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									Colonial Connecticut
Teacher’s Resource Guide
     By Lisa M. Bonanno

  Eastern Connecticut State
 Focus of this presentation will be aimed at
  educators who teach grades K-4. The topic
  will highlight the people that were part of
  colonial Connecticut
 Since curriculum may differ in those grades,
  some areas will provide more detail, while
  others may be incorporated across other
  subject areas
 Suggestions will be made for websites
  and connections to other Colonial
  Connecticut topics
 Detailed lesson plans can be
  developed for all levels K-4
 All lessons will coincide with
  Connecticut Standards, as well as
  NCCS alignments
          The People
For purposes of this presentation, we will
divide the concentration into three areas:

       The Puritans
The focus on the Puritans will address who
 they were, where they came from, and
 how they worked and lived.

       Lessons at this level may revolve
       around Thanksgiving celebration;
       during Harvest season, agriculture
       and food could be an area of
       interest that crosses into the
       sub-topic of colonial life
         The Puritans (cont’d)

Grades 2-4:
          A more detailed focus on
  Connecticut History for both 2nd and
  4th graders will include lessons on the
  Puritans, as well as specifics on
  important individuals who helped to
  shape the state and the nation.
 Native Americans
Each grade level will benefit from the
 study of Native Americans of
 Connecticut. K-2 will concentrate
 on the everyday life of the Native
 Americans, while grades 2-4 may
 address issues with more depth,
 such as the Pequot War.
      Founding Fathers
 Thomas Hooker and members of
   his congregation founded
 Ties in with legend of the Charter
 Opportunity for field trip to
   capital city …Old State House,
   Founders Stone, Cemetery, etc.
       Spies & Secrets!!
• Nathan Hale: State Hero and Spy

• Benedict Arnold: War Hero and

• Silas Deane : Gentleman and Spy?
        Inventors &
•   Eli Whitney
•   Noah Webster
•   Elijah Boardman
•   Eli Terry
•   Thomas Green

Do you know who this
  man is?
       Important Women
• The “Female” Paul Revere--Sybil

• First woman news editor--Hannah

• State Heroine--Prudence Crandall
The “people” outlined here are just a
  sampling of what might be addressed in
  terms of important contributors to
  Connecticut history.
Lesson plans that link literature, activities,
  and technology, as well as the state
  standards, can be developed to address
  the needs of each grade level.
The following websites are valuable resources for
  teaching all aspects of American History or
  Colonial Life.

Lesson plans will refer to specific sites that
  include activities related to the particular topic,
  and so, they are not all listed here!
Websites (cont’d)
• A good children’s site
  that is dedicated to the history of Connecticut
• This site
  provides a broad spectrum of resources for all educators
  addressing American History
  cherservices.htm Website provides details on programs
  available to schools and to teachers regarding role of
  Native Americans
• a good site for intermediate to
  middle school students that provides maps, documents,
  films, etc on issues involving early america
  Answer to SLIDE 11 question found here!!!
                                The End

Photos courtesy of S. Bonanno

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