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					Pluto Has Been Demoted

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Not Walt Disney’s Pluto!
The Dwarf Planet named Pluto!
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  Pluto used to be considered one of the nine
 planets in our solar system: Mercury, Venus,
Earth, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune,
 and little Pluto. As of 2006, after a vote of the
 International Astronomical Union (IAU), it is
  now considered a dwarf planet instead of a
regular planet like Earth, Mars, and the others.
This seems like a demotion from a “big” planet
to a “little” planet, but scientist are just trying to
  put it in a category with other similar space
This used to be our solar system…
Now it is divided like this…
       Pluto’s Atmosphere
Its atmosphere is not like ours, but it does
 have a thin one. It is made up of nitrogen,
  methane, and carbon dioxide. During its
  orbit around the sun, its atmosphere goes
 through a freezing and evaporating cycle.
     When it is far away from the Sun, its
atmosphere gets so cold that it freezes onto
Pluto’s surface. When it orbits closer to the
     Sun, the atmosphere warms up and
evaporates again, forming a gas around it.
            Pluto’s Moons
Pluto has three moons. Earth only has one.
   Pluto’s moons are named Charon, Nix,
 and Hydra. Charon is the biggest one and
     is half the size of Pluto. A moon is a
      natural satellite in space that orbits
   around the planet. Some planets have
   only one moon and others have sixty or
            Cluttered Orbit
One reason Pluto was “demoted” to dwarf
     planet status is because it has not
 “cleared its orbit” of large debris. If added
   all together, all of the “stuff” in its orbit
        would be bigger than Pluto. In
  comparison, Earth’s orbit does not have
     as much large debris. If you could
  compile all of the debris in Earth’s orbit,
    Earth would still be 1.5 million times
      Named after WHO?
Pluto was named after the Roman god of
  the underworld. Charon, its moon, was
       named after the ferryman in the
underworld that took souls across the river
 Styx. Pluto was actually named Planet X
   at first, but the discoverers needed to
  come up with a more permanent name.
   An eleven year old girl suggested the
 name Pluto, because she said that it was
    dark and cold like the underworld in
               Roman mythology.
Pluto and Neptune switch-a-roo
 Pluto is a long distance from the Sun. It
     takes it almost 248 years to revolve
around it, but in only takes Earth one year.
 It is located behind Neptune in relation to
   the Sun. However, its orbit looks like a
     tilted oval, and there is part of it that
  actually crosses inside Neptune’s orbit.
 During this time, Pluto is closer to the sun
than Neptune. This happened in 1979 and
 again in 1999. It will happen another time
          in a couple hundred years!
Look at that orbit!
             Pluto is Small
Pluto is smaller than all of the planets. It is
     even smaller than some of the other
  planet’s moons! Seven moons are larger
  than Pluto. It is the second largest dwarf
      Pluto… here we come!
NASA’s New Horizon spacecraft is traveling
  to Pluto right now. It launched in 2005
    and is expected to get there in 2015.
  Hopefully after the exploration, we will
   know even more about the interesting
         dwarf planet we call Pluto.
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