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Saturday_ March 19_ 2011


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Saturday, March 19, 2011
                                                                                                   Board of Trustees
                                                                                                                John M. Cranor III

                                                                                                                Vice Chairperson
                                                                                                              Michael vonWaldner

Welcome Head of School, David Mahler . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6                                    Mitzie Henson
Letter from the Banyan Ball Chairs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
The Village . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
                                                                                                      Celeste D. Dockery-Chadwick
Sponsors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
Evening Menu . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15                           Members
                                                                                                               Adam Armbruster
Evening Program . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17                       Thomas Buffett
Auction Rules . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18                      John Cannon
                                                                                                           Meghan "Mickey" Davis
Live Auction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20
                                                                                                                 Rhonda Deems
Silent Auction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27                Thomas L. Dowdy
      Campus Classics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27                       Ron Gelbman
                                                                                                                       Ann Grano
      Chair’s Choice . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34                         Tally Harris
      Vacation Homes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44                              Bill Isaac
      Class Gifts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52                        Ann Kittle
                                                                                                                   Julie Luhrsen
      Faculty Adventures . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 56                  Mary McCabe Peirce
      Wine Cellar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 64                   Ken Pendery
                                                                                                                   Ken Sanborn

                                                                                                                      Gerd Petrik
                                                                                                                  Brendra Uihlein

                                                                                                                   David V. Mahler

    Dear Parents and Friends of The Out-of-Door Academy:

    On behalf of the students, faculty and the Board of Trustees, I would like to welcome you to The Out-of-Door
    Academy’s Banyan Ball. Tonight, we come together as a school community to celebrate the strength of the
    Out-of-Door family and to reflect on more than 85 years of educational leadership and service to the Sarasota
    community. We also recognize the incredible efforts and generous support of volunteers, sponsors and pa-
    trons who have promoted our school’s growth and development for decades. The Banyan Ball affords us the
    opportunity to bring all of the members of our school community together to celebrate many great achieve-
    ments and accomplishments of the past and to affirm the promise of The Out-of-Door Academy’s future.

    In the early 1920’s, the founders of The Out-of-Door Academy, Ms. Gavin and Ms. Harrison, had a clear vision
    for the type of school they wished to create on a primitive barrier island called Siesta Key. They envisioned
    a school where some of the most important lessons would be learned “out-of-doors,” or outside the class-
    room. Central to that vision was the belief that a great education should be comprehensive and transcend the
    boundaries of the classroom and a traditional, academic curriculum. These two visionary leaders created a
    school where educating the whole child was the defining characteristic of the Out-of-Door experience. From
    our roots as a small, PK-8 boarding school on Siesta Key to our current configuration as a PreK-12 college
    preparatory day program that spans two campuses and serves over 600 students, our school has continu-
    ously evolved to meet the needs of the students we serve. We remain, however, firmly committed to the
    fulfillment of our mission to prepare each of our students to be good citizens and to confront the challenges
    of the twenty-first century with confidence and resolve.

    This year’s special event, “It Takes a Village”, has already generated great excitement and anticipation across
    the entire Out-of-Door family and throughout the Sarasota community. Our Chairs and parent volunteers, un-
    der the leadership of Rhonda and Dan Deems and Cindy and Mike vonWaldner, have worked tirelessly to plan
    for what we all know will be a celebration to remember. Furthermore, they have set extremely high standards
    for service to our school community. We are all grateful for their selfless effort and all that they have contrib-
    uted on behalf of the students, faculty and staff at The Out-of-Door Academy.

    As we celebrate the strength of our “village” we are reminded of all of the different constituencies that make
    up our school community and play important roles in the lives of each of the students at Out-of-Door. Faculty,
    staff, parents, grandparents, volunteers and alumni consistently demonstrate their commitment and love for
    The Out-of-Door Academy. Their spirit and collective efforts define our school community today and provide
    the inspiration for our future. We will follow their example as we continue to strengthen our school and edu-
    cate the next generation. Thank you for your generous support of The Out-of-Door Academy village and best
    wishes for a wonderful evening.

    David Mahler
    Head of School

Dear Parents, Faculty, and Friends:

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to Banyan Ball
2011: It Takes a Village! When we originally agreed to be
the Co-Chairs and needed to choose a theme, we separately
came to the same idea: to celebrate the wonderful commu-
nity that is The Out-of-Door Academy.

Many already know that ODA offers exceptional academics,
arts, athletics, and facilities. What those outside our com-
                                                               Mike, Cindy, R
munity may not understand, however, is the strong sup-                           honda and Dan
                                                                                                 - Banyan Ball
port of other parents and faculty that enrich our lives, and our                                               2010
children’s’ lives, daily. The ODA philosophy extends beyond the classroom, and the faculty becomes
an extended family. It is about a community: a past science teacher who gently takes your child aside during
class registration to suggest an alternate course schedule; a Siesta Key faculty member who sends your high
school child an encouraging note to start the school year; a college counselor who gently, but firmly, keeps the
students on task; the arts teacher who takes time to watch his band members play soccer; the coaches that
encourage our children, while teaching valuable life lessons; the librarian who annually brings students and
parents together for “Sleepytime, Storytime.” However, the village does not end with our children; our families
have found lasting friendships in the stands and in the volunteer office. It is this strong sense of community
that is unique to the Out-of-Door Academy.

Banyan Ball, likewise, is a result of a strong community of volunteers. We would like to extend our sincere
gratitude to the committed volunteers and staff who have dedicated countless hours to bringing this night to
fruition. We are humbled to have had the opportunity to have worked with so many talented and generous
individuals, who have contributed their time and treasures to make this night a success. We would also like to
thank our sponsors who have demonstrated their commitment to the school’s mission and its place in Sara-
sota’s “Village.” That’s what is so great about Banyan Ball: you have all participated in some key way. You
have either sponsored, supported and/or attended! The school will be vastly enriched by your support.

So tonight as you are having a fabulous time (and we do guarantee an excellent party!), remember that we
are here to support the school that we and our children love so much. This will be a night of celebration and
fun! Bid early and bid often! The money raised tonight supports the programs that benefit our children every
day. But, most importantly, we encourage you to become better acquainted with other parents, friends, and,
especially, our dedicated faculty, as we celebrate the wonderful community that is the Out-of-Door Academy!

With warmest wishes,

Rhonda and Dan Deems
Cindy and Mike vonWaldner

                                                             Rhonda & Dan Deems
                                                            Cindy & Mike vonWaldner

                                                       Executive Committee
         Sue Armbruster                                             Kitty Cranor                                              Kim Githler
            Ted Berg                                               Mark Dobosz                                               Sharon Petrik
        Tracee Bomberger                                         Stephany Dobosz                                              Terri Vitale

        Stephanie Appleby                                         Katie Emmons                                              Gene Marra
          Leslie Bavaro                                           Kathy Fleeman                                               Julia Miller
            Debra Beck                                           Elizabeth Frazier                                       Stephanie Morgan
           Jamie Becker                                             Patty Garcia                                          Mary Ann Mullen
             Liz Bentley                                            Jane Giacinti                                         Suzanne Munroe
          Betsy Bowers                                           Tracy Grathwohl                                         Renee Preininger
          Tonie Branica                                            Cathy Hansell                                             Tara Raven
            Pam Brown                                               Tammy Karp                                               Linda Ross
         Christina Cassidy                                           Dawn Kyte                                             Linda Ruschau
              Kim Chait                                               Ollie Kyte                                         Chris Serio Martin
         Carrie Collins ’99                                         Michelle Lea                                         Roberta Tengerdy
             Lisa Dailey                                         Val Leatherwood                                           Tom Tengerdy
           Katie Dobosz                                           Tiffany Liashek                                         Monica Verinder
           Avery Dodge                                               Beth Lloyd                                              Stacy White
            Julie Dooley                                         Elizabeth Mahler                                           Karen Wilson
        Janye Dowd-Owen                                         Camillia Mankovich                                           John Wilson
            Sandy Elliott                                          Lucie Marino                                             Patty Young
                                                                Support Staff
     Dennis Chapman                             Julie Fineberg                             Ashley Brown                             Shannon Drosky
 It truly “Takes A Village” to produce this evening’s Banyan Ball. While we took the upmost care to include all of the members of “The Village” who worked to
 make this night a success, we apologize if your name was omitted in error. We are truly grateful to everyone who made this year’s event a huge success for
 The Out-of-Door Academy. The Chairs would like to especially recognize Julie Fineberg, Director of Events and Parent Relations, for her hard work to ensure a
 wonderful evening for our school community.

                          a anD Banyan Ba
                xTRaVaganz               ll Ch
               E                              aiR

            2009/10                                1999                                       1989
Kim Githler, Kitty Cranor, Mickey       Lisa Berger & Nancy Freund                         Anne Owens
Davis, Nora Johnson, Elizabeth
      Mahler, Terri Vitale                        1998                                        1988
                                          Sharon & Michael Doyle                          Linda Burbol
        Kathryn Kelley                              1997                                      1987
                                                  Judy Veale                              Linda Burbol
       N. Jayne Gelbman                             1996                                      1986
                                                  Judy Veale                     Ing-Marie Malkin & Joyce Stevens
   Rochelle & Keith Reeves                           1995                                     1985
                                                Janice Bowers                            Cindy Schember
          Mike Hayes                                 1994                                    1984
                                                Janice Bowers                    Kathy Dozier & Cindy Schember
Tonie Branica & Laura Crouse                       1993                                       1983
                                          Laurie Lachowitzer Woolf                       Pinkie Hemstad
  Ann Grano & Nora Johnson                         1992                                      1982
                                                Joann Bloom                      Grace Duffey & Cindy Schember
  Ann Grano, Kathie Hayes &                        1991                                       1981
        Nora Johnson                            Joann Bloom                         Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Loevner

           2001                                    1990                                       1980
Nancy Freund & Kathie Hayes                     Donna Martin                       Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Loevner &
                                                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Arthur de Carle
 Lisa Berger & Nancy Freund                                                                  1979*
                                                                                      Mr. & Mrs. David Band
                                *Art auction prior to being named Extravaganza

                                          grand Banyan Sponsors
                                              Serendipity - The Petrik Family

                                           gold Banyan Sponsors
                                                   Bill and Christine Isaac
                                                  PNC Wealth Management

                                         Senior Banyan Sponsors
                                    First Watch Restaurants and The Pendery Family
                                          Smith Barney - Ernie and Patty Garcia

                                          green Banyan Sponsors
                        Anonymous (3)                                    Trade Mark Interiors, Inc. -
                    Scott and Natalie DiMare                             Tracee M. Bomberger, ASID
                    Troy and Carolyn Eaden                               Celeste and Taber Chadwick
                     Mary and Dave Peirce                              Willis A. Smith Construction, Inc.
                                                                       Unique Air - Mike Montgomery

                                           young Banyan Sponsors
               Adam and Sue Armbruster                                            Tonya and Mike Maxey
          ArtisTree Landscape & Maintenance                                   Stephen and Sharon Patrice
                  John and Kitty Cranor                                TPG TeleManagement - Chris and Lisa Hill
 Doctors Express and Senior Helpers - The Ross Family                 University Ear, Nose and Throat Associates -
                       Kim Githler                                               Dan and Rhonda Deems
               Mario and Ann Marie Govic                                       Mike and Cindy vonWaldner
               David and Donna Koffman                                             Zeno Office Solutions

                                             Baby Banyan Sponsors
                   Ron and Rebecca Bizick                                       Richard and Tammy Karp
                Brown and Brown Insurance                                         Todd and Ashley Kozel
                     Pam and Rick Brown                                             The LaSalla Family
     Christopher, Smith, Leonard, Bristow & Stanell, P.A.                        Oasis Outsourcing, Inc.
                   James and Kim Cornetet                                         Don and Cyndi Paxton
                    Steve and Jean Finnery                                   Lindy Smith and Jack McKissock
               FleischmanGarcia Architecture                           M.D. Travel Plans - Kenneth D. Henson, M.D.
              The Gelbman Family Foundation                                                          as of March 4, 2011
                     PaSSED hORS D’OEUVRES
                            Curried Prawns
           Ground lamb & beef kabobs with fresh mint pesto
         Spicy chicken samosas with classic Indian seasonings
       Aloo Tikki Topped with Tamarind Chutney, Onion & Cilantro

                           SERVED DinnER
             Moroccan roasted beet and tangerine salad
      with honey, currants, spiced nuts, tomatoes, and fresh mint
   atop of mixed field greens finished with olive oil and fresh lemon
                        Specialty Bread Basket

                        COMBinaTiOn EnTREE
   Chimichurri Rubbed Chateau of Beef & Jumbo crab stuffed shrimp
               drizzled with warm lemon chive vinaigrette

Fufu (Mashed Plantain), Roasted Haricot Verts & Braised Sweet Peppers

                            Chef Selection

      Saturday, March 19, 2011
Thunder Stadium on the Uihlein Campus

                  6:00 p.m.
          Cocktails & Hors d’oeuvres
           Silent auction Opens:
               Campus Classics
                 Chair’s Choice
              Class Memory Gifts
              Faculty Adventures
            Vacation / Staycations
                  Wine Cellar

                  8:00 p.m.
             Silent Auction Closes
                 Dinner Served
                 Paddle Raise
                  Live Auction

                10:00 p.m.

  Auctioneer: Ron Thompson – License #2622

 A bidder number will be assigned to you when your reservation is received. You will receive your bidder number when you check
 in at the event. The bidder number you are assigned is registered in your name for you and your spouse to use during the
 evening for Silent and Live Auction bidding. Bids made with your number are your responsibility.

 A credit card (American Express, Discover, MasterCard or Visa) will be required at check-in the night of Banyan Ball. All auction
 purchases will be charged to the registered card following the event. To use an alternative form of payment (cash or check),
 please make arrangements with the Advancement Office by March 17, 2011.

 all SalES aRE Final in both Live and Silent Auctions. While every reasonable effort has been made to describe each item
 correctly, all items and services are sold “as is.” Please note specifications, limitations, and restrictions before bidding.
 REFUnDS Will nOT BE giVEn.

 All services are to be used within the time limits stated or within one year of the Auction and are subject to the terms and
 conditions stipulated by the donors. Participation in any activity related to a purchased service is strictly at the risk of the

 Winning bidders are required to pick up their items between March 21-25, 2011, at the Uihlein Campus at Lakewood Ranch. All
 titles, taxes, licenses and gratuities are the responsibility of the purchasers unless otherwise specified. If delivery is required,
 we ask that the buyer make arrangements with Julie Fineberg at 941-554-3408.

 All bids over the Fair Market Value of the item value are tax deductible. Information on the Fair Market Value of each item will
 be provided to the winning bidder. Values are donors’ estimates and are not warranted or guaranteed by The Out-of-Door
 Academy for tax purposes or Fair Market Value.

 All Auction items are non-transferable unless otherwise indicated.

 We regret the omission of any name, business name or item which may have been mistakenly omitted or did not reach us prior
 to our printing deadline.

 absentee/Proxy Bidding
 Unable to join us at The Banyan Ball? No problem! We will bid for you!

 If you are unable to attend Banyan Ball or wish to remain anonymous for any Live Auction items offered the night of the event,
 we are happy to have a designated representative bid on your behalf. Simply complete a form and list each item you are inter-
 ested in and the maximum dollar amount you are willing to bid.

 Please contact Dennis Chapman, Director of Advancement, at or at 554-3403 to have the Absentee/Proxy bid
 form sent to you. Forms must be completed and returned to Dennis Chapman no later than 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 17th.

  1 gasparilla adventure Weekend
  Fabulous romantic weekend get-away for two!
  Two-night stay in the Gasparilla Inn, tennis lesson with Pros
  and Out-of-Door Academy parents Mark Hozan or Jinx Howe
  with brand new Wilson BLX Pro Open racquet on Gasparilla
  Inn tennis courts, dinner for two at the Third Street Cafe (in-
  cluding appetizer, entree and dessert). Spend your second
  day on a charter
  boat and design your
  own fishing charter
  tour for two. Bask in
  the sun, fish, sight-
  seeing and / or lunch
  on one of the out
  islands. A weekend
  get away you won’t want to pass up!
  Tax and gratuity not included. Valid for one year from purchase date.
  Donors: gasparilla inn, Jinx & Mark horan, Third Street Cafe and
  Fishing adventures of Boca grande inc.
  Value: $2,000

  2 ESPn - The inside Story
  This exciting opportunity gets you a private tour for four of ESPN Headquarters,
  Bristol, CT.
                                  ESPN is undeniably the world-   Since 9/11, ESPN has not been open to the public as the
                                   wide leader in sports with     United States Government’s Department of Homeland
                                   broadcasts the world over, in  Security has designated the campus of ESPN closed to the
                                    every medium available. They public due to the satellite capabilities on campus. This is an
                                    are known for their cutting-  incredible opportunity for anyone interested in gaining a
                                    edge sports productions and look into the world of sports
             breaking news in all facets of the sports industry.  journalism. This tour is a guar-
 Through this unique package you will be granted special ac-      anteed thrill for any sports
 cess to the ESPN campus and be provided with an inside look enthusiast and an experience
 into the fascinating world of sports media with your tour guide that will be remembered for a
 host, Howie Schwab, Coordinating Producer at ESPN and ce-        lifetime.
 lebrity star of the popular ESPN sports trivia show, Stump the
 Schwab. During your visit, you will gain access to the research Please book at least 6 weeks
 center and the sets of SportsCenter Baseball Tonight. You will prior to travel, and tickets must be used by March 1, 2012.
 see how they go live on radio and TV and how they put a live
 show on the air with breaking news. You will be privy to an      Tickets subject to availability, blackout days, holidays, and
 insider’s tour of the international broadcasting headquarters may not be transferred or sold to another person.
 in Bristol, Connecticut - an amazing campus that spans 64
 acres and 600,000 square feet of building space.                 Donor: Friends of Out-of-Door
                                                                  Value: $4,000

3 head for the Day
Give your child a day of leadership, and a chance to walk a mile in David Mahler's shoes.
                                        It could lead to a career as an educator, and it will
                                        surely give your child an insight into the role and
                                        responsibilities of the Head, and the challenges that
                                        land on his desk on any day. This position is open for
                                        one day only, but is extremely crucial to the function-
                                        ing of our operation. The winning bidder will be Head for the Day
                                        and act as Mr. Mahler's Chief Operating Officer, as he leads the lucky student through
                                        his or her intriguing day on either the Lower or Upper Campus. This unforgettable prize
                                        includes your child instituting a casual dress day, his/her selection for the lunch to be
served that day from the school menu, lunch with David Mahler, your child's choice of a snack for their grade level, and a
photo of your child sitting at Mr. Mahler's desk.

Must be used by March 1, 2012 and subject to availability.
Donor: The Out-of-Door academy
Value: Priceless

4 Dakota Sports Retriever Puppy/Five Training lessons
There is no doubt that owning a dog is one of life's great learning experiences. It teaches
responsibility and discipline, communications skills, patience, and perhaps most joyously, love -
the unique, unconditional affection that a dog so abundantly bestows on its family.

Dakota Sport Retrievers highly resemble a Golden Retriever, but are considerably smaller.
They are a cross between a Gold Retriever and a Cocker Spaniel. They are very smart and
easy to train, a lot of fun, but also calm and cuddly, extremely gentle and lower shedding,
in a perfect medium size. They love their toys, love water and going on hikes and runs
with their owners. Great around children and other dogs. Her name is Amber and she
was born on December 30th. Her size when fully grown will be between 35 and 45
pounds, height 16 to 17 inches tall. To see her... is to love her. This puppy is an AKC
registration eligible and up-to-date on shots.

Along with the new addition to your family, you will receive five training sessions with Jim LaClair, one
of Sarasota's most respected dog trainers. Jim is a must for all new owners and puppy! Five one-hour lessons using
the latest in positive reinforcement techniques. Dog lessons good for one year from purchase date. Puppy will be spayed, if desired,
and a first puppy exam provided by River Landings Animal Clinic.

Donor of the Puppy: The Shofe Family; Puppy Training donated by Jim laClair, Veterinary Serviced donated
by Dr. Ryan Fox, River landings animal Clinic
Value: Priceless

 5 Crystal Cruises 12-Day alaskan Frontiers Cruise
                            Luxurious 12-day cruise sailing June 14, 2011, aboard Crystal Symphony.
                            Your cruise includes visits to Ketchikan, Alaska; Juneau, Alaska; Skagway,
                            Alaska; Sitka, Alaska; Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; and Victoria,
                             British Columbia, Canada. One "C" category, Deluxe Stateroom for two guests.

                           You and your guest will experience the real Alaska. Come to where the mountains are taller, the
                           rivers mightier and the wildlife more plentiful than any place else on earth. This is cruising Alaska.
                       A rugged, untamed wilderness where the forests go on forever and the
 summer days never end. Alaska is a pristine wilderness of ice-blue glaciers, snow-capped moun-
 tain peaks and huge whales breaking the surface of crystalline waters.

 Itinerary is subject to change. Package does not include the following for either guest: airfare,
 airport transfers, travel insurance, shore excursions, or any on board expenses not included in
 the cruise fare (i.e., gratuities, spa services, boutique purchases, gambling, etc.).
 Donors: Crystal Cruises and Friends of Out-of-Door
 Value: $25,000

 6 Exclusive Tahoe get-away
 great trip for five or six families!

 Enjoy eight days and seven nights in this fabulous of-
 fering. This 16,000 square foot house overlooks Lake
 Tahoe in Incline Village, Nevada.
 Amenities include:
 •	 Eight exclusive bedrooms
 •	 Sauna and steam room
 •	 Your own personal gym
 •	 Jacuzzi that overlooks the lake
 •	 Game room with pool table, shuffle board, full size roulette wheel, slot machines, pin ball
 •	 Wine cellar, which features a full dining room table that can be used for wine tasting dinners.
 •	 House Manager, Housekeeping service, and Maintenance staff included for the week.

 This exclusive get away is close to fine dining, great spas, casinos and Squaw Valley and North
 Star ski resorts.
 So, pack up your friends and family and don't pass on this experience of a lifetime!

 Dates to be mutually agreed upon. Not available Christmas or Mid-Winter Break.
 Donor: Ray & Jeanne Conrad, grandparents of Kaitlyn ‘22 and alyssa ‘21 Robbins
 Value: $35,000

7 The Masters Tournament and Double Eagle Club
Package, april 7-8, 2012
Augusta, Georgia is home to the world's greatest golf tournament, the Masters.
The Augusta National Golf Club easily evokes reverence among golf lovers world-
wide. The winners of this incredible package will have a chance to walk the hallowed
grounds of Augusta National during that special week in April.

The Double Eagle Club, named after Gene Sarazen's historic shot on No.15 during the Masters
in 1935, is the ultimate in Masters hospitality. Located next to the main entrance at Augusta
National, this members-only club turns the toughest ticket in sports into an unsurpassed busi-
ness-building stroll through the magnolias. The Double Eagle Club was the first and is still the
best and most intimate experience at the Masters, which enhances the toughest ticket in sports
with valet parking, day-long meal and cocktail service, a large outdoor deck facing the Augusta National Club, and many other

The PGA Masters Tournament at Augusta National is the premiere golf event of the season, rich with tradition. You'll experience
it all and see the crème de la crème of pro golf with this spectacular experience. The winner of this exclusive package receives:

                                            •	 Two masters badges for Saturday and Sunday rounds at the 2012 Masters
                                            Tournament April 7th and 8th
                                            •	Two voucher tickets on Southwest Airlines
                                             • Full membership privileges at the Double Eagle Club on Saturday and Sunday. The
                                             club boasts a private entrance, spacious outdoor patio deck, putting green, and
                                             first-class service that truly embodies “southern hospitality”.

                                             a truly magnificent package for any golf fan!

                                              Donor: Friends of Out-of-Door
                                              Value: $13,000

 8 Final Four in new Orleans
 March 31 and april 2, 2012
 If March basketball wasn't exciting enough, the Men's Basketball Cham-
 pionship takes the energy to a whole new level as the four best teams
 remaining in the Men's Basketball Tournament compete for a chance to
 play for the National Championship.

 Every year, the Men's Basketball Championship represents the most
 competitive and exciting games in the tournament with a chance to play on the
 biggest stage in collegiate basketball on the line. Some of the NBA's greatest players have made names
 for themselves due to their play in the Men's Basketball Championship, and you can be part of history as well when you get
 your own Men's Basketball Championship tickets.

 If these games are anything like previous Final Four games, then Final Four tickets will not only be the hottest ticket in New
 Orleans, but also a ticket to see some of the best basketball of the year played live before your eyes. Bring yourself down to
 New Orleans to see basketball the way it was meant to be seen, from incredible seats only feet away from actually being on
 the hardwood.

 Final Four tickets do not last long each season, so get your Final Four tickets today and see
 the tournament from a completely different perspective. You will have four tickets for the two
 semi-final games and the final game.

 This incredible weekend package includes:
 •	 Four tickets to the Final Four in New Orleans
 •	 Visit to the live, remote, on-location set of ESPN's SportsCenter. There, the lucky win-
      ners will meet with ESPN's college basketball commentators and analysts.
 The spirit and pageantry of this incredible weekend is second to none in the sporting
 world. Winners will have the opportunity to gain autographs and special VIP access to
 ESPN tapings.

 The tickets will be delivered to the winner of the package at their hotel or similar location no later than Saturday noon, March
 31, 2012 in New Orleans.

 Donor: Friends of Out-of-Door
 Value: $12,500

9 Tropical luau with the Mahlers
Private luau dinner with the Mahlers at the home of Mary & David Peirce for 24 lucky
people. 24 lucky individuals will be treated to fun filled evening of tropical luau
cuisine with Elizabeth and David Mahler at the beautiful home of the Peirces. This
is a terrific opportunity to get “up close and personal” with the Mahlers and enjoy
delicious food and stimulating conversation in an informal setting. Luau catered
by Michael's On East to feature frozen fruit drinks, wild roasted pig, seafood speci-
alities and authentic side dishes and ending with dessert.

Dinner to be offered on Friday, April 29, 2011.

                                    Donors: Mr. & Mrs. David Mahler, Mr. & Mrs. David Peirce, Michael's on East
                                    Value: $500 per person

10 Jack Dowd Sculpture
Jack Dowd’s works have been shown in galleries and museums
across the United States and Europe and his work is in many
corporate collections. Solo exhibitions include the 2001 debut
at the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art of the monu-
mental installation of “LAST CALL” which was the most attended exhibition in
the museums history. NYC critic John Mendelson has written about his work,
“Jack Dowd is a connoisseur of American types - the boisterous, eccentric,
innocently hilarious individuals who rarely become the subjects of art. Dowd
celebrates America’s idiosyncratic extended family in his on-going series of
full-sized figures...with affectionate humor and satiric wit.”

An original sculpture will be chosen by the artist for auction at Banyan
Ball. All proceeds from the sale will benefit the school.
Donor: Jack Dowd
Value: TBa at Banyan Ball

                                              CaMPUS ClaSSiCS

200       name the lane at the Siesta Key Campus
How exciting to drive up to school on a daily basis and have the street named by your family!
Here’s your chance to imprint the name of your choice on a lower school campus street. Street
sign included.
Value: Priceless

201 name the lakewood Ranch Campus Circle
For the sheer fun of it, here’s your chance to imprint the name of your choice on the Lakewood
Ranch Campus circle street sign. Street sign included.
Value: Priceless

202       name the lakewood Ranch Campus Entrance
Imagine your child seeing his or her name on The Out-of-Door Academy’s entrance way sign for a whole year. Street sign
Value: Priceless

203 Parking Place for a School year - Uihlein Campus
Give your teen the gift of having a designated piece of Out-of-Door real estate! Your student won’t need to circle the parking
lot for a space - at least not this year. A personalized sign is included to impress all your friends and family!
Value: Priceless

                                                        204 Preferred Seat for all lower School Performances
                                                         Here’s a chance to secure reserved seating at all lower school per-
                                                         formances for the 2011/2012 school year. Whether it be the holiday
                                                          performance or Grandfriends’ Day, no need to rush to the school
                                                          early or risk standing room only, your seats will be reserved and
                                                           waiting for you.
                                                           Value: $250

 205         Preferred Seat at 6th
 grade graduation Ceremony
 Preferred seat, front and center, re-
 served in your name for the 6th Grade
 Graduation Ceremony in June 2011.
 Enjoy a great view and get the best
 possible pictures of your graduating
 Value: $250

 206        Preferred Seat at 8th
 grade graduation Ceremony
 Preferred seat, front and center, reserved in your name for the 8th Grade Graduation Ceremony in June 2011.
 Enjoy a great view and get the best possible pictures of your graduating student.
 Value: $250

                                                 207         Preferred Seat at Commencement
                                                 Preferred seat, front and center, reserved in your name for the Commence-
                                                 ment Ceremony in June 2011. Enjoy a great view and get the best possible
                                                 pictures of your graduating senior.
                                                 Value: $250

                                                          208          Preferred Seat for all Performances in the Black
                                                          Box Theater
                                                          Holiday performances, plays, musicals, Broadway Night …the pos-
                                                          sibilities are endless! Reserve your preferred seat for all perfor-
                                                          mances in the Black Box Theater for the 2011/2012 school year.
                                                           Value: $250

 209        honorary Pa announcer for homecoming game (1 quarter)
 Enjoy the special opportunity to call a quarter for the Thunder in their homecoming game.
 Front and center in the press box for all to see and hear!
 Value: $500

210          honorary Varsity Football Team Captain for homecoming
game(one quarter)
Calling all football fans! Your student can lead the team out of The Out-of-
Door Academy locker room, participate in pre-game warm ups, and cheer
the team on from the best seat in the house - the side lines, right next to the
Value: $500

211        honorary Cheerleading Team Captain for homecoming game
Go, fight, win tonight! Your student can lead the cheerleaders out of The Out-
of-Door Academy locker room, participate in warm-ups, and lead a cheer for the
homecoming Varsity football game.
Value: $500

212        Preferred Parking Space for home Football games
Enjoy driving right up to your reserved parking spot for all home Varsity football games. Show your “preferred parking pass”
and head to the front of the line!
Value: $500

                                                       213        Preferred Parking for Parents on Siesta Key Campus
                                                        You’re running late, or you need to speak to your child’s teacher.
                                                        Imagine the ease of pulling into your own reserved parking space on
                                                         the Siesta Key Campus.
                                                         Value: $1,000

214        Chairback seat in Thunder Stadium for events
Don’t miss out on this first time opportunity to pick your seat at Thunder Stadium. Customized
with your name, your chairback seat will guarantee you the best view in the house - front and
center in Thunder Stadium!
Value: $1,000

215       Banyan Ball 2012 Catalog Cover
A professional photographer will create a portrait of your children or entire family to be
featured on the cover of next year’s Banyan Ball catalog. This beautiful portrait will be a
special keepsake for your family, and set the stage for Banyan Ball 2012.
Value: Priceless

                                                  ChaiR’S ChOiCE
 300 home Performance Evaluation
 Your very own home performance evaluation. During this personal evaluation, our trusted advisors learn about your home's
 current condition before helping you make any investments in improvements or system replacements and make a plan for the
 future you want.
 Donor: Dwell green
 Value: $300

 301 landscape, Design & installation Service
 Spruce up your existing landscaping or start from scratch. This package provides a personalized landscape design consulta-
 tion at your home. You will receive a landscape designed by a professional and installed with a one-year warranty on plant
 Expires January 31, 2012.
 Donor: artisTree landscape Maintenance & Design
 Value: $2,500

 302 Free Orthodontic Treatment
 Treatment for adult or child (includes initial exam, records, traditional stainless steel brackets and one set of retainers).
 Smiles talk? What does yours say?
 Certificate must be presented at initial exam. Surgical, interdisciplinary, two-phase, iBraces and/or Invisalign treatment as
 well as ceramic braces and certain appliances subject to additional fees. If your child is put on recall by our doctors, offer
 will apply when ready for treatment. Not redeemable for cash. New patients only. Offer expires 11/30/11.
 Donor: Orthodontists of lakewood Ranch & Sarasota
 Value: $5,500

 303 husband & Wife Personal Training Sessions (Four)
 You and your spouse will enjoy four personal one-on-one training sessions with Out-of-Door's very own Rod Miller. Rod
 will welcome you to "Greatness, Leadership, & Commitment Athletics Speed-Strength Training." Spend time with your signifi-
 cant other and get in shape at the same time.
 Training to be held at the Uihlein Campus in the Gelbman Family Wellness Center.
 Donor: Rod Miller
 Value: $440

 304 adults Personal Training Sessions (Six)
 You and three of your closest friends will enjoy six personal one-on-one training sessions with Out-of-Door's very own Rod
 Miller. Rod will welcome you to "Greatness, Leadership, & Commitment Athletics Speed-Strength Training." Spend time with
 your friends and get in shape at the same time.
 Up to four people. Training to be held at the Uihlein Campus in the Gelbman Family Wellness Center.
 Donor: Rod Miller
 Value: $660

305      Seek healing Through Peggy Rometo
This package includes a one-hour private intuitive healing session with Peggy Rometo, an intuitive healer, psychic medium
and Reiki Master, who counsels people around the world through her workshops and recordings. Package also includes a CD
and her book, “The Little Book of Big Promises.”
Donor: Peggy Rometo
Value: $550

306       Botox & gift Basket
Dr. O'Donoghue will provide a Botox treatment of the forehead or crows feet along with a wonderful assortment of his favor-
ite skin care products.
Botox treatment must be used within six months of event.
Donor: Dr. & Mrs. Morgan O'Donoghue
Value: $450

307      Deborah grooms Photography
Creation fee and 14" custom portrait or $450 value applied towards larger scale. Deborah specializes in casual, non-posed
family portraiture created in an environment that has special meaning to you. She comes to you every step from session to
selection in your home.
Donor: Deborah grooms Photography
Value: $750

308      Beth Wild Photography
Portrait session with Beth Wild Photography, Sarasota's premier children and family photographer. One 16" x 20" gallery
wrapped canvas and three custom mini accordion albums.
Session must be completed by August 31, 2011. No substitutions allowed.
Donor: Beth Wild Photography
Value: $575

309       Jack Dowd 30" x 44" giclee
Giclee of original pastel of John Lennon called "Imagine" printed on canvas. You won't want to miss this special piece of
artwork. Jack Dowd will customize the portrait to the winning bidder!
Donor: Jack Dowd
Value: $2,500

310     Jack Dowd "Tank"
A unique piece that any football fan would want to have - 20" resin sculpture of a Gator football player.
Donor: Jack Dowd
Value: $2,100

311 afternoon with artist Jack Dowd
A two-hour afternoon with Jack Dowd for six people. Be one of the few who have had a personal tour of his home and studio show-
ing recent work. Enjoy a round table discussion and refreshments and receive a signed print of sculpture "Last Call." This once in a
lifetime opportunity is for up to 6 people, $100 per person or buy it outright for your own personal outing at Jack’s home.
Donor: Jack Dowd
Value: $600

312 Custom Pet Portrait
Out-of-Door graduate from the Class of 2001, Betsy Bowers has agreed to create a custom pet portrait for the winning bid-
der of this item. Her pieces are whimsical paintings that bring to life your pet's personality on canvas and range in size from
16" x 18" to 4' x 6'.
Donor: Ms. Betsy Bowers ’01
Value: Priceless

313 11" x 14" Portrait, Oil Framed on Canvas created by Dominic avant
National award winner, Ringling Professor, Dominic Avant will create an 11x14 oil portrait of your child or children. Dominic
Avant is a contemporary realist. It can be created from a photo or a live sitting depending on the subject. The personalized
painting will be completed between June 1, 2011 and August 15, 2011. For more information on his work visit
Donor: Mr. Dominic avant
Value: $900

314 Peter Barmonde Photography
A family or individual portrait is offered by this local artist. Peter has an artist's eye, takes beautiful portraits that capture
the subject and will be a timeless addition to any family's collection. This item can be in color or black and white, printed
up to 20 x 24 inches. Photographer will take as many portraits as needed in a session. Consider purchasing this for next
year's holiday card or a perfect gift for a grandparent.
Donor: Peter Barmonde Photography
Value: $1,000

315 Wine Dinner for Eight
Enjoy dinner for eight specially prepared by Chef Fran Casciato at Libby’s Cafe & Bar including appetizer, salad, entree, dessert and wine.
Donor: libby's Cafe & Bar
Value: $2,000

316 Cooking Class for Ten
Cooking class for 10 people with Cordon Bleu educated and trained Chef Jeremy Hammond-Chambers. Enjoy an evening
out with your friends for this exclusive cooking class at his state-of-the-art Jenn-Aire sponsored demonstration kitchen at
Finecraft Cabinetry.
Donor: innovative Dining
Value: $750

     317 June Simmons Designs Exclusive necklace
     Designed by Misha of New York for June Simmons, this beautiful and unique agate necklace on a gold-filled chain may just
     become your favorite accessory!
     Donor: June Simmons Designs
     Value: $350

     318 June Simmons Designs Exclusive Earrings
     This is a great karma piece that every women must have. Speciality earrings designed by Double Happiness with crystals.
     Donor: June Simmons Designs
     Value: $350

     319 Diamond Ring
     You will be the envy of your friends in this 18 karat gold ring by Andrea Candela of Spain, 1/3 carats of pave set diamonds.
     Donor: Vanessa Fine Jewelry
     Value: $1,690

     320 Diamond Earrings
     This exquisite pair of 18 kt. white earrings, 1.10 TW SI diamonds will go with anything you have in your closet. Don't miss
     this opportunity to take them home.
     Donor: anonymous
     Value: $2,400

     321 Pearl necklaces with Earrings - ivory
     This is the perfect opportunity to add a beautiful 12-14 mm freshwater pearl necklace and matching earrings to your jewelry collec-
     tion. The versatile ivory color will complement many different fashion styles.
     Donor: Moreland Company USa
     Value: $2,000

     322 Pearl necklaces with Earrings - Brown/Chocolate
     Chocolate brown is the new black, and this set of striking 12-14mm chocolate brown pearls and matching earrings will add a
     punch of serious style to any outfit!
     Donor: Moreland Company USa
     Value: $2,000

     323 around the Town
     Experience Sarasota at its best! Enjoy an afternoon at Selby Gardens, an evening for two listening to Madame Butterfly at
     Sarasota Opera, watching Victor Victoria at The Players and your choice of a Mainstage performance at Florida Studio The-
     ater during the 2010-2011 season. Complete your evening with dinner for two at Hyde Park.
     Donor: Sarasota Opera, Marie Selby Botanical gardens, anonymous
     Value: $400

324 Summertime Blues Fishing Charter adventure
Featuring light tackle fishing with live and artificial bait, and fly fishing, in Sarasota Bay and local waters with your personal
guide, Captain Steve Warren. Your adventure includes fishing licenses, bait, tackle and ice, instruction and fun! Date and time
to mutually agreed upon. Make sure you stop at TooJays and pick up your lunch with the $25.00 gift certificate included in
this great adventure.
Date and time to be mutually agreed upon.
Donor: Summertime Blues Fishing Charters and TooJay's gourmet Deli
Value: $675

325 indulge Sarasota
This is a day to be out and about in Sarasota. You will be pampered all around town with gift certificate for just about every-
thing. Start with your hair at LEA Inc. where you will receive a consultation, an assessment of beauty products and tools, a
hair design, and a Keratin one-hour infusion treatment, go shopping for shoes at T.Georgiano’s, have your closet made-over
from Jane Boutique, stop by Foxy Lady and even enjoy a massage. Visit Simply Spoiled and Addison Craig. At the end of the
long day of pampering yourself visit Caragiulos’s for some fine italian soul food or stop at Word of Mouth!
Donor: lEa inc. - lucie Marino, T. georgiano's Shoe Salon, Caraguilos italian american, Jane Boutique, Foxy
lady and Mr. J.B. Shaw & Mrs. ann Marie Davis, Massage Envy
Value: $600

326 golf Foursome at the Ritz-Carlton Members Club
One foursome of golf including caddie concierge, greens fees and cart at The Ritz-Carlton Members Golf Club in Sarasota.
Gratuity not included. Advance reservations required. Subject to availability. Valid May 1 through November 15, 2011.
Donor: The Ritz-Carlton Members Club
Value: $800

327 Four Club level Seats for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Four club level seats to one Tampa Bay Buccaneers game for the 2011 season. Choose from a home game against either
the Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Houston Texans or Carolina Panthers. Enjoy limo service roundtrip to the game offered by
“iDrive and you relax”.
Dates TBD based on 2011 NFL schedule. Must pick game within 10 days of schedule release.
Donor: zeno Office Solutions and iDrive and you relax
Value: $1,100

328 Winemaking Party is Opportunity to Bottle and label your Own Vintage
Blend your own signature varietal wine and design the perfect label! This package includes a winemaking party for six
couples or 12 people, 28 bottles of your own vintage, and a pasta and pizza meal to enjoy.
Donor: Winemaking Pantry & goodfella's gourmet
Value: $575

 329 golf for four and Dinner for eight at The Concession golf Club
 One foursome of golf, including greens fees, cart and caddie fees. After the round, invite your spouses to join you for a
 wonderful dinner at the Club.
 Golf to be scheduled through the Pro Shop. Dinner to be used same night as golf.
 Donor: The Concession golf Club
 Value: $2,200

 330 Skeet Shooting for Eight
 Grab eight people and come out to Nokomis for an afternoon of competitive sporting clay shooting. Guns can be provided
 (or bring your own) and a professional instructor will be at your beck and call if needed. Enjoy a day at beautiful Knight's
 Trail Park just 20 minutes south of downtown Sarasota. Your package will include eight box lunches and 100 sporting clay
 targets per person.
 Donor: John & Kitty Cranor
 Value: $350

 331     Taste of SRQ
 No planning - let this package be your dining answer! With gift certificates to some of Sarasota's finest restaurants: Roy’s
 Hawaiian Fusion Cruisine; Ruth's Chris Steak House, Ophelia's on the Bay; Crab & Fin; Sand Bar, Beach House or Mar Vista;
 and Flemings, enjoy a taste of Sarasota.
 See gift cards for specific expiration dates.
 Donor: Flemings Steak house, Mr. J.B. Shaw & Mrs. ann Marie Davis, and Ruth's Chris Steak house
 Value: $650

 332 Explore the Ranch
 Come out East and experience the best that Lakewood Ranch has to offer. This package has something for everyone in the
 family. Indulge at the spa, dine on Main Street and take the kids to paint pottery (or play mini-golf). And so much more!
 See each gift card for individual restrictions.
 Donor: Big Olaf, arts a Blaze Studio, Polo grill and Bar, Macallisters grill & Tavern, ana Molinari Salon Spa
 Boutique, El lago Ranchero, hornback Chiropractic & Wellness, Postnet, The Serving Spoon, Katy Rose
 Olive Oils, Sunglass Express Optical, The Fish hole adventure golf, Wine Style
 Value: $800

333     The indy 500 - Start your Engines! - Sunday May 29, 2011
Here the roar of the engines and feel the excitement of the Indy 500, “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing!” Enjoy the race
from two penthouse, first-turn, seats and dinner at the famous St. Elmos Steak House. St. Elmos gift certificate valued at
Donor: Mr. & Mrs. John Kittle, Craig and Steve huse
Value: $2,500

334      Brickyard 400 - indianapolis - Thursday, July 28, 2011
Two lucky winners will receive tickets to the Brickyard 400 held at the Indianapolis Speedway on Thursday, July 28th. Enjoy
two tickets in the grand stand close to the start/finish line. Across from pit row! An adventure you won’t want to miss!
Tickets to be delivered to the winner prior to the event.
Donor: lindy Smith & Jack McKissock
Value: $600

335 h2O Marine
H20 Marine is a premiere dealer for Mercury Marine and a certified dealer for Suzuki Marine. The winner will receive $500
certificate for an annual service.
Donor: h2O Marine
Value: $500

336     hollywood Spa
You won’t want to miss this day with Dr. Brett S. Hirsch. Enjoy a spa day with $300 towards any of the following services: hair
transplant surgery; spider vein treatments; medically monitored weight loss program; laser tattoo removal; laser sun spot
removal; or professional skin care treatments. This package also comes with Hollywood secrets instant eyelift, Obagi Medical
Nu-Derm sun shield, YE2060 detox soap and exfolishave exfoliating shaving cream.
Donor: Dr. Brett S. hirsch
Value: $500

                                           VaCaTiOn hOMES

                                 400 Manasota Bay, Manasota Key - The luhrsen Family
                                         Relax for a long weekend with this four-night stay in this gulf-coast two bedroom / two
                                         bath condominium on Manasota Key. A low key, family get-away just one-hour from
                                         Blackout dates may apply, expires 12/31/11.
                                         Donors: Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey luhrsen
                                         Value: $800

 401 Maine Beach house - The Emmons Family
 A stunning brand-new beachfront home in Scarborough,
 Maine, on beautiful semi-private Higgins Beach can be
 yours for one unforgettable week. The home includes three
 bedrooms and 2.5 baths, fireplace, gourmet kitchen, and all
 the amenities you could want. You can't get closer to water
 than this!
 Blackout dates June 1 - August 30 and October 6-10, 2011.
 Donors: Mr. & Mrs. Michael Emmons
 Value: $5,000

                         402 Tropical Sands, Siesta Key - The Ramos Family
                         Take a large group of family or friends and enjoy this tropical paradise right in our own backyards.
                         A seven-night stay (Friday to Friday) for 15 people within walking distance to beautiful Siesta Key
                                Beach. Six bedrooms and five bathrooms allow a large group to spread out comfortable
                                across the upper and lower units.
                                Availability from 4/22/11 to 4/27/11 and from 8/12/11 to 11/18/11.
                                Donors: Dr. & Mrs. Fabian Ramos
                                Value: $2,900

                                 403        areca house, Siesta Key - The Whatmore Family
 Getaway but still stay close to home. Enjoy a week stay on Siesta Key in the Areca House fully equipped with five bedrooms
 and a beautiful split floor plan to give everyone their own space. The kitchen is modern and open, fully equipped for your
 favorite recipes. Just stock the fridge and go for it. Plenty of space to cook with friends and enjoy cocktails. The backyard
 has a dock for fishing, heated pool and covered lanai.
 Subject to availability.
 Donors: Mr. & Mrs. James Whatmore
 Value: $2,500

404 Coconut grove, Miami - Sharon Petrik
Enjoy a two-night stay at this beautiful condominium at
the Mutiny. Beautiful penthouse condo in the heart of
Coconut Grove with great water views and rooftop terrace.
This condo is located at the Mutiny Hotel, so full hotel
amenities are available. The hotel can arrange for guests
to experience water sports and boating activities, lo-
cated right outside the hotel's doorstep. You won't want
to miss this Miami get-away. Currently being remodeled, availability will
begin after remodel. Rental late 2011 - early 2012.
Donors: Ms. Sharon Petrik
Value: $1,500

                                                405 Cooperstown, new york - The Mahler Family
                                                You are invited to enjoy a one-week stay at the Village of Cooperstown located
                                                in the foothills of the beautiful Catskill Mountains and is home to the National
                                                Baseball Hall of Fame. This two bedroom, three bath summer home features
                                                beautiful views of Lake Otsego and the Village of Cooperstown. Enjoy your
                                                     own deeded private dock area for fishing, swimming and boating, and take
                                                      a short walk into the village to visit the National Baseball Hall of Fame.
                                                     It's an easy to drive to other destinations such as the James Fennimore
                                                    Cooper Museum, Farmer's Museum and the Glimmerglass Opera House.
                                                   Mutually agreed upon week 6/1/11 - 8/31/11. Excluding July 4th weekend.
                                                  Donors: The Mahler Family
                                                 Value: $2,000

406      Treasure island - The Verinder Family
Enjoy a seven-night stay in this fully-equipped two bedroom, two bath
beachfront property. The condo is elegantly furnished in Tommy Ba-
hama style with high speed internet, cable/DVD, washer/dryer and all
kitchen necessities. The luxurious property is beautifully landscaped
and amenities include the use of two pools, a large spa, tiki bar,
exercise room, business center and assigned parking. The surrounding
area is home to fabulous restaurants, Busch Gardens, Tampa's Aquarium
and Lowry Park Zoo and just a 90 minute drive to Orlando.
Subject to availability and valid from 5/1/11 to 12/15/11.
Donors: The Verinder Family
Value: $1,750

 407 Sante Fe, new Mexico - The Cranor Family
 Nestled in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo mountains, Santa Fe truly offers a unique
 experience in New Mexico's "Land of Enchantment". The beautifully appointed condominium is
 located just two blocks from the historic Old Town Plaza, with fabulous restaurants, world class
 art galleries, and unique shopping opportunities, all within walking distance. Slightly further
 afoot are fascinating Native American pueblos, beautiful national parks, and historic monu-
 ments. The condo offers two bedrooms/ two bathrooms, a queen size pullout sofa, a fully equipped
 kitchen, high speed internet, four working kiva fireplaces and a cozy courtyard. The one-week vaca-
 tion will surely provide an unforgettable experience for up to six people.
 Subject to availability from 3/20/11 to 3/20/12.
 Donors: John & Kitty Cranor
 Value: $3,500

                        408 Siesta Key Sea Village Condo - The Trivisonno Family
                        One-week vacation in two bedroom / two bath condo on the gulf near quaint Siesta Key Village. This close
                                to home getaway is a must for anyone who needs a week away from home, but not too far!
                                Available May 1, 2011 - May 31, 2012. Excludes Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter weeks.
                                Donors: Jim & nancy Trivisonno
                                   Value: $1,500

 409 Cabin on lake Michigan - The Trivisonno Family
 Get away from it all for one week in the peace and tranquility surrounding
 this timber-framed cabin overlooking Lake Michigan. The cabin has three
 bedrooms and two baths and is equipped with cable, internet, hot tub, fire
 pit and grill on the beach. You'll love the unspoiled beach and you may
 even catch a glimpse of a loon, moose or bear. This area is close to many
 state and national parks, historic Mackinac Island, Pictured Rocks National
 Seashore and the 500 Locks. This home is not a rental - the owners
 are offering their private vacation home. Be careful - too much fresh air
 causes relaxation and the inability to go back to work. Mutually agreed
 upon dates. Sleeps six. Non-smoking. Dogs welcome.
 Months of July and August excluded. Must use before June 30, 2012.
 Donors: Jim & nancy Trivisonno
 Value: $4,000

410 South Beach, Miami, Florida - The Scanlan Family
Enjoy a romantic weekend getaway for two in this one bedroom, one bath residence with
gorgeous sunset views in the heart of South Beach. In both day and night,
the South Beach section of Miami Beach is a major entertainment destina-
tion with hundreds of nightclubs, restaurants, boutiques and hotels, and of
course, fabulous beaches.
Donors: allison & Peter Scanlan
Value: $1,500

                             411 Beachview Club Suite at the longboat Key Club & Resort
                              Enjoy two-days and one-night in a Beachview Club Suite with golf for two at the Longboat Key
                                  Club & Resort. This home away from home getaway is a perfect gift for a birthday, anniver-
                                  sary or just a weekend away.
                                  Valid May 1 - December 18, 2011. Not available during holiday periods. Subject to avail-
                                  Donors: longboat Key Club & Resort
                                  Value: $600

412         hyatt on Sarasota Bay
Enjoy all the comfortable luxuries
for which the Hyatt Regency Hotel is
famous in an elegant two-story suite.
The package includes a three-night
weekend visit for two with a delicious
complimentary breakfast included.
Hyatt on Sarasota Bay is the perfect
blend of location, pampering ameni-
ties, and welcoming atmosphere.
Swim leisurely through the waterfalls and enjoy the hot tub and the fitness center. This is the perfect in-town getaway for
anyone seeking a romantic weekend in the heart of downtown Sarasota.
Donors: hyatt Regency Sarasota
Value: $2,000

 413 Beach to Bay Palm island home - The Finazzo Family
 Enjoy four-days and three-nights in this four-bedroom, three-bath beach-to-bay home. This secluded island home offers
 incredible views over the bay and of Don Pedro State Park. Great getaway for families or for several couples. Walk less than
 200 yards to a private secluded beach, swimming pool, tennis court, kayaks and boat dock.
 Not available weekends of Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving. Any and all property damage
 is the sole responsibility of the purchaser.
 Donors: Maria & Michael Finazzo
 Value: $2,750

 414 Weekend at Ocean Reef - The
 liashek Family
 Enjoy two-nights at the Inn at Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo and a foursome
 of golf with carts included.
 Expires 12/31/11. Excludes all holiday weekends, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and
 New Year's.
 Donors: Peter & Tiffany liashek
 Value: $1,800

                                            415 nashville, Tennessee - The Davis Family
                                            Get away to the lively entertainment and friendly atmosphere of Nashville, Tennes-
                                            see! Enjoy this stunning contemporary condominium just six miles from down-
                                             town Nashville and three miles from Vanderbilt. The two bedroom/two bathroom
                                             property is beautifully appointed with comfortable leather sofas, flat screen TV
                                              and fully equipped kitchen and is offered for a three night stay, Nashville is one of
                                        the most widely visited cities in the country with its Grand Ole Opry, Country Music Hall
     of Fame, General Jackson River Boat Ride, the Nashville Zoo and the Adventure Science Center. There is something for
 everyone which makes this destination a favorite for kids and grown ups alike!
 Subject to availability from 3/20/11 to 3/20/12.
 Donors: ned & Mickey Davis
 Value: $750

 416 Manasota Beach Club
 Two-night weekend get away for two people, but still close to home! Spend the week-
 end on the beach in a cottage that is equipped with outside grill, beach chairs, beach
 towels and housekeeping services. Kayaks and pool are also available to enjoy this
 close to home weekend away.
 Available from May 1, 2011 - November 1, 2011 based on availability.
 Donors: Manasota Beach Club
 Value: $700

418 Ringling Beach house
Enjoy a four-night stay in this beautiful two bedroom / one bathroom, just
updated condominium unit. Just steps from the beach and three blocks south
of Siesta Key Village. Adorable, fresh and fun! Two pools on the property, fully
furnished, full kitchen all you need to do is pack your bring your bathing suit.
Donors: Ringling Beach house
Value: $1,000

                                                               419 hotel indigo
                                                             Hotel Indigo prides itself on inspired service, intriguing design
                                                            and invigorating atmosphere. Enjoy a famous one-night stay for
                                                            up to four guests without the hassle or the expense of airfares and
                                                           ground transportation. Enjoy a day at the pool, spa, fitness center,
                                                          stroll along Main Street and visit beautiful downtown Sarasota. Valid
                                                          5/1/11 - 12/30/11. Subject to availability not valid on holidays.
                                                         Donors: hotel indigo Sarasota
                                                         Value: $300

420 Midnight Cove on Siesta Key - The Ruschau Family
Stay one-week in a luxurious two bedroom / one and a half bathroom beach
theme condo in Midnight Cove II on world-famous Siesta Key Beach. The
condo features bayside water views, full kitchen, screened lanai, and comfort-
ably sleeps four. The complex has a large heated pool, boat docks, tennis
courts, basketball and more, and is just across the street from private beach
access. Based on availability; not available January 1 - April 1.
Expires April 2012.
Donors: Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Ruschau
Value: $1,000

                                                      ClaSS giFTS

 500         Pre-K Quilt
 A beautifully hand-crafted quilt created by our own Pre-K students. Each student will have their handprint and name displayed
 on the quilt. A keepsake to treasure for a lifetime!
 Donor: Class of 2024
 Value: Priceless

 501       Kindergarten Photo Montage
 One-of-a-kind gallery wrapped canvas featuring a colleague inside of The Out-of-Door Academy Banyan Tree Logo. Special
 Kindergarten creations will serve as the decorative frame on the edge of the canvas.
 Donor: Class of 2023
 Value: Priceless

 502          First grade Jackson Pollock Painting
 First graders create a "Jackson Pollock style" painting masterpiece. Included with this art piece is a film clip and pictures of
 the little artists creating their work of art. This in itself is priceless! Certainly worthy of hanging in a museum -- it would be a
 major art work in anyone’s home.
 Donor: Class of 2022
 Value: Priceless

 503       Second grade View of the World
 A second grader's view of the world. A one of a kind rendition. Inspired by Saul Steinberg's iconic New Yorker Magazine
 Donor: Class of 2021
 Value: Priceless

 504        Third grade Shell Mirror
 Beautiful mirror made of tiles and shells by the 3rd grade.
 Donor: Class of 2020
 Value: Priceless

 505         Fourth grade Planters
 A beautiful 3' rectangular planter with hand painted tiles by children complimented by mosaic. A perfect accessory for your
 garden or terrace!
 Donor: Class of 2019
 Value: Priceless

506       Fifth grade - We are not invertibrae!
Framed Ink on Canvas - a compilation of individually carved Invertibrae prints, created by each of the 5th grade Vertibrae.
Donor: Class of 2018
Value: Priceless

507        Sixth grade Two Mosaic-inlay Coral Benches
Two straight coral benches, each 36" long and inlaid with mosaics on the bench seats. Mosaics were done by the sixth grade
Donor: Class of 2017, Treasure Cove, nokomis
Value: Priceless

508         Seventh grade - Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
A beautifully accented 18' x 36" mosaic mirror with individualized tiles from each 7th grade student.
Donor: Class of 2016
Value: Priceless

509        Eighth grade Mosaic Mirror
A lovely 18" X 36" mosaic mirror embedded with each 8th grade student’s personal 1" item that best represents themselves.
A keepsake for any 8th grade parent.
Donor: Class of 2015
Value: Priceless

510        ninth grade - Come on Baby light My Fire
Lions, giraffes and elephants - oh my!
Even if you are a not in Africa you can still be on safari with this Safari Fire Pit. Decorated with designs of safari animals and
dangling beaded accents created by the 9th grade! Beautiful copper African tree beads adorn this magnificent fire pit.
Donor: Class of 2014
Value: Priceless

511      Tenth grade Personalized Class Photo
16" x 20" personalized photo of the Sophomore Class. A keepsake that every 10th grade parent would want to have!
Donor: Class of 2013, Marc & Renee Preininger, David & Maureen Mason
Value: Priceless

 512        Eleventh grade Ceramic accessory Set
 Whether you choose to cook, order in, or just enjoy looking at these beautiful ceramic pieces you will want them in your
 home. The fabulous five pieces are a collaboration of the work of our 11th grade class. They are beautiful as well as func-
 tional. The array of colors enhance their beauty and since you won't be able to decide between the serving bowl and ladel,
 the bread plate or candy dish and then the snack pieces we are keeping them together as a set. This art project is one that
 you will use and enjoy!
 Donor: Class of 2012
 Value: Priceless

 513        Twelfth grade Memory College Trunk
 Beautiful blue college trunk equipped with all the accessories for a dorm! Flat screen TV, microwave oven, coffee pot, and
 many, many other items needed for everyday college dorm life.
 Donor: Class of 2011
 Value: Priceless

                                         FaCUlTy aDVEnTURES
 600         Saturday night lights with Mr. Beaulieu,            605        Kayak adventure with Coach Stone
 Coach hayes and Mrs. Collins                                    A fun day exploring the scenic beauty of South Lido
 Group of up to 22 students and/or parents can host their        Beach. Three students and Coach Stone will kayak through
 own flag football game under the lights in Thunder Stadium.     the Magrove Trails followed by lunch on the beach.
 The options will be unlimited for this great adventure under    Not available July 1-22, 2011. Lunch expenses covered up
 the lights with your friends and/or family members.             to $50.00.
 Not available during football season - must take place on a     Donor: Shelley Stone and Friends of Out-of-Door
 weekend.                                                        Value: Priceless
 Donor: noel Beaulieu, Chris hayes and Carrie Collins
 Value: Priceless
                                                                 606 Personal Training Package with Mr. Rod
 601        athletic Director for a Day with Mr. noel            One lucky student will enjoy four personal one-on-one train-
 Beaulieu                                                        ing sessions with Rod Miller. Stay fit, get all your questions
 Take the place of ODA's Athletic Director for the day. Learn-   answered first hand from a professional!
 ing details of sports administration and attend games as the    Training to be held at the Uihlein Campus in the Gelbman
 Athletic Director.                                              Family Wellness Center.
 Donor: noel Beaulieu                                            Donor: Rod Miller
 Value: Priceless                                                Value: Priceless

 602       Football 101 with Coach Timmons                       607 Performance Training Methods Camp with
 Package for up to 24 to learn the game of football from The     Mr. Rod Miller
 Out-of-Door Football Coach.                                     Adventure Performance Training Methods for up to 15
 Donor: Brett Timmons                                            students that improves overall athleticism with Olympic-style
 Value: Priceless                                                lifting, strength training, agility drills, sprint mechanics and
                                                                 other training methods. This intense three-hour session will
                                                                 be a training session for all to talk about!
 603       Bat Boy / girl with Coach Verrill                     Training to be held at the Uihlein Campus in the Gelbman
 Be the Bat Boy or Bat Girl for a Varsity Baseball Game.         Family Wellness Center.
 Donor: Mike Verrill                                             Donor: Rod Miller
 Value: Priceless                                                Value: Priceless

 604        Varsity Baseball First Pitch with Coach              608         Workout Party with Mr. Rod Miller
 Verrill                                                         Up to fifteen students will enjoy a mini-sports camp 3-4
 Throw out the first pitch for a Varsity Baseball game.          hours. Make it a birthday party, make it a wellness party,
 Donor: Mike Verrill                                             but your child will be the envy of all their friends when this is
 Value: Priceless                                                offered up!
                                                                 Training to be held at the Uihlein Campus in the Gelbman
                                                                 Family Wellness Center.
                                                                 Donor: Rod Miller
                                                                 Value: Priceless

609        Thunderdome Private Party with Coach                      613 University of South Florida Football game
hayes                                                                with Coach Timmons
Coach Hayes will host a private party for up to 12 children in the   Three lucky students will accompany Coach Timmons to
Petrik Thunderdome for up to four hours. Includes open gym           watch the South Florida Bulls in the 2011 season. A football
shooting, basketball clinic, shooting contests, all-star practice    adventure for any enthusiast! Four suite access tickets to any
and a final all-star game with refs and PA accouncements. Par-       USF football game. Dates TBD based on USF 2011 schedule.
ents are welcome to attend this party and of course - CHEER!         Must choose game of choice within 10 days of Fall schedule
Must be used on weekend in the off-season. Mutually agreed           release.
upon date. Lunch/refreshments covered up to $100.00.                 Donor: Brett Timmons and zeno Office Solutions
Donor: Chris hayes and Friends of Out-of-Door                        Value: Priceless
Value: Priceless

                                                                     614 Performance lacrosse Training with Coach
610       Founders Club Round of golf with Coach                     Carver
Stone                                                                Two 1-1/2 hour personal performance Lacrosse training
Coach Stone will play a round a golf with three lucky students       sessions for your child and two of his friends at the Uihlein
at the beautiful Founders Club. This adventure is one you            Campus. Package includes all protective equipment for the
can't pass up, includes green fees and carts.                        session. Participation is limited to boys ages 8 - 17. Regis-
Round of golf for four. Good from May 1, 2011 - December             tration is required at .
31, 2011                                                             Mutually agreeable date and time.
Donor: Shelley Stone and Founders Club                               Donor: Jamie Carver
                                                                     Value: Priceless

611       Siesta Key Volleyball and lunch at Sun gar-
den Cafe with Ms. Brittany Fuhr                                      615        Paintball Party with Mr. Brewer, Coach hayes,
Group of 6-12 students will meet at the Siesta Key Beach for         Mr. newhams, Mr. Rubens, Mr. Ball and Mr. Sommers
two hours of volleyball. This adventure includes instruction         A team of 10 students will TRY to outwit the Upper School
as well as a final game with Out-of-Door Volleyball Coach            teachers in a game of paintball. A once in a lifetime adven-
Brittany Fuhr. Afterwards, enjoy lunch at the Sun Garden             ture for any student.
Cafe.                                                                Donor: Tim Brewer, Friends of Out-of-Door, Jamie
Breakfast or lunch for up to 12 people.                              Rubens, Ken Sommers, Sean Ball, Mike newhams,
Donor: Brittany Fuhr and Sun garden Cafe                             Chris hayes, and B & D army navy
Value: Priceless                                                     Value: Priceless

612 Clambake, BBQ, Fishing, Kayaking and Sunset 616                             Build-a-Bear and lunch with nurse Storm
on Big Pass with Mr. Sommers                                         Two students will have the opportunity to meet Nurse Storm
Come join Mr. Sommers on scenic Big Pass for food, fishing           at Sarasota Square Mall. The group will go to Build-A-Bear
and fun! Kayak along the shore, eat clams and burgers and            and create their own stuffed animal and pick out an adorable
reel in fish and relax as you enjoy a tropical sunset. Four          outfit. Afterwards, they will enjoy lunch at Cosimos.
lucky students won't want to pass on this once in a lifetime         Donor: Robin Storm
treat!                                                               Value: Priceless
Donor: Ken Sommers
Value: Priceless

 617      Soccer Party at Siesta Key for 4/5/6 graders            621         Encore Concert with Dr. Vasilaki & Dr. yuri
 with Mr. Melber                                                  Vasilaki
 Enjoy a soccer party for up to twenty-five 4th, 5th or 6th       Elegant concert by our talented Encore Suzuki and Orches-
 graders on Siesta Key with Mr. Melber, followed with a pizza     tra students assisted by professional musicians, including
 dinner. Great for a birthday party or just a fun day with one    ODA alumni in your home. A truly priceless adventure for
 of your favorite teachers.                                       your student and family. Date will be mutually agreed upon by
 Any evening after a school day. Adventure includes pizza/        all parties. Will require a tuned piano and comfortable indoor
 refreshment expenses up to $50.00.                               setting with chairs.
 Donor: Ken Melber and Friend of Out-of-Door                      Donor: Dr. linda Vasilaki & Dr. yuri Vasilaki
 Value: Priceless                                                 Value: Priceless

 618        Movie and Popcorn night with Mrs. Chap-               622        Mote Party with Mrs. Elliott and Mrs. Murphy
 man, Ms. Duffey, Mr. McDonald, and Mrs. Rose                     Come face-to-face with what Florida has to offer at the fa-
 Eight to ten students will enjoy a movie, popcorn, dinner and    mous Mote Aquarium. This adventure will bring 18 students
 dessert at the Siesta Key Campus after school hours.             together for a day of fun with their friends. Your child won't
 Mutually agreeable date. Adventure includes pizza/refresh-       want to miss this opportunity to get up close and personal
 ment expenses up to $50.00.                                      with the sharks, dolphins and sea creatures. Admission to
 Donor: Brooke Chapman, grace Duffey, Sean McDon-                 Mote for 18 children and two faculty members.
 ald, Kelly Rose and Friends of Out-of-Door                       Expires October 14, 2011.
 Value: Priceless                                                 Donor: laura Murphy, Sandy Elliott, and Mote Ma-
                                                                  rine laboratory and aquarium
                                                                  Value: Priceless
 619        Teen Scene with Ms. Davis, Mrs. gulacsy,
 Mrs. lenz, Mr. Melber and Ms. Waterman
 A two-hour gathering for 30-40 students at the Euclid YMCA       623        Tie Dye and Tacos with Sras. giorgianni-
 in the teen center. Students will enjoy the night with their     Mejicanos & Toledo-gates
 favorite 5th/6th grade team. Two-hour party at the Welch         You and five friends will join Sras. Toledo-Gates and Gior-
 Teen Center. Food to be provided by purchaser.                   gianni Mejicanos for an unforgettable tie-dye experience,
 Donor: Cheryl lenz, Debbie Waterman, Martha gu-                  complete with a taco dinner at your home. Available from Fall
 lacsy, Pamela Davis, Ken Melber, and Sarasota yMCa               2011. Dinner expenses covered up to $50.00.
 Value: Priceless                                                 Donor: ivonne Toledo-gates, angela giorgianni-
                                                                  Mejicanos, and Friends of Out-of-Door
                                                                  Value: Priceless
 620          Suncoast Volleyball Club Clinic with Coach horr
 Start building or keep improving on your digging, setting,
 passing, and spiking skills. One student will receive one free   624 Stardust Skating Party with Mrs. Elliott and
 tuition to a Suncoast Volleyball Clinic held in June or Au-      Mrs. linse
 gust. Program for girls ages 8 - 18.                             Enjoy your own Stardust roller skating party with up to 11 of
 Valid for summer session in June or August 2011.                 your closest friends. Skate the night away with your friends
 Donor: Jeff horr                                                 and two of Out-of-Door's finest! 11 free admissions to a
 Value: Priceless                                                 Saturday or Sunday skate session.
                                                                  Donor: Sandy Elliott, Virgene linse, and Stardust
                                                                  Skate Center
                                                                  Value: Priceless

625         lakewood Ranch Main Street adventure                  627 Bowling Party with Mr. Patrick Miller
with Mrs. Pitts                                                   Make it a bowling night out where six students can enjoy
Four lucky students will enjoy a day out on Lakewood Ranch        two-hours of bowling, including bowling shoes, pizza and
Main Street. See a movie, each lunch at Ed's Tavern and           soft drinks.
enjoy a round of putt-putt mini golf. This adventure also in-     Expires November 2011.
cludes two Lakewood Ranch Cinemas Membership Cards for            Donor: Patrick Miller and aMF gulfgate lanes
1 year. Membership has its privileges, $5.00 movie tickets        Value: Priceless
(for 1 year), two free movie passes and two free popcorns.
2 Membership cards - $5 movie tickets for 1 year; 2 Free
passes 2 popcorn vouchers; 5 free game of miniature golf          628 Flag Football Party with Coach young
$20 Gift card.                                                    A fun kids' party for 15-25 kids consisting of sports activi-
Donor: Renee Pitts, lakewood Ranch Theaters Film                  ties! The activity games could be kickball, capture the flag,
Society, The Fish hole adventure golf, Ed's Tavern, and           bombardment, soccer, football, and more. The time frame
Friend of Out-of-Door                                             is for one and a half hours, and is suitable for second grade
Value: Priceless                                                  and up.
                                                                  Donor: Michael young
                                                                  Value: Priceless
626         Tennis anyone with Mrs. gruters
Eight lucky students will enjoy one-hour of tennis with Ashley
Gruters, a former division one tennis player for the University   629 Movie adventure with Ms. hancock and Mrs.
of Connecticut and a Serendipity Pro. Students will then          Raggo
enjoy lunch and swimming by the pool.                             A wonderful adventure for up to eight students to enjoy a
One hour use of swimming pool; 8 kids meals                       stroll down Lakewood Ranch Main Street with their kinder-
Donor: ashley gruters and Serendipity - The Petrik                garten teachers followed by dinner and a movie. Take this
Family                                                            adventure as a get-away for your child or even a birthday
Value: Priceless                                                  party gathering.
                                                                  Expenses for meal up to $50.00.
                                                                  Donor: Jane hancock, Mrs. Kelly Raggo, and Friend
                                                                  of Out-of-Door
                                                                  Value: Priceless

                                     WinE CEllaR SElECTiOnS
            la Crema 2009 Pinot noir, Monterey            Joseph Drouhin Clos des Mouches 2005
               Donor: Friends of Out-of-Door                  Donor: Friends of Out-of-Door
                         Value: $30                                     Value: $55

       Veramonte Primus Bordeaux Red Blends, Chile         Santa Margherita Pinot grigio 2006
             Donor: Friends of Out-of-Door                   Donor: Friends of Out-of-Door
                       Value: $30                                      Value: $30

      Kaesler Stonehorse 2005 Shiraz, Barossa Valley         Rubus Russian River Valley 2009
               Donor: Friends of Out-of-Door                  Donor: Friends of Out-of-Door
                         Value: $20                                     Value: $20

      Mount Veeder Winery 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon,        Clos Pegase 1994 artist Series Reserve
                       napa Valley                                 Cabernet Sauvignon
              Donor: Friends of Out-of-Door                    Donor: Friends of Out-of-Door
                        Value: $80                                       Value: $55

       Robert Mondavi 2008 Fume Blanc, napa Valley              Talbott 2005 Chardonnay
              Donor: Friends of Out-of-Door                   Donor: Friends of Out-of-Door
                        Value: $20                                      Value: $55

          Darioush 2008 Chardonnay, napa Valley             Cameron hughes 2008 Chardonnay
               Donor: Friends of Out-of-Door                  Donor: Friends of Out-of-Door
                         Value: $40                                     Value: $25

      la Croix Margautot 2006 grand Vin de Bordeaux            atalon Savignon Blanc 2007
             Donor: Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Mullen                 Donor: Mr. & Mrs. David White
                        Value: $20                                     Value: $30

          Rioja Castillio D Clavijo 2001 Red, Spain                VJB 2006 Barbera
             Donor: Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Mullen                Donor: Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Ruschau
                          Value: $25                                   Value: $50

     Titus Reserve, 2007 napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon         Morgan 2008 Pinot noir
                Donor: Friends of Out-of-Door                 Donor: Friends of Out-of-Door
                          Value: $50                                    Value: $25

        Frank Family Vineyards 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon      Sbragia 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon
                Donor: Friends of Out-of-Door              Donor: Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Robbins
                          Value: $40                                   Value: $40

      McManis 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon                  Wings 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon
        Donor: Mr. & Mrs. Robert Dart           Donor: Mr. harry Owen & Mrs. Jayne Dowd-Owen
                 Value: $50                                 Donor: Mr. Paul Mattison
                                                                  Value: $50
      Cameron hughes 2007 Pinot noir
      Donor: Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey luhrsen              Cakebread Cellars 2009 Chardonnay
                 Value: $35                            Donor: Mr. & Mrs. John Cranor iii
                                                                  Value: $40
 Darioush napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2005
      Donor: Mr. & Mrs. adam armbruster                  Chalk hill 2008 Chardonnay
                  Value: $70                           Donor: Mr. & Mrs. John Cranor iii
                                                                  Value: $39
         Ruffno 2006 Chianti Classico
     Doctors Express and Senior helpers -         Chateau Montelena 2007 Cabnet Sauvignon
               The Ross Family                         Donor: Mr. & Mrs. John Cranor iii
                 Value: $30                                       Value: $38

        Barone Fini Pinot grigio 2009               heitz Cellar 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon
             Donor: Kim githler                       Donor: Mr. & Mrs. John Cranor iii
                 Value: $15                                       Value: $40

      greenock Creek 2003 alices Shiraz              Chateau Beychevelle 2006 grand Vin
      Donor: Mr. & Mrs. Richard Munroe                 Donor: Mr. & Mrs. John Cranor iii
                 Value: $80                                       Value: $53

    William hill 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon                  Chateau lagrange 2006
  M.D. Travel Plans, Kenneth D. henson, M.D.           Donor: Mr. & Mrs. John Cranor iii
                  Value: $20                                      Value: $42

  Rattlesnake hill 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon                   Barbaresco 1999
         Donor: Mr. & Mrs. Mark Chait                   Donor: Mr. & Mrs. Eric Massey
                 Value: $125                                    Value: $150

      artemis 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon                      Chianti Classico 1993
        Donor: Mr. & Mrs. John Wilson                   Donor: Mr. & Mrs. Eric Massey
                 Value: $30                                      Value: $70

       Wings 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon                    Porto niepoort Colheita 1983
Donor: Mr. harry Owen & Mrs. Jayne Dowd-Owen            Donor: Friends of Out-of-Door
            Donor: Mr. Paul Mattison                             Value: $150
                  Value: $50
                                                    Boisrenard 1995 Chateauneuf Du Pape
                                                         gelbman Family Foundation
                                                                 Value: $80


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