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                       Member Packet
                          SCRA Swimming
The SCRA Swimming Philosophy
The SCRA coaching staff is committed to teaching and
developing swimmers to their potential both as athletes and
people. We believe there is much more value to our sport
than just learning the physical skills. Swimming provides
as arena for children to learn to deal with success and
failure as well as the value of hard work, goal setting,
and teamwork. Most of all swimming should be fun

Educating athletes and parents on important aspects of
sport, such as teamwork and winning are an important part
of our program. Today, our society is primarily concerned
with an outcome focus. People tend to associate first place
with winning. Our coaches help internalize swimmers goals
and focus them on improving, striving to reach their
individual potential and aid the team on its path to reach
its potential.

The SCRA coaches realize they have a great responsibility
with each child, and each day they have an impact on that
athlete. Our coaches are committed to being positive role
models and helping your child whenever possible. The team
will provide the best possible environment for each swimmer
to achieve success.

Training and Coaching Style
There are many different styles to coaching; different
training philosophies, perspectives and approaches. Our
team looks to develop athletes at their pace and build
swimmers to reach their potential as senior athletes (high
school and college age).

Our basic training philosophy is to teach our swimmers to
swim correctly at a young age and progressively develop
them as they grow. When we look at our younger swimmers, we
picture what we want to happen for them when they reach
senior swimming. Taking time to teach our younger swimmers
proper technique will increase their potential as senior
swimmers and decrease risk of injury.

As our swimmers develop their stroke mastery we use;

   Stroke Drills
   Video Analysis
   Dryland and Flexibility exercises
   Mental imagery
   Individual stroke technique opportunities
SCRA Swimming Coaching Staff

Scott Shea – Head Coach

Scott Shea has been with SCRA since it’s USA swimming
inception in 1996. Since the beginning, Scott (along with
the coaching staff), has helped SCRA go from a recreation
team of 20 swimmers to a strong swimming family of 150
swimmers. Scott is currently certified by the American Swim
Coaches Association at Level 4 (top 8% of the swimming
coaching in the nation).

His passion and drive to make the team its best is evident
in the swimmers success. PASA has won 2 women’s national
titles, 2 team Junior National titles, and numerous FW
championships. Since 2000 the SCRA senior group has
produced 56 Jr. National qualifiers, 22 National
qualifiers, 8 Olympic Trial Qualifiers, 2 National Junior
Team members and a National team member. In 2004 Scott was
named Pacific Swimming coach of the year, and 2009 was
named co-coach of the meet at NCSA Junior Nationals.

Scott attended the University of California – Davis, where
he received a bachelors of science in Psychology. In
addition to swimming he is currently certified level 1
Crossfit, CF endurance running, CF endurance swimming, CF
Football (all sport).

Chyna Cho – Group 2/Junior Group
     Coming Soon!

Stacey Yung – Group 1
     Coming Soon!

Laura Mitchell – Group 3
     Coming Soon!
General Team Information

Name:                Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics

Abbreviation:        PASA

Colors:         Red/Black/White

USA Swimming Information

By joining Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics, each swimmer
becomes a member of USA Swimming. USA Swimming is the
national governing body for the soprt os swimming with over
300,000 members and over 2000 participating clubs across
America. With membership, each SCRA athlete is tied to our
Olympians, who as members of USAS, have maintained our
country as the best swimming nation in the world for over
40 years.

Each SCRA swimmer will receive a USA Swimming membership
card with an individual USAS number which will remain the
same for the length of a swimmers career. Every swimmer
also receives a subscription to ‘Splash!’ magazine. All
SCRA swimmers are covered under USA Swimming’s general
liability insurance policy.

For more information on USA Swimming, check our

Pacific Swimming Information

USA swimming is divided into local swimming committees. Our
LSC, Pacific Swimming, includes teams as far north as Reno
and Reading, and as far south as Monterey. There are
currently almost 100 teams in Pacific Swimming.

For more information on Pacific Swimming, check out
Team Policies


The primary source of communication is via email. Please
make sure the coaches and administrators all know of any
email changes.

SCRA also has a web page that cam be very useful and
informational. The we site is located as

The SCRA staff strives to keep an open line of
communication between parents and coaches. If you have
comments or concerns please voice them to your coaches
early. Keeping coaches aware of any problems that a swimmer
may be having helps them to be better coaches.

Parents with a brief question, comment, or concern, should
see a coach either before or after practice. Parents
wishing to discuss something in detail should set an
appointment by contacting the coach through email. Parents
should only approach a coach during practice time in an


SCRA Swimming is supported by the Aquatics Booster Club
(ABC), a non profit 501-c3 that was formed to help the
ongoing success of the SCRA site at Palo Alto Stanford

Twice each year you will receive a direct appeal letter
urging donation and support.

Corporate Sponsorship – We are very interested in corporate
sponsorship opportunities. If you can help in this area,
please let us know.


SCRA team members should have team gear at all swim meets.
Each swimmer should wear a team cap (or none at all), a
black speedo team suit, team t-shirts and team sweats. A
team parka is also recommended during the winter months.
Swimmers should check with individual coaches for any
training devices they might need.
Swim equipment, cloths, etc., are available through Palo
Alto Sport Shop.

The Pool Deck

The deck is the province of the swimmers and coaches.
Parents are encouraged to observe practice, but must remain
in the areas away from the deck. If a swimmer is to leave
practice early, the coach should be notified before
practice starts. Parents should try not to communicate with
their children during practice as it disrupts the coaches
and other swimmers. If there is an emergency, communicate
through the coaches.
         SCRA Swimming – PASA Session Fees

PRE-COMP                $340.00       $440

GROUP 1             $320.00             $420

GROUP 2             $380.00             $480

GROUP 3             $480.00             $580

JUNIOR                   $530.00             $630

SENIOR                   $600.00             $700
Registration – At the beginning of each new season
(September) each swimmer will need to enclose an additional
fee for USA swimming registration and team registration
(once per year).

Our registration periods are –

September – December
January – April
May – July/August (Far Westerns/Nationals)

Fees are expected within the first 20 days of each session.
A late fee of $10/week will be charged if the fees become
past due. After 30 days swimmers will not be allowed to
participate in practices unitl fees are current.
If you need to make financial arrangement or need to apply
for financial aid please contact Scott Shea at

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