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									                                                          Project Plan
      Project Name: File Mgmt (Open & Close)                    Author: Dennis Kamarainen
No.                         Script                                         Action                                  Callout
  This is how Windows Explorer looks when you first             Have WinExp open                     Creating a Folder
1 open it
  In the Folder Pane, notice the different levels of the        Point at different levels            See the hierarchy of drives and
2 hierarchy                                                                                          folders
  In the Desktop is My Documents and My Computer                Point to both                        Second level
  Under My Computer are the drives associated with your         Point to floppy drive and local disk Third level - Drives
4 computer
  The plus symbol near the floppy drive indicates there         Point to plus for floppy             The plus symbol indicates possible
5 may be sub-folders to display                                                                      sub-folders inside
6 Let's click on it                                             Click
  Sub-folders to not appear. It could be for various                                                 If nothing appears:
  reasons: There are no sub-folders. Or, the floppy is                                               No sub-folders, only files inside
7 not available.                                                                                     Folder not available
  Notice the folders and sub-folders under the C: drive         Point to C:                          See the folders and sub-folders
8                                                                                                    beneath the C: drive
  Click on the minus symbol to collapse the drive. This is      Click on minus near C:               Click on the minus symbol to
  like closing the drawer of your file cabinet.                                                      collapse the drive. This is like
                                                                                                     closing the drawer of your file
9                                                                                                    cabinet.
   Other drives in My Computer now appear in the Folder
10 Pane.
11 Let's open your User Drive, the F: drive.                    Click plus near F:                   Open your User Drive
12 All your folders appear
13 Click on the plus symbol near the Coursework folder          Open Coursework                      Open your Coursework folder
14 None of the sub-folders have plus symbols.                                                        No plus symbols
   Click on the folder icon near Assignments. When              Click Assignments icon               First, select Assignments folder by
   opening a folder, It's better to click on the icon, rather                                        clicking on the icon, rather than the
15 than the folder name.                                                                             folder name.
   The contents of your folder will appear in the Contents                                           Only files appear in the Contents
16 Pane. Notice the two Word documents on the right.                                                 Pane
17 Let's see what's in the other folders                        Click Data and Unused Images         See what's in the other folders
   Close your User Drive                                        Click on plus near User Drive        Close the User Drive, and re-open
18                                                                                                   it.
   When we open it again, notice that the Coursework is         Re-open User Drive                   Notice the Coursework folder is still
19 still open.                                                                                       open.
   You can now open and close a Windows folder                                                       End -- Opening and Closing Folders

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