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Heavy Oil Resources of Utah Uinta Basin Deposits


									                       Thermal recovery may brin
    TODAY the American oil indus-
try is in the process of a revolution
of such magnitude that its implica-
tions are yet to be thoroughly
    This is the "quiet r e v o l u t i o n "
which will double the proved oil
reserves of the world within the
next 10 years and will more than
triple those reserves by the year
2060. The quiet revolution is the
engineering application of thermal
r e c o v e r y to low-gravity, viscous
crude oils heretofore unrecoverable
by c o n v e n t i o n a l and secondary-
recovery techniques and to tremend-
 ous reserves of bituminous sand-
                                                  SIGNIFICANT b i t u m i n o u s sandstones a n d b i t u m i n o u s limestone
   Present state. U.S. recoverable
                                                  deposits are located inside or on the edges of Utah's Uinta b a s i n .
crude-oil reserves at the beginning
                                                  Sunnyside deposits in C a r b o n County contain the greatest reserves
of 1963 stood at 31.4 billion bbl.
                                                  of such sands in the U.S. Fig. 1.
   This reserve figure is computed
on the basis of a recovery of 29%
of the original oil in place. If the           About the author * . .                       producers, infusing a new vigor
recovery rate could be increased to                                                         into the oil industry.
6 0 % , then we could double the
present reserve estimates. Many oil                                                            U t a h ' s bituminous sandstones.
companies now believe that this will                                                        There are two areas in Utah which
be possible t h r o u g h the use of                                                        have bituminous sandstones of eco-
thermal - recovery methods, espec-                                                          nomic significance with respect to
ially since more than one-third of                                                          thermal-recovery m e t h o d s of oil
these reserves exist in reservoirs at                                                       production.
depths less than 3.000 ft where                                                                The most important area is within
porosities and permeabilities tend to                                                       the Uinta basin in northeastern
be high.                                                                                    Utah. This area lies in Uintah, Du-
                                                                                            chesne. and Carbon counties. The
                                                                                            second area is the Green River
    Thermal recovery. Thermal-re-
                                                                                            Desert in Central Utah's Sevier.
 covery methods can be broken down
                                                   ROBERT COVINGTON attended                Wayne, and Garfield counties.
 into two categories: firefloodingand
 steam caustic injection systems.               the University of Colorado, receiving          The most important deposit in
    "The Frsricnown~atrempts to apply
                                                the BA degree in geology in 1947.           the Uinta basin lies in the Sunnyside
                                                He attended the Colorado School of          area of Carbon County. Next in
 "in situ" combustion in the U.S.               Mines for 1 year before taking a
 was in Oklahoma in 1952 by Mag-                                                            order of importance are the asphal-
                                                position as geologist with Carter           tic sandstones of the Asphalt Ridge
 nolia and S i n c l a i r , both working       Oil Co. in 1948. In 1949 he worked
 independently. Since then California                                                       area, the Whiterocks Canyon area.
                                                with the Rotary Engineering Co. as
 has been the focal point for pilot-            well-logging e n g i n e e r and from
                                                                                            the Poor Springs area, Chapita
 plant and experimental work on                  1950-'54 with Johnson & Bunn as            Wells, and the D r a g o n - A s p h a l t
 "fireflooding."                                geologist. In 1954 he became a con-         Wash area, all in Uintah County.
                                                sultan' in partnership with Craig           Other areas of lesser importance are
     Since 1959, r e c e n t l y acquired                                                   the Deep Creek area. North Tabiona
                                                Caldwell. Covington is a member of
 data from the original pilot-plant             the AAPG, Intermountain Associa-            area. Lake Fork-Yellowstone River
 work on fireflooding has given a               tion of Petroleum Geologists, and           area, South Myton B e n c h area.
 tremendous boost to the thermal-               Sigma Gamma Epsilon.                         Indian Canyon area, and the Raven
 recovery method which involves the                                                          Ridge area.
  use of steam injection into the res-
  ervoir. together with chemicals.             the U.S. now. Leases with low-
     There are between 30 and 40               gravity oil sands at relatively shallow
  steam-drive projects under way in            depths are being acquired by major              The Sunnyside deposits are lo-

                                                                             THE OIL AND GAS JOURNAL • NOVEMBER 23, 1964
ndustry s "quiet revolution"
 cated in 13 and 14 south. 13 and 14
 east, Carbon County. The tar sand
 is exposed throughout a strata-
 graphic interval of 1,000 ft and
 occurs in the Eocene Wasatch and
 lower Green River formations. The
 outcrop is along a northeast to
 north-trending escarpment which is
 the topographic expression of the
 south flank of the Uinta basin, with
 the formations dipping north to
northeast from 3°-10°.
    Estimates of measured and indi-
 cated reserves range from 475.000,-
 000 to 500,000.000 bbl. If recovery
 rates are as high as 70% of total
 reserves, the recoverable oil should
approach 300,000,000 bbl. The
Sunnyside reserves are adequate for
large-scale strip mining, in part.
    Over one-half of the total reserves
contain at least 9% bitumen by-
weight. With reference to reservoir
data, the b i t u m i n o u s sandstones
range from 25-30% by volume.
Permeability ranges from 150-650
md. Little or no water is present
interstitially. The bitumen has a low
sulfur content and contains a high
percentage of aromatic hydrocar-
bons and resins and would thus
make good f e e d s t o c k for motor
oils, lubricants, petroleum coke, and
petrochemicals. The major draw-
back to the area from the point of
view of thermal recovery is the lack
of a large source of fresh water for
steam injection. Within the past
year, the deposits have been core-         AT COUNTY PIT, Uintah County, after the " h a r d p a n " on top of the Rim
drilled by Shell Oil Co. and Atlantic      Rock sand is removed by blasting a n d ripping, the bulk of the sandstone
                                           can be mined with a dozer and ripper
Refining Co.

         Asphalt Ridge                     Asphalt Ridge and Rim Rock sand-           Since the two Cretaceous sands
   The bituminous sandstones of the        stones of the Mesaverde formation      which are saturated are fairly uni-
 Asphalt Ridge area lie 3-4 miles          and in the unconformably overlying     form in saturation, water content,
west of Vernal on Highway 40.              Eocene Duchesne River formation.       thickness, p o r o s i t y , permeability,
   The deposit is exposed along a          The richest impregnation lies along    and in areal extent, the thermal-
series of northwest-southeast-trend-       and close to unconformities. The oil   recovery techniques can be used
ing ridges and hogbacks. The area          has an API gravity of 10° and is       with a high degree of success. With
extends about 11 miles in length           extremely low in sulfur content. The   reference to the saturation in the
and is several miles in width. Proved      Cretaceous sand which is saturated     beds of the Duchesne River forma-
reserves are 475.000.000 cu yd of          is not as indurated as the sands at    tion. problems will arise when using
material containing 250.000,000            Sunnyside. In the County Pit area,     stream or fireflooding due to the
bbl of oil. Probable reserves are          for example, after the "hardpan" on    highly erratic depositional pattern
about 500.000,000 bbl, with addi-          top of the Rim Rock sand is re-        of the individual beds, lower poros-
tional reserves indicated in a down-       moved by blasting and ripping, the     ities and permeabilities, high silt con-
dip. basinward direction.                  bulk of the sandstone can be mined     tent, and a clay matrix.
   The bitumen is in the Cretaceous        with a dozer and ripper.                   An ample supply of excellent
THE OIL AND GAS JOURNAL . NOVEMBER 23, 1964                                                                             113
            R 20 E                       R21 E                         R22 E                available, it is believed that they
                                                                                            were extremely encouraging.
                                                                                               Detailed mapping and sampling
                                                                                            was also done in the area by Shell,
                                                                                            Husky Oil Co., and lately by the
                                                                                            State of Utah, since the state is ap-
             •                                          Vernal
                                                                                            plying for a part of this acreage as
             <>                                                                             in lieu lands from the federal Gov-
                  Bitunnnous sands i/h
                                                                                               Shell is now core drilling in the
                                                                                            Asphalt Ridge area and other com-
                                                                                            panies have e x p l o r a t i o n work
                                                                                            planned there. Unitah County is still
                                                                                            mining asphalt at the County Pit
                                                                                            tract for local use. The product is
                                                                                            so rich that it is mixed with dry-
                                                                                            sand and is hauled by dump truck
                                                                                            and rolled cold on road and drive-
                                                                                            ways. The material makes an excel-
                                                                                   OJ       lent surfacing material as the bitu-
                                                                                            men is extremely t e n a c i o u s and
GEOLOGIC M A P of A s p h a l t Ridge a r e a , Uintah C o u n t y .
                                                                                            holds together well in hot weather.
                                                                                            It is also very resistant to wear.
quality water is available for both              free of sulfur, a v e r a g i n g about
mining and for steamflooding op-                 0.09%. The sand grains are water-                     Whiterocks
erations in the Asphalt Ridge area.              wet, a factor which makes efficient           The bituminous sandstones of the
The water should require little or               extraction possible.                        Whiterocks area are in 2 north. 1
no treatment. Electricity is also                     During 1954 and 1955, detailed        east and 1 west, USM, 20 miles
available, as is natural gas. A crude-           mapping, core drilling, core analysis      northwest of V e r n a l , along the
oil pipeline lies 14 miles south.                and engineering studies were made          mountain front on the south flank
Adequate housing and supply facil-               of certain patented and unpatented         of Uinta Mountains in northeastern
ities are available at Vernal. The               mining claims in the Asphalt Ridge         Utah.
bitumen content within the Creta-                area by the author for Knickerbock-           The bitumen fills the pore spaces
ceous sands range from a few                     er Investment Co. and the Barnes           and coats the sand1 grains of the
gallons to as high as 53 gal/cu yd               Engineering Co. of New York and            Jurassic Navajo sandstone. This
and probably averages 38 gal/cu                  Los Angeles. V a r i o u s mining          formation strikes northeast-south-
yd. Porosities range from a low of               methods of extraction were ex-             west and dips 60° to the southeast;
6 to as high as 38% and average                  plored. These properties were later        it has a total thickness in the area
about 34%. Water saturations range               turned to Sohio Petroleum Co. and          of about 1,000 ft and the tar sat-
from 1 to as high as 20 gal/cu yd                more detailed work was done on             uration within the tilted formation
of material and average 3 gal/cu                 t h e m , including the first in situ      extends to a depth of about 550 ft.
yd. Sand which averages 30 gal of                f i r e f l o o d in Utah. The fireflood   The proved reserves of this deposit.
bitumen per cubic yard or less will              was done within the Asphalt Ridge          based upon core drilling, are 125.-
probably produce 6 gal water per                 sandstone member of the Mesa-              000,000 bbl oil in place, with pos-
cubic yard. The sands are noticeably             verde, and while the results are not       sible additional reserves of another

ASPHALT SATURATION in Duchesne River f o r m a t i o n is v e r y d e f i n i t e l y related to the unconformities present in the
a r e a . Cross profile of Asphalt Ridge a r e a . Fig. 3.

114                                                                            THE OIL AND GAS JOURNAL • NOVEMBER 23, 1964
"Designed right. ..built                                                                     120,000,000 bbl to the northeast
                                                      OUR 30th                               and to the southwest of Whiterocks
 right to be worthy of                                                                       Canyon. Federal oil and gas leases
                                                                                             on both sides of the fee lands (which
 the WE CO mark of                                                                           lie in the center of the deposit) are
                                                                                             held by Shell. This firm has just
 quality."                                          ANNIVERSARY
                                                                                             completed exploratory core drilling
                                                                                             on the extreme northeast edge of
                                                                                             the prospect.
                                                                                                The Navajo sandstone is a clean.
                                                                                             fine - to - medium - grain sand with
                                                                                             porosities ranging from 26-39%.
                                                                                             Permeabilities range from 10 to 127
                                                                                             md. Water saturation in the bitu-
                                                                                             minous zones ranges from 34 to
Check these features                                                                         82% and averages 44%. Oil sat-
                                                                                             uration ranges from 13 to 3 3 % .
              of the                                                                         The base of the zone of bitumen
                                                                                             saturation within the sand body

WECO                                                                                         drops 375 ft in elevation from the
                                                                                             east side of Whiterocks River to
                                                                                             the southwest, along strike. It also

                                                                                             drops 1,000 ft/mile in a southeast
BUTTERFLY                                                                                    direction, perpendicular to the strike
                                                                                             of the beds. Several tar seeps or        if

                                                                                             brea occur on the west side of the
  VA1VE                                                                                      Whiterocks River. They are related
                                                                                             to fracturing within the Navajo. With
                                                                                             regard to the bitumen saturation
Because it is backed by the                                                                  within the Navajo sand body, there
great name of WECO which                                                                     is no increase or decrease of any
has meant outstanding qual-                                                                  significance from the surface down-
ity to the oil industry for                                                                  ward to the bitumen-water contact.
more than 30 years, you can                                                                                                            !
                                                                                                Although the T e r t i a r y Green
be fully confident of superior
                                                                                             River formation has been proposed
service from the WECO BUT-
                                                                                             as a source for the bitumen in the
TERFLY VALVE . . . the in-
                                                                                             eolian sand-dune Navajo formation.
dustry's newest and finest.
                                                                                             there is no saturation along the un-
The two-piece, non-exposed                                                                   conformity between the Navajo and
stem is Teflon* coated for per-                                                              the overlying Duchesne River for-
manent lubrication, easier oper-                                                             mation, along which the bitumen or
ation, and protection against                                                                oil would have had to migrate from
corrosive action.                                                                            the downdip, basinward-lying Green
There's no stem or stem-to-disc      Sizes: 2", 2V 2 " r 3", 4", 5", 6", 8", 10", and 12".   River beds. There were no signifi-
fasteners in the valve port to       Working Pressure:: 175 psi. Valve can be in-            cant shows of oil or dead-oil stain-
interfere with streamlined flow.     stalled between standard ASA 150 or WECO                ing or bituminous sandstones found
The disc has sufficient freedom      lightweight flanges. They are ideal for handling        in the Green River formation at 2
                                     dry materials and slurries as well as liquids
of movement to center in the                                                                 Whiterocks drilled by Carter Oil Co.
                                     and gases.
seat for full 360 degree seating                                                             in 6-ln-le, USM.
and sealing. The resilient seats                                                                Structural conditions suggest a
 (our own special Hycar com-         most butterfly valves. "O" ring seals                   deeper. Paleozoic Weber source.
pound ) have integrally bonded       between seat and stem provide addi-                     Overburden on fee land in White-
plastic inserts to prevent col-      tional protection against leakage.                      rocks Canyon ranges from 10-40 ft
lapsing, ballooning flutter or       These and many other features make                      and on the benches southwest and
other seat difficulties. The plas-   this the most advanced BUTTERFLY                        northeast of the river ranges from
tic, instead of metal, back-up       VALVE available today. Ask your                         600-1.000 ft or more. The oil has
inserts prevent corrosion be-        WECO or Chiksan representative for                      an API gravity of 12° and is low in
tween body and seat.                 complete information or write for                       sulfur.
Molded flats in the resilient        latest bulletin.                                           The relative uniformity of bitu-
seat (where the stem passes                                                                  men saturation of the Navajo sand-
                                                                                             stone of the Whiterocks area makes
through) compress against
matching flats on the disc to
prevent leakage around the
stem . . . a major problem with
                                     WECO      DIVISION
                                                                                             this prospect extremely attractive
                                                                                             from the standpoint of either strip
                                                                                             mining or thermal recovery. Due to

                                            P . O . BOX 1 9 4 6 5                            its thickness and the depth of sat-
 *0u Pont Registered Trademark         H O U S T O N , TEXAS 7 7 0 2 4             BF-264

                                                                             THE OIL A M D GAS JOURNAL • NOVEMBER 2 3 , 1964
                                                                                                       from 1,700-2,600 ft are: Pure, Un-
                                                                                                       ion, Amax, Sinclair, Richfield, For-
                                                                                                       est, Sun, and Daniel Meyer and
                                                                                                       John Osmond.
                                                                                                          An example of the type of de-
                                                                                                       posit under consideration for steam
                                                                                                       injection in t h i s a r e a is a play
                                                                                                       centered around the old Standard Oil
                                                                                                       Co. of California 1 M o o n s h i n e
                                                                                                       Wash in 32-25s-15e. This hole was
                                                                                                       cored in the Coconino and recov-
                                                                                                       ered over 200 ft of bitumen or dead
                                                                                                       oil saturation at a depth ranging
                                                                                                       from 2,000 to 2,200 ft. Core analy-
                                                                                                       sis showed the permeabilities to
                                                                                                       average 50 md; porosity averaged
                                                                                                        15%. Oil saturation within the zone
                                                                                                       averaged 44% while water satura-
                                                                                                       tions averaged 12%. Table 1 shows
                                                                                                       the saturations and areal extent of
          ASPHALT SATURATION OCCURS in the Jurassic N a v a j o sandstone                              the future thermal recovery poten-
          w h i c h has a total thickness of more t h a n 1,000 ft in the W h i t e -                  tial of this area from the Coconino
          rocks a r e a . Geologic m a p of a r e a . Fig. 4.                                           sandstone.

 uration, this deposit has the unique                         ert of Central Utah.                              Legal problems
distinction of having perhaps the                                Total area involved in the play          There is a legal conflict between
greatest recoverable reserves of oil                          includes T o w n s h i p s 24 and 31     the holders of oil and gas leases on
of any bituminous sandstone on the                            south, Ranges 12 and 17 east. Shell      federal lands and the owners of
continent. Recoverable reserves ap-                           drilled stratigraphic core tests early   federal bituminous sandstone leases.
proach 132,000 bbl/acre, while the                            this year to the west of this play          In the Sunnyside area in the fall
Athabasca tar sands have recover-                             on the San Rafael swell, but have        of 1963 the Bureau of Land Man-
able reserves of 90,000 bbl/acre;                             recently d r o p p e d this particular   agement held competitive bidding
of course, the areal extent of the lat-                       acreage. They have now leased            on federal lands. Bidding prices
ter is many times greater.                                    southwest of the swell toward Green      were depressed since the notice was
                                                              River. O t h e r companies holding       so short that few companies were
          Green River Desert                                  acreage on this play which involves      given sufficient time to examine
  An active lease play has recently                           bituminous sand within the Coco-         and evaluate the leases which were
developed in the Green River Des-                             nino formation at depths ranging         put up for bid. Further, oil com-

 Mean sea elevation
                      Caldwell & Covington                                                                      -    'iu                 Mean sea e;evation
  8,000               No. 1 Menmon Ranch                                                                        -    I— Carter Oil Companv        , 1rvl_,
                                                                                                                                                      6 Mn
                      El. 7,064' TD 950'                                                                        *   r No. 2 Whiterocks'                -
                                                                                                                ?   .f El. 6,530' TD V 6 C
                                                                                                                •     '                            7,000-
                            V     TV Second oil-water contact 1

                                    WW                   N

                      v\          v \\V                  \                                                                                """      1,000-


                            \\\         V\         \Ax
                             \ Path of migration v                                                                                                 1,300-
                             of oil into upper Jn? '•

                      \ \ WOriginal oil-water contact?


  A, Mancos; B, Frontier; C, Morrison; D, Curtis; E, Entrada; F, Carmei; G, Navajo; H, Chinle; I, Shinarump; J, Moenkopi;
  K, Phosphoria; L, Weber; M, Morgan. AA, Duchesne River; BB, Uinta River; CC, Green River; DD, Wasatch; EE, Mesaverde.

1H1 AUTHOR THINKS that the oil is of Pennsylvanian age and migrated from the Weber at a point where the
  svajo sandstone is faulted against the Weber. Cross profile of Whiterocks area. Fig. 5.

    OIL AND GAS JOURNAL • NOVEMBER 23, 1964                                                                                                                 117
panies holding oil and gas leases                                Thermal-recovery potential from Coconino                                                  farr
under the lands put up for bitumi-                                                          Table 1                                                       • Tr<
nous sandstone lease bid claimed,
and perhaps with some justifica-           Well name and number                               Location          Saturation (ft)   Den*               ^County,
tion, that their leases entitled them      Superior                                            2-24s-13e
                                                                                                                                                     ttJnt. Bo
                                                                                                                     100           2,2»
to produce the oil from the bitu-          Carter                                             21-24s-l4e              45           2,295
                                           Shell 1                                            19-24s-16e              43           2,552
minous sands if they could do it           Pan American                                       24-25 s-12e             20           2,408
through secondary - recovery tech-         Texaco                                             14-25s-13e             120           2,176
niques. (i.e. thermal recovery). With      Texaco 2                                           22-25s-14e             150           2,042
                                           Standard Cal 1 Moonshine Wash Unit                 32-25s-15e             200           2,250
regard to the State of Utah, the oil       LaRuae                                             17-26s-13e              (?)                                 Nema
and gas lease issued specifically ex-      Tidewater                                          25-26s-13e              75           2.560              Kansas
cludes any solid hydrocarbon which         Carter                                              9-27s-12e              30            2.700
                                           Superior                                           30-27s-13e             120           2,316              covery t
it is necessary to remove through          Texaco                                             32-27s-15e              50           2,320                  Pool
the use of heat, further stipulates        Carter 2                                           35-27s-15e             100           2,000
                                                                                                                                                      Rokey ii
that the lease only refers to oil in       Murphy 4                                            14-28s-14e            (*)          •2,300
                                           Tennessee Gas Trans                                33-29s-12e             100           2,260              well is
its native liquid state, gas, and drip     Phillips                                           27-30s-16e             150            1,394             gravity.
gas. Before any commercial devel-          Tennessee Gas Trans                                  4-31s-12e            100           2,274
                                           Standard California                                13-31s-13e              50              513             Viola C
opment can take place on bitumi-           Superior                                           19-31s-15e                              (?)             total der
nous sands under federal lands it                                                                                    (*)
                                           Mobil                                              33-30''3S-16e                        i,46:              of Sabet
will be n e c e s s a r y that the legal                                                                                                              of Sabet
                                              •Shows. t A p p r o x i m a t e .
problems involved be clarified.                                                                                                                       field. Th
            Conclusion                     stimulating e f f e c t u p o n the oil            lead to extremely high recoveries                       CHI &
   The future of thermal recovery          business.                                          of oil.                                            f    oil.
from formerly "depleted" reservoirs,           One last mention of the possible                  This should lead to the oil indus-
from the vast reserves of bitumi-          use of the thermal systems would                   try's taking another look at such
nous sands throughout the United           be in fractured shale reservoirs such              fractured reservoir fields such as
States and from reservoirs with low-       as those in the Ute Tribal Roosevelt               Gusher, Bluebell, Joseph Smith,
energy and low-gravity, v i s c o u s      field where communication between                  County, and the Ute tribe Duchesne                         An
crudes is tremendous.                                                                         fields, all in the Unit basin. Fur-                     field
                                           wells within the fractured Green
                                                                                              ther, the industry should consider                      Toole
   The oil industry is entering a          River shale reservoir has been es-
                                                                                              the effect of using this system as a                    from Mc
cycle which should rejuvenate the          tablished between wells more than
                                                                                              secondary - recovery technique in                       tions at
independent, stimulate major com-          1 mile apart.
pany action, and improve the econ-             There are tremendous possibil-                 such fields where high-pour-point                          Prolif
omy of the industry. Judicious use         ities for such a system, which, when               crudes are produced such as at the                      et al. 1
of the system, when combined with          combined with the natural gas and                  Red Wash field, Wonsits, Brennan                        4w, y4
American ingenuity, will be a most         oil within the fracture system could               Bottoms, and others.             End                    duction
                                                                                                                                                       1V4 mil
Ohio's Cambrian search spreads out                                                                                                                    promisin
                                                                                                                                                      NW <
                                                                                                                                                      the abov
    OHIO'S C a m b r i a n search is       miles south of Delaware County oil.                of 5,000 acres that the company
                                                                                                                                                      bbl oil
spreading out and away from Mor-              Robert C. Pettit will drill to base-            leased in the township. An addi-
row County. Drillers are moving            ment in Miami County's Staunton                    tional 3,000 acres are under options.
north, south, and west from Trem-                                                                                                                     2.538-48
                                           Township. The 1 M. D. Knoop is                     Juniper has 4,000 acres more leased
pealeau fields in the central por-         to be in NW 4 South; the 1 Trojan                  in scattered areas of Central Ohio.
tion of the state.                         Farms in NW 15. Both wells he 65                   The Denver company plans further
    New permits to drill have been         miles southwest of Delaware field, a               work after the 10-well program is
issued for one well in Sandusky            Cambrian producer in Delaware                      finished up.
County, one in Adams County, and           County.                                                                                                       A 12
two in Miami County. Of the 32                                                                                                                        drilled b
                                                                                              O h i o releases n e w                                  tries. Inc
new permits issued during the week            Ten-well slate. Juniper Oil & Gas
of Nov. 6. 15 were for wildcat tests.                                                         g e o l o g i c a l bulletins                           Section
                                           Co. of Denver will drill 10 wells to
    Emme Oil Co. will drill the San-       look for C a m b r i a n oil in south                 The Department of Natural Re-              I'
dusky County wildcat at 2 J. Cun-          B 1 o o m f i e 1 d Township. Morrow                                                                          Targ
                                                                                              sources, Division of Geological Sur-                    Lower
ningham in SE 29, Ballville Town-          County.                                            vey, State of Ohio, Columbus, has
ship. Location is 6 miles cast of                                                                                                                     Co. has
                                              Operator is moving in cable tools               released two new geological bulle-
Trenton gas production in an old                                                                                                                      Appalacl
                                           to drill 1 Hulse in SE^9 and 1 Morris              tins.
area. Mount Gilead field lies 40           Martin. Jr., in SW 15. Armstrong                      Report of Investigations No. 51
miles southeast.                           Drilling Co. has contract for these.                                                                       Gas-co
                                                                                              deals with the geology of the upper
    Cabot Corp. will drill a Cambrian      These locations were selected on                   Niagaran and Cayugan stratigraphy                       at
test at 1 A. Bailey in s o u t h e r n     basis of gravity and seismic work.                 of northeastern Ohio and adjacent                         An A
 Ohio's Adams County at 1 A.               Three more wells will be drilled                   areas. It is authored by John R-                        South L
Bailey in the VM Survey 2663, Jer-         soon and five early in 1965. The                   Ulteig.                                                 densate
 ferson Township. This one is 90           Hulse and Martin leases are part                      Report of Investigations No. 52,                       J. P.
118                                                                               THE OIL A N D GAS JOURNAL • NOVEMBER 2 3 , 196*                     THE OIL

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