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									  Is Neobux a Scam?

Or a great Paid to Click Income
• Whether you are a current member of Neobux
  or you are considering becoming one, you
  may have several questions about what
  Neobux has to offer, and whether or not it is a
• For information additional to this
  presentation, please check out the original
  Neobux Scam blog post.
       So what are the concerns?
• Neobux MAY offer rented referral bots that are
  controlled by the admin. If this is true, it may lead
  to members purchasing rented referrals who
  soon stop clicking and fail to earn money.
• Concerns exist that Neobux posts Clickbank ads
  that only the admin is profiting from, and has
  only kept them up to create the impression of
  legitimate advertisers. This would mean that the
  only income Neobux is seeing is from referral
  purchases and membership upgrades.
    What are the advantages of joining
•   It is a Paid to Click (PTC) site that has millions of users across the world.
•   It offers instant payments with Paypal, AlertPay, and Netteller.
•   It offers extensive membership options ranging from free membership, to higher
    plans such as the Golden and Ultimate. (With the lowest at $90/year and the most
    expensive at $890/year)
•   It has been successfully operating since 2008, and with almost no record of being
    down due to problems for more than 24 hours. (This is very important, as there is
    an abundance of DDO’s attacks in the PTC world, which has taken down several
    PTC sites.) To it's credit, Neobux has resisted almost all of them and continued to
    operate with no significant downtimes that affect members' earnings.
•   The site script is excellent with few known bugs, and awesome management
    features. The admin and moderators are very responsive, and there have been no
    complaints in onsite or offsite forums about a lack of assistance from them.
•   If you have a good direct referral base, you can earn a VERY significant passive
    income with Neobux. And despite rumors of referral bots, with a proper
    management strategy you can also earn more with rented referrals.
   So is there really a Neobux Scam or
• Neobux has a HUGE base of referrals available to rent. Even IF some of
  them are bots that will fail to earn in the long run, there are thousands of
  people who sign up to Neobux all of the time with no referrer. All of the
  members who sign up with no referrer enter the pool of available rental
  referrals. Additionally, members have the option to rent out their own
  direct referrals to other members. So there is no doubt that REAL
  members are available through the referral rental system.
• As a member of Neobux, there is a skill set that you will need to learn to
  make your referrals (both direct and rented) work for you successfully.
  Without a strong management strategy, you may find yourself
  disappointed with the performance of your referrals and in the mindset
  that it is a Neobux scam. So the most important thing to take from this
  review, is that you should prepare yourself adequately before investing
  any of your own money into this PTC opportunity. With a smart strategy
  for deciding which referrals to keep, which to recycle, and which to get rid
  of entirely, you can easily build a strong team of both rented and direct
  referrals who will earn you FREE passive income daily.
      In Summary, There is No Neobux
• In closing, Neobux is a great opportunity for anyone looking to
  make some easy extra cash from a well established PTC site. While
  you can't expect to make a fortune over night, with a strong referral
  management strategy you can build a highly significant stream of
  passive income for yourself. As you can see from the banners on the
  page, there is REAL money to be made with Neobux, and it can
  easily be accomplished with little or no investment from your own

• For the orignal Neobux Scam review, please check out the original
  blog post.

• You can JOIN NEOBUX HERE, and if you are looking to pick up a
  very affordable strategy guide that will pay for itself in a matter of

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