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					                              1                             T-617/2010-11

                   (A Govt. of India Enterprise)
    O/o General Manager Telecom, DTO Compound, Ahmednagar


Printing & supply of various types of
     forms as per specifications

    Tender No. T-617/2010-11

 Sold to ………………………………………



                         Sub-Divisional Engineer(Pur)
                            Ahmednagar-414 001

                                             Signature of tenderer with seal
                                                       2                                       T-617/2010-11

                                 BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED.
                                    (Government of India Enterprise)
                                     O/o G.M. Telecom Ahmednagar

                                       NOTICE INVITING TENDER

NIT No. T-617/2010-11/                                        Dated at A’nagar the 04-06-2009

 Wax /PVC tape Sealed Open tender(s) are invited by the General Manager Telecom Ahmednagar, for
tender for Printing & supply of various types of forms as per specifications .

                                                                  Cost of         Last Date &        Date &
Sl.                                 Estimated                     Blank             Time of         Time of
          Name of the Item.                       EMD Rs.
No.                                  cost Rs.                     Tender         Submission of     Opening of
                                                                 Document           Tender.         Tender.
        Printing & supply of                                                      06/07/2010       06/07/2010
1.      various types of forms      6,54,585/-     13,100/=      563 /= (Non-        Up to             At
        as per specifications                                                      15.30 hrs.       16.00 hrs

      2. Eligibility: The Bidder who has completed the printing works costing not less than total of
        Rs.2,16,013=00 in BSNL/MTNL /State Govt. /Central Govt./ Nationalised Bank/Scheduled
        Bank/Govt. local bodies during last three financial years & a current financial year. The
        Certificate issued by an officer not below rank of Gr-A officer or equivalent, shall be enclosed
        with the tender offer in support of experience. Tender offers without experience certificate
        are liable for rejection.
      3. EMD/Bid Security: - Above mentioned sum can submitted in the form of Demand Draft from
         Nationalised/ Scheduled Bank payable in the name of Accounts Officer (Cash), BSNL, Ahmednagar or can
         be submitted at Cash Counter, % A.O.(Cash) DTO Bldg. Ahmednagar between 13:30hrs on
         all working days. The Original ACG 67 receipt obtained should be enclosed with tender.
      4. Sale of Tender Document: - Tender document containing terms, conditions & Specifications shall be
          had from SDE(Purchase) 2nd Floor, Telephone Bhavan Near GPO, Ahmednagar, between 10.00Hrs to
          1330 Hrs on all working days From 07/06/2010 to 05/07/2010 by applying along with Duly
          attested Experience certificate of Satisfactory Completion work as mentioned above in S.No.2. On
          payment of cost of Bid Document of Rs. 563/- at the cash counter, Bid documents will be issued.
       5. Submission of Tender:- Tender should be dropped on or before above mentioned date & time in the
          Tender box kept in the O/o Asst. General Manager (Plg) 2nd floor, Telephone Bhavan Near GPO,
          Ahmednagar –414 001. or by Regd. Post /Speed Post/ Courier. BSNL A‟nagar will not be responsible
          for any postal / courier delay.
       6. Opening of Tender: - Tender shall be opened at the date & time mentioned above by AGM (C&O) at
          O/o AGM (Plg) 2nd Floor, Telephone Bhavan, Ahmednagar in the presence of intending tenderers.
       7. If the tender document is downloaded from website, DD of for the cost of Blank tender documents
          drawn in favour of AO(Cash) BSNL Ahmednagar from nationalized / Scheduled Banks should be enclosed
          with the tender offer. Such tenders without DD will be rejected summarily.
       8. The right to accept the whole or part thereof or to reject any tender without assigning any reason
          whatsoever is reserved by the General Manager, BSNL, Ahmednagar. Tender document will not be
          issued BY POST.
       9. No price negotiations will be entertained after opening of financial bids.
      10 During the entire evaluation procedure, if it is observed that the downloaded document is not exactly
            as per original tender document and/or it is tampered/changed/altered/modified in any way, the bid
            will be rejected.

                                                                                             AGM (Plg)
                                                                                       O/O GMT, Ahmednagar
Copy to : 1. A.O. Cash for accepting EMD
           2. AGM (O&C) / Sr. AO (Genl) for attending opening of tender on due date.

                                                                                Signature of tenderer with seal
                                                              3                                   T-617/2010-11

                                                    ANNEXURE – I
                                              Instructions to the bidders
1.      Definitions:
     a)   The purchaser means BSNL, Ahmednagar.
     b)   The tenderer (bidder) means the individual or firm who participates in this tender and submits its bid.
     c)   The Supplier/Contractor means the individual or firm providing goods / works under contract.
     d)   The Goods / works means all the equipment/ works, which the Supplier/Contractor is required to
         provide to the purchaser under this contract.
     e) Letter Of Intent (LOI) means the written communication to the successful tenderer of the intention of
         the purchaser to accept the tender as per the terms & conditions contained & referred there in.
     f) Purchase Order /Work order means the written order signed by the purchaser for the purchase of
         goods / works respectively as per terms & conditions of tender finalised & accepted by the BSNL,
     g) The contract Price means the price payable to the Supplier/Contractor under the purchase order/work
         order for the full & proper compliance of his contractual obligations.
     h) The records, terms & expressions not specifically defined herein or in the tender documents, shall have
         the same meaning assigned to them, as the case may be. The Head notes are for guidance only & shall
         not affect the interpretation or construction of any provision thereof in the tender documents.
     i)   Date of receipt of communication will be taken as actual date of receipt or 7 days from date of dispatch
         in case of postal delivery, which ever is earlier unless specifically mentioned.
     j)   Any notice, order or other communication sought to be served on the contractor/supplier, with
         reference to the contract, shall without prejudice to any other mode of service, be deemed to have been
         served if delivered by hand or sent by registered post, to the office of Tenderer at site or to the
         tenderers head office. While any notice or order or communication by the tenderers is to be served on
         BSNL, with reference to contract, shall be validly served, if delivered by hand or through registered post
         to the office of Asst. General manager (Plg), DTO Bldg, Ahmednagar.

2.     Expenditure on tendering
     The bidder shall bear all the costs associated with the preparation and submission of his bid(s). The
     purchaser, will in no case, be responsible or liable for any cost(s), regardless of the conduct or outcome of
     the bidding process.

3.        Tender documents :
S.3         The bidding procedure, terms & conditions of the contract & the goods / works proposed to be
            purchased are described in the tender documents, which comprises the following:
            Sl. No.          Item                                         Annexure No.
            1.      Tender Notice
                    a) NIT in English.
            2.      Instructions to the Bidders                           Annexure – I
            3.      General Conditions of the contract                    Annexure – II
            4.      Special Conditions                                    Annexure – III
            5.      Schedule of Requirement & Specification               Annexure – IVA & B
            6.      Prices Schedule (Proforma for quoting prices)         Annexure – V
            7.      Proforma for declaration                              Annexure – VI
            8.      Proforma for Agreement                                Annexure – VII
            9.      Tender Form                                           Annexure – VIII
            10.     Questionnaire                                         Annexure – IX
            11.     Proforma for declaration reg. Blacklisting            Annexure-X

     3.2 The bidder shall examine all the forms, instructions, terms & conditions and specifications in the tender
          documents. The failure to furnish all information, required as per the tender documents or submission
          of bids not substantially responsive to the tender document shall be at the bidders own risk & liable for
          summery rejection.

4.        Clarification of Tender Documents:
          No request for post-bid clarifications shall be entertained.

5.        Amendment to the bid documents:

                                                                                 Signature of tenderer with seal
                                                          4                                        T-617/2010-11
5.1. The purchaser, for any reason, whether at its own initiative or in response to the clarification(s) sought by
     the prospective bidder(s) may, at any time, prior to the last date for submission of the bids, amend the bid
     documents. All such amendments shall be notified in writing or by telex or FAX to all the prospective
     bidders who have purchased the tender documents. These modifications / amendments shall be binding on
     all concerned.
 5.2 To allow the prospective bidders reasonable time for preparing the bids after taking into account the
          modifications, the purchaser, at it‟s discretion, may extend the date for submission of the bids.
6. Bid Prices:
6.1 The bidder shall give the unit prices, total bid prices & other prices of the goods / works, it proposes to
      provide under this contract as per the price schedule included in the tender documents.
          The price of goods / works shall be quoted in the price schedule only for FOR destination inclusive of all
          taxes, excise duty, insurance, freight & any other charges. No forms for concession /exemption from
          sales tax, etc. would be issued to the tenderer.
   6.2 The prices quoted by the bidder shall remain firm during the entire period of the contract & shall not be
          subject to variation on any account. The bid submitted with variable prices (unless asked by BSNL,
          Ahmednagar) shall be rejected as a non-responsive bid.
   6.3 The unit prices and amount shall be quoted as stated in price schedule so as to enable the purchaser to
          arrive at total prices of the equipment/services offered.
   6.4 The rates quoted by the tenderer must be reasonable & logical. The tender can be rejected on the basis
          of unreasonable & illogical rates.

7.     Bid Security (EMD):
     7.1. The bidder shall furnish, as part of his bid, bid security (EMD) for an amounts as given in Notice Inviting
     7.2. The security (EMD) is required, to protect the Purchaser‟s interests against the risk of bidder‟s conduct,
          which would warrant forfeiture of the bid security.
     7.3. The Earnest Money can be submitted in the for m of DD drawn in the favour of A.O. (Cash) BSNL
          Ahmednagar payable at Ahmednagar or can be submitted at the Cash Counter % A.O. Cash DTO
          Building, Ahmednagar & the original ACG 67 receipt obtained from A. O. (Cash) must be attached with
          bid by the tenderer. No other mode of payment of Earnest Money is acceptable.
     7.4. Bidders registered with National Small Scale Industries Corporation, Govt. of India for tendered items &
          having a monetary limit not below the total bid value, may claim exemption from payment of cost of
          tender form, EMD & security deposit. The bidder shall furnish along with the bid a
          certificate/documentary proof in respect of registration clearly specifying the monetary limit. The
          maximum amount of monetary limit for which NSIC registered SSI units will be entitled to get
          advantage of concessions admissible to them shall be limited to Monitory Limit of Rs. 25 Lakhs (Rs
          Twenty Five Lakhs only).
     7.5. Amount or amounts payable, if any, to the bidder or the bid security furnished by the bidder in respect
          of an earlier bid, shall not be adjustable against this bid, unless specified otherwise, as a special
          condition by the purchaser.
     7.6. No other bidder (except as specified under para 7.4 above and others specifically exempted by Govt. of
          India for payment of EMD) shall be exempted from the requirement of bid security.
     7.7. The amount deposited as bid security shall carry no interest during the entire period for which it
          remains with BSNL, Ahmednagar.
     7.8. The bid security of the unsuccessful bidders(s) shall be refunded only after the successful completion of
          process & finalisation of tender. To expedite refund bidders may enclose a pre-receipt with the bid.
     7.9. The bid security of the successful bidder(s) will be returned upon the bidders accepting of the LOI & on
          furnishing the performance Guarantee/Security deposit (S.D)
     7.10 The bid security shall be forfeited:
           a) if the bidder withdraws his bid during the period of bid validity ; or
           b) In the case of a successful bidder, if the bidder fails to sign the contract and /or fails to furnish
                performance guarantee (S.D.) in accordance to the relevant clauses of the documents(s).
           c) If the information / documents submitted by the bidder found false
     7.11 A bid not secured in accordance to para 7.1 and 7.3 shall be summarily rejected as a non-
           responsive bid.

8. Period of validity of bids:
8.1 The bid shall remain valid for 150 days after the date of opening of bid(s); a bid valid for a shorter period
    shall be rejected as a non-responsive bid.

                                                                                  Signature of tenderer with seal
                                                        5                                        T-617/2010-11
8.2 In exceptional circumstances, the Purchaser may seek the bidders consent for extension of the period of
     validity of bids. The request & the responses thereto shall be made in writing. The bid security provided,
     as per clause 7 shall be suitably extended. A bidder shall however, has the right to refuse for an extension
     without any risk to his bid security. A bidder conceding to the request for extension of time shall, however,
     not be permitted to modify his bid.
9. Signing of Bid:
   9.1. Tenderer will be required to produce attested certificate of registration issued by registrar of firm in
        favour of his authority to sign on behalf of firm, if applicable.
   9.2. Individuals, signing the bid or the other connected with the contract shall indicate their full name below
        their signatures & should be stamped.
   9.3. A person signing the bid form or any documents forming the part of the contract on behalf of another
        person, shall be deemed to be having authority to sign the documents. In such cases power of attorney
        is required. If however, found to be otherwise the BSNL, Ahmednagar may, without prejudice to other
        civil & criminal remedies, cancel the contract at the risk & cost of such person & hold him liable for all
        costs & damages arising from the cancellation of the contract including any loss which the BSNL,
        Ahmednagar may suffer on account of execution of contract/intended contract.
   9.4. All pages of original bid, except for un-amended printed literature, shall be signed by the person or the
        persons signing the bid.
   9.5. The bid shall contain no interlineations, erasures or overwriting except as necessary to correct errors
        made by the bidder in which case such corrections are to be made, the entry should be clearly scored
        out by a single line and encircled and fresh entry should be made. All such corrections should be
        authenticated under the full signature of the person signing the tender. Any tender, which does not
        comply with this requirement, shall be rejected. All conditional or incomplete tenders will be rejected.
   9.6. The tender form should be filled legibly in English or Hindi only.
10. Submission of Bid:
   The bidder shall Wax / PVC tape seal the envelope and addressed to the purchaser by Designation at the
   following address:
         Shri.S.N. Nimbalkar
         The AGM(Plg), Ahmednagar
         Telephone Bhavan, 2nd floor, Near GPO
         AHMEDNAGAR – 414 001

       a) Above said envelope can either be sent by registered Post/ Speed Post/ Courier. Or can be dropped
           in the tender box kept at above address in person on or before the date and time specified in NIT .
           The responsibility for ensuring that the bids are dropped in tender box in time and at the correct
           address shall rest solely with the bidder(s). Bid received late due to postal delay shall not be
       (b) The Purchaser shall not be responsible in any way about the bids those are delivered/dropped
       elsewhere and/or after the last date and time for receipt of bids.
           The purchaser shall assume no responsibility for the misplacement of the bid(s) or premature opening
         thereof, if the outer envelop is not sealed & marked as required.
10.1 The bidder shall prepare two separate envelopes. One Envelope shall be superscribed as Technical Bid &
shall contain all the documents mentioned above. The second envelope shall be superscribed as
Financial Bid and shall contain financial Bid only. These two envelopes shall be wax/PVC tape sealed &
shall be put in third envelope. This third envelope shall also be Wax/PVC tape sealed. All the three envelopes
shall be addressed to Shri. S.N. Nimbalkar AGM (Plg), Telephone Bhavan, 1st Floor, Telephone Bhavan,
Ahmednagar. Name of the tender & tender no. shall invariably be written on all the envelopes with the name
of the bidder at bottom end. This procedure shall be scrupulously followed. Failure on this score may result in
summary rejection of the Bid.
10.2. Financial bids will be opened of those bidders who are technically acceptable at the time of opening.
Otherwise as per TEC‟s recommendation & approval, financial bids will be opened later on.
10.3 The preparation of Technical Bid and Financial bid has been explained below, which should
be followed scrupulously failing which bid is liable for summary rejection.
    a) TECHNICAL BID : The Technical bid should contain following documents invariably in
        following Sl.No. s.
        1. Original receipt issued by AO (Cash) office of the GMT, Ahmednagar against payment of EMD as per
        2. Experience certificate as per NIT condition.
        3. Declaration regarding relative as per Annexure-VI

                                                                                Signature of tenderer with seal
                                                         6                                       T-617/2010-11
       4.    Declaration regarding Blacklisting as per Annexure-X
       5.    An attested copy of Shop Act Licence
       6.    An attested copy of Sales Tax registration
       7.    An attested copy of PAN card.
       8.    Tender document in original duly signed with seal on each page.
       9.    Tender form (Annex-VIII) duly filled in & signed.
       10.   Letter & Questionnaire (Annex-IX) duly filled & signed.
       11.   Power of attorney in original (if applicable).. .
       12.   Attested copy of document of registration of the firm (if applicable).
       13.   Attested copy of partnership deed (if applicable).

   (b) FINANCIAL BID : Financial Bid should contain the price schedule as per Annexe-V duly filled &
         All the three envelops as mentioned above should be
              a. Wax / PVC tape sealed
              b. Addressed to Shri.S.N. Nimbalkar AGM(Plg), Telephone Bhavan, 2nd Floor, Ahmednagar
              c. Superscribed as “Technical bid OR Financial Bid as the case may be.
              d. Tender No. as per NIT & Name of tenderer along with complete postal address of bidder
Note : If above mentioned procedure is not followed, the bid is liable for summary rejection at
sole discretion of BSNL Ahmednagar.
11. Last date and time for submission of bids:
   11.1. All bids shall be received by the Purchaser at the address specified under para 10 not later than the
          date & time specified in NIT.
   11.2. The Purchaser may, at its discretion, extend the date & time for the submission of bids by amending
          the Bid documents in which case all rights & obligations of the Purchaser & bidders shall be subject to
          the extended date & time.
   11.3. Any bid received after the specified date & time for submission of bids shall be rejected & returned
          unopened to the bidder(s).
12. Withdrawal of bids.
   12.1. The bidder(s) may withdraw his bid before opening of tender provided that the written notice for the
          withdrawal is received by the Purchaser one hour prior to the last date & time prescribed for
          submission of bid.
   12.2. The notice for withdrawal shall be prepared, signed by authorized signatory who has signed the bid,
          sealed, marked as WITHDRAWAL of BID & submitted in person to AGM(Plg) Ahmednagar. A notice
          for withdrawal may also be sent by Telex / FAX but followed by a signed confirmation copy. In such
          case, the notice for withdrawal should reach to AGM(Plg) not later than one hour before the deadline
          for submission of bids. BSNL Ahmednagar will not be responsible for any postal delay.
13. Bid Opening :
13.1. The technical bids only shall be opened by TOC on date and time as specified under NIT, in the presence
      of such bidder(s) or their representatives who may be present. The bidder(s) or the authorised
      representative(s) who are present shall sign an attendance register. The authorised representative(s) of
      the bidder(s) shall submit letter(s) of authority before they are allowed to sign the attendance register
      and participate in the bid opening. Financial Bids shall be opened at the same time of those bidders who
      are technically acceptable. Other wise the case will be handed over to Tender Evaluation Committee
      (TEC) and as per their recommendations & approval of competent authority, financial bid will be opened
      later on. In such cases, the date of opening of financial bids will be communicated to the eligible bidders
      in due course. All such opened financial bids shall be considered for ranking of L-1 bidder.
13.2. For any bidder, not more than two (2) persons shall be allowed to attend the bid opening.
13.3. The bidder‟s name, bid prices etc. & any other details as the purchaser may consider appropriate at his
      discretion will be announced at the time of opening to all the bidders.
14. Summery Rejection of Bid:
      One or more of the following reasons/omissions will render a bid liable to summary rejection.
         a) Bid received late without conclusive proof that it was actually delivered before the specified closing
         b) Correction & overwriting not signed by the authorised signatory.
         c) Documents asked for in Clause 10.1 a & b . not submitted.
         d) Bid from a bidder who did not purchase the bid documents. If a bid document is down loaded from
               the website & not accompanied with DD of price of Blank tender document as per NIT.
         e) A bid from an authorised distributor/dealer, not accompanied by a documentary proof establishing
               distributorship/dealership, wherever applicable.

                                                                                 Signature of tenderer with seal
                                                        7                                         T-617/2010-11
       f) Conditional bid or bid received with validity for a shorter period than prescribed in clause 8.1
       g) Bid in which rates have not been quoted in the manner specified in the Price Schedule i.e. Annex-V
       h) Non receipt of clarification in time.
       i) Bid non-confirmative as per tender specification.
       j) Influencing the evaluation of bids.
       k) Bids not prepared and sealed as per clause 10.
       l) Bidders giving false information, fabricated documents, thereby concealing facts, misrepresenting
          & misleading BSNL, Ahmednagar.
       m) Tender form as per Annexure – VIII not duly filled in & signed.
       n) Violation of any terms & conditions of this tender or rules & regulations of Government of India or

15. Protective Clause:
   The purchaser reserves the right to disqualify such bidders, who have not met the contractual obligations
   against earlier contracts entered into with the purchaser or black listed by any Govt / Semi-Govt

16. Clarification of Bids:
    In the process of examination, evaluation and comparison of bids, the Purchaser may, if necessary ask
    the bidder(s) for clarification(s) of the bid(s). The request for such clarification(s) and the response
    thereto shall be in writing. In case of no response from a bidder, his bid is liable to summary rejection.

17. Influencing the Evaluation of Bids & Award of Contract.
   No bidder shall attempt to influence the Purchaser on any matter relating to the tender(s). Any attempt to
   influence the purchaser in the evaluation and comparison of the bid(s) and in award of the contract, shall
   result in summary rejection of the bid(s) of such bidder(s).

   18. Evaluation:
  18.1. To determine clause-by-clause compliance, the bids shall be evaluated in respect to the substantive
        responsiveness or otherwise. Thereafter the evaluation shall be done for the substantively responsive
        bids only.
  18.2. A substantively responsive bid is one that conforms to all the terms and conditions of the Tender
        Documents without material deviations. The bid‟s responsiveness shall be based on the contents of the
        bid itself without recourse to any extrinsic material.
  18.3. A bid determined as substantively non-responsive shall be rejected. The bidder(s) shall not be
        permitted to make corrections after opening of bid to make such bid(s) substantively responsive.
  18.4. The purchaser is not bound to accept the lowest or any Tender and reserves to himself the right to
        accept the whole or any part of the tender and of allotting the quantities offered. The bidders shall
        Supply / work contract the quantities as decided by the purchaser at the approved rates.
  18.5. The purchaser may waive minor non-conformance or irregularity(s) in a bid, which does not constitute
        a material deviation, provided such a waiver does not prejudice or affect the relative ranking of the
  18.6. Arithmetical error, if any shall be rectified in the following manner:
       a) If there is a discrepancy between the unit price & the total price that is obtainable by multiplying
           the unit price with quantity, the unit price shall prevail & the total shall be corrected accordingly.
       b) If there is a discrepancy between words & figures, the amount in words shall prevail.
       c) If there are errors in the calculations or rate of applicable Govt. levies, duties & taxes, the same will
           be corrected by the purchaser.

   19. Commercial Evaluation of Substantively Responsive Bids:

  19.1. The bids previously determined to be substantively responsive, shall only be evaluated commercially
        and compared in detail.

  19.2. The ranking shall be based on the lowest Percentage rates. Lowest % rate will be treated as L-1 rate.
        The L-1 bidder will be decided after opening of all financial bids of all technically eligible bidders.(i.e.
        opened f/bids at the time of opening of tender and on later stage as per Tender Evaluation
        Committee‟s recommendation, if any.)

                                                                                 Signature of tenderer with seal
                                                         8                                         T-617/2010-11
   19.3. If the L-1 rate is found on higher side, GMT Ahmednagar reserves the right to negotiate the rate with
         L-1 bidder.

   19.4. The work contract will be allotted to only L-1 bidder.
    Right to Vary the Quantities:
   20.1. The purchaser reserves the right, at the time of award of contract, to increase or decrease the
         quantity 25%, which is specified in the schedule of quantities, without any change in unit price or
         other terms and conditions.
   20.2. The vendor shall regulate the delivery of ordered goods / works as per written instructions from the

    Right to Accept/Reject Any or all Bids:
        The Purchaser is not bound to accept the lowest or any other bid and reserves the right to accept or
     reject any bid, and to annul the bidding process and reject all bids, at any time before or after the award
     of the contract without assigning any reason(s), whatsoever and without thereby incurring any liability
     towards the affected bidder(s) on this ground.

    Letter Of Acceptance LOA/ Letter of Intent (LOI):
   22.1. Before the expiry of the validity of bid, the Purchaser shall notify the successful bidder(s), in writing by
         registered letter or by FAX (to be confirmed in writing by registered letter)/ by hand delivery, about
         the acceptance of the successful bid(s).
   22.2. The bidder shall, within 7 days from of the date of receipt of communication, convey his acceptance &
         shall also furnish performance Bank Guarantee/ Security Deposit along with agreement (Annexure-VII
         of Bid Doc) in conformity with the bid documents
   22.3. Failure to comply with the requirement as above shall constitute sufficient ground for the annulment of
         the acceptance of the bid and forfeiture of the bid security, in which event, the Purchaser shall be free
         to place orders on any other bidder(s) or call for fresh bids.
   22.4. The bid security of the successful bidder(s) shall be discharged only after the performance security
         (S/D) is furnished by such bidder(s).
   22.5. The contractor/supplier may be debarred from participating in the present tender / all the future
         tenders of BSNL, Ahmednagar District in the event of:
         i)       Failure of successful Tenderer to pay the security deposit & or enter into the prescribed
                  agreement, for any earlier / present tender of BSNL, Ahmednagar.
         ii)      Breach of any terms & conditions of any contract with BSNL, Ahmednagar.

   23. Award of Contract & Issue of Purchase Order / Work Order:
   The purchaser may consider placement of a work order/purchase order for the works on those bidder(s),
whose offers have been found technically, commercially and financially acceptable.
   23.1        During the period of contract, if so desired by the purchaser, the Supplier/Contractor shall visit
      the purchaser at such place and date as may be prescribed by the purchaser for discussions on
      design(s) and progress of the work etc.
   23.2        The Purchase Order / Work order shall be placed in single/different lots by the purchaser
      during the contract period.

24 Extension of contract period.
The contract shall normally be for one year (unless other wise specified) but purchaser reserves the right to
extend the contract period by 6 months beyond the period specified in the letter of acceptance (tender), on the
same rates and other terms & conditions. However, further extension beyond 6 months, if necessary, will be on
mutually agreed terms and conditions..

25 Right to Cancel the Contract.
  25.1 The purchaser shall have the right to cancel the contract wholly or in part in the event he is obliged to
      do so on account of any decline, diminution, curtailment or stoppage of the supply/ work(s), by giving
      one month‟s notice.
  25.2 The purchaser shall have the right to cancel the contract & forfeit S/D if subsequently it is found that
      the approved contractor/supplier is a Near Relative.
  25.3 No one in the employment of BSNL /MTNL shall ever be admitted as a partner by the contractors.
  25.4 The company or firm or any other person is not permitted to tender for works in BSNL unit in which
      his near relative (s) is (are) posted. The unit is defined as SSA/Circle/ Chief Engineer/ Chief Architect/

                                                                                  Signature of tenderer with seal
                                                        9                                         T-617/2010-11
      Corporate Office for non executive employees and all SSA in circle including circle office/ Chief Engineer/
      Chief Architect/ Corporate Office for executive employees (including those called as Gazetted Officers at
  25.5 Near relative is defined as
       i)      Member of Hindu Un-divided Family
       ii)     Husband & wife
       iii)    The one is related to other in the manner as father, mother, son(s), son‟s wife (Daughter in-
               law), Daughter(s), Daughter‟s Husband (Son in-law), brother(s), brother‟s wife, sister(s),
               Sister‟s husband (Brother in-law)

26 Agreement: Every successful bidder shall also execute an agreement with the purchaser i.e. BSNL,
   Ahmednagar on a non judicial stamp paper of Rs. 100/- as per the proforma at Annexure – VII (The cost of
   stamp paper to be borne by tenderer). AGM (Plg), BSNL, Ahmednagar, shall sign the contract on behalf of
   GMT, BSNL, Ahmednagar & he shall represent the BSNL, Ahmednagar with reference to contract.

27 Payment :

   1.1 Payment will be made as specified in Annexure – III
   1.2 No payment shall be made for goods / works that are rejected on inspection/testing.
   1.3 Octroi will be paid as per actuals on production of proof.

28 Amendments:
   Within the scope of the contract the purchaser may, at any time, by a written order to the
   Supplier/Contractor, amend one or more of the following:
    a) Drawings, designs & specifications, where the goods / works be supplied/performed under the
        contract are to be supplied specifically for the purchaser;
    b) The method of packing & shipment.
    c) The consignee and/or the place of delivery.
    d) The service to be provided by the Supplier/Contractor.

29 Sub-Contracts: The Supplier/Contractor shall not assign/transfer & sub-Contract it‟s interests/obligations
    under this contract.
30 Force Majeur:
30.1 If at anytime, during the currency of this contract, the performance, in whole or in part, of any
     obligation(s) by either party under this contract shall be prevented or delayed by reason(s) of war,
     hostility, acts of the public enemy, civil disturbance, sabotage, fire, floods, explosions, epidemics,
     quarantine restrictions, strikes, lockout or act of God (Herein after referred to as events), provided notice
     of happenings, of any such event is given by either party to the other within 21 days from the date of
     occurrence thereof, neither party shall by reason(s) of such event be entitled to terminate this contract
     nor shall either party have any such claim for damages against the other in respect of such non
     performance or delay in performance and deliveries under the contract shall be resumed as soon as
     practicable after such event(s) may come to an end or cease to exist and the decision of the purchaser as
     to whether the deliveries have been so resumed or not shall be final and conclusive, provided further that
     if the performance in whole or part of any obligation(s) under the contract is prevented or delayed by
     reason(s) of any such event for a period exceeding 60 days, either party may, at its discretion terminate
     the contract. The decision of BSNL, Ahmednagar as to whether an event justify invocation of force majeur
     shall be final & conclusive.
30.2 Provided also that if the contract is terminated under this clause, the purchaser shall be at liberty to take
     over from the Supplier/Contractor, at a prices to be fixed by the purchaser, & which shall be final, all the
     unused, undamaged & acceptable goods / works, bought out components & stores in course of
     manufacture in the possession of the Supplier/Contractor at the time of such termination or such
     portion(s) thereof as the purchaser may deem fit excepting such materials bought out components and
     stores as the Supplier/Contractor may with the concurrence of the purchaser elect to retain.

31 Termination for Default.
  31.1 The purchaser by a written notice of 14 days, of default, may, without prejudice to any other remedy
       for breach of contract, terminate the contract in whole or in part as the case may be;
    i)        If the Supplier/Contractor fails to deliver any or all of the goods / works within the time period(s)
              specified in the work order/purchase order, or any extension thereof granted by the purchaser.

                                                                                Signature of tenderer with seal
                                                      10                                       T-617/2010-11
     ii)     If the Supplier/Contractor fails to perform any other obligation(s) under the contract; and
     iii)    If the Supplier/Contractor, does not remedy his failure(s) within a period of specified by
             purchaser, after the receipt of the default notice.
  31.2 In the event of the termination of the contract in whole or in part, the purchaser may procure from
      open market, upon such terms and in such manner as it deems appropriate, goods / works similar to
      those undelivered & the Supplier/Contractor shall be liable for payment of such excess cost for such
      similar goods / works. The Supplier/Contractor shall, however, continue to perform the contract to the
      extent not terminated.
  31.3 On the happening of any of the above circumstances, the purchaser, without prejudice to its other
      rights under the law of the contract, may purchase the balance quantity of the goods / works at the
      risk & cost of Supplier/Contractor & book to him for the payment thereof & shall also claim a set-off of
      any dues payable under the contract to the Supplier/Contractor against his dues under the contract or
      any previous contract.

32 Termination For Insolvency:
   The purchaser may at any time terminate the contract by a written notice to Supplier/Contractor, without
   compensation, if the Supplier/Contractor becomes bankrupt or otherwise insolvent as declared by
   competent court, provided that such termination shall not prejudice or affect any right of action or remedy
   which had accrued or will accrue thereafter to the purchaser.

33 Arbitration
    In the event of any question, dispute or difference arising under this agreement or in connection there
    with (except as to matters the decision of which is specifically provided under this agreement) the same
    shall be referred to sole arbitration of the GMT, Ahmednagar or in case his designation is changed or
    office abolished , then in such case to the sole arbitration of the officer entrusted with the function of
    head of BSNL, Ahmednagar by whatever designation such officer may be called (here in after referred to
    as the said officer) and if the GMT or the said officer is unable or unwilling to act , as such to the sole
    arbitration of some other person appointed by the GMT or the said officer.
    There will be no objection to any such appointment that the arbitrator is Govt. servant, he has to deal
    with the matter to which the agreement relates or that in the course of his duties as Government servant
    he has expressed views, on all or any of the matters under dispute. The award of the arbitrator shall be
    final and binding on the parties. In the event of such arbitrator to whom the matter is originally referred,
    being transferred or vacating his office or being unable to act for any reason whatsoever, such GMT or
    the said
    officer shall appoint another person to act as arbitrator in accordance with the terms of the agreement
    and the person so appointed shall be entitled to proceed with reference from the stage at which it was
    left out by his predecessors.
    The arbitrator may from time to time with the consent of the parties enlarge the time for making and
    publishing the award. Subject to the aforesaid The Arbitration and Reconciliation Act, 1996 and the rules
    made there under, any modification thereof for time being in force, shall be deemed to apply to the
    arbitration proceedings under this clause.
    The venue of the arbitration proceedings shall be decided by the arbitrator.
    Upon every & any reference as aforesaid the assessment of costs of incidental expenses in the proceeding
    for the award shall be in the jurisdiction of the arbitrator.

34 Subject Laws & Jurisdiction:
  34.1 The contract shall be governed by Indian Laws & the Courts at Ahmednagar will have jurisdiction to
      entertain any dispute(s) or claim(s) arising out of such dispute(s).
  34.2 The purchase order/ work order (in terms of the proforma attached & to be adopted Mutates Mutants)
      shall, when issued to the successful bidder, constitute the part of contract.
35 Set Off:
    Any sum of money due & payable to the Supplier/Contractor (including security deposit refundable to him)
    under this contract may be appropriated by the purchaser or BSNL, & set off the same against any claim of
    the purchaser or BSNL, arising out of this contract or under any contract made by the contractor/supplier
    with the purchaser and/or BSNL,

36 Performance Security (Security Deposit):
  36.1 The Supplier/Contractor, within 7 days of the receipt of the letter of Intent (LOI), shall furnish
       performance security for an amount of 10% of the Contract value, unless stated otherwise in LOI.

                                                                              Signature of tenderer with seal
                                                       11                                       T-617/2010-11
   36.2 The proceeds of the performance security shall be payable to the purchaser as compensation for any
        loss resulting from the Supplier/Contractor failure to complete its obligations under the contract.
   36.3 The performance security shall be in the form of a original DD/ Banker‟s cheque (pay order) /Bank
        Guarantee issued by a Schedule/Nationalised Bank. .
   36.4 The performance security shall be discharged by the Purchaser after satisfactory completion of the
        Supplier/Contractor‟s performance obligations, including warranty obligations etc, if any, duly certified
        by Engineer I/C under the contract.

37 In case of breach of any tender condition, delay or non-performance of work or supplies, poor quality of
   work or material, false information / false documents. BSNL, Ahmednagar may take all or any of the
   following actions:
        i)     Forfeiture of EMD,
        ii)    Forfeiture of SD,
        iii)   Cancellation of contract,
        iv)    Barring in participation of all future tenders of BSNL/MTNL for a period of 3 years or more.

   37.1 In case, if the contractor fails to undertake the work at his quoted rates or agreed rates
       after negotiations, GMT Ahmednagar reserves the right to forfeit the EMD & may black list
       the contractor at his sole discretion for participation in any future tenders for a period of
       three years.
  38. For redressal of any complaint, any of the following officer of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited may be
 1.Chief General Manager MH Circle                               3. General Manager BSNL
A wing, 6th Floor, BSNL Admin. Bldg.                             DTO Compound, Ahmednagar-414 001.
Juhu Road, Santacruz (W) MUMBAI-400 054                          Phone-0241-2341300 FAX-0241-2342828
Phone- 022-26602500(O) FAX-022-26616777
2.Dy. General Manager (Vigilance) MH Circle                      4.Divisional Engineer (Vig) BSNL
A wing, 6th Floor, BSNL Admin. Bldg.                             2nd Floor, Telephone Bhavan,
Juhu Road, Santacruz (W) MUMBAI-400 054                          Ahmednagar-414 001
Phone- 022-26616715(O) FAX-022-26615774                          Phone-0241-2328200 FAX-0241-2325000

                                                                                      O/O GMT, Ahmednagar

                                                                               Signature of tenderer with seal
                                                       12                                        T-617/2010-11
                                               ANNEXURE - II

                                         General conditions of contract
    1.1. ENGINEER-IN-CHARGE - The Divisional Engineer of BSNL, who shall supervise and shall be in charge
          of the work at any time.
    1.2. SITE ENGINEER : - Sub Divisional Engineer or Sub Divisional Officer or Junior Telecom Officer of the
          SDCA where site is located shall be in charge of the work at site at any particular period of time.
2. The contractor/supplier will use his own tools, & other required implements in carrying out
    the job.
3. The Supply / work is to be carried out in accordance with the specification of bid document and as per
    instructions given by Engineer in charge or by site engineer without causing any delay.
4. BSNL, representative at work site shall be the site engineer or such other representative as the Engineer-in
    charge may from time to time designate in writing. Notice given in writing by the contractor/supplier or by
    his representative to the site engineer shall be deemed to be notice given to the BSNL,. Notice given in
    writing by the site Engineer to contractor/supplier or his representative shall be deemed to be the notice
    given by the BSNL, to the contractor/supplier.
5. The Engineer-in-charge shall be the final judge of the quality of work.
6. In addition to any and all other guarantee and warrantee mentioned in the contract, the contractor/supplier
    guarantees that the entire work/supply will be done in a satisfactory manner and free from any defects in
    workmanship and finish and in conformity in all respects with the specifications and directions. The
    contractor/supplier shall also undertake to repair or replace as the case may be at his own cost and risk
    any part of the work/supply which may develop any defects due to bad workmanship /supply or otherwise
    due to the fault of the contractor/supplier.
 7. The obligations of the Engineer-in-charge or his authorized representative of the BSNL, towards the
      contractor/suppliers are generalized as under:
    7.1. To provide permits of right of user easements within fifteen days of issue of work order/purchase
    7.2. To Supply / work contract instructions in writing to commence, carry out and complete the work as
          per time schedule or extended time schedule when the Occasion warrants.
    7.3. To measure the work done and other work connects thereof.
8. If the contractor/supplier desires an extension of time for completion of the work/supply on the grounds of
    unavoidable hindrance in its execution, he shall apply in writing to the Engineer-in-charge within seven
    days of the date of hindrance on account of which he desires such extension. If the Engineer-in-charge in
    his opinion feels that reason shown is genuine , then only extension of time may be granted. In such
    cases, Dy. GMT (I/C) Ahmednagar will be final authority to waive or impose liquidated damages.
9. In case of the benefits due to reduction in taxes/duties shall be passed on to the purchaser i.e. BSNL,
    Ahmednagar & no benefit that may accrue due to increase will be permitted to the Supplier/Contractor
10. It will be in the discretion of the Engineer-in-charge to revise or modify or extend the time limits specified
    for the work awarded to the contractor/supplier.
11. The contractor/supplier shall be responsible for the transportation and safe custody of all materials issued
    by BSNL Ahmednagar which is in the custody of contractor/supplier .
12. The contractor/supplier shall not be entitled to cartage and incidental charges and shall make his own
    arrangement at his own cost for the storage at site and transportation of all such material to actual work
    spot and for returning the surplus and unused material to the designated place after completion or
    termination/determination of contracted work, unless otherwise specifically mentioned for any items of
    work in the work schedule / Price Schedule
13. The contractor/supplier will have to make the arrangements for intimating the progress of the works
    awarded. The contractor/supplier will intimate the telephone number and address on which he/they or their
    representative can be contacted so that any important message or instructions can be passed on without
14. The contractor shall comply with all provisions of the „payment of wages Act 1936', minimum wages Act
    1948, Employees liability Act 1938, Workmen compensation Act 1923, Industrial, Disputes Act 1947,
    Maternity benefit Act 1961 and the Contract Labour (Regulation and abolition) Act 1970 or the
    modifications thereof or any other laws relating thereto and the rules made there under from time to time.
    The contractor shall indemnify BSNL, against payments to be made for the observance of the laws
    aforesaid as applicable.
15. Subject to provisions of contract labour (R & A) Act 1970 and contract labour Rules 1971 as amended time
    to time, contractor shall register himself after receipt of letter of acceptance of the tender with concerned
    licensing authority as per contract labour (R & A) Act 1970 and contract labour rules 1971 as amended

                                                                                Signature of tenderer with seal
                                                        13                                        T-617/2010-11
     from time to time as applicable, and shall commence the actual work only after receipt of license from
     concerned licensing authority and continue to have valid license until completion of work as applicable.
16. The contractor will himself be responsible for all the statutory obligations of the Labour Law, & other Govt.
    Acts etc. BSNL, Ahmednagar will not be responsible for any violation of the labour laws by the contractor.
    He shall maintain the register regarding statutory obligations of the labour laws and produce the same to
    the BSNL, Ahmednagar Authority or engineer I/C on demand.
  16.1. The contractor shall be responsible for any losses or damages that may occur during execution of work
       & shall pay compensation to his/their workmen payable under Workmen‟s Compensation Act in force for
       injuries caused to workmen. If such compensation is paid by the BSNL, as principal employer under of
       the same Act, on behalf of the contractor, it shall be recovered by the BSNL, from the contractor from
       the security deposit or any other bills/dues payable by the BSNL, to the contractor on any account.
  16.2. Any work which involves employment of the labour by the contractor, the tenderer shall be responsible
       for getting registered with labour commissioner (if applicable) under appropriate Act & its
       amendments/implementation as per Act.
  16.3. No child labour should be engaged by the contractor.
  17. Income Tax and Commercial Tax from the bill which has been passed will be deducted as tax at source
        under relevant Government Rules. However if any new legislation comes into the effect for deduction of
        tax at source, the deduction will be made under that legislation. Necessary income tax deduction
        certificate will be issued by the accounts officer dealing the amount so deducted as tax at source at the
        time of payment of each bill.
   18. During audit or internal check if any over payment is noticed, GMT Ahmednagar reserves the right to
     recover the overpayment from the contractor.
   19. If any type of theft/ losses/ damages to the BSNL property which is in custody of the contractor/
     supplier, occurs during execution of work, responsibility solely lies on contractor and the cost of such loss/
     damages will be recovered from the contractor/supplier from the payment due/ PBG/SD

                                                                                               AGM (plg)
                                                                                        O/O GMT Ahmednagar

                                                                                 Signature of tenderer with seal
                                                        14                                      T-617/2010-11

                                                 Annexure – III
                                           SPECIAL CONDITIONS

1) Name of the Tender                     : Printing & supply of various types of forms
2) Earnest money                          : As per Notice Inviting Tender.
3) Purchase Order placing authority       : Asst. General Manager (Admn) , Ahmednagar
4) Delivery Period                        : 4 weeks / as specified in purchase order
5) Inspection Authority                   : As per Purchase Order
6) Consignee                              : Sub-Divisional Engineer (Bldg & Genl) Ahmednagar
7) Bill passing authority                 : Asst. General Manager (Admn) , Ahmednagar
8) Paying authority                       : Accounts officer (cash), BSNL, Ahmednagar .
9) Tender period                          : 1 Year from the date of acceptance and further extendable
10) Release of S.D. / PBG                 :Security Deposit/ PBG: shall be released after satisfactory
                                           Supply completion report duly certified by consignee
                                            after expiry of contract period.
11) Payment Terms                         : a) 100 % payment shall be released on receipt of material
                                              in Good Condition & GRN from Consignee. and
                                           (b) In any condition, payment will be done only for satisfactorily
                                             Completed quantity of supply.

12. Bills as per Purchase Order/ work order shall be submitted to the Consignee. The contractor/supplier will
    be responsible to submit the bills prepared, accurately & in time by observing all the formalities.
13. The bills prepared by him in his own forms will be accepted, provided they comply with the following
14. The bills with printed Sl.No s are submitted in triplicate all copies being signed by the contractor/supplier
    and may be marked as original, duplicate & triplicate respectively and submission of documents as
    mentioned in Purchase Order.
15. Details of the quantity and nature of each item of Supply / work contract made well as the stipulated rates
    are given.
16. Advance Stamp Receipt duly signed by the authorized signatory shall be submitted along with Copy of
    Purchase order, & GRN duly accepted by consignee is to be attached.
17. Penalty :
      (a) The contractor/ supplier shall complete the work / supply as per tender specification strictly. If
     there is any deviation or poor quality of work/supply is observed by Engineer I/C , penalty shall be
     imposed as deemed fit by Engineer I/C by deduction from payment due /security deposit of
     contractor/supplier. The work /supply of poor quality may result in non payment of complete bill
      (b) While execution of work /supply, any damages done to the departmental property, the cost of
     damages will be recovered from the contractor/ supplier from the payments due/ security deposit/
     performance guarantee. The cost of damages will be decided by the Engineer I/C & will be binding on
     the contractor/supplier.
      (c) While execution of work/supply, any damages done to any public property, the contract/supplier
     shall be solely responsible for the same & BSNL Ahmednagar will not be responsible for the same.
      (d) The contractor/ supplier shall always indemnify BSNL Ahmednagar.

18.: The material supplied shall be strictly as per tender specifications.

19 L.D clause (Liquidity Damages) :- The time for completion of Supply / work contract of material
stipulated in work order/purchase order/ purchase order will be deemed to be essence of the contract & the
Supply / work contract should be completed within the date specified therein. If the Supply / work is completed
after         expiry of schedule date without prior extension of schedule date of completion & accepted by the
consignee then such acceptance will not deprive the purchaser of his right to recover L.D. charges as stated

                                                                                Signature of tenderer with seal
                                                 15                                       T-617/2010-11
19.1 Should the Supplier/Contractor fail to deliver the stores or any consignment thereof within the period
prescribed for delivery, the purchaser shall be entitled to recover 0.5% of the value of the delayed Supply
/ work contract for each week of delay or part thereof for a period up to 10 weeks and thereafter at the
rate of 0.7% of the value of the delayed Supply / work contract for each week of delay or part there of for
another 10 weeks of delay.

19.2 If the completion of supplies against the purchase order is delayed beyond 20 weeks of its scheduled
completion date, then DGM(Plg) reserves the right of cancellation of this purchase order at the cost of the
Supplier/Contractor. In such cases Security deposit/ performance guarantee of contractor/supplier shall be
forfeited to Ahmednagar Telecom.

19.3. In case of delayed supply/ works, GMT Ahmednagar reserves the right to cancel the P.O. /W.O. at
any time.

                                                                                      AGM (Plg),
                                                                                 O/O GMT Ahmednagar

                                                                         Signature of tenderer with seal
                                                                       16                                              T-617/2010-11

                                                         Annexure – IV A

                               SCHEDULE OF REQUIREMENT & SPECIFICATIONS

S.No.            DESCRIPTION OF FORMS                      SIZE                   TYPE OF PAPER                         PRINTING
  1)    NTC FORMS                                       8.5” X 13.5”              90 GSM LEDGER             2 PAGES BOTH SIDE, ONE PAGE
                                                         ( 3 page)                                                  SINGLE SIDE
  2)    TELEPHONE   BILL   RECEIPTS          ON            6” X3”             60GSM ON CONTINUOUS              ONE SIDE 2 colour. EACH
        CONTINUOUS COMP. STNRY.                                               COMPUTER STATIONARY               RECEIPT PERFORATED
  3)    T,A, BILL FORM                                 15.5” X 12.5”             60 GSM MAPLITHO                       BOTH SIDE
  4)    NOTE SHEET                                      8.5” X 13”                80 GSM LEDGER                        BOTH SIDE
  5)    ACG-20 (outer & Inner)                          19” X 14.5”              60 GSM MAPLITHO                       BOTH SIDE
                                                         (2 Pages)
  6)    TOUR T.A.BILL (NEW PROFORMA)                    8.5” X 13.5”             60 GSM MAPLITHO                       BOTH SIDE
  7)    PRINTING & SUPPLY OF EXCEL FORM                 17” X11.5”              100 GSM MAPLITHO              BOTH SIDE SIGNLE COLOUR
  8)    APPLICATION OF NEW CCB PCO                      9” X 11.5”               60 GSM MAPLITHO                       BOTH SIDE
  9)    LOCAL SHIFTING                                  8.5” X 13”                90 GSM LEDGER                        BOTH SIDE
  10)   SULABHA YOJANA                                  9” X 11.5”               60 GSM MAPLITHO                      SINGLE SIDE
  11)   CANCELLATION OF SULABHA YOJANA                  9” X 11.5”               60 GSM MAPLITHO                      SINGLE SIDE
  12)   PERMANENT CLOSURE OF TELEPHONE                  9” X 11.5”               60 GSM MAPLITHO                      SINGLE SIDE
  13)   FILE COVER                                      20” X 14”           Card Sheet with Binding Cloth               ONE SIDE
                                                                                 Pesting & 2 eye lids
  14)   LAB-54(ENVELOPES)                               9.5” X 4.5.‟             60 GSM MAPLITHO                        ONE SIDE
  15)   CORR-67 ( ENEVLOP)                              4.5” X 6.5.‟             60 GSM MAPLITHO                      SINGLE SIDE
  16)   B-fone ZERO RENTAL                              3.5” x 8.5”             90 GSM ART PAPER            BOTH SIDE 4 COLOUR PRINTING
  17)   ACG-17                                           4” X 8.5.‟              60 GSM MAPLITHO                       BOTH SIDE

  18)   Form APP-9                                        A-3 size               80 GSM Map Litho            Both side single colour printing

  19)   Gate Pass Triplicate                             8.5” x 11”              60 GSM map litho            Each page in different colour &
                                                                                                                single side single colour

  20)   ENG 8 Book (Triplicate) book of 50 5 receipt of size                     60 GSM Map Litho           Single side single colour printing,
        pages                             5”x3” on each page                                                 5 receipts on each page. Each
                                                                                                              receipt shall be perforated for
  21)   Application for conversion of tariff plan        8.5” x 11”              70 GSM Map Litho                Single side single colour

  22)   Broad Band Form                                 8.5” x 11”              70 GSM Map Litho              Single side single colour
  23)   Cell One Power Form                             8.5” x 11”              70 GSM Map Litho              Single side single colour
  24)   Replacement of faulty SIM Card                  8.5” x 11”              70 GSM Map Litho              Single side single colour
  25)   Address Verification Form                       8.5” x 11”              70 GSM Map Litho              Single side single colour
  26)   Cellular Service (Facility Form)                8.5” x 11”              70 GSM Map Litho              Single side single colour
  27)   Conversion of       Tariff Plan Broad             A8 size                70 GSM Map Litho           Single colour single side printing
  28)   File Card Board                             36cm X 24Cm with thickness of 32 degree (Approx
                                                    5mm). The rexin Strip of 10Cm vide & shall be
                                                    pasted to the Board duly cantered along with Band
                                                    for binding. The rexin strip shall be sufficient to
                                                    cover the file & band to bind.

                                                                                                    O/O GMT Ahmednagar.

                                                                                                  Signature of tenderer with seal
                                                          17                                     T-617/2010-11

                                                  Section IV B
                                             Schedule of requirement
The schedule of requirement given below is purely tentative & may vary as per actual
requirement. If the actual requirement falls below the estimated quantity, no compensation in
this regard shall be entertained.

Sl.No.                        DESCRIPTION OF FORMS                               UNIT         EST.QTY

  1      NTC FORMS WITH NUMBERING                                              Per No.         50000
  2      TELEPHONE BILL RECEIPTS ON CONTINUOUS COMP. STNRY.               Per 1000 receipts    3000
  3      T.A. BILL FORM (New Proforma)                                     PAD of 100Nos        20
  4      NOTE SHEET                                                        Pad of 100 Nos       50
  5      ACG-20 Outer                                                           Per Form       5000
  6      ACG-20 Inner                                                           Per Form       5000
  7      PRINTING & SUPPLY OF EXCEL FORM WITH TERMS &                            Per No.      100000
   8     APPLICATION OF NEW CCB PCO                                             Per No.        1000
   9     LOCAL SHIFTING                                                         Per No.        5000
  10     SULABHA YOJANA                                                         Per No.        5000
  11     CANCELLATION OF SULABHA YOJANA                                         Per No.        2000
  12     PERMANENT CLOSURE OF TELEPHONE                                         Per No.        15000
  13     FILE COVER                                                             Per No.        50000
  14     LAB-54(ENVELOPES)                                                Bunch of 100 Nos      250
  15     CORR-67 ( ENEVLOP)                                                     Per No.       100000
  16     B-fone ZERO RENTAL                                                     Per No.        10000
  17     ACG-17                                                            pad of 100Nos       2000
  18     Form APP-9                                                            Per form        2000
  19     Gate Pass (Triplicate- Each page in different colour)            Book of 50 pages      10
                                                                             in triplicate
  20     ENG-8 book (triplicate)                                          Book of 50 pages      100
                                                                             in triplicate
  21     Convesion of Tarrif Plan (mobile)                                      Per No.        5000
  22     Broadband Form                                                         Per No.        50000
  23     Cell One Power Form                                                    Per No.        10000
  24     replacement of Faulty SIM Card                                         Per No.        25000
  25     Address Verification Form                                              Per No.        10000
  26     Cellular Service Facility Form                                         Per No.        10000
  27     Conversion of Tarrif Plan (Broad Band)                            Pad of 100 Nos       50
  28     File Card Board                                                        Per No.        5000

                                                  Asst. General Manager (Plg)
                                                     Ahmednagar-414 001.

                                                                                  Signature of tenderer with seal
                                                      18                                        T-617/2010-11

                                                  Schedule of rates

       The schedule of rates for printing of forms are as detailed below .
Sl.No.                  DESCRIPTION OF FORMS                               UNIT       EST.QTY    Scheduled
  1     NTC FORMS WITH NUMBERING                                         Per No.       50000        0.84
  2     TELEPHONE BILL RECEIPTS ON CONTINUOUS COMP.                     Per 1000       3000        77.92
        STNRY.                                                           receipts
  3     T.A. BILL FORM (New Proforma)                                     PAD of        20         27.56
  4     NOTE SHEET                                                     Pad of 100       50         27.56
  5     ACG-20 Outer                                                    Per Form       5000        1.13
  6     ACG-20 Inner                                                    Per Form       5000        1.13
  7     PRINTING & SUPPLY OF EXCEL FORM WITH TERMS &                     Per No.      100000       0.50
  8     APPLICATION OF NEW CCB PCO                                        Per No.      1000        0.31
  9     LOCAL SHIFTING                                                    Per No.      5000        0.44
 10     SULABHA YOJANA                                                    Per No.      5000        0.19
 11     CANCELLATION OF SULABHA YOJANA                                    Per No.      2000        0.21
 12     PERMANENT CLOSURE OF TELEPHONE                                    Per No.      15000       0.19
 13     FILE COVER                                                        Per No.      50000       3.01
 14     LAB-54(ENVELOPES)                                              Bunch of 100     250        22.55
 15     CORR-67 ( ENEVLOP)                                                Per No.     100000       0.23
 16     B-fone ZERO RENTAL                                                Per No.      10000       0.55
 17     ACG-17                                                        pad of 100Nos    2000        11.28
 18     Form APP-9                                                       Per form      2000        2.51
 19     Gate Pass (Triplicate- Each page in different colour)           Book of 50       10        56.38
                                                                         pages in
 20     ENG-8 book (triplicate)                                         Book of 50      100        31.32
                                                                         pages in
 21     Convesion of Tarrif Plan (mobile)                                 Per No.      5000        0.55
 22     Broadband Form                                                   Per No.       50000       0.55
 23     Cell One Power Form                                              Per No.       10000       0.55
 24     replacement of Faulty SIM Card                                   Per No.       25000       0.55
 25     Address Verification Form                                        Per No.       10000       0.55
 26     Cellular Service Facility Form                                   Per No.       10000       0.55
 27     Conversion of Tarrif Plan (Broad Band)                         Pad of 100       50         11.28
 28     File Card Board                                                 Per No.        5000        6.50

                                                        O/O GMT Ahmednagar

                                                                              Signature of tenderer with seal
                                                     19                                      T-617/2010-11


                                                 FINANCIAL BID

From :-                                                 To
__________________                                      Asstt. General Manager (Plg)
_____________________                                   O/o. Dy. General Manager (Plg)
_____________________                                   2nd Floor, Telephone Bhavan
_____________________                                   Ahmednagar- 414 001

Name of work:- Printing & Supply of various types of forms as per specifications.
Tender No. :- AGM(Plg)/T-617/2010-11
Dear Sir,
     Having examined the tender documents / terms & condition stipulated therein in specifications of work
   etc. we the under signed offered to execute the tendered works in conformity with the said specifications &
   conditions of contract at the percentage (Below/ At par / above) on standard schedule rates quoted as

                                       In figures …………………….%
                                       In words ……………………………………………..%


                     AT PAR            In words ……………………………………………..%

                                       In figures …………………….%
                                       In words ……………………………………………..%

       If our bid is accepted, we shall submit the securities as per conditions mentioned in the
contracts. We agree to abide by this bid for a period of 150 days from the date of opening of
financial bid & it shall remain binding upon us & may be accepted at any time before the expiry of
that period. We hereby confirm that the quoted are inclusive of all taxes, duties, levies, OCTROI &

DATE:-                                                  SIGNATURE OF THE TENDERER
                                                        SEAL & ADDRESS

                                                                             Signature of tenderer with seal
                                                 20                                   T-617/2010-11

                                         ANNEXURE - VI

                          (To be signed by the bidder with seal invariably)

         I ……………………………….. …………………………. HERE BY CERTIFY THAT NONE OF MY





Date :                                                     Signature & Seal of the tenderer.


                                                                       Signature of tenderer with seal
                                                       21                                           T-617/2010-11
                                                Annexure – VII
                                                                                             ON RS. 100/- STAMP PAPER

                                         PROFORMA FOR AGREEMENT

                    OFFICE OF THE GMT, BSNL, AHMEDNAGAR , AHMEDNAGAR – 411 002.

This contract is made between the GMT, BSNL, Ahmednagar, PARTY ON THE FIRST PART & M/S
                 Address -                                                    (hereinafter      called     as    the
contractor/supplier). PARTY ON THE SECOND PART.
The period of contract will be 12 months with effect from                                                In case the
tender is further extended as per the terms & condition of the tender, the contract shall remain valid till the
expiry of the extended period of the tender on the same terms & conditions vide Tender No. T-617/2010-
This contract is entered into by the BSNL, with the contractor/supplier for
1. Name of work: Printing & Supply of various types of forms as per specs.
2. Tender No.      : T-617/2010-11

The scope, terms & conditions/specification etc. of this contract will be as per original tender document vide
Tender No. T-617/2010-11 & those modified by the BSNL, from time to time.

I assure that I shall undertake the said work as per the terms & conditions of contract during the tenure of the

Witnesses -                                                       PARTY ON THE FIRST PART

1. Signature                                                      AGM (Plg) O/O GMT
   Name & Address                                                 Ahmednagar

                                                                  PARTY ON THE SECOND PART
2. Signature
  Name & Address

                                                                  Name, Address & Signature of the
                                                                  contractor/supplier with seal

                                                                                  Signature of tenderer with seal
                                                      22                                         T-617/2010-11

                                                   TENDER FORM
From :-                                               To
__________________                                    Asstt. General Manager (Plg)
_____________________                                 O/o. Dy. General Manager (Plg)
_____________________                                 DTO Building, 1st Floor,
_____________________                                 Ahmednagar- 414 001

     Name of work:- Printing & Supply of various types of forms as per specs.
     Tender No.      :- AGM(Plg)/T-617/2010-11.

     With reference to your above mentioned tender Notice calling for tender on the above subject. I have
     read & understood the tender document thoroughly & agree to abide all the terms & conditions. I / We
     hereby offer my / our bid as per documents submitted & conditions as mentioned in the tender
     document and the rates specified in the schedule enclosed.
             Should this tender be accepted either fully or in parts, I / We hereby agree to abide by and
     fulfil all the terms and conditions of this contract hereafter as applicable, or in default thereof forfeit to
     and pay to the BSNL, Ahmednagar, or his successors in office, the sum of money mentioned in the
     said conditions without prejudice.
             The sum of Rs. ………………. ( In words rupee ……………………………………………)
     is deposited by DD. towards Earnest money and ACG 67 receipt No…………..dated……..
     is enclosed. I / We also agree to pay Security Deposit as and when called for within 7 days.
             If, I / We fail to carry out the work according to the specification given in the schedule, the
     entire money (Earnest and security deposit) may be forfeited without prejudice to any other right or
     remedies of the BSNL, Ahmednagar, or his successors in the office.

                                                                         Yours faithfully

                                                             Seal & Signature of contractor/supplier

                                                                               Signature of tenderer with seal
                                                            23                                             T-617/2010-11


1. Full name of the firm          : -------------------------------------
 (In capital letters)             -------------------------------------

2. Firm address                   : -------------------------------------
3. (A) Telephone No.              : Off ------------ Res.----------------
  (B) Fax No.                     : -------------------------------------
    (C) Mobile No.,               :

4. Is the firm proprietary        : ------------------------------------
 /Partnership/Ltd./Pvt. Ltd.:

5.Names of Proprietor or          : -------------------------------------

6. Is the firm registered     : -------------------------------------
  with any Government/        -------------------------------------
  semi government undertakings
  If so furnish details of

7. Has the firm been              : -------------------------------------
  black listed                    ---------------------------------------
  by any organisation,            ---------------------------------------
  if so attach the details
  of the same.

9. Income Tax Account NO.         : -------------------------------------
/PAN number Act No and Valid up to

11.Sales tax No-MST-
              (If any)-

I hereby certify that the above-mentioned particulars are true and correct.

Date :                                                                      Seal & Signature of Tenderer


                                                                                        Signature of tenderer with seal
                                                  24                                    T-617/2010-11

                                   Annexure- x
 DECLARATION Regarding Black Listing / Debarring from taking part in Govt. tenders by


I/We (Name)
Proprietor/ Partner/ Director(s) of M/s ………………………..

Hereby declare that the firm/ company namely M/s …………………………………………

……………….. has not been blacklisted or debarred in the past by DOT/BSNL/ or any other
Government / Semi government organization from taking part in the Govt. tenders

* was blacklisted or debarred by DOT/BSNL / Govt. Deptt /PSU         from taking taking part in Govern
tenders for a period of ………… years w.e.f………………….. The period is over on ………………… & now
the firm / company is entitled to take part in the Govt. Tenders.

        In case the above information is found false I/we are fully aware that the tender / contract
will be rejected / cancelled by the General Manager Telecom Ahmednagar & EMD /SD shall stand

        In addition to above, G.M.Telecom Ahmednagar will not be responsible to pay the bills for any
completed/ partially completed works.

Place                                                Signature
                                                     Seal of the firm
                                                     Capacity in which is signed
Date                                                 Name Address of the firm:

                                  (Strike out which is not applicable)

                                                                         Signature of tenderer with seal
                                         25                                  T-617/2010-11

               Statement of compliance /Submission
                  (To be filled in by the bidder invariably)

Sl.No.            Documents to complied                   Whether Complied / Not
  1.     In case of Tender document downloaded
           from the website, DD for the cost of
                Tender Document enclosed
  2.                  EMD as per NIT

  3.     Experience certificate as per NIT Condition

  4.       Declaration regarding relative as per
             Annexure-VI duly filled & signed
  5.       Declaration regarding Blacklisting as
             Annexure-X duly filled & signed
  6.       An attested copy of Shop Act License

  7.     An attested copy of Sales Tax Registration

  8.      An attested copy of PAN card / Latest
                  Income Tax returns filed
  9      Tender document in original duly filled &
                        signed with seal
 10.     Letter & Questionnaire Annexure-IX duly
                   filled & signed with seal
 11.     Whether Tender is submitted in two bid
              system as per Tender Condition
 12.     An attested copy of Power of Attorney if
 13.     An attested copy registration of the firm/
                    Company, if applicable
 14      An attested copy of Partnership Deed, if

                                              Signature of the tender document with seal

                                                              Signature of tenderer with seal

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