. NEW

1310 WTTL KY Madisonville. 12/14 1735 CST. Nice signal with local
weather--high tomorrow 65F. I.D. "ESPN 1310 WTTL." Then local obits. NEW
1370 WCOA FL Pensacola. 12/14 1920 CST. Broke through mess with "If you live here--shop here.
Happy holidays from WCOA." New state. No. 48.
1430 WFHK AL Pell City. 12/14 1845 CST. Poor with ad for Alabama Power Appliance Center.
I.D. "Your Hometown Station WFHK." Into country music. NEW
1440 WDXQ GA Cochran. 12/14 1851 CST. Local ads. "The radio station just for you--96-Q.
1570 WFUR MI Grand Rapids. 12/15 0526 CST. "Listen to 'Discover the Word' Mon thru Fri
on WFUR-AM." Into rel music. NEW
1320 KLWN KS Lawrence. 12/15 1630 CST. Local weather--low tonight 39.        I.D. "Newstalk
1320 KLWN." Into local sports. NEW
1360 WNAH TN Nashville. 1620 CST. Ads for Imperial Remodeling &         ABC Book Store.
"Happy Holidays from WNAH." Many more ads & phone numbers with 615 area code. NEW

Keith McGinnis – Hingham, MA
Drake R8B

WBHV 1330 State College PA now running ESPN might be running day power right
now....real strong here in Hingham MA at 12/2 0445 UTC. Go get em!!!
WIFI 1460 Florence NJ at 0357 with Full legal ID
WHP 580 Harrisburg PA at 0505 with many WHP mentions and local weather

Alan Furst – Round Rock, TX
Eton E1 and Quantum Loop v. 2.0

I heard a pop music mix in English and Spanish last night on 1140. The imaging production
gave dial position (in Spanish) but could not get a clear ID of the station. From the sound of the
programming I'm guessing it was a Groupo Acir Station. Could this be XETE Tehuacán?
Had clear IDs on La Movldita XEPOP on 1120 (No KMOX). Also Radio LOBO XETOL on 1130 with
KWKH fairly quiet and XENAS 1100 Navojoa, "La Tremenda"

KWRD 1470 Henderson Texas, listed as silent on a couple of station lists is very much active. Noted on
air at 7:20AM CST playing a mix of country Christmas songs and TSN News on half hour. CBS News
on hour. From the sound of it, they've been on air for a while.

KXTZ 1560 West Lake Hills Austin is now a simulcast of their FM. Instead of being called 'LA
Lupe', they are now 'Pop en Espanol", playing Spanish pop hits. IDs reflect the FM side using
104.9 (in Spanish).

IEN-GA Ira Elbert New, III, Watkinsville – GA
DRAKE R8B 135' N/S Wire / SR III
560 WJLS WV Beckley - 12/03/06 1911 - Focus on the Family ad along with
religious music. Good signal on top of the mix. "A reminder from AM 560, WJLS".
690 WIST LA New Orleans - 12/04/06 1934 - The Savage Nation with Michael
Savage & New Orleans traffic and weather. Slightly better than decent signal on top of the mix.
"AM 690, WIST".
1320 KYHN AR Fort Smith - 12/06/06 2253 - Tammy Bruce Show promo and The Savage
Nation with Michael Savage. Decent signal mixing with WCOG in Greensboro, NC. "The One
You Depend On, 1650, KWHN".
1300 WOOD MI Grand Rapids - 12/17/06 0030 - Spot encouraging Salvation Army donations.
Weak signal fading in and out of the mix. " WOODRADIO.COM".
800 WPLK FL Palatka - 12/17/06 1731 - BOH ID and Christmas music. Weak
signal with fades. "Magic 800, WPLK".
1470 WBCR TN Alcoa - 12/17/06 1955 - Christian Brotherhood spot and a spot for the
Waterfront Bar and Grill in nearby Maryville, TN. Decent signal above the din. "AM 1470,
WBCR in Maryville".
800 WSVS VA Crewe - 12/21/06 1629 - BOH ID into Bluegrass. Good signal (S9) with a little
static. "Classic Hit Country, AM 800, WSVS".
810 WSJC MS Magee - 12/21/06 1705 - Religious material. Good signal (S9) with a little static.
"It's 4:05. You're listening to WSJC, Magee, Mississippi. AM 810 on you dial".
1090 KAAY AR Little Rock - 12/21/06 1715 - Religious material. Good, steady signal (5 over
S9). "1090KAAY.COM" and "Arkansas' Leading Christian Voice for over 20 years, 1090 KAAY".
1420 WKSR TN Pulaski - 12/21/06 1739 - Spot encouraging listeners to report news to the
station and crossover country oldies. Signal was all but buried in the mix. "WKSR FM".

Kevin Redding – Gilbert, Arizona
Rx As Noted Below – Q-Stick +
Heard on a 1982 Digital Superadio, barefoot:
920 KVEL Vernal, UT 1955 with ID, rarely heard at night.
1000 KOMO Seattle, WA 2004 ID after a Shane Co. ad.
1010 CBR Calgary, AB 2006 with CBC programming heard in null of local
1350 KABQ Albuquerque, NM 2031 with Denver Broncos v. Seattle
Seahawks FB, KABQ AAR ID.
1030 KTWO Casper, WY 2043 with Denver Broncos v. Seattle Seahawks FB, ID
850 KOA Denver, CO 2047 with Denver Broncos v. Seattle Seahawks FB, ID. Huge 12/4
720 WGN Chicago, IL 2253 talk about film noir.
780 WBBM Chicago, IL 2255 ad for a jeweler in Naperville and
LaGrange, ID, time check.
830 WCCO Minneapolis, MN 2258 PSA for diabetes awareness and ID.
890 WLS Chicago, IL 2300 ToH ID and into ABC News. Rare and very rare
this loud.
890 KVOZ Del Mar Hills, TX [New COL] 2301 a long litany of stations being IDed on AM and FM
both full power and xlators. Under WLS!
1040 WHO Des Moines, IA 2303 ID and into local news, very strong.
1120 KMOX St. Louis, MO 2304 running CBS News. In null from KANN Roy, UT.
1140 CHRB High Bridge, AB 2305 "AM - 1140" into C&W"
1380 KSRV Ontario, OR 0445 oldies "1380, Treasure Valley, The Cruise."
Heard on a Bruce Carter modified SR III, nekkid:
1470 KNFL Trementon, UT 0000 ToH ID which was a dual ID and the other station was on 1490. They
were playing Christmas Music. This is new for me #875.
Heard on a Grundig S350 nekkid:
1340 KIST Santa Barbara, CA 12/15 0545 with liberal talk program that sounded like the Young Turks.
Heard on a CCRadio, barefoot:
1310 KTCK Dallas, TX 12/17 0020 with ads for a "gentlemens" club, then talk about Terrell Owens
spitting in another man's face and a fight where NBA players went into the stands to fight with fans.
570 KSNM Las Cruces, NM 12/19 0705 before KFYI cranked up the IBAC noise generator they were
heard with NM state news and into a story about drinking in college.

Chris Johnson – South Carolina
Grundig S350

I heard WECU [1570 Winterville, NC] this afternoon [12/1] and was quite surprised to look thep
up at and find that they are only 200 watts daytime and 3800 at night, and non
directional both day and night. Most unusual !!
WCGA 1100 Woodbine, Ga. 1630 today..mentions of the Golden Isles, etc. and "the most powerful AM
station on the coast from Norfolk (Va.) to Jacksonville (Fl.) while sitting in the car
Also, WDHP 1620 Frederiksted ,V.I. I.D. at TOH at 2200 on 12/11 dual station I.D.
with WRRA 1290 also in Frederiksted first time heard here in S.C hrd. previously in Central
Florida.....this one on the Grundig S350

Phil Rafuse – Charlottesville, PEI
Collins R-392 and 6‘ copper pipe antenna or noted
I love this auroral stuff - 580 Porto Rico is pounding in for the second
night in a row. Lots of chat, Spanish language music, lots of
commercials, including Burger King.
My 2004 NRC AM Radio Log 25th edition shows them as WKAQ with 10KW.
My old nightime pattern book shows them with a directional pattern
pointing away from me.
555 ZIZ St. Kitts is also pounding in too.
And, I've only gone from 530 to 580 so far tonight!

Bruce Winkelman – Tulsa, OK
Drake R-8 Quantum Phaser, 2 – 50 foot wires

1530 KMAM MO Butler 2032CST 01DEC06 w/cancellation announcements, local ads, dual AM/FM
ID "KMEO 92.1 and 15-30 KMAM" 2033CST into c&w mx. Mixing with KZNX-TX ESPN and WCKY.
Butler MO had 18 inches of snow in the big storm yesterday, evidently on late for "snow emergency".
KROB 1510 strong and steady here Tulsa 2302-2307CST 13DEC06,
w/Tejano mx, EE ID as "KROB Corpus Christi", sometimes covering WLAC. On late? Sure
sounds stronger than 500 watts.
KTNN-660 very strong here with Wingate High School basketball game 2230-2240CST 21DEC06,
female anncr alternating both English and presumed Navaho languages in play-by-play.

Eric Berger – USA
GE Superadio III
Using the GE Superadio III with just the stock ferrite rod, I've been able to null WWJ-950 around local
sunset in the past, and once I managed to catch something playing Classic Hits during the overnight
I believe the Classic Hits may have been CHER from Sydney, NS -- unfortunately, I had whatever it was
in the same night Peter Jennings passed, so the ABC fanfare on CBS News when they'd talk about him
washed out any IDs on the mystery station. Only thing I could find in my log, though.
The station I caught at sunset under WWJ was KWOS Jefferson City, MO - - which interestingly also
uses the name "News Radio 950." It was added because I'd gotten a good ID out of them under WWJ. I've
also been able to null out local CKWW-580 and catch a few stations on their frequency...and yes, even
local pest WNZK-680 has
been nulled once or twice to reveal either CFTR Toronto or WPTF Raleigh, NC. And I have caught
Spanish a couple of times under CKLW- 800, but have no idea who that might be.
Well, I was scanning the dials at about 0545 this (Wednesday) morning...and what did I hear as I tunes
across the 1200 kHz band?
Well, WCHB Taylor, MI seems to have turned their IBOC back on, as I could hear the hash from 1180-
1220 kHz. I was on my way to get some McD's for breakfast, but after hearing that crud back on there
(After a year and a half absence,) I kind of lost my I ended up just going for a ride instead.
Which means that we now have EIGHT stations carrying IBOC here: WRDT- 560 Monroe, WJR-760
Detroit, WFDF-910 Farmington Hills, WWJ-950 Detroit, WDFN-1130 Detroit, WCHB-1200 Taylor,
WXYT-1270 Detroit, and WEXL-1340 Royal Oak.
I'm hoping someone can help me on an unID I heard on AM-1200 yesterday during the 1700 hour
The ultra-worthless WCHB-1200 Taylor, MI was off the air for a spell during said hour, and at :18 I had a
station fade up with a talk show which was evidently aimed at women -- I noted they were discussing
family relationships. Signal gave way to CFGO Ottawa by :27.
I tuned away as CFGO began to dominate at about :28, and returned at approximately :50 after checking
the surrounding channels. At :53, I heard a talk show discussing nutrition -- heard mentions of cod liver
oil supplements, among other things. Alas, as the signal was getting decent, WCHB returned to air,
completely wiping out the station.
Would anyone have any idea of who I may have had? A few minutes earlier I noted NC in decently on
lower channels, and I also noted Quebec in on AM-610 (C&W in FF was a dead giveaway.) Noted
around :30 was WSLM Salem, IN giving WHKW Cleveland a run for its money.
Signal on 1200 seemed best when rx was aimed mostly toward south. WXIT and WSML had money talk
listed for that time (Per their Websites,) and WOAI (As well as WKST) had Hannity listed. I would
appreciate any assistance you could provide.

Willis Monk – Old Fort, TN
Drake R4 and longwire
1260 WSDZ IL BELLEVILLE       2020 07/11/06 "RADIO DISNEY, AM 1260, ST. LOUIS,"
1320 KYHN AR FORT SMITH 2220 07/11/06 ID-"NEWS AND TALK, KWHN 16-50, FORT
"WIGG, 1420, WIGGINS."
1460, CULLMAN."
1380 WELE FL ORMOND BEACH 1910 11/12/06 Promo for something the station is giving
away. "call (missed the phone number) and get .. from WELE. Your listening to WELE, AM
1380, Talk radio, Daytona's adult talk." Then back into pastor Pete Peters
1460 WBNS OH COLUMBUS 1845 16/11/06 "WBNS, AM 14-60, COLUMBIS, ESPN RADIO,

Jay Heyl – Orlando, FL
Acura Radio and 31‖ whip
680 WPTF Raleigh, NC United States 33333 English "News/talk 6-80"
Positive ID during news. 2305 UTC 12/8/2006
720 WGN Chicago, IL United States 33333 English News report of office
shooting. Several positive IDs during news. 2300 UTC 12/8/2006

Neil Kazaross – Barrington, IL
R8A and phased E-W BOG
My alarm went off at 0513 EST this morning and I flipped on the bedside Sony
2010 and nulled WIND and there was WFIL with code and a few minutes later
something like a two-tone siren. QRM u/nulled WIND was music, most likely
unn CFOS
A daytimer on at night and nearly local like in AU cx with Spanish religion.
Finally IDed it just prior to 8 PM CST with calls and Dallas area ments and
a KXEB 910 ment (co-owned). Radio Catolica Mundial ments and also La Red de Radio Guadelupe. One
of 5 news ones so far, all from very deep south and
There's more I could haul in as several very rare but previously heard
stations have also been caught. Anyhow I quick run down before bed or what's
new here tonite, using my 35 deg TA Phased BOGs unterminated and off the
back end.
850 KJON TX (what are they doing on AN ?) , 1130 WQFX MS, 1130 KTMR TX s/off in SS, 1210
XEBD VE, 570 XEVX TB o/u Reloj pest, 770 XEACH NL R.Formula // 970, 1170 XEZS VE mixing
with another Mexican (maybe unn XECD)and OK.
I hope we get a few more days of this.Rare things like 1250 KDEI TX in with
Milwaukee phased out etc etc. Attempts to drag anything out of bits of SS on
1400 w/WRJN phased out were fruitless since EE's dominated almost all the

Still quite AU here tonite and 2 more new ones IDed. WRNE 980 FL, and XEHTY
1100 VE "La Tremenda". XEHTY had QRM and was often dominated by an SS
talker, but I think that station may have gone off just after 7 PM CST and
may have played some unfamiliar anthem as well, or it just could have been
the end of the program and faded. On 1140 there is a station with mostly
Mexican but some US pop/rock mx mixing with XEMR (M-R Deportiva) at times.
A very fast tip about how good and early sunset skip has been in Grafton WI
the past two eves. WSKW 1160 ME first showed up today at 2:23 PM !!!
Nebraska 840 in well by 3:20 both days. Montreal 1280 huge at 2:33. Colorado
670 and Wyoming 650 loud and clear by 5 PM. Mauretania 783 // 4845 hrd as
early at 3:57 PM.
Weds night featured superb eastern cx in Grafton WI and CBA was loud rolling
over CHOK on 1070 so I looked around for more CBC and thought I had bits of
CBC newscasters on 1140 during 7 and 8 pm (CST) news and at around 9:05
there was bits of the wx audible and then into Northern Lights cl mx // CBA.
So CBI is new for me. Over to 990 to check for CBY which I think is the best
bet for NF (OK NL now) towards the west as 640 has a Michigan urban mx pest.
Anyhow..I soon had some mx well u/ Montreal's Team 990 (on day rig I think)
with a weak CBW phased out (they had talk, being 2 hours behind Atlantic CBC
feed) which seemed to be the same violin dominated cl mx as 1070. I couldn't
raise it up enough to hear any talk in the occasional breaks and by 10 PM
news it was gone.
Later tuning past 1110 with KFAB phased and noting how weak WBT was I had
some of the same cl mx pgm an hour later around 10:15.
I think CBLI Deep River ON is the only LPRT on 1110 in the EST zone. Once
again, I couldn't raise up any talk for something more positive.
Does anyone have a list of active LPRT's in ON and PQ since I may be able to
dig a couple more out with the ENE Phased BOG System.
Don Kaskey – San Francisco, CA
Drake R8 and Kiwa Loop
Tuning 670 about 0020 PST 12/8 the notice from Bill Frahm was on target
and KBOI was off. This left a strong KPUA-Hilo HI (for my location at
any rate) who was dominating 2 other stations....A sports talk which I
assume was WSCR in Chicago & a spanish station playing romantica music.
KPUA carrying Coast to Coast show and good ID at 0030 while solidly
Over on 660 Calgary was more or less dominant over Window Rock &
Orcutt. Heard some c&w in there as well, might have been Mt. Vernon.
On 650 beaming NE/SW KSTE atop but KRTR Honolulu in with nice singing ID
about 0025 and mixing with KSTE throughout. Looping N/S had the Mexican
and CISL-Vancouver.
A het was noticed just off 640...Probably Fiji on 639....No chance to
try for Tahiti on 738 thanks to local KCBS on 740.
The rest of the band appeared pretty ugly so I'm off to beddy-bye....

620 SS station with ESPN Desportes loud atop frequency 1635 PST 12/13.
Assume this is the Baja station, whatever the calls may be nowdays.
670 SS station strong under KBOI 12/13 2340...Assume XESOS....
860 KKAT Salt Lake City strong atop with c&w music & 'Country Legends
107.5' IDs 2342-2350...Rare here, especially as a dominant signal.

Mike Richard – Evanston, WY
Chrysler Radio and 31‖ whip
Heard on a Chrysler Corp AM Stereo / FM Stereo stock radio
920       KKLF Rapid City, SD            15:50 12/6/06        Heard numerous liners/id's
mentioning "Cool 920 - KKLF" and into oldies music. Even caught the TOH ID.
This station sounded awesome about 10 years ago when I was in Rapid City -
oldies in AM Stereo. Didn't get a stereo pilot yesterday but it could have
been because the signal may have been not quite strong enough. I don't see
it listed in any of the AM Stereo stations lists - wonder when they dropped
it? It's a shame...they're still playing music.
680        KNBR San Francisco CA 1210 YES, that is right. High noon!! Not new
obviously but never heard smack dab in the middle of the day. Good signal. Go figure!
1440 KPUR Amarillo TX 1645 Heard many ESPN Sports ID’s and into local break with
Amarillo mentions. NEW!
870        KFLD Pasco WA 1630 Heard Dr Laura w/ID going into break ―You’re listening to
Dr Laura on NewsTalk 870 KFLD. NEW!
810        KBHB Sturgis SD 1610 Another South Dakota that I needed when we were doing
the neighboring states CME this summer. Tried here in Evanston but never could get it due to
KUTR (820)’s HASSSSSSHHHHHHHH. Was about 60 miles east of Evanston – so the hash
wasn’t nearly as much of a problem. Heard many KBHB mentions and ads for Sturgis
1210 KGYN Guymon OK 1605 Really good signal for being afternoon. Noted there’s
definitely no stereo pilot anymore. We knew this was going to happen when CCU bought them
a year or two ago, but the pilot is indeed definitely gone and they may even be IBOC.
690    KTSM El Paso, TX          2015 12/20/06           Station coming in very good – heard
network break followed by a liner by Alan Colmes ―You’re listening to the Alan Colmes show on
News/Talk 690 KTSM‖. NEW!!! Wouldn’t have thunk it!

Mike Westfall– Los Alamos, NM
Toshiba ST-665 and RS Loop
Just recorded XETB (Torreon, COAH) on 1350.
1350 KRNT IA Des Moines -- 14 Dec 2006 0500 MST -- with weather report, then into Star Spangled
Banner. 5kW/5kW 788 mi. IA #4

I think I mighta heard the "RR" of Radio Reloj on 950 last night at
2200 MST.Take a listen and tell me what you think.

Albert Lehr – Livermore CA
Allied A-2515 and 6‘ outdoor loop
1050 KTCT San Mateo, CA heard with IBOC 1514 PST 12/12/06.
600 KCOL CO, Wellington "Fox News Radio" ID 12/13/06 at 1527 PST.
Disappeared at 1530 power cut. Heard again 12/14/06 with ID at 1030
during break in the Rush Limbaugh show. CKBD on top at 1104 PST.

Stephen Ponder – Houston, TX
Original Superadio
I've been hearing a very strong Mexican station on 760 kHz for the last week or so. This afternoon, I left
work at 5:00 PM CST. I tuned to 760 kHz and heard WJR in Detroit, MI. As darkness approached my
location, WJR faded out and my thus-far unidentified Mexican station began to fade in. Over the next
few minutes, I heard several mentions of "Presidente Calderon" and "la superbowl."
Then I heard an announcement, "En Mexico tengo nuevo Presidento." I figured it was a Mexican station,
so when I got home, I tuned in on my KA-1103. Sure enough, it was XEABC!
I verified what I was hearing by using the "Haz click y escuchanos en Vivo" link on their website
( At 6:59 PM CST, I heard their full ID.
They have a news/talk style of programming, complete with commercials almost as annoying as those on
US news/talk stations!

Powell Way III – West Columbia, SC
Ford Ranger Truck Radio
1030 WONQ Oviedo FL 1715 12/10/06 local strength and steady. Ads mentioning 17:30
DA time ...... POOOF!
1030 WBZ Boston MA 1730 12/10/06 in the clear after WONQ cut power and went DA.
Elwood – Montreal, QC
Radio Shack 20-8002 and 75‘ dipole
Tonight 12/21 (Thursday), I dxed for the December (Christmas) CME. It would
also been a good night for pro sports (football, hockey, basketball!)
WEZE 590am - Boston,MA - 1004pm EST - Gloria in excelsis
CHWO 740am - Toronto,ON - 1030pm - Jazzy Christmas songs show
CKNX 920am - Wingham,ON - 1015pm - Female country singer, unknown
song (no station id, but pretty sure)
CBA 1070am - Moncton,NB - 1035pm - Instrumental Christmas music and a
female announcer. It was noisy when she talked.
WJOY 1230am - Burlington,VT - 1010pm - Gloria in excelsis (sure about
the song and the frequency, but no station id)
WDEA 1370am - Ellsworth,ME - 1037pm - Winter wonderland
CFAV 1570am - Laval,QC - 1025pm - Noel sans toi (French 60's
CKDO 1580am - Oshawa,ON - 1038pm - Santa Claus is coming to town
??? 1600am - ???? - 1045pm - Mysterious R&B/Rap station. Not the
first time I heard them. Last time it was more 80's stuff. No station
ID, but modern R&B Christmas song.

Brian Leyton – Valley Village, CA
Blaupunkt Radio 31‖ whip
Well, maybe last night was auroral, but I ran over to Home Depot at about 1PM, and discovered that there
was a lot of action at the high end of the band. Here's a brief report of the highlights:
1440-KUHL Santa Maria
1510-KIRV Fresno
1530-KFBK Sacramento
1590-KLIV San Jose
1600-KGST Fresno
1660-KXOL Brigham City, UT
1680-KAVT Fresno
There may have been more, but this is from memory. Pretty good conditions for 1:00-1:40 PM. These
were all heard in the car with the Blaupunkt Acapulco and stock Chrysler whip antenna. I suspect that
there may have been more, but I didn't have time to go lower in the band. I guess this is normal for this
time of year, but it's always interesting to hear daytime skip - it seems much more stable than the
nighttime variety.
Well, I've had a chance to listen to my recordings from the last couple of days, and I picked up a few new
ones. Nothing overly impressive, but it's always nice to knock off some of the closer unheard stations.
Nothing there from my mystery oldies station on 1300. It sounds like it could very well be XEP on day
power. I'll keep trying.
12/12/06      5:00 1340 KPTR             Cathedral City CA Talk Poor
12/12/06      7:00 1340 KIST Santa Barbara CA Progressive Talk Poor-Fair
12/13/06      1:00 1300 KYNO             Fresno       CA Spanish Fair
I did manage to get an ID out of KPLY at 3:00 AM. I also got IDs from KIDD in Monterey, and KFXD
in Boise. Each one seemed to dominate at different hours, though none of them sounded spectacularly
good. I sure hope KFI doesn't turn on the IBOC anytime soon, it's nice being able to DX their adjacents.
I think they still keep their bandwidth pretty narrow, so I get almost no splatter from them.
1430 KLO Salt Lake City, UT. Heard ID in car at 5:15 local (PST) into Michael Savage show (he's on
vacation, but they have a sub). I can still hear it here, with KFIG nulled, and semi-local KMRB not
giving either one much trouble.
Well, I've been through my recording of 1000 overnight, and I heard the following stations. KKIM
Albuquerque, NM, KCEO Vista, CA, KFLG Bullhead City, AZ. KOMO was nulled pretty well. There
was at least one Spanish station. I heard a brief mention of Chihuahua at one point, but assuming it was
part of an ID, this could be either XEFV (unneeded) or XEHPC. There really wasn't enough there to go
on. I either had 2 different Mexican stations, or one with a very broad playlist.
Jerry Lenamon – Waco, TX
Drake R8B and Sloper
Late this morning, at 1040 cst (Saturday 9 Dec), I logged KDDZ 1690 in Arvada (Denver) CO.
Very weak, but a positive ID with Radio Disney programming (who sang the "Limbo", was it
Chubby Checker?), //620 R Disney (Plano) but just a little out of sync. Local spot breaks in line
with 620 local breaks.
1640 in Enid OK at 1050cst was much stronger with a girls basketball tournament (Dover
Schools). "Brad Pollard Insurance" was among several sponsors.
By about noon I'd worked my way down to 1430 and logged KTBZ Tulsa OK with sports talk and
a mention of a sister station, KAKC with ORU basketball game about to start.
Tuned down to 1300 and caught KAKC Tulsa OK with ORU "Golden Eagle" basketball versus
Georgetown. On this one, with the sloper I would get KVET Austin (only 100 miles) but
switching to the T2FD would bring in Tulsa.
While out on my early morning walk I carry a Grundig M300PE mini radio and caught WGGH
with "best in Southern Gospel" from Marion IL on 1150 kHz. Time was 0630 CST. Listed as D3,
5kw with psra 500w. Marion probably still on psra.
Early afternoon here, 1330 cst, heard something on 840 (one of the few open channels around
here). A mention of Louisville caught my ear, then a station ID for WHAS before
back to a Kentucky basketball game. This is a path of about 950 miles, about four hours before
local sunset. I've never had a MW signal at such a distance, especially at the lower end of the
At about 1400 cst I heard a Spanish station on 690. No ID at the top of the hour plus the style of
delivery makes me wonder if it is Cuban. Studio host with telephone interviews
but my Spanish is totally inadequate except for jingles and slogans. Cuba is largely a salt water
XEN Mexico City, 690 at 2053cst, 100kw day 5kw night. I believe this is the station I heard
Saturday afternoon (12/16/06) and thought might be a Cuban. I have a recording from Saturday
that I'll be going over to confirm but the programming style is the same.
XEMU Piedras Negras, 580 at 2346cst. A border town across from Eagle Pass, TX. This
station is usually audible during the daytime but is hard for me to confirm because
of weak daytime signal and high noise level.
WZRX Jackson, MS 1590 at 2043cst12/19
KHOB Hobbs, NM 1390 at 2105cst, usually underneath KFFK (next item).
KFFK Rogers, AR 1390 at 2125cst listed as U1 5kw day, 30w night, 500w psra, good signal at times,
hard to imagine hearing them if only running the listed 30w.
KDXE Little Rock, AR 1380 at 2133cst 12/26 Can anyone suggest a site that has listings of Mexican
stations, slogans and/or program info?
I looked in the new WRTH but don't see what I'm seeking.
12/21/06 780 at 2057cst "Radio Estancia"
12/23/06 550 at 2230cst Presumed Mexican station playing Christmas carols; some English, some
Spanish and some German. The announcers were using German and Spanish. German from male
announcer when I first tuned in then to a female announcer who used a mix of German and Spanish. I
listened to this for more than an hour without identifying any towns or regions. I understand there are
some Mennonite communities in Mexico who retain their German but have no specific info as to their
whereabouts. [XEPL Ciudad Cuautemoc, Chih. Ed.]
Mid-day LUF is in the MW range again today (Saturday).
1690 at 1130cst KDDZ Denver CO (about 750 miles)
1680 at 1135cst KRJO Monroe LA (about 350 miles)
1640 at 1125cst KFXY Enid OK (about 350 miles)
1430 at 1140cst KTBZ Tulsa OK (about 375 miles)
1300 at 1142cst KAKC Tulsa OK (about 375 miles)
1170 at 1145cst KFAQ Tulsa OK (about 375 miles)
I could not identify any skywave DX below 1170.
KVOZ 890 Laredo TX (about 300 miles) I think was via groundwave.
The odd one today is KKLF 1700 Richardson TX (about 100 miles) with a prominent echo caused by a
groundwave and a (lagging) skywave. The skywave was several S-units stronger. KVNS Brownsville
(about 350 miles) underneath.

John Callarman –Krum, TX
Finally broke away from other interests and obligations (including tenacious and tedious redo of the
Mexican list I put out a couple of years ago) to tune the radio. I was tempted, after learning that the first
indigenous Indian station I'd logged, XEANT in San Luis Potosi, had moved from 1070 to 770 .. might be
audible at s/off ... Tuned 770 at 0059 UTC turned on tape and got a nice XEANT ID, but they continued
beyond 0100 with woman talking .. went to 720 and found Radio Fórmula station dominating XEDE
(with its relatively new slogan, "La Kaliente" and found great string of local commercials with frequent
"Radio Fórmula Veracruz" mentions for good tape ... all that's missing is an XEAVR call ID.

LG, LG, La Grande was good on 680 at brief look-in. For a couple of nights XERFR-740 has been
strong,(that's the only call I get ... want a local Torreón break but it seems totally enlaced with 970 ... Old
friend XEGF and another Latino were in there, too ... but instead of trying to do something further with
740, I found loud, dominant signal on 960 with Imagen net informational programming ... undoubtedly
uneeded XEK (though I'd like to tape a full ID from them some night.)

Up to 980 for a long string of Tampico commercials ... (XETU not new) ... But on 950, two new stations
added, fighting for domination, with about as different a programming as possible ... A lot of shouting by
excited man, with a couple of female voices and occasional crowd noise, ranchera and banda music is
XECEL, Radio Lobo, in Celaya, Gto., while the station with romantic music and slogan "Romántica 950
AM" with slogan twice and time check between each record is XETO in Tampico. Interesting on XECEL
to hear raucous banda musical selection to the tune of that slow, sedate U.S. love song from 40 years ago,

"R-R" code faintly audible in the background from Cuba.
Brent Taylor Doaktown, NB
ICOM R-75 and pennant antenna or as listed
I'll be checking my recordings tomorrow and will post the best of it then, but tonight landed some great
DX here in New Brunswick.
While my wife and my son were in the mall shopping (hopefully for me!) I sat
outside in my '97 Chev Tahoe with stock radio and scanned the AM band. Here
is a quick rundown:
First, at 5:15 p.m. local time (4:15 Eastern time), trying to determine if the band was going to be
completely dead again tonight, I went to one of my old faithful frequencies, 940, expecting to hear CINW
Montreal. What I heard was a loud, clear, program of religious preaching. There was nothing, I mean
nothing, else on the channel at all. The strength was as good as "940 News" usually is, and I first thought
that I was just listening to a news clip on the station. No sir! The speaker eventually went to a long
list of scheduled church services and other events, with many mentions of the Tidewater area, Virginia
Beach, etc.
Then, the ID, WKGM. (Smithfield/Norfolk VA!), and then into another 15-minute religious program. I
checked back frequently throughout the next hour or so, and the station was always in, loud and clear. No
sign of CINW at all.
Then, I checked the other Montreal area stations that are big regulars here in NB. On 730, CKAC was
really struggling with one or two others in the background. So, I hopped down to 690 where the old
CBC-Radio Canada blowtorch and its successor, "Info 690," always have dominated here, even in the
They were there, but there was an English station underneath, occasionally
competitive, with a talk show and then a throw to local news, traffic,and weather from 4:30 to 4:35
Eastern time. Then, the declaration that tomorrow would be a "7 out of 10" on the weather scale, with a
high of 72, and then the ID "WOKV." (I later returned with my MP3 recorder, and have some great audio
of them a little later in that half-hour block, which I will post somewhere tomorrow). My first Florida
reception from New Brunswick in 30 years, after hearing WINZ, Miami, in 1976!
Also, WBT, WRVA, and WBAL were waaaay larger than usual, and some of the New York and Boston
stations - usually in here even in the daytime – were severely weakened or non-existent. WTIC Hartford
was gone altogether.
Any-hoo, a great, fun, evening of DX, and I'm looking forward to turning in shortly to see how the 2010
does tonight at the bedside.

Brian Goodrich – New Smyrna Beach, FL
Kenwood R-1000 and 1000 ‗ BOG
For the last few days in FL, conditions to the north have been fairly normal... to the south, no big
deal. WABC, WBZ, WJR, WSM, WBBM, etc. ... all pretty normal.
Unusually, 600 from Cuba was very weak here tonight. I was able to log WREC without much trouble
(around 2200 ET), with NewsRadio 600 WREC, low 39, high 63, mid-South, website, "Happy Holidays
to your family from ours... NewsRadio 600 WREC" mentions. Also heard WBWL (Radio Disney,
Although I grew up here, I can't recall hearing WBWL (the former WPDQ) at night, ever before.
A question, please. Does anyone know of a station on 600 carrying Lionel... probably north to northwest
of FL's east coast?

DXpedition (little tiny one)... Allenhurst, FL (Haulover Canal), on the river northeast of Titusville
with Kenwood R-1000 and about 1000 feet of BOG aimed northeast (grounded at northeast
Wednesday afternoon (12/16/06).
Bandscan... began at 1319 ET
530 Cuba poor
540 WFLF Pine Hills, FL excellent
550 WAYR Orange Park, FL poor
560 WQAM Miami, FL fair
570 Radio Reloj Cuba fair
580 WDBO Orlando, FL excellent
590 Cuba poor but holding it's own in WDBO slop
600 WBWL Jacksonville, FL fair w/Cuba poor underneath
610 WIOD Miami, FL fair w/something weak in the background
620 WDAE St. Petersburg, FL fair
630 WBMQ Savannah, GA good w/probable WMFD Wilmington, NC poor underneath
640 Cuba fair w/weaker WMEN Royal Palm Beach (South FL's... Talk 640)
650 WSM Nashville, TN fair... even w/WORL closeby
660 WORL Altamonte Springs, FL good w/WLFJ Greenville, SC underneath and
something under that (likely WFAN)
670 WWFE Miami, FL good over Cuba
680 WCNN North Atlanta, GA poor in WOKV slop
690 WOKV Jacksonville, FL excellent
710 WAQI Miami, FL fair just over Cuba
720 WRZN Hernando, FL fair (Sunny 720)
730 WLTQ Charleston, SC fair/good (Music of Your Life)
740 WQTM Orlando, FL excellent
750 WSB Atlanta, GA fair even in WQTM's main lobe
760 WLCC Brandon, FL poor
770 Cuba poor w/talk in background [suspect WABC, NY as it was a regular here until Cuba
powered up])
790 WSFN Brunswick, GA fair over WLBE, Leesburg, FL
800 WPLK, Palatka, FL poor in WEUS slop
810 WEUS excellent over mix of very poor ZNS-3, Freeport, Bahamas and WQIZ, St. George,
840 WPGS Mims, FL excellent
880 WCBS New York poor but steady
890 WBAJ Blythewood, SC poor
900 WJLG Savannah, GA fair w/WMOP Ocala, FL in background
910 WTMZ Dorchester Terr., SC poor
920 WMEL, Melbourne, FL fair
930 WFXJ Jacksonville, FL poor/fair
940 WINZ Miami, FL fair
950 WTLN, Orlando, FL good w/WJKB Moncks Corner, SC in background
960 WSVU North Palm Beach, FL poor in WFLA IBOC (Seaview 960)
970 WFLA Tampa, FL fair over poor WNNR, Jacksonville, FL
980 IBOC (WDYZ and WFLA)
990 WDYZ Orlando, FL excellent
1010 WIOJ Jacksonville Beach, FL poor
1030 WONQ Oviedo, FL excellent w/ female talking in background [by 1520, WBZ was easily
identifiable. Not sure that's what I heard at first, though... maybe WDRU, Wake Forest, NC?]
1040 probable WLVJ Boynton Beach, FL poor
1050 WROS Jacksonville, FL almost totally buried by WIXC slop
1060 WIXC Titusville, FL excellent
1080 WHOO Kissimmee, FL good well over probable WALD Walterboro, SC poor but steady
1100 WCGA Woodbine, GA good/excellent
1110 WTIS Tampa, FL poor w/something in background [almost certainly WBT... I'd easily ID'ed
it on the loop a few days before at noon]
1120 WSME Camp Lejeune, NC poor/fair with old country
1130 WFXH Hilton Head Island, SC fair/good
1140 WRMQ Orlando, FL fair
1150 WNDB Daytona Beach, FL good
1160 WIWA St. Cloud, FL fair
1170 WSOS, St. Augustine Beach, FL poor
1180 usual mess (Cuba/Marti)
1190 WAMT Pine Castle, FL poor w/probable WWIO St. Marys, GA in background
1200 WMIR Atlantic Beach, SC poor but steady
1230 WSBB New Smyrna Beach, FL excellent [w/probably WSOK, Savannah, GA way
1240 WMMB Melbourne, FL good
1250 WTMA Charleston, SC fair w/WHNZ Tampa, FL in background
1270 WRLZ Eatonville, FL fair
1290 WTKS Savannah, GA fair
1300 WTIR Cocoa Beach, FL good/excellent (playing old R&B)
1310 WYND DeLand, FL fair
1320 WJGR Jacksonville, FL poor (266-1320)
1340 WROD Daytona Beach, FL good
1350 WMMV Cocoa Beach, FL (WMMB)
1360 WCGL Jacksonville, FL poor
1380 WELE Ormond Beach, FL good
1390 WXTC Charleston, SC fair
1400 WSDO Sanford, FL fair
1410 Spanish language poor [should have stopped to be sure... probably WVCB Shallotte, NC]
1420 WAOC St. Augustine, FL fair
1440 WGIG Brunswick, GA fair w/WPRD Winter Park, FL underneath
1450 WMFJ Daytona Beach, FL good
1470 something poor [suspect WWNN Pompano Beach, FL]
1490 WMOG Brunswick, GA fair
1510 WWBC Cocoa, FL good/excellent
1520 WHIM Apopka, FL good
1530 WYMM Jacksonville, FL fair
1540 ZNS-1 Nassau, Bahamas poor with others
1560 WINT Melbourne, FL fair
1570 WVOJ Fernandina Beach, FL good
1580 WNTF Bithlo, FL fair/good (Latina 1580)
1590 WPUL South Daytona, FL fair
1600 WQOP Atlantic Beach, FL fair
1610 TIS (Canaveral Seashore?)
1630 WRDW Augusta, GA poor/fair
1650 WHKT Portsmouth, VA poor
1670 probable WVVM Dry Branch, GA poor-fading (SS)
1680 WLAA Winter Garden, FL fair
Local Sunset was 1730. Here are some "after 1500" ET stations...
700 WLW Cincinnati, OH (at 1509)
1030 WBZ Boston, MA (at 1520)
1090 WBAL Baltimore, MD (at 1521)
1100 WTAM Cleveland, OH (at 1524)
1020 KDKA Pittsburgh (at 1542)
1070 WNCT Greenville, NC (at 1550?)
1170 WWVA Wheeling, WV (at 1558)
1210 WPHT Philadelphia, PA (at 1600... think I had this one much earlier)
820 UnID info/talk... likely WTOP Frederick, MD or WNYC, NY (heard both from this location
last year at this time... sounded like PBS-style information)
680 WPTF Raleigh, NC (at 1615)
740 CHWO Toronto (at 1618... by 1656, stronger than WQTM)
760 WJR Detroit, MI (at 1620)
770 WLWL Rockingham, NC (at 1622)
1500 WTWP Washington, DC (at 1629)
1260 UnID someone carrying CBC or BBC News (at 1630... poor but steady for three minutes)
1520 WWKB Buffalo, NY (at 1659)
1480 WHBC Canton, OH (at 1700 with detailed/lengthy local news, wx, etc.)
1190 WOWO Ft. Wayne, IN (at 1705)
1620 WNRP Pensacola, FL (at 1710)
1640 WTNI Biloxi, MS (at 1712)
850 WKVL, Knoxville, TN (at 1725)
860 CJBC Toronto (at 1730)

Art Jackson – Ft. Worth, TX
Sony ICF-2003 and box loop
Over the past couple of weeks, all of this geomagnetic storminess has really brought in signals from the
south here in north Texas. If you are into DX'ing Latin America it can be an advantage, but if you want to
DX the rest of the world it is a pain.
Anyhow while copying WBBM on 780 kHz, i have also been copying a Spanish language station in the
near opposite direction. At times it will overrun WBBM. Usually as WBBM fades out, the Spanish
station comes in. I can completely null out the Spanish station while just barely hearing WBBM.
The format of the Spanish station could be called "Adult Contemporary". Nothing modern or
ethnic/urban pop. I never picked up a recognizable ID. Maybe "Radio Resposos or Repasos", but no calls
or anything that could be ID'd.
Any ideas???
XELD in Autlan de Navarro, JA is behind me and runs 10 KW daytime.
Also, XEMDA in Monclova, CI runs 1 KW daytime. To have heard either of
them means that they were not running nightime power. There no other
high powered stations on 780 kHz in Mexico that it could be.

The Whole Earth [HF]
Glenn Hauser – Enid, OK
Yaesu FRG-7
** CUBA. RHC was running late UT Dec 1, apparently with a live concert in honor of Fidel, tho
by now it may well have been tape-delayed, still going at 0703 on 5965 colliding with REE Costa
Rica, also on 6000, weak 6140, strong 6180
colliding with RNA Brasil, and also on 9600. English had been on 6060 and 9550
and open carriers were still on. English was presumably on 6180 until 0700, at
least so scheduled. Nor am I sure this was RHC rather than some domestic
network programming relayed.
RHC with special programming in Spanish commemorating Fidel`s postponed 80th birthday, still
in progress Dec 1 at 2216 on reactivated 11705, as Bob Thomas had pointed out, ex-11760?
where nothing, but // 9550 and 11800, and at 2220 check 6000 was already on earlier than new
schedule showing *2230 and also already on 6180. I suspect for the event, the nominal
schedule is being
modified with extensions, and certain frequencies for English or other
languages commandeered.
I also heard a mention in Spanish of Homenaje a Fidel, at 2230 on 17705, but
after IS into presumed Guaraní still on the A-frequency instead of 15340
according to Arnie`s B-schedule
** CZECH REPUBLIC [and non]. Tipped by Brian Alexander`s log of BRAZIL on 6000 until
2330, when Prague via Canada blocked, but no mention of Habana on Nov 25:
Habana must have been off 6000 then? Checked at 2333 Dec 1, RHC certainly on 6000 with
Fidel festivities, mixing with SAH from another strong station,
presumably Prague via Sackville: a collision which needs to be resolved. Gee,
didn`t R. Prague and VTC and RCI know that Cuba uses 6000 extensively? Of
course not! Not registered in HFCC by this outlaw nation, so it doesn`t exist.
If they had cracked a PWBR ``2006``, or ``2007`` they would have seen RHC on
there after 2300
** U S A. WBCQ, 7415, Friday Dec 1 at 2215 with enjoyable selexion of old 78s,
DJ with phony British(?) accent, mentioned several websites, omitting the dot
after www (why in the world do so many people do this, yet they never omit it
before com?). Blurb at WBCQ program schedule sums it up:
``Behavior Night Fr 7415 05:00PM 06:00PM ET 2200 2300 UTC --- Started week of 10/18/06,
Friday 5-6 pm ET on 7415. Heard on 10/20/06. Kind of a mix between Uncle Ed's Musical
Memories and Marion's Attic.``
** ANGUILLA. Caribbean Beacon, a.k.a. Defunct Gene Scott, missing from 6090 at 0615 Dec
3, and also missing from 11775 at 1421 and 1743 checks. Now`s the time to DX something
else, especially on 6090, e.g. CHILE. BTW, on the remaining DGS frequencies I seem to be
hearing more music fill than usual
** CUBA. Spy letters Morse code, 1 kHz tones in AM on a frequency I had not
heard before, 6786, Dec 3 at 0623; previously on 5930, 5800
** CUBA. Cuba is jamming WORLD OF RADIO, as checked at 2235 UT Sat Dec 2 on 9955. I
could almost recognize my voice under the pulsing and bubbling, and to be sure checked the
WRMI webcast, and yes, it was WOR 1338 at its new time. Arnie, I wouldn`t dream of jamming
DXers Unlimited, even if I could! How
fortunate you are to live in a country where your broadcasts are not jammed by
unfriendly neighbors!
** CUBA [non]. Shortwave Dec-02 1644 1653 17660 Radio Martí Delano CA United States 250
KW AM 32333 Spanish Drake R8 Communications Rcvr Swanannoa NC John P (Shortwave
Log Community via DXLD)
Had not noticed they were back up on 16m but not usually tuning around at this
hour. Not in HFCC; just shows YFR via Ascension during this hour to Africa. I
meant to check this at the same time on Dec 3, but forgot until 1740, when
there was no sign of anything whatsoever on 17660; surely if RM is using it
they would stay on it longer during the day
** JAPAN [and non]. Lately I have been noticing Japanese CCI to CRI in English
via Sackville 6115 at 06-07, such as Dec 3 at 0620. This must be NSB Nagoya, 50 kW at
50/230 degrees, as scheduled 23-10 UT
** VENEZUELA [non]. Aló Presidente via Cuba, Sunday Dec 3 still going at 1745
check on 11670, 11875. It`s presidential elexion day in Venezuela, and Cuba
seems quite interested
** ANGUILLA [and non]. Defunct Gene Scott still missing, no signals from
Caribbean Beacon at 0645 Dec 4 on 6090, nor on 5030, 6150, 9725, from Costa
Rica but 7375 was on the air plus of course WWCR 5935. At 1445, 11870 CR was also audible.
At 1514 Anguilla 11775 still absent
** AUSTRALIA. I thought RA only broke away some frequencies for stupid
ballgames at weekends, but UT Monday Dec 4 at 0637, 15240 was in cricket, not
// 15160 and 15515 with regular programming
** CUBA. Huge crackling noise covering roughly 11680 to 11860, Dec 4 at 1446
was centred around 11760; so distorted I could not be sure at first it
correlated with RHC modulation on // 15370; then 11760 cut back on, momentarily in whack,
then back out
** INDIA. AIR IS with flutter, Dec 4 at 1513 on 15175, 1515 opening in
language; that would be the Gujrati service via Bangalore. Once the droning IS
stopped, it uncovered a low het on 15175, but I cannot find anything else
listed at this hour; perhaps a spur from Cuban jammer, or something
** JAPAN [and non]. NSB, Nagoya, 6115, again causing problems for CRI English via Canada
at 0642 Dec 4 (that`s 1542 JST, and 49m already propagating in winter an hour or so before
sunset). There was also a low het, but not between these two; probably Perú which is always
slightly off 6115 when on ** KUWAIT [and non]. Quite melodic muezzin with high-register voice,
Dec 4 at
1505 on 15505, presumably Kuwait. I guess he had to do it since it was around
sunset; quite different from the Sa`udi Qur`an going simultaneously on 15425,
much clearer than // 15435 which was weaker and buzzier
** U S A. After 0500 UT Monday Dec 4, I checked WRMI webcast for Global Crisis Watch as
scheduled and ``currently playing`` per their homepage, but instead heard something in Spanish
about Xmas in Venezuela. I asked Jeff White about that
Glenn: The new program grid on the website is completely up to date (at the
moment). I replaced Global Crisis Watch with El Sonido de Miami this week
because there is no new GCW, and we have run the last one a few times now
--Jeff White, WRMI --- So let`s pick out the programs not
including gospel huxters, on 7385 or 9955, days/times strictly UT:
WORLD OF RADIO, Sat 1330 7, Sat 2230 9, Sun 0900 9
MUNDO RADIAL, Sun 1130 9
WAVESCAN, Sat 1430 7, Sun 0930 9
DX PARTYLINE, Sat 1130 9, Sat 1545 7, Sun 0500 9
AVENTURA DIEXISTA, Sat 1145 9, Sun 0515 9, Sun 2315 9
MONITOR DX, Sat 1545 7, Sun 0045 9
LA ROSA DE TOKIO, Sun 0800-0900 9
GLOBAL CRISIS WATCH, Mon 0500 9 [irregular]
VIVA MIAMI, Sat 2200 9 [says Jeff, not shown on sked]
RADIO PRAGUE, Daily: English 1000 9 & 1500 7; Spanish 0530 9 & 1030 9
WORLD RADIO NETWORK, M-F 1300-1500 7, 1530-1600 7
La Voz del MRR, Tu-Sa 0500-0530
Radio Cuba Libre, M-F 0800-1000
Foro Revolucionario, Sat 1200-1230
  [¿shouldn`t that be Contra-Revolucionario?]
Voz de Coordinadora, Sun 0030-0045, Sun 2300-2315
La Voz del Escambray, Sat 2330-2400
La Nueva Nación, Sun 0000-0030
Conversando entre Cubanos, Sun 0100-0130, Mon 0230-0300
Radio Oriente Libre, Mon 0130-0230
Trova Libre [music], Mon 0000-0030
Radio República, Daily 0600-0800, 1600-2200; M-F 1100-1300, 2200-0200 Tu-Sa, Tu-Sa 0400-
0500, Sun/Mon 0300-0500
** CANADA [and non]. RCI Mandarin to USA, 9610, Dec 5 at 1450 was marred by co-channel,
seemingly also in Chinese, but it was clear after 1457. Per HFCC,
guess what, CRI is on 9610 switching from Kashi to Xian at that hour. Would not
be a problem if RCI had stayed on 9515
** CUBA [non]. R. Martí has already gone into holiday-greeting mode, e.g. at
1530 Dec 5 on 15330, with Xmas and even New Year wishes a bit early, from
various staffers, some of whom, such as technicians, speak Spanish with gringo
Then found a new frequency, 11750, at 1536 Dec 5, much stronger than // 15330, 13820 and
11930, and at first seemed jamming-free, but still going after 1600 I could hear it building up, so
the DentroCuban Jamming Command is on the ball when it counts. Was interviewing an ex-
political prisoner. From the strength, I would assume 11750 is Delano, but audio on all four was
synchronized, the others being much more heavily jammed from this perspective. At 1600,
11750 had more holiday greetings. Not rechecked until 1754 when 11750 was off.
Could be that R. Martí has decided to try the `floating transmitter` tactic
against jamming, showing up on unannounced and unexpected frequencies, e.g. the previous
report of their being on 17660 during the 1600 hour which I have not
been able to confirm since; and Dec 5 that was just WYFR Portuguese via
Ascension as usual
** ECUADOR. HCJB IS on 15295, Dec 5 at 1529, then opening in Portuguese.
Remarkably, announced correct frequency, but that`s because it hasn`t changed
in years. However, keeping up with DST in Brasil is too much for them: gave
time of transmission as 12:30 to 15 hora de Brasília, where the clox now show
1330, even if they`re fooling themselves
** MEXICO. Looking for XEYU, Radio UNAM, testing as planned on 9600: Dec 5 at 1445 UT
tuned in and found a weak het or tone, much like yesterday at 1957. But the het went off at
1500. Then I tried to measure the remaining weak carrier.
It was close to 9599, and registered 10 over S9 on my generous FRG-7 meter, but much less
than neighboring signals from Australia on 9590, Canada on 9610,
despite being attenuated by solar flare a few hours earlier. This was on the
FRG-7 with E-W longwire, so not favoring this signal from the south. At 1610 I
tried measuring the frequency again, and it seemed closer to 9599.4. To do this
I used the DX-398 with a few meters of wire inside, barely producing a signal.
Never any modulation detectable. If there were, it would be too weak to listen
to. I am glad XEYU has the transmitter going again, and hope they will be able
to improve the signal and allow us to hear Radio UNAM programming on SW
** NEW ZEALAND. Still no DRM audible from RNZI despite their new schedule
showing it, on 7145 before or after 1500 UT Dec 5, when RA was still audible in
analog on 7240
** ANGUILLA [and non]. Still no 6090 or 11775 at various chex UT Dec 6. Some
have also found DGS missing from WWCR, but maybe that`s just propagation. Still there on
5935 around 0710 Dec 6, and on 13845 around 1445. Costa Rica
frequencies always come and go irregularly
** CUBA [non]. Re DXLD 6-180 under ANGUILLA, Noel Green mentioned in passing R. Martí
on 5890 after 0800, and I wondered if that was a typo for 5980, but no, in fact heard here on
5890 at 0710 UT Dec 6, VG signal, presumably Delano and no jamming audible; meanwhile
heavy jamming against nothing on former frequency after 0700, 5980. Radio Martí still is not
posting a B-06 schedule on its website --- much
less any updates to it.
Also looked for 11750 at 1613 UT Dec 6, but unlike the day before, no signal
from R. Martí, alhto it could have been on before 1600. Cursory check of other
frequencies in this and other bands did not find another anomalous RM frequency at the
** MEXICO [and non]. Looking again for XEYU in current testing: Dec 6 at
tune-in 1440, 9599 now with modulation in Spanish, unlike the day before. Still
weak and hard to copy, but seemed to be talking about Mexican politics; 1455 to
classical music; 1459 a couple IDs sounded like Radio Universidad Nacional
rather than Radio UNAM. There was a het until 1500 from something on 9600.0,
and at 1517 back in classical music, XEYU measured like yesterday on 9599.4 or
so. Also unlike the day before, after 1500 there was splash from a
Chinese-speaking station on 9605; from phony enthusiasm of announcers
(commercials?) I suspect it is CNR-1; must be something new as I don`t find it
listed anywhere. The XEYU transmitter is presumably the last XERMX unit which
was semi-funxional on 9705v before R. México Internacional was abolished, and
it was donated to Radio UNAM. Hard to believe it is running as much as rated 10
** GABON. ANU Le Buzz, 19160, back in business Dec 7 at 1458, atop traces of
voice modulation, reading 5 over S9
** MEXICO. XEYU, 9599.4, Dec 7 at 1430 in Spanish talk, usual het from
something on 9600.0; Chinese 9605 was also already on but not such a problem as the day
before. Listened across hourtop for ID, but discussion of Huajaca (¿why do they spell it
Oaxaca?) continued. Modulation was best yet and het went off at 1501; signal 15 over S9, but
still not easy copy. Hope they keep testing
after today
** NIGERIA [and non]. 15120, lo-fi audio in English, fair signal at 0647 UT Dec
7. Must be VON, but too late to stay with it and try to understand it. Unusual
propagation on 19m, with ChAf also in on 15255, good signal, and no sign of
Australia on 15160, 15240, 15515. This is why we no longer hear VON on 7255 at this hour
** ANGUILLA [non]. 9725, DGS Costa Rica was on when checked Dec 8 at 0638 (also WWCR
5935) and 9725 at 1445; still nothing on Anguilla frequencies. I am tending to file all logs of DGS
under this heading now
** MEXICO. The XEYU tests were scheduled thru Dec 7 only, and indeed on Dec 8 at 1440
check, nothing heard on 9599.4, nor any het. What`s next?
** U S A. WRMI, 9955, clear of jamming despite exile talk in Spanish, Dec 8 at
0639 check; fair with a lot of fading. Often the signal is not propagating at
all so late. Weak with no jamming audible either around 2205 UT, both times
when R. República is scheduled
** CUBA. Dec 9 at 0700, jamming on both 5890 and 5980; not sure which one R.
Martí was axually on this time
** ECUADOR. HCJB blew away Aventura Diexista, Sat Dec 9 at 1450 when instead on 11960 I
was hearing an apparently live alabanza revival celebrating the 75th anniversary of HCJB (really
isn`t until Dec 25!), which apparently started at 6 am Thursday. Included bits of music on quena,
pan flute with a guest who
travelled 48 hours from Perú to get there. Among the various voices I think I
may have heard Alen Grajam, whose accent seems to be improving as time goes on. They
managed to override the automatic ID at 1459:30, but not the mandatory end of transmission
abruptly after time signal 1500:00* without so much as a goodbye, or tune to another frequency
** JORDAN [and non]. R. Jordan, 11690, Dec 9 at 1501 with news in English by
YL, about PLO, etc. G with no RTTY! For a few seconds, as it was only taking a
breather. But RJ was strong enough to continue listening after 1505 when music
resumed, should one have wanted to, instead of Vinyl Café on CBCR2 webcast
only, and that turned out to be a rerun
** NETHERLANDS [non]. RN`s 14-16 English broadcast to SAs is usually best here on
Madagascar 12080, sometimes 15595, but the third frequency, 9345, was making it well Dec 9
at 1404 during news, so well that I could detect slight
distortion in the audio. No doubt the audio feed undergoes circuitous routing
to get to Tashkent, whence this emanates with 100 kW at 131 degrees, nowhere
near toward us
** THAILAND. Took advantage of absence of DGS Costa Rica and better propagation than
usual, actually to listen to R. Thailand`s English broadcast at 1400 on 9725, Dec 9. Opened with
theme, and R. Thailand news by YL with heavy accent, mostly pronouncements of new rulers;
1409 into Science Show with Robyn Williams. This was obviously the ABC Radio National
program, also heard on RA, but I never heard
any credit to ABC, RA, or even Australia! It was just a segment of the whole show, and
apparently not recent per the summaries at the website. Items about how thanks to Moon, Earth
doesn`t flip over causing drastic climate changes; and Jupiter`s gravity well helps to reduce the
debris hitting Earth. Was interviewing some scientist from Cambridge. Good show, but it would
be nice if R. Thailand broadcast stuff about or at least produced in, Thailand.
At 1420 just that from the PRD of the RTG, ``The Soul of the Thai Nation``
about the Royal Guards March, which I thought would feature music other than
peripherally, but it was mostly talk, about how the RG were parading last
Saturday Dec 2 for the King`s birthday which was axually Dec 5. A bit of music
had finally started at 1429 when the transmission mandatorily cut off at
1429:30 without so much as a wrapup or goodbye. How rude
** U S A. No signal from WRMI, 7385, Sat Dec 9 at 1355 check when WOR should have been
on; recheck at 1407, was on with Rexella and preacher asserting that scripture sez the world
will *never* end; whew!!! I guess we can forget about asteroids and solar burnout too. Take that,
Brother Scare! And at 1432, Wavescan was underway, program for second Sunday of month
** ANGUILLA. After several days missing due to some local problem, DGS on
Caribbean Beacon heard back on air Dec 10 at 1435 on 11775, but with constant
lite noise in background. Seems like a satellite downlink or dish positioning
problem. Also Dec 11 around 0600 on 6090 with DRM ACI de Luxembourg 6095
** CUBA [and non]. On Dec 12, 6000 in Spanish was still going at 0701, but off
when I tuned by again at 0702. 6060, however, was opening Teatro de la Opera, a CMBF
program I have heard before at this time. Then found it also on 9550 at
0712. Maybe the engineer on duty at site likes to listen to R. Musical Nacional
before going home; is it every UT Tuesday? May as well put it on Monitoring
Reminders Calendar. Feature on Giuseppe di Stefano, with some great old
recordings, but his rendition of ``Celeste Aïda`` was cut off before he
finished at 0720 to brief open carrier and off. How rude. You never know when
they will pull the plug.
Meanwhile another RHC frequency, 6180 was still on at 0708 with speech in
Spanish (not Fidel or Hugo) about Venezuela. Perhaps had switched to feed from another
domestic network after English closing nominally at 0700
On Dec 12 at 0701 check, R. Martí was on 5980 with jamming. But the poor
DentroCuban Jamming Command had to split its resources to keep 5890 jammed as well, altho
RM was not on it at the moment. I wonder if RM switches 5890/5980 from one night to the next
or back and forth during the transmission, but am not about to stay up later to find out.
Likewise at 1506 Dec 12 I found heavy jamming on 11750, but no RM, where I had heard it loud
& clear only once before. RM was coming thru the usual jamming on 11930
** INDONESIA. Stood by on 9525 at 1530 Dec 12 after a sesqihour of hum and
traces of modulation, to find out exactly when VOI would begin the 6:24
Gam-Drake loop with frequent English IDs. It was at 1532
** JORDAN. R. Jordan, 11690, Dec 12 at 1500-1503 with R. Jordan 96.3 FM ID and 3 minutes
of news during pause in pop music before and after. All the news
concerned the Middle East; how provincial
** LIBYA [non]. V. of Africa, 17725 via France, Dec 12 at 1512 with big
carrier, hum/buzz and occasional clix, but no voice modulation
** CUBA. Dec 15 at 1330, WEWN 9955 was being jammed! Such are the risks of
sharing a frequency with WRMI, which of course at this hour was really on 7385
** GERMANY. Dec 16 at 1441 on 7385, I came across some guy with a heavy Oz accent
saying that from Jan 1, the Wertachtal site would be owned by CVC. Don`t you believe it. CVC
is buying Jülich, and Wertachtal is supposedly closing down as DW transfers most of its
broadcasts to Nauen or external relay sites. Are we certain Wertachtal will really go dark
promptly at the end of 2006?
** GREECE. Did VOG miss another English hour? Sat Dec 16 at 1451, 9420 was
playing Greek music, and also when rechecked a few minutes later
** CUBA. RHC`s weekly Esperanto broadcast, Sunday Dec 17 at 1504 on 11760 only,
mentioned George Bush, so even this must be politicized; but then about Prof. Zamenhof,
inventor of the language, so it`s incestuous too. The speaker slipped at one point, pronouncing
``Ameriko`` as ``Amériko`` rather than ``Ameríko`` as it is an absolute rule that all words
including proper nouns must be stressed on the penultimate, regardless of the original
language. I wasted some time hunting around the RHC websites for an Esperanto service page
but all I found were articles about the five so-called heroes in US prisons
** ECUADOR. HCJB, 11960 in Spanish, still announcing two wrong frequencies at 1459 Dec
18, 11760 and 9745, the latter for Mexico about to close. Trouble is,
9745 has been replaced by 11960 for this season, and the other frequency has
never been 11760, but 11690 for SAm. La Voz de los Andes thus refers countless obedient
listeners to Marxist Radio Habana Cuba, or in this case Radio Habana Kubo
** INDIA. AIR GOS, 9690, Monday Dec 18 at 1441 with mailbag show acknowledging report
from one José in San Cristóbal, Táchira, Venezuela. M&W hosts end show at 1444 in unison
with ``Faithfully Yours!``. 1444 into film music programme. F-G signal, about as good as this one
gets here far from the SE Asian target
** BULGARIA. Tuning around Wed Dec 20 at 0717, I was attracted by lots of
frequencies being mentioned in French on 9500. This turns out to be R.
Bulgaria`s DX program, same 306 degree azimuth as used for English to NAm at 00 and 03 on
9700. ID at 0719 seemed to be R. Bulgarie Internationale
** MEXICO [and non]. Re DXLD 6-187, XEYU testing again from Dec 19: Dec 20 at 1857 check
I was able to detect the carrier on 9599.4 as before, and bits of
audio, but too far down in the noise level
** NIGERIA. Compensating for the lack of VON on 7255 is FRCN Abuja, which is, after all, rated
at 100 kW, on 7275; Dec 19 at 0634 with domestic news in
English after an ad which I thought mentioned price in dollars; fair signal
** CUBA. RHC still can`t announce its own frequencies accurately. Dec 22 at
1403 I caught the list on 15370, which included that new frequency but omitted
12000, where I reconfirmed it still existed
** GREECE. VOG, 9420, Sat Dec 23 at 1430 was in Greek talk and later music, no sign of
weekly English show Hellenes Around the World; on vacation? Not audible on // 17525
** GUATEMALA. Dramatic talk on 4780, Dec 22 at 1410 seemed to be in Spanish, then not.
Perhaps Indian language with Spanish inmixed. Must be Coatán,scheduled per WRTH 2006
until 1500* rather than PWBR 2007 until 1300+*, and just about fading out on the shortest day
of the year
** INDONESIA. Local hi noise level relented for some reason, Dec 22 at 1409 so
I checked 60 meters before total fadeout. 4605 had some music, surely Serui,
Papua, which per PWBR 2007 runs until 1500*, but unbelievable it`s only 0.5 kW
as shown
** MEXICO. XEYU, 9599.4, again on air Dec 22 at 1447 check, and again with
guitar music interlude with talk about something in Spanish before and after,
usual het from 9600.0. Not enough punch to be listenable, unfortunately. Also
could hear a het at 2104 and 2113. Julián Santiago thinks this will remain on
air thru the holidays until Jan 2. I wonder if anyone further away, even in
other continents, is hearing it?
** U S A. WRMI, 7385, with open carrier Dec 22 at 1442; RTE Ireland relay from
WRN came back on about 5 minutes later
** VENEZUELA. José Elías Díaz Gómez, Venezuela, reported UT Dec 22 during the 0500 UT
hour that YVTO had been reactivated on 5000, also with a spur on 5100. I looked for it in the
following hour, but could not hear YVTO on either
frequency. WWV was very strong; sometimes YVTO can be heard underneath. 24 hours later,
Dec 23 after 0600, I was hearing a third timesignal mixed with WWV and WWVH, but higher-
pitched beeps slightly offset, so hardly accurate; could not make out any Spanish voice
** CUBA [non]. R. República, 9955 via WRMI, 0655 Dec 25, no jamming, talking
about Jesus, and political prisoners in Cuba. I seldom listen much to RR, but
when I do, not just on Xmas, they sound like a religious station. Is turning
counter-revolutionary Cuba into a theocracy their real agenda?
** ECUADOR. HCJB, 11960, Dec 25 at 1453 with usual very good signal aimed this way, but
now I can detect some squealing, as the transmitter is starting to
decay. YL preacher citing Lucas 2: 34-35, etc. If I had kept listening at
1459:30, you know what I would be saying
** GABON. RTVG, 4777, 0621 Dec 25, no buzz, but very undermodulated, apparently in
French. Nothing on 19160 around 1445
** KOREA NORTH [non]. Dec 25 at 1437 on 6348, weird version of Santa Claus Is Coming To
Town, with a relentless beat and lyrix presumably in Korean, on Echo of Hope. 1442 Jingle Bells
in another unique version. I trust this portend the
oppressed masses of the workers` paradise are having a jolly Xmas
** NIGERIA. FRCN Kaduna, 4770, Dec 25 at 0619, as soon as I tuned in heard Xmas and NY
greetings in English
** PERU. Am fairly familiar with the 60mb band in the 06-07 UT period when I
frequently tune around, so noticed a signal on 4790 Dec 25 at 0622 which
normally is not to be heard. Must be one of the Peruvians, constantly mixed
with CODAR swishes. Lively singing of some sort. 0645 recheck, demented
preacher in seeming Spanish throwing in ``Aleluya, aleluya, aleluya`` three at
a time, several times a minute. If there was an ID at TOH, missed it, but at
0700 was back in music. Due to format, presumably R. Visión rather than R.
Atlántida; did not try to determine whether this one was slightly off
frequency. Fortunately, Manuel Méndez, Spain, was listening to same just before
I was and IDed it as R. Visión on 4790.2; evidently on late/early, all-night?
for Xmas
** U S A. WHRA, 15665, Dec 25 at 1512 UT IDed as Pulse FM and timecheck as
8:06! Pulse FM is their 96.9 outlet in South Bend, and is also the ``program``
on the WHRA schedule at 1505-1520, obviously a filler. Time check was 2 hours
and 6 minutes slow, close enough?
** AUSTRALIA. Very unusual conditions on Dec 29 at 1448, as RA was very weak on 9590,
versus enhanced signal from Japan on 9595; also weaker than normal but a bit better on 7240
** CUBA. The DentroCuban Jamming Command helps out the North Koreans by leaving the
jammer on 5890 during VOA`s Korean service via Marianas from 1200 UT, as noted Dec 30 at
1204. R. Martí probably wasn`t there anyway, but jammed as a precaution; jamming also
running on 5980 against audible Martí, and 6030, where Martí presumably closed at 1200*
** CUBA. Re Bernie O`Shea`s schedule in DXLD 6-187, on Dec 30 at 1211 I found that RHC
was also using 6180 in Spanish in the morning, VG signal. And at 1239, also audible on 12000
with deportes, poor signal this early as was the
Venezuelan relay on 11705. So 12000 is on before 1300, and also unknown span on 6180
** INDONESIA. VOI The Hum, 9525, inaudible for a change Dec 28 at 1451, but
back to usual level the next day Dec 29 at 1450 check. That`s the sesquihour
wasted with open carrier
** BULGARIA. R. Varna is supposed to change from 7600 to 7200 effective January 1, but
which would it be this week for the Sunday only/UT Monday 4-sesquihour broadcast at 2200-
0400? UT Jan 1 at 0244 I could not hear it on either, whilst 7200 had the Yakutsk Warbler. It
was mixed with a trace of something else, I know not what. Bulgaria was propagating on the
band, with R. Bulgaria audible in French on 7400
** CUBA. RHC in Spanish on 6140 // 6060 with music a reverb apart, indicating
different sites and/or feed routing, at 0241 Jan 1; // 5965 was synchronized
with 6060 rather than 6140
** ECUADOR. Aventura Diexista, HCJB`s Spanish DX program I came across in
progress UT Monday Jan 1 at 0249 on VG 9745. Alen Grájam was interviewing some preacher
with an odd accent, Japanese overlaid on Spanish, named Katsuo(?). Discussed enthusiasm of
a few Japanese DXers for HCJB who listen to it and send reports in Spanish. Seems Katsuo is
responsible for the resumption of Japanese-language programming, scheduled Friday and
Saturday at 2230 on 15525. This of course is Kununurra, which I did not hear mentioned, but
may have been before I intuned. According to the HCJB B-06 schedule at this 2230-2300 broadcast is on
Saturday and Sunday. Therefore we may conclude that the days of week put out in HCJB`s
published schedule are not proper UT days, but local days in target! I
checked HCJB`s regional Spanish frequency, 6050, and found the same program, but 7
seconds ahead of 9745, so apparently separate playouts, and perhaps 9745 and 6050 are not
always //? Back to 9745 as Juan Carlos wrapped it up revealing Alen Grájam was in San Luís,
Missouri at the moment. And as usual, automation cut off the last word of the program so all he
got to say was ``Aventura. . .``
** FINLAND. For one last time, monitored YLE Radio Finland on 15400, Dec 31 at 1443 with
religious service in Finnish, almost sounded Catholic, but surely
not; after 1452 signal started to fade into the noise, mostly organ music. Next
thing I knew, at 1459 I was hearing Bow Bells, not having noticed Pori turning
off, a smooth transition to BBC Ascension. No luck with Finland at 1600 on
** ICELAND. As I have said before, getting a readable signal from RUV has been
difficult, but on its last day of SW, it was incoming on 13865, reduced
carrier/SSB at 1438, talk in presumed Icelandic, and the audio seemed to cut
out briefly at times. The whole thing just stopped abruptly at 1439, their
usual rude practice, up with which we shall no longer have to put
** MEXICO. XERTA is often there but constant noise on hi side and lack of
interesting programming leads me to ignore it most of the time. But Dec 31 at
the odd time of 0627 I noticed the Mexican NA on 4810. 0628 Full ID with
addresses, including one at C.P. 06002, then played the NA again! And another
ID sequence, seems a loop, stuck on repeat? But then at 0633 went into bible
quotation. Besides the QRM on hi side (has anyone ever confirmed whether this
is actually their own defective transmitter?), also was lo het on frequency and
CODAR swishing
** PHILIPPINES. I caught DZRB Manila webcast Dec 31 at 1600 UT
Jahrwechsel, lots of drumming (or fireworx?) and countdown; announcer
couldn`t decide whether to use English or Spanish numbers. This is the
only Phil. station linked at which
people might also check for other needed countries. 73,
** U S A. Someone recently noted that Brother Scare was missing from 6890, but
not any more: UT Jan 1 at 0237 found him on WWRB 6890 // 5745, while 3185 was running
open carrier; shortly later found 3185 // 5050 with big band music
** ZAMBIA. Tnx to tip from Ron Howard, I checked the late NYE broadcast of
ZNBC, UT Jan 1 at 0217 on 5915 --- yes, several people talking animatedly, with
some allo`s, perhaps indicating phone calls, but difficult copy and unseemed
entirely in English. This listening session led me on to several other
interesting items at a time I don`t normally monitor much, even on NY Eve
Jason Gardner – Meridian, MS
Recently, I have had some amazing grayline DX on places broadcasting
to Asia. For the first time ever, I received All India Radio (AIR).
All India Radio (AIR) was not coming in too clear, but I managed to
hear it. Now Posted on my audio clips site. You can hear the ID at
29-30 secs. if you listen closely, and then a nice song.
R Australia, I put a clip up from 9580 kHz at 1245-1302 UTC reception.
Also received China in Chinese on 9415 kHz at 2307 UTC.
I hate to admit I ever used to think propagation theory was boring.
After reading some of the New Shortwave Propagation Handbook though,
and using a freeware program off of the internet called Hfprop, I am
finally beginning to understand exactly how cool this is.
Clips are available via my site, if anyone is interested in hearing
static, and a very small, ok maybe 500kw, signal to SE Asia.

Kevin Redding – Gilbert, AZ
DX-440 and window frame antenna or as noted

4777 RTV Gabon, Moyabe Gabon 12/23 0555 with FF announcer and FF music.
Heard on a DX 399 in Tempe, AZ near AZ State Univ. at work:
7345 R. Prague Litomysl, Czech Republic 0408 with news program about
a national ID card. Weak.
7320 Magadan Radio Magadan, Russia 0410 RR program. Weak.
7270 RFI Ascension Island 0414 with a FF program apparently meant for
Africa. Fair.
7150 Voice of Russia Armavir, Russia 0421 talking about European
economic issues, EE. Weak.
7120 BBC Meyerton, South Africa 0424 with sports scores. Fair.
5975 R. Nederland 0432 DD to Central America. Fair - Good.

Willis Monk – Old Fort, TN
Drake R4 and longwire

Martin Foltz – Mission Viejo, CA
AFN Pearl Harbor HI 6350 USB, 1636-1800 The Herd, AP news, Rush Limbaugh. Then switched to
10320 USB at 1800 with Dr. Laura. Good signal but noisy here in SoCal. Sent an email reception report.

Paul Armani – Denver, CO
Grundig R-4000
I have been listoning to KAIJ AM Frisco Texas. I am hearing it on 5755KHz it is experencing BAD
Interference. The show is called "The Power Hour". It is talking about the Current Congress and about
A 9/11 Cover Up by the Bush White House.
07:13 UTC - 08:07 UTC
I Heard Radio Havana Cuba mid Friday Afternoon, it had it's weekly DXing pogram on, reception was
verry poor, alot of white noise, it was the worst I Have heard it in almost 2 Yrs in terms of Static. (6000
5755 KHz is coming in verry clear rite now. They are talking about laws in
Congress&Paper Money$. CHECK IT OUT. 00:20 UTC
Heavy Interference from the Cuban Bubbler on 5070 KHz. It appears they are trying to jam some type of
Religious broadcast on that frequency, it is very hard to hear over the bubbler.

Down in the Basement [LW]
Keith McGinnis – Hingham, MA
I recently started dxing a new mode in the basement band (thanks to Chris
Black)....DGPS beacons.
Equipment used for this endeavor are as follows: Drake R8A, DSC decoder
(on a free 21 day trial), various wires and loops.

The following stations have been logged during the evening from my QTH
in HIngham MA over the past few days.

Freq khz   1st Ref ID 2nd Ref ID Location                              Baud Rate
286.0 #008       #009      Sandy Hook, NJ USA                   200
288.0 #340       #341      Cape Ray, NL            CAN                 200
289.0 #012       #013      Driver, VA              USA                 100
290.0 #044       #045      Penobscot, ME           USA          200
291.0 #184       #185      Hawk Run, PA            USA                 100
292.0 #192       #193      Kensington, SC          USA                 100
293.0 #006       #007      Moriches, NY            USA                 100
294.0 #196       #197      New Bern, NC            USA                 100
295.0 #326       #327      Partridge Isld, NB CAN               200
295.0 #034       #035      Isabella, PR        PTR              100
296.0 #312       #313      St. Jean Richelieu, QC CAN           200
297.0 #136       #137      Bobo, MS                USA                 200
298.0 #330         #331         Hartlen Point, NS CAN           200
300.0 #318         #319         Riviere du Loop, QC       CAN          200
301.0 #058         #059         Annapolis, MD             USA          200
303.0 #046         #047         Greensboro, NC USA              100
304.0 #218         #219         Mequon, WI                USA          200
305.0 #190         #191         Dandridge, TN             USA          100
306.0 #198         #199         Acushnet, MA              USA          200
307.0 #130         #131         Hagerstown, MD USA              100
309.0 #316         #317         Lauzon, QC        CAN           200
310.0 #342         #343         Cape Norman, NL CAN             200
311.0 #156         #157         Rock Island IL            USA          200
312.0 #334         #335         Western Head, NS CAN            200
312.0 #244         #245         Tampa, FL         USA           200
313.0 #320         #321         Moise, QC         CAN           200
315.0 #338         #339         Cape Race, NL             CAN          200
316.0 #042         #043         Brunswick NAS, ME         USA          100
317.0 #144         #145         Hartsville, TN            USA          100
318.0 #052         #053         Summerfield, TX USA             100
319.0 #116         #117         Detroit, MI               USA          200
322.0 #118         #119         Youngstown, NY USA              100
324.0 #094         #095         Hudson Falls, NY USA            200

The Line of Sight and Beyond [FM]
Mike Hawkins – CA
Night before last [12/10] was ho-hum, but it really fired up here around midnight and there was a lot
going on until around 0700. I recorded today (listening comes after email), then will record again
overnight. Only confirmed station for me this time around is KSTJ/102.7 in Boulder City NV. 93.1 is
now infected by pirates and I think I already have everything possible from Ms there...same goes for
97.1. I'm doing the only frequency left in the SF Bay Area (thanks to IBOC).

I am reviewing a tape I did today of 102.7, recorded from [12/12] 0817-1826. Hoping for a IDable Ms
hit, and all of a sudden I got reggae...where there's no reggae to be had. I got two extremely clear minutes
(including a call-letter ID, frequency and DJ name) for CFRO 102.7 in Vancouver BC.

Paul LaFrieniere – Grand Marais, MN
Es 12/13
 88.1 WMAW MS Meridian     RDS=MPB
 89.3 UNID                  RDS=MPB
 90.3 WMAH MS Biloxi      RDS=MPB 90.3              NEW
 92.3 WLWI AL Montgomery RDS=WLWI-FM                NEW
 92.5 WQST  MS Forest       RDS=WQST
 93.5 WEBZ FL Port St. Joe Ads. 93-5 The Beat slogans. NEW
 94.1 KQXY TX Beaumont     Local ads. Q-94 slogans.   NEW
 94.1 WZBQ  AL Carrollton  RDS=WZBQ
 94.5 WFBX FL Parker        RDS=THE FOX
 97.1 WOKK MS Meridian     RDS=97OKK                 NEW
 99.3 WPBH  FL Mexico Beach RDS=BEACH993
102.3 WGCM MS Gulfport     RDS=COAST102              NEW
103.5 WQRZ        MS Bay St. Louis RDS=WQRZ                 NEW
107.9 WZKX        MS Bay St. Louis RDS=KICKER              NEW
Ms date as listed
12-14 94.7 UNID                        RDS=NEW ROCK
12-14 96.1 KMRX AR El Dorado "We are the continuous hit music
station-Mix 96
12-14 96.9 WBPW ME Presque Isle "Big Country 97" slogans.
12-13 96.9 KIAQ IA Clarion            RDS=KIAQ-FM
12-13 96.9 KCCY CO Pueblo             RDS=KCCY-FM
12-15 96.9 KKOW KS Pittsburg          RDS= THE KOW
12-13 97.5 KGKL TX San Angelo RDS=GIANT
12-14 97.9 KGNC TX Amarillo          0647 CST heard "here at KGNC."
12-14 99.3 KPSM TX Brownwood RDS=KPSM
12-14 100.7 WDMS MS Greenville RDS=WDMS
12-14 100.7 KHOK KS Hoisington 0730 CST heard "I.D. KHOK."
12-13 103.1 KXSA AR Dermott           BOH I.D. "KXSA 103.1 FM."
12-14 103.5 KRFX CO Denver             RDS=1035KRFX

Keith McGinnis – Hingham, MA
Sangean HDT-1 and APS-9B
Here is a winter bandscan of the FM band from Hingham MA.

Part 1 was done on December 31 during deadband conditions.

This bandscan is with both the modified Yamaha T-85 Tuner and the Sangean HDT-1 Tuner
with an APS 9B antenna at 40ft AGL and a FM6 antenna (phase antenna) at 12ft AGL. Also
used is the Bolin Phase Box (used only to phase IBOC hash for this bandscan) and the Conrad
RDS Manager and Esslinger RDS Software.

Also I'm not sure if I posted this earlier about the HDT-1 Tuner but I'm quite happy with it for
both HD FM and Analog FM. The unit decodes HD FM signals nicely (with an outdoor antenna
of course for stations out to about 60 miles or so). Analog signals are close to the T-85 in signal
strength (good sensitivity). With no filters (just a DSP unit inside...I have pics of the guts if
anyone is interested) the selectivity could be better but isn't bad. AM HD is a joke however as
even with an outdoor longwire I couldn't decode HD stations in Providence at 40 miles. When I
hooked up the small cheap loop that was included I couldn't decode 2 locals at less than 15
miles without a real struggle. WBZ decoded with the supplied loop but even then it was slightly
choppy at times (WBZ is about 6 miles from my QTH). I just don't see how AM IBOC is going to
make it. is PT 1 of the Bandscan

Freq Calls Location           Power, Distance & Comments            T-85     Sangean HD

88.1   WMBR Cambridge MA        720 watts @ 20 miles Excellent Excellent No
88.3   WRPS Rockland MA 105 watts @ 5 miles Excellent           Excellent No
88.3   WGAO Franklin MA 175 watts @ 20 miles fair fair No
88.5   WFCR Amherst MA 13kw @ 85 miles fair poor* Yes but no decoding
88.7   WJMF Smithfield RI 225 watts @ 40 miles fair fair No
88.9   WERS Boston MA     4kw @ 15 miles with RDS        Excellent     Excellent ?
89.1 WEVO Concord NH 50kw @ 80 miles fair fair No
89.3 WUMD No. Dartmouth MA       10kw @ 40 miles excellent good No
89.3 Pirate Randolph, MA ?       10 miles good fair No
89.7 WGBH Boston MA        100kw @ 10 miles w/ RDS Excellent Excellent
Yes plus HD2 stream
90.1 WYCM Charlton MA 100 watts @ 55 miles poor very poor No
90.1 WMEA Portland ME 25kw @ 105 miles good good No
90.3 WZBC Newton MA 1kw @ 20 miles Excellent           Excellent      No
90.3 WCCT Harwich MA 640 watts @ 55 miles poor poor No
90.5 WSMA Scituate MA 8kw @ 10 miles good good No
90.5 WICN Worcester MA 8kw @ 50 miles fair poor * No
90.7 WJHD Portsmouth RI 360 watts @ 50 miles poor very poor No
90.9 WBUR Boston MA        12kw @ 20 miles w/ RDS      Excellent      Excellent
Yes no HD2 stream
91.1 WTKL No. Dartmouth MA       1kw @ 40 miles fair fair No
91.3 WSHL Easton MA        100 watts @ 15 miles good fair No
91.3 WCUW           Worcester MA 630 watts @ 50 miles fair     poor No
91.3 Pirate Dorchester MA        15 miles       very poor      poor No
91.5 WUML Lowell MA        1kw @ 40 miles fair poor No
91.5 WBIM Bridgewater MA         180 watts @ 15 miles w/ RDS          Excellent
Excellent     No
91.5 WSDH Sandwich MA 310 watts @ 40 miles fair        fair No
91.7 WMWM           Salem MA     130 watts @ 25 miles Excellent        Excellent No
91.9 WUMB Boston MA        660 watts @ 10 miles w/ RDS         Excellent
Excellent Yes no HD2 stream
92.1 WFEX Peterborough NH        170 watts @ 70 miles fair     poor No
92.1 WOMR           Provincetown MA     6kw @ 40 miles Excellent good No
92.3 WPRO Providence RI 39kw @ 40 miles w/ RDS         Excellent      Excellent No
92.5 WXRV Haverhill MA 25k @ 45 miles w/ RDS Excellent Excellent No
92.5 WWYZ Waterbury CT 18kw @ 115 miles very poor no signal No
92.7 WMVY Tisbury MA 3kw @ 55 miles fair fair No
92.9 WBOS Boston MA        19kw @ 15 miles w/ RDS Excellent Excellent
Yes plus HD2 stream
93.1 WMGX Portland ME 50kw @ 105 miles poor fair No
93.1 WHYN Springfield MA 9kw @ 90 miles very poor very poor Yes
but no decoding
93.3 WSNE Taunton MA 30kw @ 30 miles w/ RDS            Excellent      Excellent Yes no HD2
93.5 WFQR Harwich Port MA        3kw @ 60 miles w/ RDS good good No
93.7 WMKK Lawrence MA 35kw @ 40 miles w/ RDS           Excellent      Excellent
Yes plus HD2 stream
94.1 WHJY Providence RI 50kw @ 40 miles w/ RDS         Excellent      Excellent Yes no HD2
94.3 WZAI Brewster MA 5kw @ 55 miles Excellent         Excellent      No
94.5 WJMN Boston MA        9kw @ 20 miles w/ RDS Excellent Excellent Yes plus HD2

94.9 WHOM            Mt Washington NH     50kw @ 140 miles w/ RDS Excellent
Excellent No

* these two station were affected by Overloading mainly from WGBH which
is only 10 miles from my QTH
The Visible Universe [TV]
Willis Monk – Old Fort, TN
1986 White‘s TV and RS antenna
From 1830 to 1900 EST, I had Mexico on channel 2. Some kind of kids cartoon
Show looked similar to the power rangers but wasn't. Lots of Mattel toy ads. The
announcer (in Spanish) was saying to the kids to be sure have mom get you
all 12 dolls in a set called MYSCENE by Mattel. At 1902 it all faded and
that ended my TVDX for today.
Nice steady signal, good color. Haven't got a clue as to where in Mexico it
was from.

Nothin‘ But Net [Net logs]
Kevin Redding - Gilbert AZ

Right here you can hear KSL's main stream and also their new X-Stream.

Extra, Extra! [News]
Bob Foxworth – Tampa, FL

Review of Radio Shack Accurian 12-1686 HD receiver
by Bob Foxworth

I bought a RS Accurian HD radio for evaluation on a promotional sale and rebate which ended
last Saturday. I bought it at a R-S store in the Citrus Park Mall,
in a factory boxed carton. The young sales clerk knew what it was and did not mistake it for X-
M/Sirius, and said they were selling "lots" of them, though I
have to put that in some context. They said I could return it within 30 days, which I might yet do.
With the rebate this made the net $100, within my pricing
The box contains the receiver (and remote), power supply, and 1 AM and 2 FM external
antennas. The receiver is approx 7.5 inches high x 12 in. wide x 6 in deep (max) and presents a
slightly curved panel with 2 speakers, one in each side and a control area in the middle. There
was a slight temp. rise from the top air vent. The brick power supply is appx 4-3/4 x 2-1/4 x 1-
3/8 inches and accepts a standard PC 3-pin cord on one end and has a cable feeding a barrel
connector on the other, which goes to the rcvr. The power supply output rating is DC 5V at 5 A.
The receiver tunes AM 530 to 1710 in 10 kHz steps, with a rollover at the ends, and the FM
tunes 88 to 108 MHz. The AM loop is a plastic rectangular frame
appx 5-3/4 in wide x 5 in high with seven turns of maybe 28 ga stranded wire solenoid wound on
the frame. There is no tuning or resonating cap. The two
ends of the winding lead to a appx 6-1/2 foot mini coax leadin, terminating in two tinned wire
pigtails, heat-shrunk at both ends. These tinned leads are placed into the antenna input
pushclips by the user.
There is a choice of two FM antennas, either a single unipole of length 4 ft 10 inches, or a dipole
(not folded) made of mini twinlead with a feedline of 4 ft 10 inches and the tee is 31 inches each
side. Each FM antenna terminates in a F connector and has plastic hanger eyelets.
The instruction book is 13 pages, well illustrated and moderately technical at a user level, but
has no real technical internal operational receiver info.
The rear of the receiver has a 5 VDC barrel jack, a 1/8 inch mini phono jack for Aux In, two
pushclips (marked + and Gnd) for the two AM loop wire pigtail
leads, and a Fe. F connector for the FM antenna the user chooses. There is no internal antenna
provided. The pushclips are like those found on cabineted
The front of the receiver has the following functions:
Power (push on/off), LCD display panel with blue backlit characters, rotary volume knob which
also supports pushing in for mode (2 AM, 2 FM and Aux in).
The 2 AM or FM ranges support hearing two pretuned stations on each band. The volume
adjust is detent step rotary tuning, and a bar graph lights up when
the volume knob is being changed.
The Aux In is a good match for the earphone jack of a hand held digital recorder and provides
good sound for one of these devices.
Front panel push buttons also include "preset/store", channel-, channel+, tuning-, tuning+, DSP,
and Clock. The preset saves your favorite frequencies but again
do not survive a removal of the power cord from the wall.
Channel mode selects previously preset stations and tuning mode selects any frequency by
stepping up or down (10 kHz steps) or can be held in to go to search mode. DSP has five
settings, "jazz" "pop" "classic" "rock" and "none" which apparently just adjust the eq and rolloff
for different types of music. I believe their usefulness is marginal and to me is somewhat
cosmetic as it does not affect the RF environment.
The clock displays date and time (12-hour) in an all numeric format on the LCD panel. When AC
power is disconnected, the clock does not store the time, and
does not reset from any HD data stream, but must be re-keyed each time the AC plug is
connected. The clock shows if no "artist" data is being sent. The
radio will, however, store the last AM or FM frequency chosen, if the power is removed and
reapplied. As the intention is to have the user operate the set with the panel power pushbutton (
a relay click is heard) this should not be an issue.
A mini-phono headset jack is provided on the front panel, which mutes the speakers, and
provides an easy way to get audio recordings from the set.
I did not, as of now, attempt using the remote, as it would not add to the electronic behavior of
the radio.
Radio reception.
Testing was done in northwest Tampa. With no AM antenna connected, my locals on 620, 820
and 970 areheard weakly, say s-3 to s-4, and 570 at threshold
level. Maybe 10 - 15 dB boost can be had by holding the finger next to the clips and inductively
Using the loop gives good level on these local AM signals but a faint background noise in
analog mode is heard.Rotating the loop creates maybe 20 to 25 dB of nulling when the loop is
"upright". Laying the loop "flat" reduces pickup substantially. The manual vaguely refersto
repositioning the antenna if the signal is weak, but has no explanation of proper loop
Many "open" (daytime) AM channels showed varying types of slight to substantial complex
noise, which defies simple description, but serves to partially mask weak AM signals. Test
frequencies such as 590 or 640 (Habana, Cuba), WRZN 720 or WWBF 1130 were heard with
substantial degradation in s/n ratio compared to reception with test analog receivers. The type
of noise would vary by frequency, being birdies, rumbling or grinding. The test for sensitivity on
these weak signals showed many were uncopiable or at marginal audible copy, when they could
be copied with little difficulty on sets such as the dx398 "barefoot",
due apparently to the reduced antenna gain and the higher noise floor.
There is a very long AGC attack time and when the freq is step-tuned, the new frequency is
muted for over a second and slowly rises in volume. Listening
to frequencies where several signals are present, with pronounced beating, yields a pumping,
chuffing irregular sound that makes hearing the audio difficult.
Tests were done using a R-S 15-1853 loop. This is the circular tuned loop that was sold a few
years ago. It was possible to get a boost in signal when this
loop was near-field coupled to the Accurian's loop, but the tuning was not sharp or distinct, and
had to be adjusted carefully and slowly, as if the front
end of the Accurian was almost "fighting back", an effect I have never seen before and find hard
to describe. I have not yet attempted to completely
substitute a different loop in place of the stock one.
There were some AM frequencies that were relatively noisefree and once, I had a hearable
copy on Jamaica-720 a little after sunset.
The summary for AM is that (1) I don't think this receiver is acceptable for DXing non-HD
stations in analog mode and (2) does not have the sensitivity
to get a usable signal from a HD station outside of its local coverage area. It gives a mostly
acceptable quality for local, strong non-HD AM signals. I did
notice the artifacting on AM HD signals such as with the Limbaugh and other talk shows. I'd rate
it as slightly annoying for any extended time.
I foresee a marketing issue where a set buyer may believe that every AM signal will be received
in the enhanced mode that HD offers, when in fact
the great majority of AM signals may actually sound worse, due to operating non-HD and from
the noise issues I experienced.
AM HD. In Tampa there are two AM HD signals, on 820 and on 970. These are high power
(daytime) signals located just a few miles distant from me. Both of
these signals will decode to HD, at this close range. The big question of course is what is the
limit of coverage at which the HD decode fails when analog is still usable.
I am able to force a temporary un-lock of HD on these two AMs by just rotating the loop. There
are two critical angles in which HD is marginal (even at
this range) due to loop nulling. A nontechnical user who uses "set and forget" for his/her loop
placement in the house runs a small chance of never hearing a desired HD AM, and may not
understand the need for better loop placement, as the "collective experience" of outside
antennas is now a lost art.
When any non-HD frequency is tuned in, the display will say (for example) "860 AM". When
tuning in, say 970, the display will pick up and show the call letter ID in a second, or even less
than a second. It then takes 7 or 8 seconds for the audible decode to change to HD sound.
When this happens,a HD logo becomes visible on the display, and a 6 line bar graph showing
signal strength becomes visible. The bar graph is not rapidly responsive to input level changes
(loop rotation, etc) and it is unclear what exactly drives it, as FM signals show most
or all bars while AM show just some, and of course only on my 2 local HD signals.
The main effect of HD is to brighten the high end audio response and to create a sensation of
stereo separation. This effect is noticed best when the user is directly in front of the set (or using
a headset) and is somewhat less pronounced when listening from a distance. The effect on
WMGG (a Spanish music format) is quite a lot more noticeable than it is on WFLA (talk) where it
is (to me) only
somewhat apparent.
The display latches the call letters which continue to show, even if the HD unlocks. WMGG has
a scrolling line of text with their "" web
address. WFLA has no such data stream and the display just shows "artist: title:" in the area
where the date and time, or scroll, otherwise appear.
It's interesting to tune the set to 960 where the hiss is present on a dx398 etc, in this case a
grinding bubbling type noise is heard, not too different than the analog case. (I'm sure someone
is wondering about that). Incidentally WFLA hiss is somewhat louder on 960 than on 980 on an
analog set.
One of my plans is to determine the rough edges of the AM HD coverage. I would do this by
taking the set in my truck, powering it from an AC inverter
and setting up at various locations. I soon found that the inverter I have plays very badly with
this (and probably other) sets, on AM, and this option is completely unworkable for me. I need to
come up with a 5 VDC 5 A clean source. In the meantime I do have some results to offer.
I set up the set at an indoor location in southern Pasco county, close to the intersection of SR41
and SR-54. Neither HD signal was even decently
copiable in analog, let alone getting any HD. I need to go back and see if this is environmental.
On the other hand I set up the receiver indoors at the K of C meeting hall on Fruitville Road in
Sarasota, where WFLA gave just fragmentary bursts of HD. However I was surprised to see that
WMGG gave a solid decode there. This is about 50 miles south of Tampa.
FM usage is somewhat more satisfying. What is interesting to me is that the blend from FM
analog to FM HD is hardly noticeable. It is more of a
perception of a subtle difference, than the striking change I hear on 820 AM. The sound section
of this radio, to me, is innately good enough that it renders
analog FM quite nicely, and the program feed the FM folks use is not that much enhanced with
I had issues with decoding HD on a number of the FM offerings depending on how I placed the
antenna, which one I used, and where I was in the house.
The dipole needed to sometimes be fully extended and positioned, with placement issues
somewhat like those for the AM loop. I am not a FM DXer and
may not go a lot farther with this issue.
Some FM customers will want the secondary programming which is available on FM. I won't do
an exhaustive rundown of what's on the dial here as it won't help
many in other markets. Non-comm WUSF is frequently but not always running separate
programming on their secondary, which IDs as "WUSF eighty-nine seven two."They show as
"89.7-1" or "89.7-2" when tuned in andthe "new" station appears as if "dropped in" between the
existing ones. When they both carry NPR news, the -2 is 7 seconds behind the -1. Some
stations like WSJT 94.1 have the same programming on the -1 and the -2, with 7 seconds
WUSF has the analog fallback timing solved whilethe fallback on WSJT is a bit over a second
The receiver also delays anything it handles (analog or digital, AM or FM) by about 100 ms
behind the signal as heard on an ordinary receiver. If a
previously heard -2 is still cached in the receiver, the HD unlocks, and the -2 is tuned, silence
results. There were a couple of episodes where the tuning was
changed from a HD to a non-HD and a couple more buttons had to be pressed to get the sound
Aux In. The fifth input option (2 AM, 2 FM and Aux) lets you feed the output of another sound
device into the set. This is very useful to me. I have several small digital recorders and can feed
the headset output through the set, with good results. Take care to not overdrive the input, but a
headset level from the recorder should be optimum.

Kevin Redding - Gilbert, AZ
Dec. 11, 2006, 8:57AM

Dutch pull plug on analog television, shift to digital
Associated      Press

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands — The Netherlands ended transmission of "free to air" analog television
today, becoming the first nation to switch completely to digital signals.

Few Dutch consumers noticed, because the overwhelming majority get TV via cable. Only around 74,000
households relied primarily on the old-fashioned TV antennas in this country of 16 million, although
220,000 people had an "occasional use" set somewhere such as in a vacation house, camper or boat,
according to government figures.

The bandwidth formerly used by analog has been licensed through 2017 by former telecommunications
company Royal KPN NV, which will use it to broadcast digital television.

Under its agreement with the government, KPN bore the cost of building digital broadcasting masts and
must continue to broadcast three state-supported channels and several regional public broadcasters free of
charge. In return, it can use the rest of the open bandwidth to charge around $18.50 a month for a package
of other channels that is comparable with cable.

Whether customers opt for just the free channels or a full cable-like package, they must first buy a tuner
to decode the new "digital terrestrial" signals, available for around $66.50.

KPN spokesman Jan Davids said the switch occurred between midnight and 2 a.m. without any reported

"Then we broke out the champagne," he said.

At present, the full package of channels is available in most of the country, with national coverage
expected by early 2007, Davids said. The government-sponsored channels were available nationally as of

The government will save around $14 million annually from the switch, the cost it used to pay to
broadcast the "free" service that was used by only 74,000 households — a hidden cost of roughly $200
per house.

And "when 94 percent of the market is served by cable, more competition is healthy," said Economic
Affairs ministry spokeswoman Judith Thompson.

Cable here faces minor but growing competition from satellite and more recently, television via high-
speed Internet connections with the service known as IPTV.

KPN's Davids declined to disclose financial details of the company's deals with the television production
companies whose shows it now broadcasts. On a model similar to that of cable, KPN will also offer
additional channel packages above the basic set — such as sports and film channels — for an extra fee.

The Dutch switch to "digital terrestrial" television is a minor milestone. Analog television was introduced
in the Netherlands in 1951.

Governments around the world are gradually making the switch to digital, with some Scandinavian
countries and Belgium targeting a 2007 switch-off date. The target is 2009 in the United States, and 2011
in Japan.

Last year, it was estimated that 21 million U.S. households do not get cable or satellite service and rely
solely on free over-the-air TV. Consumers Union estimated an additional 20 million homes that have
cable or satellite do not have all of their TV sets hooked up to the service and would need converter
boxes, too.

Most developed countries have already begun testing or broadcasting digital TV signals on some

Goodbye Beethoven? D.C. may lose its last classical radio station

By BRETT ZONGKER, The Associated Press 
Dec 19, 2006 2:15 PM

WASHINGTON - Classical music may soon virtually disappear from the airwaves in the nation's capital.

The last radio station dedicated to classical music in the Washington area may be sold to Redskins
owner Daniel Snyder, who is expected to make it an outlet for sports programming.

Salt Lake City-based Bonneville International Corp. is in talks to sell radio station WGMS-FM to
Snyder's media group, Red Zebra Broadcasting, station officials said. Negotiations continue, and terms of
the deal have not been finalized, said Joel Oxley, senior vice president and general manager of
Bonneville's Washington operations.

"The sides have been having high-level discussions, and we just don't know," Oxley said. "Unfortunately
that's the thing that makes this the most difficult for those folks who don't have a clear picture of the
timeframe, including myself."

Oxley cited a changing "business situation" as the reason behind laying off three sales employees last

WGMS is one of the country's highest-ranked commercial stations for classical music, and it has
consistently rated among the top radio outlets in the Washington market.

The negotiations come amid a steep decline in classical music stations nationwide. The number of
commercial stations in this category fell 30 percent to 28 last year from 40 in 1998, according to a
September study by the National Endowment for the Arts. Public radio stations have been moving away
from classical programming as well, in favor of news and talk programming that can build larger

The potential sale could leave one of the largest media markets with no classical music station at all. One
of Washington's public radio stations, WETA-FM, dropped the classical format in 2005 for news and
public affairs programming. But officials at WETA have signaled they may switch back to classical if
they don't face competition from WGMS.

"We believe classical music is an important asset to this city, and we have a unique expertise in
presenting it. So we would have to look at that option," said Mary Stewart, a vice president at WETA.
"The market is radically different than it was two years ago."

Miami, San Diego, St. Louis, Portland, Ore., and Tampa, Fla., are also on the list of markets that have
experienced similar losses in classical music stations since 1990, according to the NEA report.

Classical music has been a success for WGMS, which has had the largest commercial audience of any
classical station nationwide. The station, which broadcasts from a transmitter in Waldorf, Md., reaches
the District of Columbia, northern Virginia and suburban and southern Maryland. A weaker signal
extends as far north as Baltimore.

Bonneville would like to find a way to keep a home for the classical format, but there are currently no
plans for another classical station, Oxley said.

Pressure for higher profits is likely pushing Bonneville to consider the sale, said classical music
programmers and observers.

"We live in a time when just making a profit is considered a failure. You have to make a huge profit,"
said Martin Goldsmith, a longtime classical program director who now directs the classical channels on
XM Satellite Radio, based in Washington. "The folks at Bonneville obviously thought they could make
more money selling their station to Mr. Snyder, even though they were doing just fine."

Representatives from Red Zebra, Snyder's media group, did not return e-mail messages seeking comment
Monday and Tuesday. A telephone message to Bonneville's headquarters also was not returned.
Information about a possible sales price for WGMS has not been disclosed.

Classical music, rather than news programming, was dominant among public radio stations in 1994, but
over 10 years those statistics flipped, even as programming hours grew for both formats, NEA research
found. In 2005, public radio aired 224,000 hours of news programming and 168,000 hours of classical

"We're not pointing fingers at public radio," said Sunil Iyengar, NEA director of research and analysis.
"It's more just to say that we would think that public radio would be programming diverse classical
Part of the problem is that many public radio stations in the same markets are now duplicating programs.
In Washington, public stations WETA and WAMU air the same national news programs in the morning
and evening.

"We just feel like in those cases, not only is it irritating to the listener, it's not doing the public the best
service either," Iyengar said.

Consumers would get even less exposure to classical, jazz or gospel music if the federal government
eases rules to allow more media consolidation, according to a study this fall by the Benton Foundation
and the Social Science Research Council.

For the past five years, XM Radio has worked to fill a void in the classical music niche by offering three
classical music channels. They draw an estimated 2 million listeners, said Goldsmith, who has spent 35
years in classical music programming for commercial stations and public radio.

Goldsmith said it was troubling to see stations disappear, but he was comforted by the reality that
classical music has always been a select taste of an older generation - similar to an appreciation for wine,
he said.

"I am still very optimistic that people will be listening to Beethoven 200, 400 years from now in the same
way that they do now," he said.

Wave farewell to AM radio, say experts
By David Sapsted
Last Updated: 1:27am GMT 30/12/2006

Radio broadcasts on medium wave will end within a few years if a powerful coalition of
commercial radio interests has its way.

Ofcom, commercial radio's regulatory body, will launch a debate in the coming months on the
future of radio.

Many predict that it will result in the end of AM broadcasts as we have known them since the
days of the Home Service and Light Programme.

The growth of digital broadcasts, either on radio, over the internet or through digital television,
has left commercial AM broadcasts with only 3.8 per cent of the national audience this year.

While the BBC remains on the sidelines — the vast bulk of its weekly Radio Five Live audience
of 5.7 million still listens on AM — leading figures in the commercial sector are determined to
sound the death knell of medium wave.
The commercial stations are having to face up to the dwindling numbers tuning in to AM stations
as people opt for FM broadcasts or, increasingly, the higher quality of digital broadcasts.

"The current AM licences are up for renewal in 2011 and 2012," an Ofcom spokesman said
yesterday. "The question we have to address is whether or not these stations will be
commercially viable by then."

Fru Hazlitt, the chief executive of Virgin Radio, is an outspoken critic of AM.
"We pay huge amounts of money to Ofcom for the AM licence," she said. "Within the next year
or two we should switch it off. It just isn't worth it."

Andy Duncan, the chief executive of Channel 4, predicted that, over the next five to 10 years,
AM and FM listening would wither away.

Capital Radio bosses have also been calling on the Government to set a date to switch off both
AM and FM.

Not everyone agrees, however, that AM is a dead duck. Emap, whose Magic AM has been
relaunched nationwide, believes there is still a place for medium wave.
Ofcom said it hoped to begin a wide consultation over the future of AM.

"There could be much more effective uses for this spectrum — it could be used for community
radio," the spokesman said. "The growth of digital at the cost of analogue cannot be ignored."

Owner: Nothing backwards about KCUF radio
Rick Carroll - Aspen Daily News Staff Writer

Thu 12/28/2006 10:00PM MST

There's nothing backwards about Aspen's newest radio station.

It plays the latest top 40 hits and has a Web site that keeps listeners apprised of what's currently on the air
and the few tunes that played before it.

But what's really not backwards about Radio Free Aspen, located at 100.5 on the FM dial, is that word
forbidden by the Federal Communications Commission that its call letters spell, said owner Simon T.

KCUF, he said, is the moniker for Keeping Colorado Uniquely Free. That's despite whispers from some
competitors who say that it's simply the spelling of the dreaded F-bomb in reverse.

"Those people who look at it that way are the same type of people who want to play a Beatles record
backwards," he said. "'God' is 'dog' spelled backward, too."

Whatever the case, T has nothing to be worried about as far as the FCC is concerned, because the
sanctioning body of the radio media already has blessed the call letters.

Simon T (his surname is his birth name) is part of BS&T Wireless Inc., the corporate entity that owns
KCUF. The station is licensed out of El Jebel, and its format is programmed, without a disc jockey or on-
air talent.
"Right now," T said, "we're not going to have disc jockeys rambling or a contest to win something you
don't want. It's 59 minutes and 30 seconds of music (every hour). We'll be playing anything from
Beyoncé to Snow Patrol, to U2 to the Pussycat Dolls, to Nickelback and even Coldplay.

"The one thing we're really tying to do is mold the format to a segment of the Roaring Fork Valley that
hasn't been served. ... We want to be part of the community by not promoting our station or standing on
the side of the road asking people to listen to us."

KCUF is the latest station to join what's becoming an increasingly busy FM band. KUUR, or Your Radio,
launched last year with no advertisers. That's the same thing KCUF is doing for the time being.

The popularity of KUUR and KCUF, along with such local commercial FM old guards as KSPN, KSNO
and KGLN, will be known next year when Arbitron takes on the local market.

Arbitron, which is to radio ratings what Nielsen is to television ratings, is the first neutral survey service
to penetrate the local radio market. Surveys have been done in the past, but they were commissioned.

Outside looking in is Brent Gardner-Smith, the executive director of Aspen Public Radio, which won't
face Arbitron's scrutiny because it's not a commercial station.

"Arbitron will carry weight and they will add value to this market for national advertisers," he said.

Arbitron considers Aspen to be the 301st largest media market in the country.

"The long-term trend among small-market broadcasters has been to work with Arbitron to create new,
measured markets, even for towns in which the entire 12,000 population could fit into the Rose Bowl with
seats to spare," said Carol Hanley, Arbitron's senior vice president of sales, in a recent statement. "These
broadcasters realize that becoming Arbitron-rated can make a big difference in their access to advertising
dollars and to working capital that they can use to enhance their operations."

At No. 301, Aspen, which has a full-time population of roughly 6,000 residents, will be the smallest
market that Arbitron serves.

Powell E. Way III – West Columbia. SC
KGLP, according to a friend of mine in Candy Kitchen, says they turned it off. They have had some
failures in some of the stuff, so it's off. Their budget was not large for all the stuff, and from what he says
I think their new audio processor went out. And being only about 1000 watts on the analog, you can
imagine how powerful the HD is. I don't know if it will get put back on. I expect it's not high on their

Brian Leyton – Valley Village, CA
From Radio World:
Date posted: 2006-11-30
KRLA Cranks Up the Power
Salem news/talker 870AM KRLA(AM) has boosted daytime power from 20 kW to 50kW.
The station is at 870 kHz and serves Greater Los Angeles. Salem says the upgrade adds a potential
listening audience of 1.3 million. Terry Fahy is Salem Los Angeles VP/GM. The cluster has been
working on coverage improvements. It recently tweaked
the signal of KKLA(FM) at 99.5 as well.
This change was under a CP that was granted in May of this year. There are
also apps for 20Kw day / 37Kw night, which were filed in March of this year.
These apps change the patterns. I realize that the goal here is to cover
the metro L.A. area much better, but to bounce from 20/3 to 50/3, then 20/37
seems kind of convoluted. I know Salem made some changes at a co-owned
station in Hawaii, and they bought then silenced the 850 in Thousand Oaks
all for the purpose of improving the signal at KRLA, but it sure seems to me
that the end result of all of this should have been a bit more impressive
than the 20/37 upgrade - unless they've got more apps up their sleeve, and
are hoping to hang on to the 50Kw day power, with a looser pattern.
No matter what happens, the result will not be happy for me - KRLA is only a
few miles away. Though they've never been that much of a pest in the past,
I have a feeling that this is not going to help me much.

Les Rayburn – Helena, AL
This time of year inspires a lot of reflection on the past, and thoughts of the future too. I've just finished
reading two books about the history of radio broadcasting in America, and that's lead me to speculate a bit
on what may happen in the future to the AM band, how those changes will effect DXing.
So, with apologies, I invite you all to gaze into the "Crystal Ball" of DX with me.
Your view may be different than mine, and I'd be very interested in your
thoughts about where we are all heading.
The growth of satellite technology and alternative media (I-Pods) will mean
that traditional radio will continue to lose market share. Meanwhile, new technology like Wi-Max will
begin to put IP based radio receivers into "early adopter" status, at least in the major metro markets.
These market forces will drive much of the talk radio programming that is on
AM now to the FM band. People seeking music will just have too many other
choices, and won't be willing to suffer mindless chatter from DJ's and annoying car commercials just to
listen to some tunes in the car.
As talk radio moves to the FM band, the AM band will become even more
Fragmented than it is now. Rather than broadcasting, it will become the "narrowcast" medium. New
languages will appear, as stations choose to serve smaller ethnic populations within their markets. Cities
like Richmond may have Arabic stations on the AM band, to serve a community of perhaps less than
5,000 people.
Other AM stations may become glorified TIS stations, promoting local
businesses or attractions, but at much greater distances. 24 hour traffic and weather information will
become widespread in smaller markets, much like it is in the major markets today. Many will find the
market just too fragmented to
make money at all, and will go dark.
From a DXing standpoint, the challenges will be many. While I think that IBOC on AM will go the way
of AM-Stereo, failing to find a market niche. Text based
traffic reports may catch on in some metro markets, overall the technology will fail to find an audience on
AM.But in the short term, we'll have to put up with a lot more of it. Given the FCC's catering to business
concerns, I expect we'll soon see IBOC at night as well.
But offsetting this problem will be that as more stations go dark, there will be less interference on
graveyard and regional channels. Unusual programming will also make it easier to identify stations that
are received. As the syndicated talk programming moves to FM, the AM band will take on a lot more of
the local character that it had in the past.
The growth of IP based radio will mean that even small, specialized audiences can be more easily (and
cheaply) served with other technology. "Broadcasting" in the current sense may well be a relic by now.
Internet access will be wireless and available virtually anywhere in the country, much like cellular service
Handheld devices will allow the user to view video content, listen to thousands of IP based radio stations,
receive local traffic and weather updates, and communicate with others. Rather than a lot of separate
devices (cell phone, Ipod, radio), users will have fewer devices that do more. And it will all be IP based.
Satellite radio with it's limited bandwidth will have peaked in it's market acceptable around 2015, and will
find itself struggling to remain profitable. The cellular phone industry will also be facing a huge challenge
from IP based wireless services, and will have declined greatly.

The FM band will have gone nearly 100% digital, with most of the content being news, talk, and
"narrowcast" programming. The AM band will still be mostly analog, serving only thesmallest of
markets---most of the programming will be directed at elderly users or TIS type functions.
There will also be a lot of growth in TIS stations operating across the band. Nearly every construction
project, housing development, etc. will operate low powered transmitters, as their cost drops to very low
levels. Only the
large number of installed radios already out there will save the band from
being reassigned to other services.
For DX'ers, there will be very few targets out there. But with the reduced
interference, hobbyists will enjoy a kind of 2nd Golden Age of DXing. Clear channels will be "clear"
again, allowing coast to coast
reception of these signals with the reduced inference. Software based radio
receivers will be inexpensive, allowing very powerful tools at low cost.
But as the second decade of the 21st century nears an end, it will be obvious that AM radio is doomed. By
2030, the entire slice of spectrum will be reassigned for other users.

DX Poker
Willis Monk – Old Fort, TN
Drake R4 and longwire
1. Get 2 stations from any one frequency680 WCTT KY CORBIN 0233 06/11/06 SONG "IT CAME
2. Get 3 stations from one frequency,
1070 WFLI TN LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN 2117 07/11/06
1070 WAPI AL BIRMINGHAM 2120 07/11/06
1070 WIBC IN INDIANAPOLIS 2115 07/11/06
3. Get 4, there's your 4 of a kind!
1290 WHKY NC HICKORY 2058 07/11/06
1290 WTKS GA SAVANNAH 2130 07/11/06 "NEWSRADIO 1290, WTKS, SAVANNA."
5. flush - same program on five different frequencies
540 WFLF FL ORLANDO 0200 06/11/06
550 WKRC OH CINNCINNATI 0207 06/11/06
560 WVOC SC COLUMBIA 0209 06/11/06
570 WWNC NC ASHVILLE 0215 06/11/06
580 WGAC GA AUGUSTA 0220 06/11/06
6. full house - get 2 stations on the same frequency plus
three stations on another
1150 WSNW SC SENACA 0150 06/11/06
1150 WGOW TN CHATTANOOGA 0030 06/11/06
1150 WLOC KY MUNFORD 0145 06/11/06
1170 WACV AL MONTGOMERY 0158 06/11/06
1170 WWVA WV WHEELING 0630 06/11/06
7. The ROYAL straight-flush! Get 5 stations from any GRAVEYARD frequency!

Jay Heyl – Aurora, IL
Panasonic RF-2200
Three of a kind:
550 WKRC Cincinnati, OH 12/24/06 1102CST "55 - The KRC" Prominent most of the time when KTRS
nulled, though faded a few times.
550 KTRS St. Louis, MO 12/24/06 1110CST Recap of Blues hockey game. ID before taking call from
550 KFYR Bismark, ND 12/24/06 1135CST ID coming out of news. Came up briefly over WKRC.

Christmas Music CME

Willis Monk – Old Fort, TN
Drake R4 and longwire

580 WELO MS TUPELO 0210 06/11/06
680 WCTT KY CORBIN 0233 06/11/06
1310 WDEF TN CHATTANOOGA 1525 06/11/06
1340 WBAC TN CLEVELAND 1520 06/11/06
5920 WBOH USA NC NEWPORT 1822-1830 07/11/06
740 CHWO ON TORONTO 1930 10/12/06 Bing Crosby singing "White Christmas"
740 KRMG OK TULSA 1930 10/12/06 Old time radio show, "Screen Guild Playhouse." Play was
'Holiday Inn' an acting out for radio of the movie, 'Holiday Inn' from 1942. This program originally aired
on January 11, 1943. During the program, Bing Crosby sang the song, 'White Christmas' at the same time
that CHWO was playing it. Nice echo effect.

Paul Armani – Denver CO

"It sounds a lot like Christmas"
"Chest Nuts Rosting On An Open Fire"
"Santa Baby" -----Macy Gray
"Let it snow, Let It Snow"
"Sleigh Ride"-------Leroy Anderson
04:59-05:16 UTC

I Got The Bird! [Satellites]
Kevin Redding – XM Roady 2 / MyFi

Oregon State 14 v. Mizzou 10 2nd quarter of the Sun Bowl in El Paso 12/29 1316

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