Medieval Romance (PowerPoint) by dandanhuanghuang


									   Feudalism: system of land ownership
   Noblemen swear allegiance to king in
    exchange for land
   Chivalry: code of conduct developed by
   Knights are to be brave warriors and virtuous
   Chivalry emphasizes honor and loyalty
   Ideals of chivalry gave rise to legends such as
    King Arthur and the Knights of the Round
   Legend of Arthur based on the life of a Celtic
    warrior who fought Anglo-Saxons in the 6th
   He was known as the defender of England
    and set the ideal for knights
   By the 11th century the legend of King Arthur
    was widely known
   An adventure story that features kings,
    knights, and damsels in distress
   Tells of quests, battles, and doomed love
   Many medieval romances concern King
    Arthur and his knights
   Heroic figures and memorable deeds
   Quests, contests, and tests
   Patterned events
   Embellishment of legends
   Detailed character descriptions
   Plot twists
   Connections to Beowulf and Anglo-Saxon
   Author unknown
   Tells the story of Sir Gawain, King Arthur’s
   He is tested by three challenges
   As a hero he “gains in human credibility what he
    loses in ideal perfection” (160)
   Story begins at the New Year’s Eve feast at King
    Arthur’s Court in Camelot
   Festivities are interrupted by the arrival of a
    massive green knight, riding a green horse, and
    carrying an ax…. Sounds like trouble!

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