Talent Development Middle School Program by Q719y1


									Talent Development Middle
     School Program

Comprehensive and
customized approach for
middle grades’ reform that
effectively develops the
talents of their students and
    Johns Hopkins University’s Talent
    Development Middle School
    Comprehensive Reform Model

               Transform high poverty middle schools
                 into strong learning institutions by

                                                    Providing all teachers
 Providing all students                                with the training,
                          Providing all students
  with sustained, high                              support, and materials
                         with supportive learning
quality, standards-based                             they need to deliver
 learning opportunities                                  a world-class
                                                    instructional program
  Provide all students with sustained, high quality,
      standards-based learning opportunities

            UCSMP Series                 Reading,English, Language Arts
                5th & 6th                    Student Team Literature
            Everyday Math
             7th Transition                           and
              8th Algebra
(Alternate programs: Math in Context       Talent Development Writing
         and Connected Math)

            FOSS and other                       Social Studies
      science modules approved by                A History of Us
               USI & NSF                         By Joy Hakim
                                                10-volume series
  Coming Attraction: The Science Story
 Student Team Literature
Student Team Literature is an innovative,
  thoroughly researched, novel-based
  approach to teaching and learning in
  Reading, English, Language Arts.

Teachers move cooperative learning teams
 through pieces of literature in a cycle of
Student Team Literature
Student Team Literature has two main
  Materials that enable students and
  teachers to study great literature
  Students work in cooperative teams.
University of Chicago School Mathematics
         Fifth/ Sixth Grade:
        Everyday Mathematics

           Seventh Grade:
        Transition Mathematics

           Eighth Grade:
  Talent Development Science

FOSS (Full-Option Science System) is an effective,
hands-on K-8 science curriculum developed at the
University of California at Berkeley. It is based on
modular units, allowing the school to choose the
order in which they are to be taught. Each module
contains almost all materials necessary and clear
lesson plans and support for teachers.
 Talent Development Science
The research-based instructional approach
is applied in each module to one of the
following areas: Life Science, Earth
Science, Physical Science, or Scientific
Reasoning and Technology.

TDMS-developed reading strategies and
activities to accompany each module are
now available.
    Social Studies Curriculum
          A History of US
Teaching Guide with Lessons
Masters for:
   Student Sheets
   Team Sheets
   Transparencies
   Review Games
   Assessments
U.S. History Curriculum

            5 Hakim books per year

            173 Lessons per year

            Each book contains
               * 25 Lessons
               * 5 review days
               * 5 assignment days
            Finish 1 book every other mo
Provide all teachers with the training,
  support, and materials they need
Multi-tiered, ongoing professional development
               and teacher support

  Subject and grade specific staff development
     Helps develop a deeper understanding and
      broader view of the subject area
     Models upcoming lessons, activities and strategies
     Strengthens teachers’ knowledge of teaching and
     Aligns assessments with inquiry-based
      instructional strategies.
Provide all teachers with the training,
  support, and materials they need

  Non-evaluated, in-class assistance by a JHU
  instructional facilitator
  Lead teachers receive intensive training to
  ensure continued teacher support and high
  Quarterly support meetings with
  implementation team
Talent Development Climate
The Climate program helps create a
safe, positive atmosphere by providing
positive responses to appropriate
behavior, consistent consequences for
inappropriate behaviors, and support
for all students.
Talent Development Climate
 School-wide Interventions
    High Five A’s and B’s
    Bullyproofing
    Events with Principal
 Group Interventions
    Anger management
 Individual Interventions
    Behavior Improvement Plan
    Late Area
   Supportive Learning
Communal Organization
Extra-Help and Enrichment
Detracking of Instruction
School, Family, and Community
Culturally Relevant Teaching
Career Exploration

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