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NatMap Briefing with Speakers Notes


									Status of Standard Replacing FIPS 55
FGDC Subcommittee on Cultural and Demographic Data June 17, 2008

Geographic Names Project U.S. Geological Survey U.S. Department of the Interior


Full Title

Identifying Attributes for Named Physical and Cultural Geographic Features (Except Roads and Highways) of the United States, Territories, Outlying Areas, and Freely Associated Areas, and the Waters of the Same to the Limit of the Twelve Mile Statutory Zone


A Geographic Feature is:
An entity on the landscape/seascape that requires identification, location, and attribution for information of government and the public having:  Feature ID  Name  Location

Minimum Identifying Attributes

Characterized and differentiated solely by function

• ANSI X3.47:1988 [R2004], Structure for the Identification of Named Populated Places, Primary county Divisions and other Entities of the U.S. and Its Outlying Areas for Information Interchange • FIPS PUB 55-DC3:1994, Codes for Named Populated Places, Primary County Divisions, and Other Locational Entities of the United States, Puerto Rico, and the Outlying Areas

Status of Proposal

• October 2007: Approved by INCITS L-1 • January 14, 2008 : Completed public review period • Next Steps?


Status of Data
• GNIS Feature ID superseded FIPS 55 Place Code as federal standard

Census will maintain for internal use until after 2010 census

• Draft Census/USGS MOU for maintaining Place Code (now Census Code) and Class Code in the GNIS • Completed reconciliation of Census and GNIS data

 

Populated Places, Civil class, Census class records Census Codes mapped to Feature IDs; Class Codes applied 60,000 records added or revised in the GNIS (Thanks to Joe Marinucci and team!) FIPS 55 database and applications archived Mapped to Feature IDs MOU for continuing maintenance in the GNIS

• GSA/OPM geolocation codes added
 

Status of Products and Services
• Census Codes, Class Codes, OPM Codes, GSA Codes
  

Query/display/download from public web site: click Search Federal Codes National, state, topical download files: Customized files upon request

• On line maintenance of codes for authorized personnel • Advising systems converting to Feature ID

Commercial, state/local/federal government, etc.

• Project underway to integrate GNIS and The National Map vector data, databases, processes

Expanded products, services

• Increasing data coordination with NGA HSIP and DHS

• Louis Yost Acting, Executive Secretary • Joan Helmrich U.S. Board on Geographic Names Names Coordinator
 

(703) 648-4552

 

(703) 648-4622

• Jennifer Runyon Board on Geographic Names Senior Researcher
 

• Dwight Hughes Sr. Software Engineer
 

(703) 648-4550

(703) 648-5793


The End

Thank you for your interest! Questions?


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