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To:                 All registered holders of MPI Maintenance Repainting Manual

Date:               July 31st, 2004

Subject:            Updates to your MPI Maintenance Repainting Manual.

This letter comes to you with the newest MPI Approved Products List as part of our agreement with you to keep your manual current
with changes and new information as it becomes available.

Perhaps the most significant change is not in the manual but is the user base. As of earlier this year, MASTERSPEC a product
of The American Institute of Architects by Arcom began referencing MPI both for products and for systems.

The most obvious update is the enclosed MPI Approved Products List for July 2004. Please note that some products have been
dropped, and that many new ones have been evaluated and added. There are new manufacturers joining the program, and there is an
expansion of the MPI‟s new Environmental Notation System. The new APL also contains new information for those interested in
qualifying for the LEED (the U.S. Green Buildings Council Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) program.

Other changes to the MPI Approved Products List have been made that are less obvious. A number of new product categories have
been added, and quite a number of products are being converted from “Intended Use” to “Detailed Performance”. This means more lab
testing and evaluation to improve the „apples to apples‟ information for those making decisions.

Changes to existing systems and additional systems are noted below. Please check your existing manual(s) and make the changes to
them in a way that you are most comfortable with. The simplest will be the changes to existing systems. For the new systems, we will
include all of the information that will soon be included in newer versions of manuals. Please add it in the appropriate place.

Another significant change is the inclusion of a sample of MPI‟s Gloss/sheen standards. As these standards are now included in Guide
Specifications for various U.S. and Canadian Government agencies and in a host of private industry guide specifications throughout
North America, we felt it important to provide holders of MPI Maintenance Repainting Manuals with a physical sample of the 7 level MPI
Gloss and Sheen Standard. This Gloss/ card not only has samples in an off-white (kind of a „contractor‟s beige‟), but also a mid-tone ish
color. Note that both are identified by the NCS Natural Color System notation number. This is a growing standard established by the
Scandinavian Colour Institute. Imagine a universal standard color notation system where paint, fabrics, tile and stone, etc. can all be
referenced by one color code!

Should you have questions or comments, please send them to us by email [], or by toll-free fax to 1-888-211-8708.
As soon as time and resources permit, there will be additional information on the web site(s).

The August 2004 MPI Maintenance Repainting Manual will reflect the following changes and/or additions.

      1.   The MPI product category for W. B. Light Industrial Coating (MPI #110) was the only product using a different identification
           system. This has been changed. It used to be MPI #110-G6, 110-G5, and 110-G3 for both interior and exterior. In order to
           provide consistency in numbering, and in order to provide easier access to LEED (which presently excludes exterior but
           includes interior), the following changes have been made:
           For Interiors –     MPI #110-G6 becomes       MPI #154
                               MPI #110-G5 becomes       MPI #153
                               MPI #110-G3 becomes       MPI #151

           For Exteriors -    MPI #110-G6 becomes        MPI #164
                              MPI #110-G5 becomes        MPI #163
                              MPI #110-G3 becomes        MPI #161
           During the period of adjustment, the MPI Approved Products List will carry cross referencing, so that the information will be
           readily available regardless of whether the old numbering is used, or the new.

      2.   An additional latex MPI category has been added to many Exterior Systems. MPI previously had Exterior Latex, Flat (MPI
           #10), Exterior Latex, Semi-Gloss (MPI #11), and Exterior Latex, Gloss (MPI #119).

           Exterior Latex, Low Sheen, MPI Gloss level 3-4 (MPI #15) has been added. A full description of MPI #15 can be obtained from
           either the printed or web versions of the MPI Approved Products List.

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3.   Exterior Evaluation now includes information on MPI #15 as an additional choice of MPI systems. That information is similar to
     the following:

              The Low Sheen finish (Gloss level 3-4) minimizes the visibility of surface imperfections and roughness while providing
              improved resistance to dirt retention and surface marking.

                       -G3/4    MPI Gloss Level 3-4 – Low Sheen
                                Principal uses:- used in large areas as an alternative to Flat where improved resistance to dirt
                                retention and burnishing is required.
                                          Pros: - Provides only slightly reduced touch-up properties, reduces visibility of surface
                                          imperfections and is easier to clean than a Flat.
                                          Cons:- Easier to mark or stain than Semi-gloss or Gloss

     The option to choose MPI #15 has been added to the following systems:
              REX     3.1A, 3.1L, 3.3A, 3.3J, 4.1A, 4.2A, 4.2L, 5.3A, 5.3H, 5.4G, 5.5G, 5.6F, 6.1A, 6.1L, 6.2A, 6.2K, 6.3A, 6.3L,
                      6.4A, 6.4K, 6.6A, 6.6E, 6.7A, 6.8A, 9.1A, 9.1J, 10.1A, 10.2A

     The simplest method to update your manual is to add a note referencing #15 to these systems in Exterior Evaluation and in
     Exterior Systems.

4.   Substantial changes have been made to both Interior and Exterior Surface Preparation. Most of these changes can be
     summarized as falling into two categories. Those, which are material and fall outside these two categories, will be noted
     below. The first category is editorial for grammar and clarity of meaning. The second category is a change modifying
     “suggestive” language to “directive” language where possible. These changes follow a number of requests from „users‟
     of the MPI Maintenance Repainting Manual.

     One example of this is the sample wording in the Design-Build Guidelines published late 2003 by U.S. Navy Facilities. Part of
     the reference is as follows:

              “Comply with the MPI “Architectural Painting, Interior Surface Preparation” manual, except all suggestive language
              shall be deleted and directive language substituted in its place. All suggestive language such as “may”, and “should”
              are deleted from the standard and “shall” inserted in its place. Suggestive language such as “recommended” or
              “advisable” are deleted from the standard and “require” or “required” inserted in its place. The results of these
              wording substitutions change this document to required procedures.”

                                       4090 Graveley Street, Burnaby, B.C. V5C-3T6

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