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Published April 30 and May 1, 2011
2                               WA Health

Contents                                                                                                        A message from the
     Welcome and introduction to WA Health                                                       2              Director General
     Disaster response workers                                                                   3                                     Western Australians have one of the highest
                                                                                                                                       life expectancies in the world. Maintaining safe,
     Options for doctors                                                                         3                                     quality healthcare to nearly 2.3 million people
                                                                                                                                       at hundreds of sites across an area of almost
     Allied health professionals                                                               4-5                                     2.5 million square kilometres is a significant
     Non-clinical health roles                                                                   6                                     You can meet some of the 37,000 people helping
                                                                                                                                       WA Health take on this challenge in the pages of
     Nursing and midwifery                                                                   7-10                                      this supplement.
                                                                                                                 Kim Snowball         These people are part of a team that has
     Aboriginal health workers                                                                  11               DIRECTOR GENERAL
                                                                                                                                      delivered one of the world’s lowest infant mortality
     Working in regional WA                                                                12-13                rates, the second lowest median wait time for elective surgery in
                                                                                                                Australia and has made Western Australia a leader in the area of safe,
     Support services                                                                      14-15                quality healthcare.
                                                                                                                It’s an exciting time to be involved in WA Health. We're delivering a major
     Discover WA Health jobs online                                                             16              reform agenda and planning the health services we'll need to care for a
                                                                                                                growing and ageing population.
                                                                                                                A key priority for WA Health is closing the gap in health outcomes
                                                                                                                between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Western Australians. We're
                                                                                                                 committed to increasing the numbers of Aboriginal staff right

Unlimited opportunities                                                                                                   across WA Health, including through targeted strategies
                                                                                                                                  such as apprenticeships and traineeships.
                                                                                                                                          There’s a lot to do. The people to do it will be
If you are looking for a career in an important, diverse and   Working towards a health career                                                dedicated, caring people committed to
rewarding sector, WA Health wants to hear from you.                                                                                                  keeping Western Australia’s health
                                                               If you are a school leaver or graduate looking for a
Every year WA Health handles more than 800,000                 rewarding career in health, WA Health offers diverse                                      system among the world’s best.
emergency department visits, completes more than 75,000        and interesting pathways into challenging jobs across                                           If you can see yourself as
elective surgery cases, delivers 22,330 babies and performs    the state.                                                                                          part of one team, one
more than 91,000 breast cancer screens. Is there anything                                                                                                              first-class health
more rewarding, exciting or challenging than making a real     There are more than 150 different job types to choose
                                                               from, including clinical and non-clinical professions,                                                     service, why
difference in people’s lives?                                                                                                                                                not talk to
Working in WA Health, you could be involved in
                                                               hospital or dental clinic work or working in community         Planning for the            future                WA Health?
                                                               health. You could work in acute care, rehabilitation,
providing drug and alcohol information, prevention and                                                                        WA Health is working hard to meet the
                                                               Aboriginal health services, or health promotion
treatment services, dental health services, administration     and prevention.                                                challenges of a growing population and an
and policy or Aboriginal health services.                                                                                     ageing demographic.
                                                               Depending on which job you choose, you may need formal
Working in Western Australia’s health sector opens up a        qualifications such as a university degree, TAFE training, a    WA Health aims to do this through its mission
world of opportunity. These sought-after benefits include:      traineeship or on the job training.                            of improving, promoting and protecting the health
• a competitive, award-based salary and entitlements                                                                          of Western Australians by:
• a professional working environment and culture               If you are a recent university graduate, you may be
• rewarding and challenging work roles                         interested in one of WA Health’s graduate programs.            • caring for individuals and the community
• supportive, family friendly settings                         WA Health recruits a mixture of talented graduates from        • caring for those who need it most
• leadership and professional development programs             a broad range of non-clinical disciplines. You don’t need a    • making best use of funds and resources
• experience in a broad range of clinical and non-clinical     clinical degree to apply.                                      • supporting its team.
                                                               However, if you are a graduate of a WA medical school          A major infrastructure program is bringing quality
• education and training opportunities in specialty areas
                                                               and an Australian citizen or permanent resident you            healthcare closer to home for people living in regional and
• flexible work and leave arrangements
                                                               can apply for an internship in Western Australia. For          remote Western Australia. In the metropolitan area WA
• opportunities for career advancement.
                                                               more information visit www.pmcwa.health.wa.gov.au
                                                                                                                              Health is expanding the range of services provided by its general
If these benefits add up to the work environment you are
                                                                                                                              hospitals so the bulk of services most people will need, will be
looking for, a career in health may be the right option for
                                                                                                                              available close to where they live.
you. Why not find out at www.health.wa.gov.au/careers
                                                                 Graduate Development Program
                                                                 Applications for 2012 open 1 August 2011
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Disaster response workers                                                                             Options for doctors
                                                                                                      Becoming a doctor opens up a wide range of career options. To specialise, you usually need
With a number of catastrophes affecting so many people around the world, the                          to do some postgraduate study, get experience in approved hospitals and pass exams to
work of the Disaster Preparedness and Management Unit (DPMU) has never                                gain membership in an appropriate professional medical college.
been more important.
                                                                                                      Once you have done your initial training to achieve your basic medical qualifications, you
The unit works with health services to improve disaster preparedness and crisis                       have a range of choices. Some of these include:
management through policy development and planning; risk management; logistic
support; education and training; and command, control and coordination. As part of                    Anaesthetist                        Hepatologist                       Orthopaedic Surgeon
this unit, you would be involved with a variety of challenges, including coordinating                 Cardiologist                        Immunologist Clinical              Paediatrician
health resources during major disasters.
                                                                                                      Dermatologist                       Medical Administrator              Pathologist
One of the roles of the DPMU is to make sure that health staff can pick up and travel
                                                                                                      Gastroenterologist                  Medical Oncologist                 Physician
to different countries at a moment’s notice, making a real difference at the frontline
when it counts.                                                                                       General Practitioner                Neurologist                        Psychiatrist
The DPMU coordinates the Australian Medical Assistance Teams WA (AUSMAT WA) -                         Haematologist                       Ophthalmologist                    Radiologist
a group of medical professionals and paraprofessionals who go to disaster zones to
provide medical support for up to two weeks. The teams consist of nurses, physicians,                 For further information on the educational requirements for the area of medicine
allied health, paramedics and non-medical members such as logisticians.                               you are interested in visit www.health.wa.gov.au/careers/doctors.cfm

                                               I have also coordinated the WA Health                                                                     Mandurah and at the Quarry youth
                                               response or assisted with responses to Cyclone                                                            centre in Fremantle. The aim is to take services
                                               George in 2007; the Learmonth aircraft                                                                    out of the teaching hospital environment to
                                               incident and the Manjimup bus crash in 2008;                                                              where young people are as this is the group
                                               the Ashmore Reef boat explosion and H1N1                                                                  with the highest rates of sexually transmitted
                                               influenza (swine flu) pandemic response in                                                                  infections. The vast majority of the work is
                                                                                                                                                         assessing peoples' risk and encouraging them
                                               2009. I also supported health services following
                                                                                                                                                         to be tested.
                                               the severe hail storm in Perth and provided
                                               home base support to an AUSMAT that                                                                       Benefits of your role
                                               deployed to Pakistan to assist following the
                                                                                                                                                         It’s my dream job. It is a privilege to be able
                                               floods in 2010.                                                                                            to help people who are otherwise frightened
                                                                                                                                                         and embarrassed. It’s really rewarding that we
                                               Responsibilities of your role                                                                             can help.
                                               As Manager of DPMU I work with a dedicated             Dr Lewis Marshall
Muriel Leclercq                                group of enthusiastic staff to ensure WA
                                               Health is able to respond to any disaster
                                                                                                      SEXUAL HEALTH PRACTITIONER Further training
                                                                                                                                                         There is an Australasian Chapter of Sexual
MANAGER,                                       that may arise. This includes prevention,              What do sexual health                              Health Medicine, which is a chapter of the
DISASTER PREPAREDNESS                          preparedness, response and recovery planning.          physicians do?                                     Royal Australasian College of Physicians so
AND MANAGEMENT UNIT                            One of the many projects the unit is involved          The job involves taking histories of sexual        there is a training program associated with
                                                                                                                                                         that. There is always something to learn. We
                                               with is coordinating WA Health planning in             behaviours, managing sexually transmitted
As Manager of the DPMU in the Public Health                                                           infections and treating HIV patients. It’s about   have journal clubs, are involved in continuous
                                               preparation for the Commonwealth Heads of
Division of WA Health, no two days are the                                                            demystifying sexually transmitted infections       education and have internal education
                                               Government Meeting (CHOGM) scheduled in                                                                   sessions in our own team.
same for Muriel Leclercq.                      Perth during October 2011.                             and alleviating some of the fear and stigma.
                                                                                                      It’s one of most intimate conversations you
Your experiences                               More information                                       can have with someone so we need to build a
As a senior nurse working in the emergency                                                            lot of rapport and trust.                            “You need to come with an open
                                               Visit the WA Health website at
department, I was always interested in
                                               www.health.wa.gov.au/disaster to learn                 Sexually transmitted infections are on the           mind, be non judgemental,
disaster planning. I was privileged to be                                                             rise – particularly chlamydia – so it’s a busy       accepting of people’s differences
                                               more about the role of the DPMU.
the deputy team leader of AUSMAT for                                                                  area. There are only three sexual health
deployments to the Maldives following the
                                                                                                                                                           and sexuality. If you can do that it
                                                                                                      practitioners in Western Australia at the
tsunami in 2004 and Yogyakarta, Indonesia,                                                            moment. The small number of practitioners            is one of the most rewarding areas
following the earthquake in 2006.                “Moving from clinical nursing to                     means we also do a lot of teaching. It’s not         of medicine because you can deal
                                                                                                      for everybody but for those people who do
In 2007, I moved from the clinical field to       policy allowed me to pursue my                                                                            with people in a most pragmatic
                                                                                                      have an affinity for this kind of work, it’s
policy and was part of a team that developed     interest in disaster management.”                    tremendously rewarding.                              way and give them the help they
 the AUSMAT concept. WA was the first                                                                                                                       need when they are frightened,
   Australian state to develop an AUSMAT                                                              I work with a fantastic team of five nurses.
       capability.                                                                                    We run clinics at Fremantle and outreach             ashamed and vulnerable.”
                                                                                                      clinics at Rockingham, Kwinana and
4                            WA Health

Allied health professionals
From audiologists to sonographers, there                          If you’re looking for a challenging career that does
                                                                  something worthwhile for the community, you are spoiled
are 23 health professions making up the                           for choice in the allied health professions.
allied health and health science professions                      From physiotherapy, podiatry, occupational therapy, clinical
in Western Australia. It all adds up to a                         psychology, pharmacy, medical imaging technology,
wide choice in careers.                                           radiation therapy and nuclear medicine technology to
                                                                  audiology, dietetics, medical librarian, orthoptics, orthotics
And with National Health Reform squarely on the agenda            and prosthetics, social work, speech pathology, biomedical
and one of the largest health infrastructure programs ever        engineering, clinical perfusion, exercise physiology, medical
undertaken in Western Australia underway, there’s never           physics, medical science, respiratory science, sonographer
been a better time to become part of WA Health.                   and sleep technology, there’s a specialty to suit everyone.

                                                Benefits of your role                                                                                  WA Health has an amazing range
                                                Benefits of being a clinical perfusionist                                                              of benefits such as nine per cent
                                                include having flexible hours or days with                                                             superannuation, salary sacrificing, study
                                                potential for overtime work, promotion                                                                leave and flexible working hours. Of course,
                                                opportunities with salary increases,                                                                  there are many more benefits, depending
                                                transfers within and across WA Health                                                                 on what area you work in.
                                                services and support for further education.
                                                Qualifications                                                                                         To become a physiotherapist you will need
                                                                                                                                                      to achieve tertiary qualifications with either
                                                The minimum qualification needed for
                                                                                                                                                      a Bachelor of Science specialising in the
                                                entry into training for clinical perfusion is
                                                                                                                                                      field or a Bachelor of Physiotherapy.
                                                a bachelor degree in science. Check with
                                                individual institutions for more information                                                          Some universities offer a Graduate Entry
                                                about entry requirements for individual                Ben Noteboom
                                                                                                                                                      Masters of Physiotherapy or a Graduate
Vincent Rajkumar                                training programs.                                     SENIOR PHYSIOTHERAPIST                         Entry Doctorate of Physiotherapy for people
                                                                                                                                                      who have a bachelor degree or higher in a
CHIEF CLINICAL                                  Further training                                       What does your role involve?                   health science.
PERFUSIONIST                                    Clinical perfusionists can participate in              I work with patients who are recovering
                                                further learning and research and help to              from a critical illness, accident or injury.   Further training
What does a perfusionist do?                    extend the scope of practice within their              I treat physical problems particularly
                                                                                                                                                      Physiotherapists can study postgraduate
                                                workplace. They may advance to senior roles,           those that affect the muscles, bones, heart,
Clinical perfusionists are allied health care                                                                                                         courses to specialise in areas such as
                                                manage a team of perfusionists, work in                circulation and lungs.
professionals who play a vital role in the                                                                                                            sports and women’s health. You can also
open-heart surgery team. The team includes      a teaching or training environment or                                                                 study for a masters degree to enhance
                                                                                                       Using an exercise program that may
surgeons, anaesthetists and other operating     become involved in research or new                                                                    skills and knowledge through project work
                                                                                                       include weights, stretches and specialised
theatre staff.                                  equipment design.                                                                                     and research. There are also opportunities
                                                                                                       equipment, I help patients recover and
                                                                                                       improve their strength and coordination so     to attend workshops and seminars for
Perfusionists operate the highly                More information                                       they can walk, sit and stand with minimal      professional development.
sophisticated heart-lung machine during         Visit the WA Health website at                         pain and stiffness.
cardiac surgery. The machine performs the       www.ochpo.health.wa.gov.au or the                                                                     More information
functions of the patient’s heart and lungs,                                                            Physiotherapists need to understand the
                                                Australian and New Zealand College of                                                                 Visit the WA Health website at
making sure blood is pumped around                                                                     body’s cardiovascular, respiratory and
                                                Perfusionists’ website at www.anzcp.org                                                               www.ochpo.health.wa.gov.au or the
the body while the surgeon performs the                                                                neurological systems to provide patient
                                                                                                                                                      Australian Physiotherapy Association
operation on a temporarily stopped heart.                                                              treatment and care advice to other
                                                                                                                                                      website at www.physiotherapy.asn.au
                                                                                                       medical teams.
Clinical perfusionists administer                “It’s a privilege to be
                                                                                                       Physiotherapists can work with adults,
medicines and transfuse blood                    responsible for protecting                            children, and people suffering age related      “It’s great being the physio
products. They can also be involved in a
range of surgeries, such as                      a patient’s heart and                                 physical problems.                              who helps someone take
heart, lung or liver transplants and             supporting their life during                          Salary                                          their first steps after a
procedures such as dialysis, in both elective                                                                                                          combined heart and lung
                                                 surgery.”                                             Physiotherapists can earn around $57,000
and emergency adult and paediatric                                                                     per year and up to $80,000 with clinical        transplant.”
patients. They can also be involved in                                                                 experience. Senior and specialised jobs
clinical trials and research projects.                                                                 can earn from about $87,000 a year up
                                                                                                       to $95,000.

                                                                                                       Working in WA Health
                     What do speech pathologists do?                                  Qualifications
                     Speech pathologists diagnose and treat people of all ages        To become a speech pathologist you will need to achieve
                     with communication disorders. I work with children who           tertiary qualifications with either a Bachelor of Science
                     have difficulties such as using certain words and sentences       specialising in the field or a Bachelor of Speech Pathology.
                     or making certain sounds in their speech or who find it           You will need to have a high level of English language skills.
                     difficult understanding what other people say.
                                                                                      Further training
                     Other communication difficulties include fluency and
                     literacy difficulties or physical problems with eating or         Speech pathologists can study for a masters degree. Further
                     swallowing.                                                      study can offer the opportunity to enhance skills and
                                                                                      knowledge through project work and research. There are
                     Speech pathologists can provide individual therapy, work         also opportunities to attend workshops and seminars for
                     in small groups, within a classroom, or become involved          professional development.
                     in home-based programs. I work closely with clients, their
                     carers and other professionals as part of a multi-disciplinary   More information
                     team to provide advice and direction.
                                                                                      Visit the WA Health website at
                     Qualified speech pathologists are in high demand and              www.ochpo.health.wa.gov.au or the Speech Pathology
                     currently there is a shortage in Western Australia.              Australia website at www.speechpathologyaustralia.org.au

                     New graduate speech pathologists can earn around
Nicola Morgan        $57,000 per year and up to $80,000 with clinical experience.      “Each day is different. No two children
SPEECH PATHOLOGIST   Senior and specialised jobs can earn from around $87,000.         are ever the same. The job is both
                                                                                       challenging and rewarding.”

                     What do sonographers do?                                         qualification so you first need a bachelor degree in
                                                                                      a medical imaging science or a related area.
                     I am a healthcare professional who uses ultrasound
                     equipment to produce medical images of tissues in the            A list of accredited sonography programs is listed on
                     human body.                                                      the Australasian Sonographer Accreditation Registry
                                                                                      site at www.asar.com.au
                     The images produced are then used to assist in the medical
                     management of patients.                                          A clinical training position is a requirement for
                                                                                      course completion.
                     Ultrasound has widespread applications such as abdominal,
                     obstetrics, gynaecology, musculo-skeletal, cardiac and           Further training
                     paediatrics to name a few.
                                                                                      Sonographers can study for a masters degree that could
                     Sonographers who are employed in a hospital may work in          involve project work as part of the job and/or research.
                     the radiology, cardiology, vascular or obstetrics departments.
                     They often perform scans at the patient’s bedside or work in     More information
                     operating theatres.
                                                                                      Visit the WA Health website at
                     I work as part of a team with other health professionals,        www.ochpo.health.wa.gov.au or the websites of the
                     medical staff and nursing staff. Hours of work may involve       Australasian Sonographer Accreditation Registry Limited,
                     weekend or shift work. Participation in an on-call roster for    Australian Institute of Radiography, Australian Sonographers
                     after-hours emergencies may also be required.                    Association, Australasian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine,
                                                                                      The Cardiac Society of Australia and NZ or Australian
Marilyn Zelesco      Salary                                                           Orthoptic Board.

SONOGRAPHER          Sonographers can earn around $78,000 per year and up to
                     $87,000 with further study and experience.
                                                                                       “Sonography is an excellent way to
                     Qualifications                                                     develop clinical skills in the rapidly
                     To be a sonographer you require a qualification in                 changing world of medical imaging.”
                     ultrasonography/medical ultrasound. This is a post graduate
6                               WA Health

Non-clinical health roles
If you are interested in working in the                           The entry requirements for a career in a non-clinical role
                                                                  with WA Health depend on the position.
health sector but you don’t want to
work as a doctor or nurse, you have a                             For more information visit
wide variety of professional and
non-professional roles to choose from.
Whether you are an accountant, administration assistant,
budgeting analyst, business system analyst, clerk, clinical
coder, communication operator, ethics coordinator, health
information manager, human resource consultant or
information technologist, there are jobs for you in the
health sector. WA Health even employs art curators and
functions coordinators.

                                                  Qualifications                                                                                       Salary and benefits
                                                  Introductory-level courses are offered through                                                      One of the great factors of working here
                                                  the Health Information Management                                                                   is having flexible working hours. Having
                                                  Association of Australia and the New                                                                this option is great when you have a young
                                                  South Wales Open Training and Education                                                             family. Principal developers can earn from
                                                  Network.                                                                                            around $90,000 a year, depending on
                                                  To enrol you must have knowledge of medical
                                                  terminology. If you have no prior knowledge,                                                        Qualifications
                                                  you should complete a medical terminology                                                           Developers benefit from a degree in
                                                  course.                                                                                             computer science or an engineering
                                                  Registered nurses, overseas medical                                                                 discipline. Typically a software based
                                                  practitioners, graduates of medical science         Kamal Vaghjiani                                 engineering degree would give you a
                                                  degrees and others with a clinical background                                                       firm grounding in the way software is
                                                  can apply for recognition of prior learning         PRINCIPAL DEVELOPER                             designed and developed.
Kathryn Nicholls                                  for medical terminology.
                                                                                                      What does a principal                           Further training
CLINICAL CODER                                    Further training                                    developer do?                                   There’s always something to learn and
                                                  Clinical coders can progress from introductory      As a principal developer, I provide technical   always plenty of opportunity and support
What do clinical coders do?                       level training through to advanced level            expertise and leadership in all aspects of      from management to get involved and
I translate written clinical notes about          code to highly complex medical records.             software development, design and                learn – be it new technology, or better
patient care into a code format.                                                                      architecture for WA Health. It's a very         ways of building software. There are many
For example, acute appendicitis is                More information                                    challenging and rewarding role that offers      different streams (testing, architecture,
represented by the code ‘K35.9’.                                                                      excellent exposure to new technologies.         business analysis, user experience and
                                                  Visit the WA Health website at
The codes are an international                    www.clinicalcoding.health.wa.gov.au or the          As technical lead developer and architect       more) so specialist courses/degrees can take
standardised classification system (IC-            Clinical Coders’ Society of Australia website       for Application Framework Services I am         you in the direction that most interests you.
10-DAM) used in all Australian acute              at www.ccsofa.org.au                                involved in providing WA Health with a
health facilities. We’re also known as                                                                service-based architecture for auditing,        More information
medical recorder coders.                                                                              logging, security and reporting. It’s a         Ask about degrees in computer science or
                                                                                                      challenging and varied job which can            software-based engineering at any tertiary
I don’t work hands on with patients                “My job allows for flexibility                      involve anything from providing enterprise      institution.
but use my clinical knowledge to make                                                                 level applications architecture, to design
sure patient needs are matched to                  and the opportunity for                            and development.
the best healthcare resources. It is               continual learning.”                               As a principal developer, I am also              “There’s a great team here, with
a behind the scenes job that is very                                                                  responsible for providing guidance to
important in helping hospitals provide                                                                                                                 very good developers, architects
                                                                                                      managers and the software development
a high quality service.                                                                               team on all aspects of the software              and managers. There’s also great
                                                                                                      development lifecycle.                           support from the management
Clinical coders can earn from $56,000 per
                                                                                                      The role allows you to delve into many           and architects to allow us to
                                                                                                      areas, from technical leadership to
year and up to $67,000 with further study.                                                            architecture and technical development.          work with latest technologies.”
                                                                                                      Career-wise you can move into either
                                                                                                      technical management or an application/
                                                                                                      solutions architectural role.
Nursing and midwifery                                                                              First Assistants in Nursing
As the Chief Nurse and Midwifery Officer          During my time I have been impressed by the       (Acute Care) traineeship
at the Nursing and Midwifery Office at WA         number of nurses and midwives I have              If you’re considering work as an Assistant in Nursing (Acute Care) you can now earn
Health, I am responsible for attracting people   met who have been passionate about their          as you learn with a six-month full-paid traineeship.
to careers in nursing and midwifery.             work. Many view their role as a privilege.
                                                                                                   The traineeship, which was developed in partnership with WA Health and the Central
I know first hand how wonderful a career          Nurses care for people across their lifespan      Institute of Technology, offers you the opportunity to obtain a Certificate III in Health
in nursing is. I have travelled the world and    and during times of significant illness, injury,   Service Assistance (Acute Care).
worked as a nurse in many different settings.    rehabilitation and recovery. Midwives care
                                                                                                   On completion of the traineeship, you can apply for Assistant in Nursing positions
                                                 for women and their families before, during
                                                                                                   in WA hospitals.
                                                 and after one of the most important times in
                                                 their lives – the birth of a new family member.   The first group of trainees started their traineeships last month.
                                                 When I started my career as a nurse on a          For more information go to www.nursing.health.wa.gov.au
                                                 hospital ward I never imagined I would one day
                                                 be the Chief Nurse and Midwifery Officer for WA.
                                                 The Nursing and Midwifery Office offers a                                                         Your traineeship
                                                 range of services related to careers in nursing
                                                 and midwifery. We recently commenced an                                                          I am expecting practical information
                                                                                                                                                  based on real situations and opportunities
                                                 Assistants in Nursing (Acute Care) traineeship                                                   to have hands-on experience of all routine
                                                 as an additional pathway into health careers.                                                    tasks before I achieve my qualification.
                                                 We can also help ease the financial burden
                                                 of study through our generous scholarship                                                        The beauty of the AIN traineeship is you
                                                 program for undergraduate and                                                                    do not need any formal qualification to be
                                                 postgraduate                                                                                     eligible.
                                                 studies in nursing and midwifery.
                                                                                                                                                  Benefits of the program
Catherine Stoddart                               I would encourage anyone who loves being                                                         The examples given by our lecturers based
ADJUNCT ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                      with people to consider a career in nursing                                                      on their own experiences in nursing really
CHIEF NURSE AND MIDWIFERY OFFICER                and midwifery…it can take you anywhere.                                                          consolidate my learning. It makes it easy
                                                                                                                                                  for someone like me (with no nursing
                                                                                                                                                  experience) to understand and brings

                                                                                                                                                  texts and lectures to life.
                                                                                                   Wendy Forbes
                                                                                                   TRAINEE ASSISTANT IN                           Further education
                                                                                                                                                  I enjoy learning and would love to study
Aspiring or working nurses                       The Nursing and Midwifery Office is keen to        NURSING (AIN)                                  nursing at a later stage when my children
                                                 support Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
and midwives can apply for                       people looking to enter the nursing and                                                          are a little older.
scholarships for undergraduate                                                                     What does your role involve?
                                                 midwifery professions. If you are of
                                                                                                   I will assist with patient care, for example   Why did you choose health?
and postgraduate study. The                      Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent,
                                                                                                   bathing, feeding, general daily activities     Although I have worked in customer
                                                 you are strongly encouraged to apply for
scholarships, totalling $2 million,              a scholarship.
                                                                                                   and providing emotional support to             service related roles, I found my job was
are available through the                                                                          patients in the acute care setting.            never satisfying. I really wanted to spend

Western Australian Government.                   Postgraduate scholarships                         Becoming an AIN
                                                                                                                                                  my valuable time making a difference in
                                                                                                                                                  the world.
                                                 Postgraduate scholarships are open to             Shift work will enable my husband
Undergraduate scholarships                       nurses and midwives already working in            and I to balance caring for our two
                                                 the Western Australian public health              young children and our careers. I look
The Nursing and Midwifery Office provides
scholarships to students studying nursing
                                                 system. They are awarded on the merit             forward to discovering many avenues            “The beauty of the AIN traineeship
                                                 of their application and workforce demand         of career development into nursing             is you do not need any formal
and midwifery. The scholarships aim to           for the area of study being undertaken.           and beyond.
attract people to nursing and midwifery by                                                                                                        qualification to be eligible.”
easing the financial burden of studying.          The scholarships are offered to encourage
                                                 nurses and midwives to pursue postgraduate
Enrolled nursing students can apply after        studies by assisting with course fees. They
completing their first semester of full-time
study while registered nursing and midwifery
                                                 also act as an incentive for attracting and       Upcoming events
                                                 retaining nurses and midwives.
students must complete their first year of                                                          5 May 2011
full-time study before applying.                                                                   International Day of the Midwife               Royal College of Nursing Australia
                                                  For further careers information                                                                 Nursing and Health Expo
                                                                                                   12 May 2011
                                                  including education prerequisites                International Nurses Day                       26 June 2011
                                                  visit www.nursing.health.wa.gov.au                                                              10am to 3pm
                                                                                                   25 July 2011
                                                                                                   Nursing and Midwifery Careers Day              Perth Convention Exhibition Centre
8                              WA Health

Enrolled Nurse                                                                                    Registered Nurse
Enrolled nurses (ENs) hold a Diploma of Enrolled Nursing from TAFE or an                          Registered nurses (RNs) hold a Bachelor of Nursing from a university.
accredited Aboriginal Health Training College.
                                                                                                  Registered nurse responsibilities range from direct patient care to coordinating
Working under the supervision of a registered nurse, an enrolled nurse provides                   care delivery, health promotion, research, management and education.
patients with basic nursing care and is accomplished in the practical skills of                   A registered nurse can work in a variety of interesting and challenging areas
nursing. Enrolled nurses with advanced skills may undertake more complex                          including emergency, cardiology, community, mental health and intensive care.
                                                                                                  In your first few years as a registered nurse you would earn between $49,000 and
As an enrolled nurse you can earn between $44,000 and $51,000 per year and                        $65,000 per year. More senior positions pay from $66,000 to $122,000. You would
receive extra pay in the form of shift allowances for working afternoons, nights,                 also be paid shift allowances for working afternoons, nights, weekends or public
weekends or public holidays.                                                                      holidays.

                                               Benefits of being a nurse                                                                         chosen field is a plus for me. It affords
                                               It is the joy of making patients better or                                                       me the opportunity to meet people from
                                               comfortable or at peace with life. You don’t                                                     various cultural backgrounds and to learn
                                               ever do nursing for the money; you do it for                                                     about their cultures and their beliefs about
                                               the people.                                                                                      mental illness. I find it extremely
                                               I was attending TAFE for my training to                                                          Working in WA Health
                                               qualify as an enrolled nurse and after                                                           I find working in WA Health gives me a
                                               attending an interview at Princess Margaret                                                      diversity of experience in the various
                                               Hospital, was successful in gaining a                                                            aspects of mental health. In addition, it
                                               position in the Graduate Enrolled Nursing                                                        makes it possible for me to work in a
                                               Program. I am now in my second rotation.                                                         multidisciplinary setting on caseloads that
                                                                                                                                                range from simple to complex.
                                               Further education
                                                                                                  Angelo Scala
                                               I would love to continue on to registered                                                        Qualifications
Shannel DeJonge                                nursing eventually, but am very much               TRANSCULTURAL CLINICAL                        I completed my three year hospital-based
                                               enjoying the experience and learning               NURSE SPECIALIST (CNS)                        diploma (which is no longer available). In the
                                               opportunities as an enrolled nurse.                                                              course of my work I have obtained various
PROGRAM                                                                                           What does your role involve?                  certificates in the area of transcultural
                                               Working in WA Health                                                                             mental health.
What does your role involve?                   The public health system is all about
                                                                                                  My role in the WA Transcultural Mental
                                                                                                  Health Service, Department of Psychiatry
I work with a variety of team members to       people, serving Western Australians from           at Royal Perth Hospital is to work across     Further education
work out the best outcomes for the             all backgrounds, making sure everyone gets         multicultural communities to provide a        There are regular opportunities for
patient. I am currently working on a           equal and the best care.
graduate program getting experience                                                               community nursing service.                    professional development in the area
from both surgical and medical fields.                                                                                                           of mental health. There are also various
I have always worked with people and
                                               Rewards of your job                                This service is culturally sensitive to the
                                                                                                                                                transcultural mental health conferences
                                                                                                  mental health needs of culturally and
within paediatric fields.                       I love my job because it gives me the                                                            and workshops/seminars which I have the
                                                                                                  linguistically diverse (CALD) background
                                               opportunity to work with kids. I enjoy                                                           opportunity to attend.
                                               meeting all kinds of children of different         clients and their families suffering from
Why did you choose nursing?                                                                       mental illness. Since starting in nursing I
                                               ages, personalities and backgrounds. I also
I chose nursing because a long time ago        love meeting the parents.                          have mostly worked in this area.
on holiday, I was involved in a serious car
accident and was a patient at Princess                                                            Why did you choose nursing?                   “I find working in WA Health gives
Margaret Hospital for two to three weeks.                                                         Because I wanted to get into a profession     me a diversity of experience in the
I don’t remember much about it, but I do       "When you can diffuse a stressful                  where I could help people and also see        various aspects of mental health.”
remember the nurse who made me feel                                                               tangible outcomes.
special by doing my hair, reading me a book    situation by taking medical care of
and taking time to listen.                     a child and putting a parent at ease               Rewards of your job
I want to bring the same into my nursing
                                               all at the same time, that is an                   The type of work in which I am involved
and strive to be the best I can be each and    amazing experience. There is no                    gives me satisfaction and constant
every day. I have an opportunity to make       better joy than healthy, happy kids.”              rewards. Being able to help people with
a difference and to have an impact on the                                                         mental illness and their families and
people around me and I am grateful for that.                                                      having the opportunity to work in my
Midwife                                                                                            Nurse Practitioner
Midwives help women during pregnancy, childbirth and through the early                             A nurse practitioner is a registered nurse who has completed a masters degree and
parenting period. They work with women to provide the necessary support, care                      is endorsed by the relevant regulatory body to function on his or her own and with
and advice during pregnancy, labour and the period after the birth.                                other health professionals in an advanced and extended clinical role.
A midwife is a health professional who has successfully completed a course of study                The role of the nurse practitioner includes assessing and managing clients and may
in midwifery and has the appropriate registration documents necessary to practice.                 include directly referring patients to other health care professionals, prescribing
                                                                                                   medications and ordering diagnostic investigations.
Midwives are not limited to hospital-based work. They can work in a variety of                     To practise as a nurse practitioner in Western Australia you must be registered as a
settings such as clinics, hospitals, birthing centres or in homes.                                 registered nurse with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia, endorsed to practise
In your first few years as a midwife you would earn between $49,000 and $65,000                     as a nurse practitioner and be employed in a designated nurse practitioner area.
per year. Promotional positions pay from $66,000 through to $122,000. You                          As a nurse practitioner, you can earn about $103,000 per year and may receive extra
also receive shift allowances for working afternoons, nights, weekends or public                   pay in the form of shift allowances for working afternoons, nights, weekends or
holidays.                                                                                          public holidays.

                                                  Rewards of your role
                                                                                                                                                       Benefits of nursing
                                                  I look forward to going to work. I get the
                                                  privilege of being involved in one of the                                                            There are lots of benefits to reward good
                                                  most special days of someone’s life. I work                                                          nursing practice; not only do you get
                                                  a variety of hours, which means I can have                                                           good public respect for the hard work
                                                                                                                                                       you do but your professional experience
                                                  time off during the week as well as the
                                                                                                                                                       and educational knowledge is rewarded
                                                  weekend. There is lots of variety in the tasks
                                                                                                                                                       financially by your employer. You get
                                                  I perform on a daily basis, for example I can
                                                                                                                                                       additional benefits for working extra shifts
                                                  perform antenatal booking interviews, teach                                                          and in particular areas of nursing such as
                                                  antenatal education classes and work in                                                              rural and remote isolated nursing areas,
                                                  the labour ward, the postnatal ward or the                                                           working different shifts can suit you and
                                                  neonatal nursery. There is always something                                                          your family’s lifestyle.
                                                  new to learn and always a new challenge to
                                                  maintain my interest.                                                                                I am very interested in providing indigenous
                                                                                                   Kristy Cooper                                       health care as I have indigenous heritage.
                                                  Benefits of being a midwife                                                                           My family is traced back to Tasmanian
Rachel Thomas                                                                                      SENIOR REGISTERED NURSE,                            Fanny Cochrane Smith. I am her third great
                                                  There are many – the relationships you
REGISTERED MIDWIFE                                form with clients; the impact you can
                                                                                                   CLINICAL COORDINATOR                                granddaughter. I want to give back to my
                                                                                                                                                       community by providing access to health care.
                                                  have on someone’s experience; constant           What does your role involve?
What does your role involve?                      learning opportunities; working in a team                                                            Working in WA Health
                                                                                                   I am a senior registered nurse employed
My work involves caring for women from            environment; flexibility of work hours; the                                                           A broad spectrum of nursing opportunities
                                                                                                   with the WA Country Health Service
20 weeks gestation through to their first          ability to increase or decrease the hours                                                            is available and transition from job to job
few days at home with their new baby. I                                                            (WACHS) at the Coral Bay Nursing Post.
                                                  you work; and the variety in the tasks you                                                           is made easy through a big connected
perform clinical assessments on women                                                              We access doctors for medical advice over
                                                  perform each day.                                                                                    system. This system makes you aware of
with antenatal concerns, educate women                                                             the phone. This is a generalist speciality
                                                                                                                                                       all the potential jobs out there. WACHS has
and their partners on what to expect when                                                          area where you see a wide range of clinical
they are having a baby, care for women
                                                  Qualifications                                    presentations in the clinic ranging from
                                                                                                                                                       programs available where you can travel WA
                                                                                                                                                       undertaking contracts of work here, there
during labour and birth. I also spend time        I completed a Bachelor of Nursing degree         people needing health advice to people
                                                                                                                                                       and everywhere and your travel is paid for.
facilitating the bonding experience between       then a Post-Graduate Diploma of Midwifery.       requiring emergency nursing care in life
                                                                                                                                                       It means the opportunities are endless.
mother and baby, teaching them how to             There is now a direct entry midwifery degree.    threatening situations. I choose to work in
care for their baby when they get home.                                                            this type of setting as it is very professionally   Qualifications
                                                  Further education                                challenging and rewarding, allowing me to           I undertook a Bachelor of Nursing through
Why did you choose midwifery?                     Masters of Midwifery and Neonatal Intensive      provide comprehensive health care services          the University of Tasmania, which took
I couldn’t decide if I wanted to be a nurse, a    Care course.                                     to people who are geographically isolated           me two and half years on an accelerated
teacher, study science or work with children.                                                      and have unique health care needs.                  pathway. I have since commenced my
As a midwife I get to do all of these things at                                                    Why did you choose nursing?                         Masters of Remote Health Practice – Nurse
once and I get to work in a role where there       “I look forward to going to work.                                                                   Practitioner. I have obtained a scholarship
                                                                                                   I chose nursing as a pathway after I was in
is opportunity for continuity of care and          I get the privilege of being                    a car accident in college. I had a two week
                                                                                                                                                       from the Nursing and Midwifery Office to
building trusting relationships with clients.                                                                                                          undertake this study.
                                                   involved in one of the most                     hospital stay and the nursing staff helped
  I also wanted to travel with my work.
    This year I am working in the UK for a few
                                                   special days of someone’s life.”                my rehabilitation so much. I could see how
                                                                                                   diverse, dynamic and rewarding the work
      months as well as planning to take
                                                                                                   of a nurse was and wanted to take on
                                                                                                                                                          “WA Health has such a broad
        part in volunteer programs in                                                              the challenge of helping people improve                spectrum of nursing
           developing countries.                                                                   their health.                                          opportunities available.”
10                          WA Health

Reward, recognition and                                                                           Rhonda Marriott
employment                                                                                        During NAIDOC Perth celebrations in
                                                                                                  2010, the Nursing and Midwifery Office
                                                                                                  delivered the inaugural Rhonda Marriott
                                                                                                  Award for outstanding achievement and
WA Nursing and Midwifery Excellence Awards                                                        contribution of Aboriginal and Torres Strait
                                                                                                  Islander nurses and midwives. Enrolled
The WA Nursing and Midwifery Excellence Awards are an important
                                                                                                  Nurse Rodney Monaghan, who is now
opportunity to publicly recognise and celebrate the achievements of                               Regional Aboriginal Health Coordinator
nurses and midwives who have made an outstanding contribution to the                              for the Pilbara, received this award for his
nursing and midwifery professions in Western Australia.                                           dedicated service to the community.

                                         “I would urge all patients and colleagues                To nominate an outstanding
                                         to nominate a nurse or midwife this year                 Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander nurse     Rodney Monaghan
                                         to recognise and value those who go the                  or midwife phone 9222 4395 or visit            INAUGURAL RHONDA
                                         extra mile and put their patients welfare                www.nursing.health.wa.gov.au                   MARRIOTT AWARD RECIPIENT
                                         and profession at the forefront of their
                                         working day,” Sadie Geraghty - 2010
                                         Nurse/Midwife of the Year.

                                              For more details about nominations
                                              and the gala event in September 2011
Sadie Geraghty
                                              visit www.nursing.health.wa.gov.au

Global Health Alliance Western Australia
In November 2010, WA Health helped 20             “This experience has tested everything these
student nurses spend two weeks in Tanzania        student nurses have learnt over their entire
on a clinical placement.                          university careers,” Professor Jones said.

The students, from all five Western                “They have now dealt with ethical
Australian universities, travelled to             dilemmas, adult and infant deaths and a
Tanzania as part of the Global Health             multitude of things they would never have
Alliance Western Australia. The alliance          experienced during a clinical placement
was established in December 2009 to build
health system capacity and facilitate nursing
                                                  in WA.
                                                  “Through all of this they have represented
                                                                                                   Graduate Nurse and
and midwifery education and training in
partnership with developing countries.
                                                  their universities, Global Health Alliance
                                                  and themselves with a great deal of
                                                                                                   Midwife Connect
                                                                                                   Newly qualified enrolled nurses, registered nurses
The nursing students undertook placements         professionalism.”
                                                                                                   and midwives are encouraged to undertake a
at Hubert Kairuki Memorial University and         WA Health Chief Nurse and Midwifery              fully paid graduate program at one of the many
Amana Hospital in the former Tanzanian            Officer Adjunct Associate Professor               Western Australian public hospitals and partner
capital Dar es Salaam.                            Catherine Stoddart was also in Tanzania          private hospitals – St John of God Hospital
They also spent time in rural community           during the students’ trip. With the Tanzanian    (Subiaco and Murdoch) and Mercy Hospital.
health centres where they performed a             Chief Nurse and senior nursing colleagues,
range of duties under clinical supervision.       Ms Stoddart led a number of workshops
                                                  designed to support and improve nursing            Applications for graduate programs
Global Health Alliance Western Australia          and midwifery in Tanzania over the coming          commencing first half of 2012
Program Director Professor Mark Jones, who        years by planning strategic initiatives in         Open 4 July 2011
travelled with the group, said every student      education, clinical training, research and
                                                                                                     Close 19 July 2011
should be proud of their achievement.             leadership development.
                                                                                                     Visit www.gnc.health.wa.gov.au
Aboriginal health workers                                                                                                             Scholarships
Aboriginal health workers are at the                              health system that respects and works with Aboriginal and           The Office of Aboriginal Health scholarship program aims
                                                                  Torres Strait Islander people.                                      to increase the number of Aboriginal health workers in
forefront of one of WA Health’s biggest                                                                                               Western Australia by supporting Aboriginal students
challenges – closing the gap between                              Whether you’re thinking of studying in a health-related field,       undertaking health-related studies.
                                                                  or you are already an Aboriginal health worker, audiologist,
indigenous and non-indigenous                                     dentist, dental assistant, doctor, dietician, laboratory worker,
                                                                                                                                      A full scholarship pays $6,000 a year and half scholarships
                                                                                                                                      pay $3,000 a year. The program is open to Aboriginal
health outcomes.                                                  nurse, midwife, occupational therapist, physiotherapist,            students who have been residents in WA for the past two
                                                                  social worker or speech pathologist, WA Health is keen to           years and are currently undertaking undergraduate full-
Through the Office of Aboriginal Health, WA Health has
a range of Aboriginal employment initiatives aimed at             hear from you.                                                      time study in an accredited health service university course
encouraging Aboriginal people to join these inspirational         If you’re interested in contributing to Aboriginal health in        (for example medicine, nursing, physiotherapy, social work,
workers in helping to improve health outcomes for Aboriginal                                                                          occupational therapy or speech pathology) or an accredited
                                                                  Western Australia, the Office of Aboriginal Health website
and Torres Strait Islander people.                                                                                                    health services course offered by TAFE or a registered
                                                                  www.aboriginal.health.wa.gov.au has a guide for careers             training organisation.
If you’re an Aboriginal person, you have a lot to offer. A        in health. The website also has training maps showing
                                                                  pathways through TAFE and university education and                  For more information about the scholarship program
better understanding of cultural difference translates into
                                                                  information on providers offering qualifications in                  or about employment in WA Health, contact the
better policies and practice. By working in partnership with
                                                                                                                                      Office of Aboriginal Health on 9222 4024 or go to
Aboriginal people and communities, you can contribute to a        Western Australia.
                                                                                                                                      the website www.aboriginal.health.wa.gov.au

    Employing Aboriginal health workers ensures Aboriginal
    Western Australians receive culturally appropriate health care                                                                                    Working in WA Health
    that meets their needs.                                                                                                                           WA Health has an amazing range
                                                                                                                                                      of benefits such as nine per cent
                                                                                                                                                      superannuation, salary sacrificing, study
                                                                                                                                                      leave and flexible working hours. There are
                                                                                                                                                      heaps more benefits, depending what area
                                                                                                                                                      you work in.
                                                   I do a lot of education on cultural
                                                   differences with health service staff both                                                         Qualifications
                                                   informally on a day-to-day basis and                                                               You need to complete through TAFE the
                                                   through formal cultural awareness talks.                                                           Certificate III and IV in Aboriginal and Torres
                                                   A lot of my work involves referring people                                                         Strait Islander Primary Health Care and Practice
                                                   to appropriate services such as the                                                                to work in a community health organisation
                                                   Aboriginal Medical Service or a hostel if                                                          and in a government health service.
                                                   someone is homeless.
                                                                                                                                                      Further training
                                                   Benefits of the role                                Joanne Mongoo                                   Aboriginal health workers can complete
                                                   Health is my field. I have always worked                                                            a Diploma of Aboriginal and Torres Strait
                                                   in health. It is my passion just as my             ABORIGINAL HEALTH WORKER                        Islander Primary Health Care and Practice
                                                   people are my passion, so this role is                                                             and study further for an advanced diploma.
                                                   perfect for me.                                    What does your role involve?                    More information
                                                                                                      I work with indigenous clients with chronic
                                                   Working in WA Health                               diseases to help them access health care
                                                                                                                                                      Visit the WA Health website at
                                                                                                                                                      www.aboriginal.health.wa.gov.au or visit
                                                   Having ALOs in the health system helps             services in their community. Through            www.trainingwa.wa.gov.au
                                                   to ensure indigenous people have access            education programs and workshops I help         Other training organisations include
Sue Walker                                         to mainstream health care in a culturally          clients make lifestyle changes such as diet     Marr Mooditj (Perth)
ABORIGINAL LIAISON OFFICER                         sensitive way.                                     and exercise to improve their health.           www.marr-mooditj.com.au; Kimberley
                                                                                                                                                      Aboriginal Medical Service Council
What does your role involve?
                                                   Qualifications                                      Aboriginal health workers provide daily
                                                                                                      school health checks for students and           www.kamsc.org.au; Bega Garnbirringu
                                                   I have been an enrolled nurse for over 30                                                          (Kalgoorlie) www.bega.org.au; or Aboriginal
It is one of two Aboriginal Liaison Officer                                                            educate parents and teachers on the
                                                   years and have a lot of local knowledge                                                            Health Council of Western Australia
(ALO) positions which are funded under                                                                importance of regular checks and
                                                   about the people, which helps.                                                                     www.ahcwa.org
                                                                                                      treatments for the child.
the $38.2 million Pilbara Health Initiative
between the State Government’s Royalties                                                              Salary and benefits
for Regions program and major Pilbara               “I have always worked in health.                  You can expect to earn between $40,000           “It’s rewarding to know you have
                                                    It is my passion just as my people                and up to $58,000 per annum based on             helped to educate your people
I try to help reduce the cultural barriers                                                            experience and the job requirements.
which Aboriginal people sometimes                   are my passion, so this role is                                                                    about health issues.”
                                                                                                      Job benefits include working closely with
  experience when in mainstream health care.        perfect for me.”                                  family groups and clients and being part of
     I am able to calm them down and                                                                  a team of doctors, nurses and other health
         encourage them to stay and get treated.                                                      care professionals.
12                           WA Health

Working in regional WA
Working in country Western Australia                              units and dental and mental health facilities, the WA
can be challenging and rewarding, both                            Country Health Service takes care of nearly as many births
                                                                  as the state’s big maternity hospital and has the same
personally and professionally. If you’re                          number of emergency presentations as Perth metropolitan
considering a tree change, there are                              hospitals combined.
many great, unique experiences waiting                            There is a wide variety of health professional jobs open to
for you in country health.                                        you including medical, nursing, health science, allied health
                                                                  and health workers. Health jobs vary significantly depending
WA Country Health Service is the biggest country health           on the location. The level of support and scope of practice
service in Australia and one of the largest in the world. Made    differs depending on the size of the health site – from sole
up of seven regions across the state and the Perth                practitioner to part of a larger team.
area office, the service helps provide health services to
around half a million people across 2.5 million kilometres.
Providing acute and primary health care in more than 70
hospitals across WA, as well as a large number of nursing
posts, remote area clinics, population health (community
and public) centres, aged care facilities, alcohol and drugs

There are many good reasons for you to consider working in
regional Western Australia. These include being able to work
across a wide range of environments in a variety of settings, a
diverse range of clinical experiences, meeting new people and
exploring Western Australia.
As a WA Country Health Service employee you are appointed
under an award that stipulates the basic conditions of the
role. In addition to award conditions, sites may provide
rural and remote specific allowances such as salary levels,
allowances and incentives, relocation assistance, salary
packaging options and accommodation allowances.
People living in country areas experience similar health
problems to those in metropolitan areas, with circulatory
diseases, cancer, respiratory diseases, digestive disease and
injury and poisoning the major causes of hospitalisation
and death.

More than a job, it’s a lifestyle
Living in country WA offers you a unique personal
and lifestyle opportunity, including the chance to:
• explore Western Australia’s outback
• enjoy the relaxed and friendly lifestyle
• experience our diverse cultural heritage
• be part of a great community spirit
• enjoy an enormous range of fantastic recreational pursuits
• make new friends – for life.
    rural way of life and work
The Pilbara Indigenous Employment Program
The Pilbara Indigenous Employment                                   If you’re an indigenous person interested in a career in health
                                                                    in the Pilbara, contact the Pilbara Indigenous Employment
Program was established to develop                                  Program office on 1300 759 745.
and encourage indigenous employment
opportunities in the Pilbara health sector.
                                                                    Scholarships and graduate programs
                                                                    Rural health professionals can apply for scholarships not
Funded under the $38.2 million Pilbara Health Initiative            offered to people living in the metropolitan area.
between the State Government’s Royalties for Regions
                                                                    The Australian Government offers a range of scholarship
program and major Pilbara industries, the program aims to           options for postgraduate studies and training and development.
recruit a target of 100 new indigenous staff across a five-year
                                                                    Nursing and allied health graduate programs, which aim to
period. Up to 20 additional indigenous people a year are set
                                                                    help first year graduates at the start of their rural practice
to receive employment and training opportunities in health          experience, are on offer from Western Australian Country
services across the region.                                         Health Service.
The program includes mentoring, promoting health careers            If you are a new graduate, ask the health site you are
in Pilbara high schools and supporting young people to get          considering working at if there is any specific support or
involved in activities such as adventure camps. It also promotes    programs for graduate health professionals.
learning for non-Aboriginal staff through traditional healing       For more information on the WA Country Health Service
and cultural awareness training for all new employees.              contact 9223 8500.

  Working in the country is different from working in the metropolitan
  area. It can be a challenging and intensely rewarding experience.
  Regional staff work hard to work together for a healthier country WA.                                                                                    Describe your achievements
                                                                                                                                                           I was named the Rural Registrar of the Year
                                                                                                                                                           2010 at the Rural Medicine Australia 2010
                                                                                                                                                           dinner, part of the national conference of
                                                                                                                                                           the Rural Doctors Association of Australia
                                                                                                                                                           and the Australian College of Rural and
                                                     Job benefits include working in a team                                                                 Remote Medicine.
                                                     environment with doctors, nurses, patients
                                                     and visitors, a wide variety of tasks across                                                          I felt humbled to receive such a prestigious
                                                     a number of departments with the                                                                      award. There are plenty of deserving GP
                                                                                                                                                           registrars across the country and for me to
                                                     opportunity to learn new processes and
                                                                                                                                                           win is simply an honour.
                                                     programs, the opportunity to transfer within
                                                     and across WA Health services and support                                                             I hold membership of the Fellowship of
                                                     for further education.
                                                                                                          Dr Sarah McEwan                                  the Australian College of Rural and Remote
                                                                                                          GP REGISTRAR                                     Medicine and achieved an advanced
                                                     Qualifications                                                                                         diploma from the Royal Australian College
                                                     There are no formal qualifications required          Your role in regional health                      of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.
                                                     to be a medical records clerk. It will be an        I work as a District Medical Officer at the
                                                     advantage if you have experience and skills         new Hedland Health Campus.
                                                     in clerical tasks, data processing and working
                                                     with customers.                                     I was born and raised in Mudgee, NSW and          “Sarah is one of the growing
Teresa Ferrara                                                                                           am from the Wiradjuri Aboriginal people.
                                                     Further training                                                                                      band of young doctors who
MEDICAL RECORDS CLERK                                                                                    I was inspired to become a country GP from
                                                                                                                                                           are finding that working in the
                                                     Advanced skills and further training in client      an early age.
What does your role involve?                         management database and information                 I have a strong interest in indigenous health     regions allows them to make real
                                                     processing computer programs could offer            and since arriving in Port Hedland last June
I provide clerical support services for
                                                     job opportunities in other departments.                                                               contributions to the lives of their
maintaining hospital patient records.                                                                    have worked hard at finding ways to provide
                                                     More information                                    gender choice to the indigenous population        patients,” WA Country Health
Using a range of office equipment, I am                                                                   when dealing with sensitive women’s issues.       Service Pilbara Regional Director
required to process patient records and              Visit the WA Health website at
information and maintain the register for            www.health.wa.gov.au/careers/management.cfm         I am also in the process of developing clinics    Tina Chinery said.
                                                     or visit www.trainingwa.wa.gov.au                   to improve services to women during early
Freedom of Information applications.
                                                     There are short courses working with                pregnancy and following childbirth.
Salary and benefits                                   and using computerised accounts, data
                                                                                                         Rewards of your work
                                                     processing software and dealing with highly
You can expect to earn between $45,000
                                                     confidential information.                            Being a GP is rewarding, challenging and
  and up to $55,000 per annum based on                                                                   life-changing. I love having the ability to
     experience and the job requirements.                                                                have a direct impact on patients’ lives on a
                                                     “No day is the same. It keeps me
                                                                                                         daily basis, build trust and provide continuity
                                                     interested in what I do.”                           of care.
14                          WA Health

Support services                                                                                                                 Clerical support team
                                                                                                                                 WA Health is committed to attracting and keeping
                                                                                                                                 talented staff from all groups in the community.
You don’t need a university degree or                           an apprenticeship in health support services (client/patient
                                                                                                                                 That is why it has formed a strong ongoing partnership
                                                                support services).
years of industry experience to work                                                                                             with Intework, a community-based provider of services for
                                                                Patient appliance officers maintain a register of all             Western Australians with disabilities, to create and develop
in health; there are many roles that                            appliances loaned to patients. They are responsible for all      a clerical support team.
don’t involve any formal qualifications.                         aspects of appliance lending from financial processes and
                                                                data entry to invoicing patients. While you don’t need a         Since its beginning in 2000, the team has gone from
Every job in WA Health is considered                            formal qualification, office and administration skills are an      strength to strength. It has grown in size and capability and
important to patient care and support                           advantage. There is often some informal training on the job.     is now an integral part of WA Health. The team undertakes
                                                                                                                                 data entry, bulk photocopying, mail outs, collating,
services are no exception.                                      Pharmacy stores officers are involved in acquiring, delivering,   document binding, filing and scanning for various areas in
Support services staff are employed in every hospital in        receiving, cataloguing and distributing pharmacy stocks          the department.
Western Australia. These roles help care for our patients,      in the pharmacy store in a hospital. You need advanced
                                                                experience in pharmaceutical stores management and               Work tasks and instructions are sent to Intework via fax,
support our clinical staff and help keep our hospitals and
                                                                stores control computing systems for this job.                   email, telephone and in person from various areas in the
health services running.
                                                                                                                                 department. Intework matches team members’ skills with
                                                                Sterilisation technicians work in a Hospital Central Sterile
There are a wide range of jobs in this area of health                                                                            work tasks to maximise efficiency and output. The Intework
                                                                Supply Department or Theatre Sterile Supply Unit cleaning,
embracing a variety of skills – cook/chef, food service         disinfecting and sterilising re-usable medical devices and       support staff show team members the work schedule,
attendant, linen assistant, patient appliance officer,           equipment and caring for surgical instruments. You need a        allocate the jobs and direct them on task requirements.
patient care assistant, pharmacy stores officer, sterilisation   Certificate III in Sterilisation Services for this role.          It’s a win for everyone. Team members benefit through
technician, transport officer, voluntary transport coordinator
                                                                For more information on working in support services visit        increased morale, being included in the workplace and
and welfare officer. One of these could be the job for you.
                                                                www.health.wa.gov.au/careers/support.cfm                         receiving support and training. WA Health wins by having
Linen assistants count, pack and deliver clean linen                                                                             committed team members and a boost to productivity.
supplied daily from the laundry contractors to wards
and departments for patients use. You don’t need formal          Support services staff are employed
qualifications for this position and informal training is         in every hospital throughout
provided on the job.
                                                                 Western Australia. They include
Medical orderlies assist medical and/or nursing staff.
Duties can range from transporting patients to setting up
                                                                 cleaners, orderlies, ward staff and
specialised hospital equipment such as bed traction. You can     kitchen hands.
work as an orderly without formal qualifications or complete

                                                                What does your role involve?                                     can access an apprenticeship or traineeship
                                                                I’m in charge of all the fresh cooking and preparation of        through your school. If you are no longer at school you
                                                                meals in the hospital kitchen, as well as dishing up meals.      can apply for a traineeship and get paid while you learn
                                                                I also coordinate the general running of the kitchen, which      and work. An apprenticeship can take between three and
                                                                includes staff rosters and ordering in the food.                 four years to complete, while a traineeship can take nine to
                                                                                                                                 18 months.
                                                                We prepare patient meals as well as catering for things
                                                                like staff training days and health awareness events. We         Further training
                                                                work pretty hard here and we all do our very best. We pride      Chefs tend to be quite organised people so many chefs tend
                                                                ourselves on quality, fresh food and enjoy offering good         to move into operational roles, using their skills to move up
                                                                meals to the patients. We know they enjoy it too, because        the ladder.
                                                                they tell us so.
                                                                                                                                 More information
                                                                I have been a chef at Armadale hospital for 28 years now.        Visit the WA Health website at
                                                                It does require a lot of effort and commitment and you           www.health.wa.gov.au/careers/support.cfm or talk to
                                                                need to be prepared to be busy at work. I feel proud             your school’s VET Coordinator if you are still at school and
                                                                about making a contribution to the hospital and like
                                                                                                                                 interested in starting your training now through VET in
                                                                the environment I work in.
                                                                                                                                 Schools. If you’re not at school and are interested in an
                                                                Salary and benefits                                               apprenticeship, visit the ApprentiCentre at
                                                                My job fits in with my lifestyle and the job satisfaction is      www.trainingwa.gov.au/apprenticentre/detcms/portal
                                                                good too. We work on a rotating two-week system of three
                                                                shifts: early morning, mid-morning and afternoon shifts.
Paul Biffin                                                      Chefs can expect to earn between $33,500 and $48,500 a           “Being a chef in WA Health is a good
CHEF                                                            year depending on experience.                                    job. It is a rewarding job if you get
                                                                Qualifications                                                    pleasure out of cooking.”
                                                                To become a qualified chef you generally need to
                                                                complete an apprenticeship. If you are still at school you
                             What do patient care assistants do?                              Further training
                             I help the nurses and doctors and get involved in patient        We have updates every 12 months on things like manual
                             care. I work in emergency so my job is pretty varied and can     handling, hygiene and infection control. Some people start
                             include anything from getting patients out of cars to sitting    as a patient care assistant and go on to other careers in
                             with patients, getting a piece of equipment for a doctor,        health such as a Diploma in Nursing or medicine.
                             washing down trolleys or transferring patients to and
                             from wards.                                                      More information
                             We have a really good team in the emergency ward. We all         Visit the WA Health website at
                             know our roles and we work well together. It’s a supportive      www.health.wa.gov.au/careers/support.cfm or the
                             environment and there’s a lot of job satisfaction in what we     Department of Training at www.training.wa.gov.au
                             do. I’ve been doing it for eight years now.
                             I love it when I see the children come in sick and go out of
                             the ward laughing or smiling or when you see a really sick
                             patient who’s making progress.                                    “To anyone thinking of working as a
                             Salary                                                            patient care assistant I say go for it. It
                             Patient care assistants can earn from $40,000 a year.             is so enjoyable, and you get so much
                             Qualifications                                                     satisfaction out of it.”
                             You need a Certificate III in Health Services Assistance
Wendy Whiteford              or a Certificate III or Certificate IV in Aged Care Services.
                             You can also become a patient care assistant through an
PATIENT CARE ASSISTANT       apprenticeship in Health Support Services (Client/Patient
                             Support Services) through WA Health.

                             What do hospital service assistants do?                          Further training
                             I work on a busy ward helping nursing staff with patient         I have to use machines and specialised equipment such
                             care. My day can involve anything from taking patients to        as hoists in my daily work and I need to know about the
                             appointments in the hospital and returning them to their         different types of beds. I have become a hospital service
                             ward; to helping clean rooms, collecting and returning           assistant trainer so I can assess the skills of other staff and
                             equipment; picking up blood products; dropping off               help them use the equipment we have to make our jobs
                             specimens at pathology; or picking up medications from           easier and safer.
                             the pharmacy.
                                                                                              More information
                             What I really like about my job is working with others in a
                             team and knowing I can help patients and brighten their          Visit the WA Health website at
                             day. Many patients I deal with are longer term or regular        www.health.wa.gov.au/careers/support.cfm
                             patients, so I really get to know them well.

                             Hospital Service Assistants can earn from $40,000 per year
                                                                                                “You need to be physically able to
                             and are able to work their way into supervisory or specialised     perform the duties and have excellent
                             roles such as patient drivers.
                                                                                                communication skills.”
                             You do not need any formal qualifications to become a
                             hospital service assistant but you must have good written
                             and spoken English, be physically able to perform the duties
                             and have excellent patient and customer service skills.

Julian Hedzik
    WA Health jobs at                                                   Search for a job
    health.wa.gov.au                                                         Visit health.wa.gov.au
                                                                             Select ‘Careers’
                                                                             Select ‘Search for a job’
                                                                             Enter keywords or select from any
                                                                             search box
                                                                             Select ‘Search’
                                                                             View the jobs

                                                                        How to apply for a job
                                                                        Job seekers are encouraged to apply online. You need an email address to
                                                                        apply online, as this will be used for any correspondence relevant to the
                                                                        position/s you apply for.
                                                                        Once you have found a job, you can view the most important information
                                                                        at the top of the page – salary, location, division, work type, closing date and
                                                                        The number of attachments will vary but will most likely include the
                                                                        Application Package and a Job Description Form, which outlines who you
                                                                        report to, key responsibilities, duties and selection criteria.
                                                                        You need to submit your resumé/curriculum vitae for most jobs and you may
                                                                        have to address the selection criteria. However, it is important to read the job
                                                                        advertisement as this will clearly outline the application instructions – you
                                                                        may only need to provide a cover letter and resumé/curriculum vitae.
                                                                        You will also need to include the contact details of two referees who know
                                                                        your skills and abilities.
                                                                        If you do not have internet access, you can request an application kit to be
                                                                        sent to you by calling (08) 9480 9307.

                                                                        Job alerts
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                                                                        WA Health Job Board. Have your jobs match your search profile or choose to
                                                                        receive all vacancies that are advertised.

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