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Three Rivers News
                                       Santa & His Workshop
                                                                                                              December 2010
                          Friday, December 3 at the TRIP Center
                                                                                                              Volume 4 Issue 5
                  With TREE LIGHTING at the Scott Marceau Park
                                                                                                              This newsletter is pro-
                          An Evening of Holiday Fun & Cheer                                                   duced by SAU 18. There-
                                                                                                              fore, the following re-
4—6 PM —        Share your Christmas wishes with Santa. Enjoy a photo with Santa for a donation               quirements are neces-
of $2 or two canned goods per photo for the Mix 94.1 Cash ‘N Cans drive. Mix 94.1’s Fred                      sary:     (1)   No political
                                                                                                              advertisements; (2) No
Caruso will be broadcasting live. At Santa’s Workshop, enjoy refreshments, make-and-take holi-
                                                                                                              articles fostering drug,
day crafts for children, holiday music, face painting and more. Kids, make your own customized                alcohol or tobacco usage;
Christmas cards, courtesy of Proforma Piper Printing. Parents: drop by the Franklin Parks &                   (3) No derogative state-
Recreation booth to request a Letter from Santa. Decorate a placemat to be delivered to eld-                  ments in regard to cul-
                                                                                                              ture, gender, age or sex-
erly residents with the Meals on Wheels Program. While you’re there, visit the Franklin Fire
                                                                                                              ual orientation. All deci-
Department Honor Guard cart to purchase a hot dog and support their efforts.                                  sions by the editor are
                                                                                                              final.    Any submissions
6:15 PM —     Watch as hundreds of lights are lit at the Tree Lighting Ceremony in Scott Mar-                 for future issues must be
ceau Park, downtown Franklin, sponsored by the Franklin Christmas Lighting Committee.                         received by the 20th of
                                                                                                              the month preceding pub-
For everyone’s safety, CHILDREN MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT.                                              lication.     Please      e-
                                                                                                              m a i l               t o
                                                                                                              mail to Marcia Rollins at
                                                                      dents a helping hand, then
          Superintendent’s Notes                                      school is about the learner
                                                                                                              119 Central Street, Frank-
                                                                                                              lin, NH 03235
                                                                      and learning and not about              The Franklin/Hill School
There has always been conflict      Why don’t we close the
                                                                      grades.” Source: “Why Any Grade         Boards are committed to a
between standards and motiva-       school and let them run           At All, Father” by Tina Juarez.         policy of nondiscrimination
tion. Think back to the 1945        wild?”                                                                    in relation to race, religion,
movie, The Bells of St. Mary’s.                                       Schools are regulated by a
                                    After a moment’s reflection,      Federal Mandate called No               sex, age, national origin,
There is conflict over Father       Father O’Malley replies,                                                  sexual orientation and
                                                                      Child Left Behind yet we give
O’Malley’s attempt to get Princi-   “Maybe. Be better than                                                    handicap.
                                                                      most students the same as-
pal, Sister Mary Benedict, to       breaking their hearts.”
change a student’s grade so                                           signments, the same amount
                                    Is there an approach to stu-      of time to complete them,
she can graduate with her           dent evaluation that would        award grades from a uniform
class.                              satisfy both the Father O’Mal-    scale, and rank schools from
“Do you believe in just passing     leys and the Sister Mary Bene-                                             Inside this issue:
                                                                      ‘group’ scores. Where does
everybody, Father?” demands         dicts among us?                   the singular “Child” (No Child
Sister Mary Benedict.               We measure and test in order      Left Behind) fit into all this           School News          2-3
Maybe I do,” says Father O’Mal-     to know how to help.              grouping? Is it not time that
ley. “Aren’t we here to give        “Medical doctors never halt       we fit school to the child and           City/Town News       4-5
children a helping hand – or        their attempts to help pa-        not the child to the school?
are we here to measure their        tients improve, and charts are    On a more festive note: Look-
                                                                                                               TRIP Center          6
brains with a yardstick?” He        used to determine what pro-       ing for the perfect stocking             The Middle Insert
wants to know why 75 is the         gress patients have made          stuffer?
passing score.                      and what remains to be done                                                Wellness Corner      10
                                                                      ! Catching Fire by Suzanne
“Would you put the standard at      to ensure recovery. Doctors            Collins (age 12 and up)
65, Father?” asks Sister Mary       do not ‘grade’ patients and            2nd book in a trilogy fea-
                                                                                                               Community News 7-11
Benedict.                           abandon those who are fail-            turing a young woman
                                    ing to make progress relative                                              Sports               12
“Why not?” he replies.                                                     enmeshed in a corrupt
“Then why not 55?” she asks.        to other patients.” If the pur-
“Why any grades at all, Father?     pose of schools is to give stu-                   (Continued on page 2)
  Page 2                                                                                                      Three Rivers News

                                                 Five Days of Charity to Take Place at FHS in December
    Parent Help Night:
                                              The Franklin High School Student Council will be collecting items for area families in
     5th Grade Math                           need during the week of December 6 through 10. Daily themes will determine the
                                              items to be brought in by students. Participating students will bring items to Student
       Tuesday, December 7                    Council advisor Mike Cowles. Students will be given a ticket in exchange for their dona-
                                              tion which will enter them into a daily raffle. All items collected will be given to local
              FMS Library                     charities.
                                              The theme for each day is as follows:
                  6-7 PM
                                                                    Monday, December 6 — Clothing Drive
! Enjoy finger foods and meet Mr.
    Towle, your student’s fifth                                  Tuesday, December 7 — Non-Perishable Items
        grade math teacher                                         Wednesday, December 8 — Toys for Tots
! Become familiar with math com-                               Thursday, December 9 — Dental Health/Hygiene
  putations that students are ex-                                    Friday, December 10 — Coat collection
          pected to know
                                               If you would like to donate to this collection but do not know an FHS student, please
! Ask questions about any skills or                                      contact Mr. Cowles at 934-5441
    concepts that your child is
             studying                                                  FMS Ski Program Registration
  ! Take home extra materials to              Registration for the Pat’s Peak ski program for students in grades 5-8 has begun — dead-
                                              line to register is December 23. The program will begin on February 27 and run for the
    help you and your student be               4 following Thursdays, NOT including February vacation. There is also a bonus day to
     successful in math study at                be used anytime during the ski season. Please call Ms. Robinson at the FMS office for
                home.                                         more information, or register online at

Join us & take the guess work out of
          5th grade math!!!
                                              Notes from the Franklin Middle School Nurse
                                              Cold Weather and Flu Shots
                                              With the colder weather approaching, please be sure your child is dressed appro-
(Continued from page 1)                       priately when leaving the house in the morning for school. A warm jacket, hat and
                                              gloves should be worn and boots when the snow begins to arrive. It is also recom-
     and crumbling society sending her        mended that everyone be vaccinated for the flu. Flu vaccinations are available at
     on a victory tour after she wins an      your Health Care Provider’s office and at area pharmacies. We will not be holding
     athletic competition;                    flu clinics here at school this year.
!    Crazy Hair by Nei Gaiman (age 6 –        Absences
     10) Picture book is not for preschool-   Please remember to call the front office if your child will be absent or late to school
     ers as it is a little spooky, a little   due to illness or for an appointment. A Doctor’s note is required in order for the
     creepy, and very funny;                  absence to be excused. Please refer to the School District’s Attendance Policy for
!    The Frogs and Toads All Sang by          further information regarding attendance.
     Arnold Lobel and Adrianne Lobel          Physicals and Immunizations
     (ages 3 – 6);                            Just a reminder, any child playing sports during the school year needs to have a
!    Hook by Ed Young (ages 4 – 8);           yearly physical on file in order to play. If your child receives any booster vaccina-
!    Minifred Goes to School by Mordicai      tions throughout the year please send a copy in to the nurse’s office.
     Gerstein (ages 6 – 10);                  Some Interesting Facts About Head Lice
! Amelia Bedelia’s First Day of School        ! They cannot hop, fly or jump, and they do not live on hats, coats or pets. The
  by Herman Parish (ages 5 – 8);                   ONLY way they can be passed is by head-to-head contact. They crawl from
! The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate by               one head to another.
  Jacqueline Kelly (ages 10 -14) As the       ! They are not a sign of being dirty. In fact, they LOVE clean hair.
  only girl in 1899, Calpurnia tells of       ! They are not easily passed in schools because head-to-head contact is not
  her relationship with her grandfa-               usual in school. Siblings can pass them by hugging and cuddling. Sleepovers
  ther and her mother;                             are a common way they are passed between friends and step-siblings.
! The Magician’s Elephant by Kate             ! The only way to guarantee that your child is free from head lice is for parents
  DiCamillo (ages 8 – 12) About an                 to check their own children. If you need some support with head lice, your
  orphan, an elephant, a countess, a               school nurses are here to help. Your questions will be handled respectfully,
  beggar, a dog, and a stonecutter.                confidentially and with understanding. We know what a nuisance head lice
                                                   can be.
                  Volume 4 Issue 5                                                                                  Page 3

Paul Smith School                               Jennie Blake School
On November 2, a Global Safari assembly was
held at Paul Smith. Students got to see and     Congratulations to the following Stu-     December 1 — JDBS PBIS Mtg 3 PM
learn about various animals. Some of the        dents of the Month for October:           December 1 — JDBS PTO Mtg 6 PM
many species displayed were: Albino Python,     Kindergarten:                             December 1 — SAU 18 School Bd
Tarantula, Madagascar cockroach, Porcupine,     Veronica Colburn & Zachary Stevens             Mtg—7 PM in Hill
Legless Lizard, hedgehog, and a beagle dog      First Grade: Kaylee Brown                 December 2 — PSS Picture Retakes
(hedgehog catcher!).
                                                Second Grade: Owen Henry                  December 6-10 — FHS Student
A PBIS assembly was held on November 5 to
kick off a new school incentive. Keeping our    Third Grade:                                   Council’s Five Days of Char-
hands and feet to ourselves. Students por-      Serene Cole & Kiana Ste vens                   ity
traying appropriate behavior earn tickets to-   Fourth Grade: Makayla Coffin              December 7 — BRS PTO Mtg 6 PM
wards individual classroom fun incentives.      Fifth Grade: Courtney Campbell            December 7 — FMS Parent Help
On November 10 students attended a very                                                        Night—5th Grade Math—6-7
                                                Sixth Grade: Abriale Pratt
moving Veterans’ Day assembly. Students                                                        PM
and staff that have family members that are                                               December 7 — FMS Family Fore-
currently serving or have served our country                                                   casting Night—Gr. 6 6-7 PM
were honored at the assembly.                                                             December 8 — PSS PTO Mtg 6 PM
Upcoming important dates:
                                                                                          December 8 — Hill School Bd Mtg—
     School Picture Retakes—December 2                                                         6:30 PM
  Cash for Cans coming to PSS—December 9
                                                                                          December 9 — Cash for Cans at
Don’t have time to wrap those gifts,                                                      December 9 — PSS Grade 2 Con-
         let FHS WIA students do it for you….                                                  cert at FMS — 6:30 PM
  Let the WIA/School to Work program at FHS take your holiday stress away. For a          December 10 — FHS Movie Night—
                                                                                               ”Polar Express” at 7 PM in
 donation of your choice, students will wrap your gifts for you. Drop off your gifts at
                                                                                               the FHS café
  FHS, Room 304 anytime after November 29 and students will wrap them. All money
                                                                                          December 13 — Franklin School Bd
 raised will be donated to the Mix 94.1 Cash-N-Cans Money & Food Drive for the Holi-           Communications Committee
             days. For more information, call Billie Jo Kleckner at 934-8218.                  Mtg 7 PM
                                                                                          December 15 — Franklin School Bd
Bessie Rowell School                                                                           Policy Committee Mtg 6:15
Thank you to everyone who helped us with the Rowell Food Drive in November.               December 16 — Family Support &
We collected a lot of food that has been distributed to needy families in the local            Fun Night PSS 5:30-7:30 PM
area. We feel it is important for the children to learn the responsibility of helping          Topic: Managing Sibling
those in need.
A big round of applause to our kitchen staff, Joanne, Judy, and Diane, for a fabu-        December 20-23 — JDBS Spirit
lous Thanksgiving dinner on November 18. As always, the food was cooked to per-                Week
fection and was enjoyed by everyone in the building.                                      December 20— Franklin School Bd
Wee Deliver, the mail service run by the PTO, is up and running. The children are              Mtg—7 PM—PSS
encouraged to write letters to other children or staff in our building or at Paul         December 21 — JDBS Family Holi-
Smith. Each Friday, children from third or fourth grade collect, sort, and deliver the         day Celebration & Silent
mail under the guidance of one of our PTO members.                                             Auction
There are some events coming up in December:                                              December 22 — FMS SINI Mtg 4:30
         December 7                PTO at 6 pm in the computer lab                             PM
                                                                                          December 22 — JDBS PTO Meeting
         December 17               Midterm warnings go home
                                                                                               6 PM
         December 20               Franklin School Board, 7 pm at Paul Smith              December 24, 27 and 31 — SAU 18
         December 23               Christmas parties at 2 pm                                   & School Offices Closed
         December 24-31            Winter break                                           December 24—31 — NO SCHOOL
                                                                                               Christmas Break
The December school in need of improvement meeting has been cancelled. We
will meet again on Monday, January 10.
Page 4                                                                                                       Three Rivers News

 What’s Happening in                                           Family Support and Fun Night
City/Town Government
                                              December 16, PSS Multipurpose Room — 5:30—7:30 PM
December 1—Franklin Zoning Bd                         Theme Discussion: Managing Sibling Rivalry
  7 PM
December 1 — SAU 18 School Bd                    5:30—6:15 — Family Potluck (bring your favorite dish to share)
  Meeting —7 PM - Hill                           6:15—7:15 — Student craft activity/Parent discussion on theme
December 6 -City Council Mtg—7                           7:15—7:30 — Students share crafts with parents
                                                                        This is a FREE Event!!
December 7,14,21,28—Hill Select-
  men’s Meeting—6:30 PM                                            For more information, contact
December 8 —Franklin Planning                          Robert Groleau at 934-4144 or Jeff Hill at 393-7147
  Board Workshop 7 PM
                                                               Together We Can Make a Difference
December 8 — Hill School Board
  Mtg—6:30 PM—JDBS
December 13—Franklin Heritage
  Comm—6 PM (Library)                 Franklin Public Library
December 14—Franklin Conserva-
  tion Comm—7 PM                     Happy Holidays to all the children and families of Franklin. As we all know, Winter is begin-
                                     ning, with the cold weather and snow, but also there are lots of fun family activities! Go
December 15—Hill Water Commis-
                                     choose your Christmas tree, do some shopping, but be sure to stop into the Franklin Public
  sioners Mtg—7 PM                   Library on your way to pick up some books, movies, magazines, music or to use a computer.
December 15—Franklin Planning        Here are some other fun things to do at the Library this month.
  Board—7 PM
                                     For children, there is Storytime at the Library - Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:30 AM. Come
December 16—Hill Planning Bd
                                     and listen to some wonderful stories from our large collection of holiday picture books, then
  Mtg—7 PM                           make a fun craft project. Our December crafts are very beautiful and festive. All ages are
December 20—Franklin School          welcome to attend and there is no registration needed. The Franklin Public Library wel-
  Board—7 PM—PSS                     comes those from other towns and visitors from other places!
December 23 — City Offices close     Some other special events for children are – A Special Storytime on December 21st, Tuesday
  at Noon                            at 9:30 AM. Our regular Storytime is made extra special for the Holidays with Children’s Li-
December 24 — SAU & City Offices     brarian Miss Rachel reading the classic “A Visit From St. Nicholas” and some other Christmas
  Closed — Christmas                 books as well. Join us at the Library for stories, a craft and some refreshments. Also, a Chil-
December 27 — SAU Offices            dren’s Craft time on December 29th, Wednesday at 12 noon. Come to the Library during
  closed                             your school vacation to make a few fun craft projects. All ages are welcome, and all materi-
                                     als will be provided.
December 29 — Hill Water Com-
  missioners Mtg 7 PM                For families, there is an event at 7:00 PM on Wednesday, December 15th – the Pontine
December 30 — Hill Library Trus-     Theatre will perform their holiday program, “A Poets’ Christmas”. Since 1977, the Pontine
  tee Mtg—3 PM                       Theatre has been performing their special blend of theater, movement and magic to audi-
                                     ences here and away. “The Poets’ Christmas” consists of three famous works, “A Child’s
                                     Christmas in Wales”, “The Christmas That Almost Wasn’t” and “A Visit From St. Nicholas” per-
THANK YOU FHS Honor Society          formed over 45 minutes with time after the show to meet the performers. The show is free
members for your volunteer ser-      and no tickets are needed.
vice at the TRIP Center fundraiser
                                     For grownups, we have a Book Discussion group at the Library on Wednesday, December
on November 19.                      8th, at 1:00 pm. The book we are reading is The Zookeeper’s Wife by Diane Ackerman. Cop-
I was impressed with your enthusi-   ies of the book are available at the Library and all adults are welcome to attend. Every Tues-
asm and willingness to work at       day between 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM, representatives from the NH Employment Security are
everything from cleaning tables      at the library. They are here to help find work and benefits for those in need of a new or
and serving food to selling raffle   better job during these tough economic times. Every Saturday between 1 PM and 4 PM,
tickets. I am proud that you are     there is an open Crafts group that meets in the meeting room. Anyone is welcome to attend
                                     and bring their own craft project to work on. Call the Library at 934-2911 for more informa-
members of our community.
                                     tion on these programs. The Franklin Public Library, is located at 310 Central Street in down-
—Franklin City Councilor Annette     town Franklin.
                                     A Very Happy Holidays to You and Yours,       Rachel Stolworthy, Children's Librarian
   Volume 4 Issue 5                                                                                                    Page 5

 Franklin Parks & Recreation                           Krystal Alpers, Director
                                                                                       PUBLIC NOTICE
The WINTER 2010 Parks & Recreation Program Brochure is now                        2010 Holiday & Scheduled
available. You may stop by the center on Memorial Street or ac-
            cess the brochure at                                Closings for the Town of
     WINTER SPORTS COACHES & REFEREES NEEDED                                       The Hill Town Offices will be closed
                                                                                               as follows:
   Parks & Rec is in need of volunteer coaches and referees for the
     winter sports programs (basketball). If you are interested in                Friday, December 24 — Christmas Eve
                                                                                            — Closing at 1 PM
            coaching or refereeing, please call 934-2118.
                                                                                    Friday, December 31 — New Years
                                                                                          Eve — Closing at 1 PM

                                                                                  Other closings throughout the year may also
Details regarding the following are included in the Winter Program Bro-             be posted on the Town of Hill website at
chure — please contact Parks & Recreation if interested:                 , public notices at the
                          TODDLER PROGRAMS                                        Town Office Building and the Hill Post Office
Toddler Time (Mondays)                            Tumbling Tykes (Tuesdays)       as well and recorded on the phone message
                                                                                                  at 934-3951
Iddy Biddy Ballet (Tuesdays)               Pre-School Basketball (Saturdays)
                            YOUTH PROGRAMS
K-2nd Grade Basketball (Saturdays)
3rd Grade—HS Basketball (week nights & weekends)
Dance Inspirations Studio Dance Classes for ages 3-9 enrollment is ongoing
(Mondays)                                                                              Franklin BPW Honors
                            ADULT PROGRAMS                                               2010 Woman of
Adult Pick Up Basketball (Sundays)                  Indoor Walking (M-W-F—
10:30 AM)
                           PROGRAMS FOR ALL                                        The Franklin Business and Professional
Archery Lessons (Thursdays)                                                       Women honored Pamela Hannan of In-
                                                                                   dependence Trust Company with the
                         LETTERS FROM SANTA                                       2010 Woman of Achievement Award at
                                                                                      a dinner meeting held recently.
The Franklin Parks & Recreation Department will be offering the Letters from
  Santa Program again this year. Registration boxes will be placed in local         Hannan was honored by colleagues,
 businesses beginning in mid-November and also at the “Santa & His Work-          friends and family members, with many
                                                                                    sharing stories which highlighted the
shop” Program on Friday, December 3. For more information call 934-2118
                                                                                   various ways that Pam has helped and
                                                                                   supported women of all ages. She has
                                                                                  contributed numerous volunteer hours
   Rec Center Christmas Vacation Activities                                       to the community of Franklin as well as
Ice Skating at Tilton School — December 27 & 30 — 10 AM to                                    other area towns.
Noon                                                                              The Franklin BPW is proud to honor Pam.
The Tilton Prep School Arena will be open for skating. (Must provide own            The contributions that she has made
transportation) FREE                                                              through the years are appreciated by all.
                                                                                  If you would like more information about
Hot Spot Competition — December 28 — 1 PM at the Proulx Cen-
                                                                                        this organization, please go to
Come join the Parks & Rec Department in the Hot Spot Competition. Prizes
for the winners. FREE for students in grades K-12.
Foul Shooting Competition — December 29 at 1 PM at the Proulx
Page 6                                                                                                         Three Rivers News

     Community                                  December TRIP Center Events
   Events/Meetings                            Mystery Lunch                                   GUEST SPEAKERS
                                      Wednesday, December 8 at 11 AM                    Senior Health & Safety Series
December 1                          Join us for a mystery lunch! It will be a        The featured speaker for this series: Bill York
FHS Chem Free Meeting at           fun and exciting trip. Transportation do-         is the Director of Marketing and Public Rela-
4:30 PM in FHS Cafeteria            nation is $2 and must be paid at time of          tions at Live Free Home Health Care in Bris-
December 3                           sign up — the cost of lunch is your re-         tol. With many years in the health care pro-
                                    sponsibility. No refunds will be given.          fession, Bill has served in Development, Pub-
Santa & His Workshop at the                                                            lic Relations and as a facilitator for support
TRIP Center — 4-6 PM                                                                  groups dealing with care giving and mem-
                                              Holiday Lunch                            ory disorders. Bill is the host of “Plymouth
Tree Lighting Ceremony in              Thursday, December 9 at 11:30 AM                 Today” seen weekly on Channel 10 Time
Scott Marceau Park — 6:15 PM                                                         Warner Public Access Television, and as host
                                     Come and enjoy a delicious luncheon
December 4                                                                           of “This Old Body: Health and Aging” heard
                                     with us! Special entertainment will fol-
                                                                                     weekly on WEZS AM 1350 radio in Laconia.
Peabody Home Christmas Ba-         low lunch. There will be door prizes, raf-
zaar                                fles and Santa will make a delightful ap-                   Sleep Disorders
December 5                         pearance for us. Have your picture taken
                                                                                       Thursday, December 9 at 10:30 AM
                                                  with Santa!
Lights of Memory tree lighting                                                       We will discuss definitions, reasons, dangers,
at Franklin Regional Hospital                                                         treatments and helpful hints for getting a
                                   Pot Luck Dessert & Yankee Swap                      good night’s sleep. Our second most re-
at 4 PM
                                         Friday, December 17 at Noon                             quested presentation.
December 10                       Join in and bring your favorite dessert to share
Pemi Choral Society Holiday         with everyone. After we sample all of the         SERVICE LINK RESOURCE CENTER
Concert 7:30 PM at St. Paul’s     great dishes, we will gather around the Christ-
                                   mas tree for an old fashion Yankee Swap. To        Thursday, December 16 at 10:30 AM
Church                                                                               Wayne Blanchard, Long-Term Support Coun-
                                     participate, you will need to bring a gift-
December 11                          wrapped item ($5 limit) with you. Enjoy                    selor on Medicare.
Craft Fair at Unique Images —      punch, eggnog and dessert as we swap gifts
                                                                                       Tuesday, Dec. 14, 21 & 28 9—11 AM
                                   and sing our favorite Christmas carols. Please
9– Noon                                                                                Anita Oeofke will be present to explain
                                             sign up at the TRIP Center
January 1                                                                            changes that are occurring as well as Part D
                                                                                        & help you with Medical Advantages.
First Day Franklin — Trestle               New Year’s Dinner
View Park                           Thursday, December 30 at 11:30 AM                      VNA Blood Pressure Clinic
                                 Enjoy a scrumptious New Year’s Dinner with all        Tuesday, December 28 @ 10:30 AM
                                  the trimmings. Make your New Year’s resolu-
                                 tion. Bring your family and friends. Let’s make     THE TRIP CENTER WILL BE CLOSED ON
                                             2011 our best year yet!!                 Friday, December 24 for Christmas Eve
                                  There will be a $2 donation for 60+ years and      and Friday, December 31 for New Year’s
                                                 $6 for all others.                                   Eve

                                                                the Sachem Self-Defense School in Laconia. Tai Chi improves
     TRIP Center Senior Walking Club                            balance, joint health, coordination, bone density, blood pres-
             Wednesdays, 10:30—11:15 AM                         sure, strength and flexibility. Please call Russ at 524-4780 for
  Feel better and get healthy! Join our walking group                                  more information.
that meets on Wednesday mornings and goes down to
  walk the new trail at Odell Park while it is still warm;                 Advance Directive Assistance
 they walk in the gym at the Franklin Recreation Center                First Friday of every month @ LRGH 10—11 AM
once it gets too cold. Join us and we will all get healthy             First Tuesday of every month @ FRH 10—11 AM
                        together!                                 Care managers will be available to answer questions and
                                                                offer assistance in completing your Advance Directives. Cop-
     Tai Chi Classes at the TRIP Center                           ies of the Advance Care Planning Guide will be available.
      Thursdays, starting December 2, 9—10 AM                              FREE Call 527-7120 for more information.
                  Cost — $7 per class
  Experience the gentle art of Tai Chi brought to us by
          Take a Break from Holiday Shopping...
The makers of A GOOD OL’ BURLESQUE SHOW re-
turn with a Christmas-themed evening of Vaudeville-
style fun. Old-school slapstick humor, dancing girls and
holiday cheer will keep you rolling in the aisles!
Did somebody say HO, HO, HO?
Tickets are $15 in advance (plus $1.50 per ticket handling fee)
$20 at the door

                                                                  Hailed as “the finniest holiday show in Maine”. Hu-
                                                                  morist Susan Poulin (selected by Portland Magazine
                                                                  as one of the “Ten Most Intriguing People in Maine”) is
                                                                  Ida, who just loves Christmas, and she has the inside
                                                                  scoop on everything: the Not-So-Secret Santa plan,
                                                                  the do’s and don’ts of Holiday decorating and more!
                                                                  Tickets are $15 in advance (plus $1.50 per ticket handling

                           Middle gift certificates make
                            great stocking stuffers!!
Mark your calendars for these upcoming shows for 2011:
         Mellow Yellow — January 22                                      Psychic Lauren Rainbow — February 12
         Acoustic Roots Festival — February 26                           Curtains — March 3, 4, 5, 10 & 11
         Lakes Region Symphony — March 12                                Middle Marathon — March 18 & 19

            Located in the historic Franklin Opera House — for info/tickets go to:
               Help support arts & entertainment in the community….
                             Become a member ……...

                      Middle New Hampshire Arts & Entertainment Center
                                    Membership Form

                               Thank you for investing in arts and culture in our community!

Name:                     _____________________________________________________
Address:             _____________________________________________________
City, State, Zip code:    _____________________________________________________
Email:               _____________________________________________________
Phone:                    ____________________________________________________________

We will use the name as written above to acknowledge your gift and membership level; please
indicate here if you wish for your membership to be anonymous or to have your membership ac-
knowledged differently.

        □         I wish for my membership to be anonymous

        □         Name as it should appear for publication (if different from above):

Membership level/amount:
Memberships are tax-deductible to the fullest extent permitted by law.

        □   $25   □   $50   □ $100 □     $250    □   $500   □   $1,000     □   $2,500   □   $5,000

        □   Check enclosed (checks payable to The Middle)

        □   Charge my credit card:   □   MC     □   VISA    □   Discover       □   Amex
                  Credit card number:         ________________________________________________
                  Exp date: ___________________________                  Security code___________________

                       Please mail completed form to The Middle, PO Box 172, Franklin, NH 03235.
                  Volume 4 Issue 5                                                                                          Page 7

                                     CARROT AND THE STICK

On November 4, Choose Franklin hosted a forum in Franklin City Hall to present a variety of avenues for possible downtown
Franklin improvement options. Attendees packed the house and filled the seats to learn more about discussions taking
place on this important subject. Many downtown communities throughout NH are experiencing the same effects of numer-
ous strikes against them: the economy, big box stores, online commerce, and the general increased mobility of community
Choose Franklin’s involvement stems from its mission of being an inclusive group consisting of residents, businesses, and
interested parties, focusing on promoting Franklin by building on past achievements to facilitate future success. With Frank-
lin’s power of being such a strong community comprised of dedicated volunteers who are second to none, attendees’ en-
ergy was fueled by timely information.
At the forum, Nadine Peterson from the New Hampshire Office of Historic Preservation stated that "Franklin has a lot to of-
fer". She indicated a grass roots effort may be needed to pursue any or all of the options she would mention. One of those
options is to have volunteers spruce up the area by painting plywood present on some building facades. After obtaining
building owner's permission, volunteers could solicit sponsorships for paint supplies rendering no cost to building owners.
Few owners, if any, could pass up a creative, free improvement such as this.
Ms. Peterson suggested that the existing Franklin Heritage Commission act to educate all on the value of the historic build-
ings and the economic incentives for maintaining and restoring them. The Heritage Commission could enforce its existing
regulations, which allow buildings to be boarded up only for an emergency time period. With the Mayor’s appointment of
commissioners knowledgeable of the rules, historic buildings, and economic viability, AND with the willingness to do the
work required to keep a volunteer commission running, the Heritage Commission could take action, if there is support from
the City Council. At the present time none of the appointees on the Heritage Commission are willing to Chair the Commis-
Maggie Stier, NH Field Service Representative from the New Hampshire Preservation Alliance, spoke about RSA 79 E. This is
an interesting and pertinent state law that could be adopted by the Franklin City Council. It would give a local tax incentive
to property owners for building improvements. The owners would have to apply to the City Council, and meet specific crite-
ria established to meet the spirit and intentions of the RSA.
Dick Lewis, Franklin Zoning & Planning Administer, explained that Franklin’s downtown is already a TIF (Tax Increment Fi-
nance) district, and the City Council would need to consider the balance of the TIF and/or RSA 79E. In a TIF district the prop-
erty taxes derived from any increase of property value in that district are set aside to be used only for infrastructure in that
TIF district. RSA 79E would allow the property owners who have approval to pay no increase in city property taxes related
to agreed on property improvements, for a set number of years. This would then reduce the amount of direct property tax
money going into the TIF's infrastructure.
Mr. Lewis also indicated that he was working on wording for a city ordinance that would incorporate suggestions to require
property upkeep improvements. This ordinance would be voted on by the City Council after a public hearing.
Chuck Bodien, Franklin code enforcement & building inspector, said that in New Hampshire, all buildings must conform to
the International Building Code (IBC). In addition, Franklin has enacted the Property Maintenance Code (PMC). Both Codes
have to be administered equally to all. How much of the Property Maintenance Code is administered is a "matter of where
the bar is set" by the City Council. Both the IBC and the PMC are large books of information. You may view them at Mr.
Bodien's office in the Franklin Fire Station. Mr. Bodien stated that he was in favor of the city also adopting the Existing Build-
ing Code, which allows less stringent requirements for buildings of a certain age. Mr. Lewis is looking into that possibility.
Citizens need to decide which of these or other options they want to happen in our City. Let your elected officials know your
preference. The elected officials that were present at the forum were State Representatives David Palfrey & Leigh Webb, and
City Councilor Annette Andreozzi. Explain the options to the other officials and your neighbors. Come to the next Choose
Franklin meeting on Thursday, December 2 at 8 AM at the Franklin City Hall to give us your input, or contact us through We will be putting additional information and links on that web site.
From the audience, Dick Johnson shared an inspiring poem by President Calvin Coolidge, "Nothing in the world can take
the place of persistence. Talent will not...Genius will not...Education alone will not... Persistence and determination alone are
omnipotent." Choose Franklin will persist. Will you join us? For more information, visit

      Choose Franklin meets on the first Thursday of each month at the Franklin Opera House
                        NEXT MEETING: Thursday, December 2 — 8 AM
  Page 8                                                                                   Three Rivers News

Capitol Corner
Since the inception of this column
in the Three Rivers News, I have
every month added intentionally                Franklin Regional Hospital Auxiliary
non-partisan comments. I am now
hoping that tradition will be picked
up by one of your newly elected or            Annual Lights of Memory Celebration
re-elected state officials. As your
outgoing state representative, I
wish you all well, and thank you
                                                  Sunday, December 5 at 4 PM
for allowing me to serve Franklin
and Hill with pride and dedication
for the last four years.                   Purchase a light in memory of a loved one and listen as their
(Soon to be former) Rep. Leigh A.           name is read as the trees on the hospital lawn are lit for the
                                           holidays. A great way to remember those who are special to
Rep. Leigh A. Webb
                                           us. Funds raised go to support the FRH Auxiliary Scholarship
934-8222                                            Program for continuing medical education.
Rep. Dennis Reed                             To obtain a purchase form, please contact the Auxiliary at
                                                               934-2060 ext. 8780.
Rep. David Palfrey                          All are welcome to attend the celebration and tree lighting.                               Carols and refreshments will be included.
Sen. Matthew Houde

Historical Society                                                                                  By Leigh Webb, President
The final official meeting of 2010     bring their favorite dish and a donation
of the Franklin Historical Society     to the food bank of non-perishable food
occurred on Thursday, Novem-           items. Please call Mary Foley (934-
ber 4th, and those present en-         2401) to let her know what dish you will
joyed a lively discussion about        be contributing so that we can avoid
the slide show of recently             duplications, although desserts are al-
scanned glass and old film nega-       ways welcome...
tives. Bob Morin, Society VP,          It is the Society's habit to not hold
devoted hours of work to clean-        meetings during the winter months. So,
ing, scanning and copying the          instead of meeting updates, yours truly
pictures, some of which included       will be supplying interesting photos of
a series of photos taken in 1931       unidentified places, people, or curious
of the construction of the first       objects in the Society's collections.
iteration of the Daniel Webster
bridge next to the old covered         Please note: the Society's web page is
Republican Bridge before it was        not available at the current time. If ar-
razed.                                 rangements cannot be made to get it
                                       up and running again, a new website
In December, on Sunday the             will be created to keep our members
5th, 4 to 7 pm at Thompson                                                           Pictured, is a scan of a Christmas souve-
                                       a n d f ri e n d s a p p r i se d o f o u r
Hall (Ward one polling place,                                                        nir card given by a Hancock School
                                       events, ongoing restoration of the Web-
next to the Congregational-                                                          teacher to her 5th grade class in 1908,
                                       ster/Tay House, and our collections
Christian Church) the Society will                                                   listing all their names inside
hold its annual pot-luck Christ-
mas dinner for its members and         Stay tuned in the upcoming months to
friends. Everyone is asked to          these pages for the latest news!
Volume 4 Issue 5                                                                                                                           Page 9

                                                                                                           Roy Hubble Wins Savings
                                                                                                           Bond as Savers Put Away
                              Campus Creations                                                                    $326,816
                                                                                                         Robert R. “Roy” Hubble of Franklin was
 Operated by FHS School to Work through the Workforce Investment Act                                     the winner of the $1,000 US Savings
                                                                                                         Bond in the local portion of the NH Sav-
            Featuring Franklin Pride items & much, much more                                             ings Challenge. His entry was selected
                                    Store Hours:                                                         from among 364 in the Franklin-
          Call 934-                                      Call 934-                                       Concord-Laconia area, representing
           8218                    Monday—Friday          8218                                           deposits to new and existing savings
                                                                                                         accounts during “Save Your Change”
                                         7:30 am to 4 pm                                                 week totaling $326,816.10. The “social
                                                                                                         marketing” campaign was coordinated
                           Closed on Saturday & Sunday                                                   locally by the Concord and Franklin
                                                                                                         Asset Building Coalitions. Organiza-
                         Located next to the FHS Cafeteria                                               tions from the North Country to the
                                                                                                         Seacoast also participated.
                             Bakery Service Available
                                                                                                         Financial institutions encouraged sav-
                             Delivered within a 5 mile radius
                                                                                                         ings in new or existing savings ac-
                                                                                                         counts with an incentive: for every
                                                                                                         deposit, the saver would be entered for
                                                                                                         a drawing for a $100 US Savings Bond
                                                                                                         at each bank with a grand prize of a
                                                                                                         $1,000 bond. Winners of the $100
                                             Franklin Outing Club Receives                               bonds were: Marion Carri of Bos-
                                           $7,500 Franklin Savings Bank Grant                            cawen, Nicole Fillmore of New Boston,
                                                   for VMRA Ski Area                                     Deb Lincoln of Pittsfield, S. Dumais of
                                                                                                         Laconia, L. Fisher of Hebron, M. Lavoie
                                          With a $7,500 grant from the Franklin Savings Bank             of Somersworth, Jonathan Nugent of
                                          Fund for Community Advancement, the Franklin
                                                                                                         Franklin, Andrew Terry of Frankin,
                                          Outing Club (FOC) is now much closer to their capi-
                                                                                                         John & Ellen Rorstrom of Ashland,
                                          tal improvement campaign goal. The grant money
                                          will assist the continuation of various capital im-            Geraldine Klier of Bristol, Syntia Tine of
                                          provement projects which began in 2009 at the                  Belmont, Virginia French of Laconia,
                                          Veteran’s Memorial Recreation Area for skiing and              Miki Steenbeke of Salisbury and Robert
                                          snowboarding (VMRA).                                           j. Fulmer III of Gilford. Savers were
                                                   The advanced age of lift equipment and machinery,     encouraged to make deposits, that
                                                   combined with sizeable increases in the cost of in-   could have included loose change as
    Pictured left to right are Jeff Savage of FSB, surance has made the survival of the VMRA ski area    well as dollar bills, or to set up direct
    Kathy Fuller, Tamara Colpack and Jason
    Grevior, officers of the Franklin Outing a critical concern. “The existence of the VMRA is a         deposit for a longer-term savings plan.
    Club.                                          boon to the City of Franklin that very few other      Participating financial institutions in-
                                                   communities can claim. In a society where children    cluded First Colebrook Bank, Merri-
are not getting enough outdoor exercise, and in the State of New Hampshire where skiing                  mack County Savings Bank, Laconia
is the official sport, it is more important than ever to keep this resource as a viable part of
                                                                                                         Savings Bank, Citizens Bank, Franklin
the Franklin community. That’s why in addition to volunteers, donations and other help
we have received, we are thankful to receive funding from Franklin Savings Bank in sup-                  Savings Bank, and Northway Bank.
port of our efforts,” says FOC President, Tamara Colpack.                                                The Concord and Franklin Asset Build-
                                                                                                         ing Coalitions help working fmilies to
“We are pleased to be a part of this project, which is so valuable to the area community
                                                                                                         become more economically stable, by
and is being successfully achieved through the efforts of so many individuals and families,”
said Franklin Savings Bank President & CEO, Jeff Savage.                                                 providing such services as free income
                                                                                                         tax return preparation, links to such
FOC Treasurer, Kathy Fuller, commented, “The Franklin Outing Club recognizes Franklin                    resources as financing home owner-
Savings Bank as the largest contributor with a total of $21,100 provided in funding for our
                                                                                                         ship, a small business or paying for
projects. Without their support, our goal would not be this close to being met.” The
                                                                                                         college, and, in this case, encouraging
Franklin Outing Club has raised a total of $90,436.
                                                                                                         savings both for emergencies and to
Offering reasonably priced skiing since 1961, the VMRA has served visitors from communi-                 help people achieve their financial
ties throughout the Lakes Region and beyond. Thanks to the Franklin Outing Club in part-                 goals.
nership with other volunteers, visitors can also enjoy free lessons, Winter Carnival events
and more. Anyone looking to get involved with FOC and VMRA can visit frank- for more information.
Page 10                                                                                          Three Rivers News

  Community Action Program Belknap-Merrimack
   Counties, Inc. Hires New Mobility Manager                                   Pemi Choral Society Presents
                                                                                     ‘Joy to the World’
 Community Action Program Belknap-Merrimack
                                                                                   Friday, December 10
 Counties, Inc. (BM-CAP) is pleased to announce the
 hiring of Terri Paige as their new Mobility Manager.                          St. Paul’s Church in Franklin
 This exciting new position is part of a multi-state plan                                 7:30 PM
 to expand and improve the transportation programs                   Free Admission (Donations Accepted)
 that BM-CAP sponsors in the central and lakes re-
 gion areas of the state.
 As the new Mobility Manager, Ms. Paige will be re-
 sponsible for the promotion, enhancement and facili-                         Family Forecasting Day/Night
 tation of Concord Area Transit (CAT), Winnipesaukee                                 December 7 at FMS
 Transit System (WTS) and the Rural Transportation
                                                                            During School @ Noon — Join the FMS
 Program (RTP). The most important role that Ms.
                                                                            sixth graders and a member of the Ply-
 Paige will have is being an available public contact       mouth State Meteorology Department in a discussion
 for CAT, WTS, and TRP. She will be a regular rider         about the science of forecasting weather.
 on all of the bus systems and will be holding regular      After School
 public listening sessions in communities across the        6 PM — Snacks will be provided in the sixth grade wing
 service areas to engage residents and gather vital         while students show off their academic accomplishments
 feedback about how each system could be improved.          in Science and Reading.
 To contact Ms. Paige, email or           6:15 — Quick review of Meterology vocab & concepts.
 call 603.225.3295, or ride the bus!                        6:30 — Parent and students teams will choose a book
                                                            they like and create a forecast of weather for the story.
                                                            7:00 — Teams who volunteer present their forecasts.

                      Celebrate New Year’s Day at First Day Franklin
                                 Saturday, January, 2011
                                      11 AM—1 PM

                    Welcome white water kayakers as they end their run at
                     Trestle View Park — visit under the warm tents and
                                Enjoy hot food and beverages
Volume 4 Issue 5                                                                                            Page 11

            24th Annual Mix 94.1fm’s Cash-N-Cans Money & Food Drive
                                         December 10-17, 2010
           If you or your business would like to get involved, please contact Fred Caruso at 934-
                                    2500 or email
                                           There are many ways to help!
             Host a non-perishable food drive at work — Place a donation jar at the front desk
          If you would like to make a personal or business donation, please make checks payable to
             Mix Cash-N-Cans and mail to Mix 94.1fm Cash-N-Cans, PO Box 941, Franklin, NH
                  03235 or catch up with the van at the following live broadcast locations:
                                      Friday, 12/10… J. Jill 2-4 PM
                      Monday, 12/13… Tiffany’s Beauty Salon, Franklin 5:30—10 AM
                 AutoServ, Tilton, 11 AM—1 PM        LR Jewelers/Sal’s Pizza Belmont, 2-5 PM

      Tuesday, 12/14… McDonald’s, Tilton, 5:30—10 AM               HK Powersports, Laconia, 11 AM—1 PM
                Wineing Butcher, Gilford, 1-3 PM     Belknap Subaru/Hyundai, Belmont, 3-5 PM

   Wednesday, 12/15… Lachances’ Village Store, Tilton, 5:30—10 AM           Veterans’ Square, Laconia 11
            AM—1:30 PM       Irwin Motors, Laconia 2-4 PM Tilt’n Diner Spaghetti Dinner, 5-8 PM

    Thursday, 12/16… Park-N-Go Market, Northfield, 5:30-10 AM                T-Bones, Laconia, 11 AM—1 PM
          Franklin Savings Bank, Upper Central, 2-5 PM        Mulligan’s Restaurant, Northfield, 5-7 PM

    Friday, 12/17… McDonald’s, Franklin, 5:30 –10 AM             Tanger Outlet Center, Tilton, 11 AM—1 PM
                     Benson Auto, Franklin, 1-3 PM     Grevior Furniture, Franklin 3-6 PM
    100% of money and food raised through Mix Cash-N-Cans stays local, benefitting the Twin
   River Interfaith Food Pantry, Bread & Roses Soup Kitchen, T-N-S Christmas Fund, Merrimack
    County Community Action’s CAP’s Cupboard and the Franklin and Belmont Toys-for-Tots pro-

        New Partnerships for Giving
                                                                             Franklin's Fashions
    Community Winter Clothing Drive
The TRIP Center is partnering with the Peabody Home and                          Dress Rentals
  their Friendship Boulevard Neighborhood Club to collect
   hats, mittens, scares and winter coats for area schools.                           Only $15
The TRIP Center has done this in the past and it has been                         Sizes from 0-22W
 a huge success. Phil Schwotzer, a TRIP Center member
 and resident at the Peabody Home is very involved in this         Conveniently located in Campus Creations
project. The Center will be collecting starting in November
and ending in January. The TRIP Center and the Peabody                           Stop in any time
 Home will be collection sites. You may call Allyson at the
 Peabody Home at 934-3718 or Nancy at the TRIP Center                       we'll be glad to help you!
    at 934-4151 for more information about this project.
    December Sports                                Athletic Director’s Report
High School
                                   Although we are into the winter sports     return to play when not fully recovered.
December 7 — Girls BB—Away
                                   season, there were two teams with un-      Remember, no athletes should return to
December 8 — Wrestling—Away
                                   finished business for our November         practices or contests when suspected of
December 9 — Girls BB—Home
                                   issue.                                     having a concussion. In addition, the
December 10 — Boys BB—Away
                                   The FHS Football team had one game         NHIAA has adopted the National Fed-
December 11 — Wrestling -
                                   remaining on their schedule against lo-    eration of High Schools (NFHS)
                                   cal rival Winnisquam Regional High         “Guidelines for Management of Concus-
December 14 — Boys Varsity
                                   School. The Tornadoes edged the visit-     sions in Sports.” The following two steps
BB—Home/JV BB Away
                                   ing Bears in a hard fought game by a       must be followed prior to a student-
December 14 — Girls Varsity
BB—Home/JB BB Away                 score of 12-7. The win secured the         athlete returning to play following a con-
                                   third seed in the NHIAA Division VI        cussion:
December 15 — Wrestling —
Home                               Football Tournament and knocked Win-        1. No athlete should return to play (RTP)
December 17 — Boys BB—Away         nisquam out of the playoffs. The               on the same day of concussion.
December 17 — Girls BB—Home        Golden Tornadoes travelled to long-         2. Any athlete removed from play be-
December 18 — Wrestling—           time football adversary Newport in the        cause of a concussion must have medi-
Away                               semi-final round of the tournament and        cal clearance from an appropriate
December 21 — Boys BB—Home         came up short in the game to finish           health care professional before he or
December 22 — Wrestling —          with a final record of 7-3.                   she can resume practice or competi-
Away                               The FHS Spirit team competed in the           tion.
December 29 — Wrestling—           NHIAA Fall Spirit Competition at           More information about concussions for
Away                               Southern NH University on November         parents and athletes can be found on our
Middle School                      14. The team finished tied for first in    school website and the NHIAA website.
December 14 — Basketball—          the 2009 competition and lost a tie-       As a reminder, or for anyone new to
Away                               breaker to Campbell High School to         Franklin Middle School or Franklin High
December 16 — Basketball—          finish second. The team went in looking    School Sports, the Winter Sports teams
Home                               to regain the top spot they garnered in    play their games in the following loca-
December 20 — Basketball —         the Fall of 2008 and the Winters of        tions:
Home                               both 2009 and 2010 to win their fourth
December 22 — Basketball —                                                    Middle School boys and girls basketball
                                   competition in their last 5 attempts. In
Away                                                                          @ Franklin Middle School
                                   the end it was the Golden Tornadoes
                                   edging out Campbell once again to win      Middle School Wrestling @ Franklin High
Home basketball games are
                                   the 2010 Fall Spirit Competition.          School
played at Franklin Middle School
Home wrestling matches take        Franklin finished with 169.5 points to     Middle School Spirit @ FMS Basketball
place at Franklin High School      Campbell’s 164.5 points. Congratulations   games
                                   go out to all the coaches and team         High School Basketball (JV/Varsity/
                                   members and good luck in repeating for     boys/girls) @ Franklin Middle School
  Where to Find Delay &            the third year in a row for Winter         High School Wrestling @ Franklin High
 Closing Announcements             Spirit!                                    School by 6 AM           As we start the Winter season it is a      High School Spirit @ FHS Basketball           good time to remind all coaches, ath-      games at the Middle School
   WMUR TV — Channel 9             letes, and parents of the dangers of
       Mix 94.1 FM                 concussions especially when athletes
     The Wolf 93.3 FM                                                Winter Reminder
      WLKZ 104.9 FM
                                                  In addition to broadcasting school closings and delays on TV and ra-
      WLNH 98.3 FM
                                                  dio, SAU 18 uses the Alert Now system to notify parents and staff. If
      WNNH 99.1 FM
                                                 you have changed your phone number or do not wish to receive these
      WOKQ 95.7 FM
                                                            5:30 AM calls, please notify your child’s school(s).

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